Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 335

Episode 335: Classroom (3)

Darkness fell in the kennel.

Judging by the disappearance of the light beyond the translucent wall, it seems that it is night or the lights have been turned off.

As a result, the temperature inside the cage began to drop rapidly.

The walls were covered with white frost.


[Continuing to create a mating environment]

[1st time limit 00:00:00]

[2nd time limit 10:00:00]



A drizzling rain began to fall from the darkness of the ceiling.

It was raining enough to moisten only the outer surface of the sawdust, but it was quite threatening because the surroundings were so cold.

Bikir escaped the pouring rain and entered the sawdust hole at the bottom of the hill.

‘… … Is this the first one?’

The blue mist that had brought the giant mantises into heat earlier was definitely secondary.

It seems to happen when the first time limit is all over.

‘It was so hot earlier that I was sweating, but now it’s raining and frosty. It’s a crazy daily temperature difference.’

While Vikir was thinking this and that in his mind, Sinclair, who was squatting beside him, opened his mouth.

“Am I telling you to freeze to death here? To make you sweat openly and then stand in the rain.”

It was hot inside the kennel just a moment ago, so Sinclair was wearing only a black sleeveless tee on his upper body.

However, even if it got colder, it was impossible to put the cloak on again.

It was already damp from sweat and drizzle.

… phut! … phut!

When Bikir swung his clothes dry and turned his head, Sinclair buried his head between his knees, breathing quietly.

As I watched my breathing gradually diminish, it seemed that I was not in very good shape.

‘Hypothermia. If I don’t wake up, I might freeze to death.’

Bikir sat next to Sinclair.

And I talked to her so she wouldn’t lose her mind.

“What were the missions of the previous floors?”

“… … .”

“Sinclair. What was the mission of the previous floor?”

Sinclair suddenly came to his senses as Bikir shook his shoulders and asked.

Then he shuddered and opened his mouth.

“Ah, inside the magic train… … We were fighting each other.”

Sinclair said that he survived a group of hellhounds on the 3rd floor and went up to the 5th floor after suffering a daylily of blood on the 4th floor.

The time between them was quite a long time, but inside the tower, the concept of time was different for each floor anyway, so there was nothing particularly strange about it.

“The hellhound and the daylily of the blood. They went through me too.”

“really? How many days did you last, brother?”

“I couldn’t stand it. Because I caught a daylily.”

“What? He, did you catch it? Was it something you could catch?”

Sinclair looked really startled.

She said in a husky voice.

“We fought too, actually. I can’t make a sacrifice… … Then, the daylily ate most of the surviving children, and the mission was automatically cleared.”

“Maybe that was the best result. I mean realistically.”

The students of the Colosseo Academy are unlikely to ever catch a bloody daylily.

It was just that Bikir was stronger than normal.

Eventually, Sinclair opened up about the fifth floor, the previous floor.

“The fifth floor… … It was hell. It was much worse than the third and fourth floors.”

“What was it?”

“… … .”

Sinclair, who paused for a while, answered in a small voice.

“Slaughter battle.”

Sinclair’s words that followed were quite shocking.

“The place was a car of the magic train. When I woke up, everyone was in their seats on the train.”

And the mission floated in front of everyone.

<Mission> – A group assignment of strong friendship! Let’s make our group the best!

※ From now on, the closest 5 people will form a group!

※ If even 1 out of 5 people in a group dies, you are automatically eliminated! Everyone will die!

※ If you have a weak friend, you should help and protect it, right? The result is important, but the process is also important! Cooperation is also a criterion for evaluation!

※ The stats of the dead are automatically absorbed into the stats of the dead!

※ Eliminate all other groups and become the last group!

※ PS-I deliberately grouped people who seemed close to me ^^

It was a ‘struggle of all against all’, fought among the survivors.

Five close friends are one group. And if even one of them is lost, everyone dies.

Also, if you kill a member of another group, you can steal all of that member’s stats.

As soon as the mission appeared, some students took action.

In the blink of an eye, a female student brandished an awl and pierced the neck of a bulky male student next to her.

The stats of the male student who died instantly without being able to scream once belonged to the female student.

She started attacking other students, using her stats as strong as one of the muscular male students.

In an instant, the inside of the train car became a mess.

Coincidentally, Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, Bianca, and Sinclair joined forces to block all incoming attacks.

By the time I had defended against everyone’s attacks, another mission appeared.

<Special Mission> – There must be the best team in the best team, right? Who would be the MVP player?

※ Isn’t it a little futile to endure and win? Don’t play too boringly ^^

※ Congratulations to the 5 contestants who look so friendly!

※ Unfortunately, only one person can pass this stage! ㅠㅠ…

※ From now on, all but one of the five survivors will be sent to the daylily colony of bloodstains on the 4th floor!

It was the bad taste of the fairies that they made a group of five close friends in the first place.

The five survivors have already endured the hellish chaos and become sticky as much as they are.

Moreover, not only were they close from the beginning, but they had saved each other’s lives several times in the meantime.

Among those five people, only one can survive.

The remaining four fall into hell, where non-standard monsters infest.

Sinclair smiled bitterly, avoiding Vikir’s gaze.

“I was the one who made the first move.”

“I understand.”

“… … Is it contemptible?”

“no. No one can blame you.”

Bikir opened his mouth in a dry voice.

And he spoke.

“In that situation, it’s only right to let the one with the highest chance of survival live. If it were me, I would have done the same.”

In fact, Bikir has been through situations like this countless times.

Whether it was the discarded side or the discarded side, it survived each time.

Sinclair looked at Bikir with a strange gaze.

Then he asked in a low voice.

“… … If my brother had joined me, would he have done that?”

“Of course.”

“Then my brother must have survived. Because she is stronger and wiser than me.”

“That too is natural.”

At Bikir’s casual nodding, Sinclair only smiled incomprehensible.

“It’s a strange feeling. It seems to be comforted, but it also seems to be slightly hurt… … .”

After a moment of hesitation, Sinclair continued.

“No matter how hard I try, I don’t think I can become a person with a strong heart like Hyung-ah.”

Sinclair has released the story after that.

Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, Bianca, Sinclair.

Of these five, only one can survive.

And the first person to move was Sinclair.

Sinclair has been trying hard to get rid of friends before dropping out of the academy.

So, again, I closed my eyes and cast a powerful spell.

… … no, i was going to

However, Sinclair was unable to implement magic in the end.

guilty. friendship. It was because emotions that could not be expressed in words rushed like a tidal wave and scattered mana.

“… … So how did it go?”

Bikir continued talking.

If you stay still, you will fall asleep, and then you can really freeze to death.

Sinclair also answered with a half-curled, hazy gaze.

“Then Tudor said.”

In Sinclair’s flashback, Tudor seems to have said exactly what Bikir expected.

‘In this situation, I think it’s only right to let the person with the highest chance of survival survive.’

And soon, Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca all looked at Sinclair.

‘The most genius among us is Sinclair. I’d like you to go too.’

‘Be sure to take revenge on the devils. It’s possible with your skill and talent.’

‘I thought, of course, I had to get out. Make sure to survive until my share!’

‘… … joy. You know you’ve been really upset with me lately, right? repent really Where can I find such a good friend?’

Tudor, Sancho, Piggy and Bianca unanimously spared Sinclair.

Hearing that, Bikir nodded.

‘Well, I guess so. My thoughts were also influenced by Tudor before returning.’

During the Age of Destruction, the great hero Tudor always made rational choices.

However, there were times when he acted irrationally, and that was that he always sacrificed himself and saved others when he was included in the choice.

Vikir, too, had been saved from an unavoidable life-and-death crisis by Tudor’s sacrifice.

Tudor, who died aloof. Bianca was crying. The warriors of the Allied Forces of Humanity, who survived, but were still immersed in grief for a long time after that.

At that time, Vikir pondered over and over again why the great hero Tudor had to sacrifice himself for himself, a low-ranking warrior.

And soon, in the present, Bikir was able to hear the answer.

“… … ‘Because that’s a hero,’ he said. that fool.”

Sinclair blushed.

It was said that Tudor gave a thumbs up with a smile on his face toward Sinclair, who was trying not to go.

‘don’t worry. We’ll use the return order if it’s necessary.’

Penalty to reset all levels to 1 instead of going back to the tutorial safe zone.

At that, Vikir nodded.

‘Fortunately, everyone seems to have an order form.’

The order book will save your life once in an emergency.

It was painful to reset the level to 1, but no matter what, nothing was more precious than life.

“okay. Writing an order form is a wise choice. Instead of resetting your level, it’s like laying the groundwork for you to become stronger. Even if you write a spell, your stats will remain the same, and you will have information about the missions you will encounter in the future, so you can become stronger much more easily. Of course, after writing the order, it is classified as an ancestor creature of the tower, so it is a fate that has no choice but to create more victims… … hmm?”

Bikir had to stop halfway through.

“… … .”

Suddenly, I look around and see Sinclair curled up, her head bowed, and not saying anything.

It seems that she fell asleep just like shed tears.


The sound of breathing had become so small that it was now almost inaudible.


Sinclair’s head rested on Vikir’s shoulder.

A breath of faint warmth tickled the nape of Bikir’s neck.


“Wake up. If you fall asleep, you die.”

Bikir mercilessly slapped Sinclair across the cheek.

“Heh, heh! Did I sleep?”

Sinclair hurriedly opened her eyes and stood up.

“Thank you bro. If I did something wrong, I would have frozen to death. I wondered when my body felt warm, and then I fell asleep. … But why does my cheek hurt so much?”

“It’s because of my mood.”

At Bikir’s words, Sinclair nodded.

However, once the body temperature lowered, it was not something that could be done with mental power.

Before long, Sinclair whispered in Vikir’s ear in a small voice.

“I’m sorry brother… … I am… … I guess this is it… … .”

Now there is no more mana to raise. Both body and mind were already in a state of bruises.

“If only one of us could get out… … Brother… … It’s okay if I’m an older brother… … You can trust… … .”

But Vikir wasn’t listening to Sinclair anymore.

‘What should I do?’

Bikir decided to consult another kennel beyond the wall.

The other kennels were also drizzling and there was a lot of frost.

“… … !”

Vikir carefully looked at what the monsters in the other breeding farms were doing.

After digging deep into the wet sawdust on the outer surface, they burrow into the dry sawdust layer on the inside and cling to it.

The monsters who used to fight each other also put their bodies together in front of the cold and share their body temperature.

‘… … Was this the intention of spraying water? It’s shady and shady.’

He seemed to know well what the owner of the kennel had.

Bikir took off all of his rain and sweaty clothes and quickly approached Sinclair.

In the meantime, Sinclair, who saw Bikir approaching this way, asked with narrowed eyes and a trembling voice.

“Tongue, brother? what to do… … .”

Then Bikir gave a short answer.

“You have to live up to expectations.”

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