Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 336

Episode 336: Classroom (4)

Sinclair, bourgeois.

She’s still a little kid. Her long hair, flowing like the Milky Way, hung down to her waist.

The little boy asked the tall man in front of him.

‘father. Why do I have to leave?’

A little boy asks a question while hugging a teddy bear.

But the tall man didn’t answer.

Instead, it was the old butler standing next to him who answered.

‘When he comes back grown up, everything belongs to the young lady.’

With those words, the little boy had to leave the family.

After cutting his long wavy hair short, the little boy looked back at the back door of the family.

everything stayed where it was. He said nothing would change even if he left.

at that time. A small shadow shimmering high above the family building caught the little boy’s eyes.

Was it an illusion? Or just a shadow? The hem of the curtain that swayed in the wind?

no. That’s a tall man. I am standing over there to look down on my final road.

The little boy thought so.

‘Why did you abandon me?’

‘Did you love me?’

‘Is that why you abandoned me?’

‘Can I go back?’

‘… … Then can you love me again?’

The footprints in the snowy field often bite their tails as many questions bite their tails.

and. What awaited them at the end of those questions was not a clear answer.

[At this point, it wouldn’t be bad to weed out useless ties. As of this hour, all plays are over.]

The face of the long-legged man I met after growing up was very different from what I remembered when I was young.

It was hard to see because he was so tall, but his face, which had a glimpse of a gentle side amidst his bluntness, was nowhere to be seen.

A viciously distorted expression. Red, bloodshot eyes. And even that ferocious figure that was rampaging like a demon.

The grown-up kid went back to being the kid of those days.

As a little boy from those days when he had to leave his family behind on a snowy day.

‘I can understand.’

‘I know it was because he loved me.’

‘Actually, he didn’t abandon me either.’

‘I’m back again.’

‘Please love me again.’

The answer the little boy had been preparing for so long could come down to one.

‘… … I missed you.’

But the little boy couldn’t say that in the end.

‘The devil kills.’

A hound that rips through nightmares and emerges from the abyss of its deep underworld.

The red mouth and black teeth tore everything in front of the little boy’s eyes.

‘It’s over. ‘Worthless man.’

That was the end of the tall man.

The little boy lost his only family member.

And because of this, the source of the record that the kid existed in the world has been completely lost.

She is left alone in the world without any ties.

Now, who will testify to the existence of the kid?

How should a person who has lost his origin reveal himself to the world?

Esse, Non Videri. ‘Exist, but don’t reveal’

From that day on, the little boy existed, but became an invisible person.

king of bourgeois.

The little boy was determined.

That ferocious hunting dog of that day, its jaws and teeth that were like a nightmare, and those shining eyes full of ominousness, I had to face to face once again.

* * *

“… … omg!?”

Sinclair jumped up.

I think I had a terrible nightmare, but I can’t remember it well. My body and mind were numb.

And then Sinclair noticed that she was completely naked.


She hurriedly covered the top and bottom with her hand.

And from behind her neck came a nonchalant voice.

“Are you awake?”

Sinclair hurriedly turned his head.

Similarly, Bikir, wearing nothing, was hugging Sinclair from behind.

“Tongue, tongue, tongue, tongue, brother? G, G, G, what is this now… … ?”

“Keep your body temperature.”

still a low voice.

Sinclair was then able to look around.

Sawdust was all around Bikir and Sinclair, who were naked and stuck together.

An oyster dug so deep that the surrounding sawdust is not wet at all. It was not very cold because it was buried in dry sawdust.

All the moisture that had soaked his body had disappeared before he knew it.

Bikir spread Cerberus’ hide in the center of the wide hole and set a very small fire on it.

The firewood is sawdust, and the smoke goes through ventilation holes dug in the ceiling of the cave.

Cerberus’ hide was fire-retardant, so the fire did not spread to all the sawdust.

Bikir had made a small fire in a cloth made from Cerberus’ hide and was throwing dry sawdust little by little.

Of course, wet sawdust was spread around the area to prevent sparks from flying.

“… … ah.”

Sinclair finally realized why he was able to come to his senses.

It was the result of Bikir’s best effort.

A cold and dark world. Even if there is only one ember of a matchstick, it is very bright and warm.

The same was true of Bikir’s hard body and tickling breath felt behind him.

“Did you have a nightmare?”

For some reason, the voice that usually sounded hard and dry now felt very soft and sweet.

Hearing Bikir’s words, Sinclair eventually burst into tears.

“… … The Night Hound… … father.”

As time goes on, the content of the nightmare becomes clearer in my memory.

No, since it was the past that I actually experienced in the first place, there was no way I could forget it.

“… … When I woke up, my father was there. … … He’s turned into a demon … … He used strange powers. … … I wanted to dry it, but I couldn’t because I didn’t have the strength. … … So the night hound killed my father. … … why, why did this happen why.”

Sinclair, who has just woken up, is talking gibberish.

But Bikir could understand everything she had to say.

‘I don’t know how to explain it.’

The families of those possessed by demons are always difficult to deal with.

Are you already dead? Just a devil’s shell?

Hearing such words would only confuse Sinclair.

‘Maybe it’s better to hate me and hate me.’

Maybe that side can be the driving force to live a little more.

Since ancient times, revenge is a good motivation for humans to live.

Bikir silently put his arms around him and hugged Sinclair tightly.

Bare skin rubbed against bare skin, creating warmth.

Sinclair shuddered and cried.



She turned her head to the side.

Sinclair’s lips touched Bikir’s neck.

It was because Bikir hurriedly turned his head to the side to avoid it.

However, Sinclair continued to put her tongue on Vikir’s throat.

was gradually coming up.

‘… … this! Is it already time?’

I couldn’t pay attention to the status window for a while.

Bikir quickly opened the status window in the corner of his field of vision.

[Continuing to create a mating environment]

[2nd time limit 00:03:21]



Come to think of it, the air entering my nose had become quite sweet at some point.

blue fog. It seeps into every corner of the sawdust hole.

Time had already passed like this while he was paying attention to the fire and pouring mana through Sinclair’s body.

Bikir began to hold his breath.

‘It’s like a mist that’s not bad from inhaling it… … .’

There were no harmful substances in the mist.

However, the problem is that it stimulates various physical abilities too vigorously.

It was only natural that it was an estrous mist to promote mating between males and females.


[Human 2 (♀) is ready to mate]

[Human 1 (♂) is still ready to mate]

A notification sound that thoroughly treats humans as livestock.

This is exactly what is happening inside the yongmain’s breeding grounds.

Sinclair turned to face Bikir.

And he said, letting out a breath that was not hot but hot.

“Brother. I have no family now I am alone in the world.”

“… … .”

“So I want to start a family. If it’s your brother… … If you are my brother.”

The world is cold and dark. Bondi is lonely and solitary.

However, as in the situation in this sawdust cave, even if there is a level of warmth that is only a match, you can get the strength and warmth to live in the world.

Sinclair buried her face in Bikir’s chest as if she couldn’t stand it any longer.

But even in the midst of that, Bikir’s gaze was cold.

“… … .”

Of course, you can’t be a family with Sinclair.

Wasn’t Vikir the one who got rid of Sinclair’s only family?

‘… … I have to admit it.’

When dealing with Bartolomeo, he did not risk his life like Camus.

I avoided adventure as much as possible and found the safest route to kill Belial.

No regrets. If I had to go back, I would make the same choice.

But the question of whether there was guilt or not was something else.

Killing Sinclair’s only family and becoming her only family is a deception of deceptions.

Bikir grabbed Sinclair’s shoulders as he burrowed deep into his arms and lifted him up.

When he lifted his head, which had been deeply bowed, Sinclair’s eyes were already wide open.

“Listen, Sinclair. I am… … .”

When Bikir just opened his mouth to say something.


[Continuing to create a mating environment]

[Start of the 3rd attempt]



All time limits have expired.

As soon as Bikir stopped talking and gritted his teeth, signs began to show.

… thud!

The entire kennel was shaken once.

external intervention. Biofactory forced breeding.

The savage hands that forcibly mated the giant mantis monsters in the past must have entered the breeding grounds to do the same thing this time.

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