Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 333

Episode 333: Classroom (1)

With the sound of waves breaking into foam as they hit the sandbar.

[ Was it dirty together ? never see you again ? ]

The fairy’s voice lingers in my ears.


[Leaved the ‘Island of the Black Sea’ on the 4th floor under the ground]

[Leaved the ‘Desert of the Heat’ on the 5th floor]

[Leaved the ‘submerged forest’ on the 6th basement level]

[Leaved the ‘Snail Slime Ruins’ on the 7th floor]

[Leaved the ‘Human Hunters Ruins’ on the 8th floor]

[Entering the ‘Laboratory of the Dragon Demon’ on the 9th floor]

At the same time, Bikir felt his body plummet down.

‘Is this the feeling of skipping four floors at once?’

The sensations I experienced when going down in the elevator of a tall castle, on a ride falling from above, or when training to jump off a cliff make me tingle from the bottom of my groin to the tip of the top of my head.

The vision in front of Bikir’s eyes changed rapidly, and several bloody scenes passed by like a panorama.

A desert so hot and dry that there is nothing left but sand and burned trees.

Tall trees towering densely and a swamp that reached the waist of the trees.

A ruined city covered in grotesque slime.

An ancient civilization teeming with savage cannibals.

After passing through them, Bikir finally fell through the gate on the ninth floor.

From this point on, the area is not in charge of fairies, but by managers of higher ranks.

… thud!

As soon as Bikir hit the ground, he rolled on the floor to minimize the impact.

When I look around, I see strange things.

A rectangular parallelepiped room surrounded by translucent walls.

The large interior space was half-filled with fluffy sawdust.

The wood shavings, cut to the size of a fingernail, were as thin as pieces of paper.

Since they are heaped up, I also felt that they were cozy and fluffy somewhere.

In the corner was a large bowl with some red, green, and blue candies rolling around.

Opposite it was a pipe through which water dripped drop by drop, and on the side was a large treadmill that one could run inside.

This scenery is like… …

[It looks like a hamster cage.]

[nuclear nuclear-]

Dekarabia and the young madam each said a word.

Bikir could only nod.

Narrow if narrow, wide if wide. Sawdust piled up quite high. Feeder in feed trough. even the treadmill.

No matter how you look at it, it is a hamster farm.

Papa papak-

Just as hamsters dig sawdust to make burrows, Bikir did the same.

An instinctively built den on a sawdust hill ramp.

When I went into the room and lay down, I felt cozy and warm.

‘Come to think of it, the name of the floor was also a laboratory.’

A breeding ground prepared by the dragon demon for experiments.

It is presumably a place to grow and breed something necessary for experiments.

Vikir was able to find and recall the contents of this layer in the records of the heroes he had read before returning.

‘The place where the Dragon Man, the descendant of the dragon who joined hands with the devil, is located. An existence that can’t even dare to be an opponent with an absurd level.’

This is basically a research lab, a laboratory. Operated by one absolute being.

Just as humans raise lab rats in a cage, there is always a breeding ground in a laboratory or laboratory.

‘… … I’ve definitely heard A place where all challengers randomly encounter each other at least once. A space where research is conducted using ancestor organisms that exist on all floors of the tower. A laboratory that breeds or breeds boss-level monsters and general monsters to be placed on the stage, and creates subspecies, subspecies, and variants.’

This floor may not necessarily be the ninth floor. Someone could enter from the second floor, someone from the 13th floor, and someone from a floor much lower than that.

However, one thing is certain: the mission difficulty of this floor is ‘all or nothing’.

Either extremely easy or extremely difficult.

Bikir strained his hand and hit the translucent wall in front of him.

… Kwak!

Again, the walls were solid.

If it wasn’t for the master’s level of strength, it seemed impossible to even dare to break it.

[also. There was a corner where the fairies believed. They seemed to think that sending them right here would put the brakes on us.]

Decarabia was right.

If Vikir had just broken through the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th floors step by step, he would have been able to reap much more rewards, and in that case, the fairies would have gone bankrupt.

“Is it because the gamblers, frightened by the newbie’s undefeated streak, unconditionally invited them to a game where they won?”

[What else could it be? You laid the plate very well.]

Bikir is completely trapped inside this. It became like a rat in a dock, no, a hamster in a cage.

“… … There is no need to rush.”

Amman can’t break down this wall even if he runs amok.

Bikir, who already knew this from the memoirs of the heroes, began to walk leisurely around the kennel.

After crossing the hill of sawdust that was deep to the knee, passing the feed box, water dispenser, and treadmill, I soon saw a high wall in front of me.

Bikir pressed his face against the wall.

Then, beyond the translucent wall, I began to see the scenery outside the kennel.

“… … Is it an ancient language?”

I saw signs written in the language of the suzerain of Sorcery, which was said to have died out a long time ago.

Bikir stumbled through the words written on the signboard with the short knowledge he had learned in liberal arts class.

<Incubation Room>

<Gathering Room>

<Laying room>

<Blood Collection Room>

<fighting room>



And behind the signboards, there were kennels each made of translucent walls.

It looks similar to the place where Bikir is currently imprisoned.

A number of unidentified eggs were placed in a place marked as an incubation room.

They vibrate the blood vessels on the surface of the eggshell as if they would hatch at any moment under the gloomy lighting.

In the place where the collection room was written, monsters that seemed to have been captured from each floor were rampaging here and there.

Insects, wild beasts, birds, fish, crustaceans, etc… … Among them, there were also a few Chungwangs, but all of them seemed to have gone mad, judging from the fact that they were all sitting in the corner of the collecting room with a dazed look on their faces.

In the place where the spawning room was written, monsters that appeared to be pregnant were preparing to give birth while catching their breath.

All of them had grotesquely swollen stomachs, probably because they had been injected with some kind of strange drug.

In the place where the blood collection room was written, countless monsters were getting their blood drawn while they were as dry as mummies.

All of the subjects, who longed for death at any moment, were in a worse position than actually dying.

“… … .”

Among them, what attracted Bikir the most was, of course, the space opposite.

In a place marked as a fighting room, numerous monsters were fighting each other with their teeth, claws, and horns poking at each other.

Kwak! Rumble… … !

Considering that there are quite a few echoes, it seems that not all of them are normal bets.

As if believing that only the last surviving individual could escape this indestructible space, they were fighting fiercely.

And besides that, there are many breeding grounds with unreadable words written on them.

The space where Bikir is currently confined was just one of them.

‘Then what purpose is this space made for?’

Bikir raised his head and looked up.

Sure enough, there is a sign on top of the kennel here as well.

I stuttered through the vaguely visible text.

“… … Classroom?”

mating (交尾). The sexual act of males and females for the purpose of reproduction.

‘Right. Was it a factory that produced various subspecies, subspecies, and mutant second generations by breeding and breeding monsters captured from the world outside the tower?’

Humans also operate this kind of facility on livestock.

However, when I fell inside it, the feeling was different.

In the other mating room next door, several monsters were roaming about anxiously.

However, there was one difference between the mating room where other monsters were confined and the mating room where Vikir was confined.

‘Why did I fall here alone?’

Bikir pondered for a moment.

Of course, they cannot mate alone. There must be a female individual to mate here.

However, there is only one human in this kennel, Bikir.

‘I’m sure there must be a passenger trapped here before me… … .’

If there is a woman who came here before Vikir, we can get some information from her.

About what you need to get out of here.

‘But this is the best result.’

In the worst case, the woman who will be here may already be out of her mind or filled with malice.

You don’t know what terrible experiences you must have had on your way here.

‘It is highly likely that the normal personality and values ​​have already collapsed.’

It would be impossible to stay sane in this tower without having a hero-level mentality.

So Bikir was closely guarding the surroundings.

This is because you never know when and where the hidden blade will fly.


Vikir soon realized that he was wrong.


A gate that suddenly opens down the hill where Bikir is standing.

And one person who jumps out of it and rolls on the floor.

“Ouch- where is this again?”

The person who woke up rubbing her hair was definitely a female student wearing a cloak from the Colosseo Academy.

I couldn’t help but let out a small sigh as I looked at the familiar face looking around with an uneasy expression.

‘… … I wonder if I was a passenger.’

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