Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 332

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Episode 332 Draw (2)

[ So you mean ? Why don’t we draw all the next floors in front of us ? ]

The fairy’s proposal was truly absurd.

Currently, Bikir is located on the 4th floor underground, an island in the Black Sea.

The next floor to meet is, of course, the 5th basement floor, and the 6th basement floor below that.

However, the fairy is trying to make all the floors below this a draw.

[ Is this my point ? ]

In short, this is it.

As Bikir went down the floor, he would clear all the hidden stages, and there was a high possibility that he would monopolize all the monsters and hidden pieces that were ordered not to be caught.

After that, it is clear that after obtaining the special reward that continues, it will definitely become a strong person outside the standard.

So, the fairies skipped a significant portion of the floors under their jurisdiction and in return promised an average stage clear reward.

“So, if you do it properly, it will go through it quickly and without wasting time up to a certain section?”

[ Is that right ? Is that it ? ]

“What are you thinking of giving me?”

At that, the fairy folded two of her twelve fingers and spread out the other ten.

Bikir understood right away.

“Is this because it’s 10 golden candies?”

[ yes ? ]

The fairy nodded with a nervous expression. And added a word.

[ Can you really look at me just once ? If it goes on like this , will I really go bankrupt ? ]

Then Hive Bro, Middle Bro, and Low Bro shouted out loud.

“You bastard! Where are you cheating! Our lord does not compromise with such an easy road!”

“He does not compromise!”

“He does not compromise!”

However, the determined cries of the triplets put it to shame.

“Write some more.”

Bikir was showing curiosity about the fairy’s deal.

“You only give 10 golden candies because you plan to send them to which floor?”

[That that that that … … Can I give you a little more ? ]

To the stuttering fairy, she added a word of ridicule.

“Candy was enough. There is an item I want, can you get me one?”

Until now, Bikir had always said that candy was the best, but he had never really needed an item.

Items that could not be taken out of the tower anyway were always pushed out of the priority of rewards.

It was a bit unusual that Bikir was requesting an item now.

[ What item do you need ? ]

When the fairy asked in a puzzled tone, Vikir answered firmly.

“Weighing Scales of Forced Equality.”

Bikir correctly names the desired item.

Hearing this, the fairy put on a puzzled expression.

[ That ‘s a hidden piece that can only be found on the 3rd basement floor ? oh car? ]

For a moment, the fairy stops talking and shuts her mouth.

But Bikir had already obtained information from the fairy’s slip of the tongue.

“Right. It was an item that could be obtained on the 3rd basement floor, in the area with the Daylily of Blood.”

[Haha, but you’re already on the floor? ]

The fairy was relieved that Vikir had already passed through the third basement level.

‘Weighing Weight of Forcible Equality’ is a hidden piece that drops only on the 3rd basement floor guarded by the Daylily of Blood.


“Did you forget? This is given to all who challenge the tower.”

A piece of paper that Bikir took out and showed.

-<Return Order> / Order / Grade: ?

A scroll that allows you to return to the tutorial zone only once.

‘Lord, where are you going?’ The answer to the question is written.

※When used, the level is reset

It was a spell that could return to the tutorial zone.

A disposable item that allows you to start again from the 1st basement level.

Bikir’s level was 1 anyway, so there was nothing to regret. Even if you write a spell, your stats won’t be reset.

Bikir said threateningly.

“Thanks for the information. I will use this spell to go back to the tutorial floor and once again take all the gimmicks and hidden pieces to get here. I’m going to wipe it all off. Of course, you should also listen to the third basement floor, right? Because we have to find the balance weight of forced equality.”

[ Hey hey? ]

The fairy cried as if she had intuition that she was in trouble.

In the end, the fairy rummaged through her arms with a sullen expression and pulled out a thick booklet.

<Item Catalog – Hidden Peace>

1. Monster Calling Flute (Stock: 8) – 500 Red Candies

2. Armor of Retribution (Stock: 3) – 250 Green Candy

3. Super Regeneration Potion (Stock: 15) – 400 Blue Candy

4. Covert Pickpocket’s Work Gloves (Stock: 5) – 50 Green Candy, 50 Blue Candy

5. 10,000 Swing Two-handed Sword of Guts (Stock: 2) – 1,000 Red Candies, 800 Blue Candies

6. Hourglass of Lust (stock: 1) – 1 golden candy.


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Mail order booklet containing various rare items.

In the meantime, there was also an item about the item that Bikir had pointed out.

<Item Catalog – Hidden Peace>

203. Scales of Forced Equality (Stock: 0) – 20 Golden Candy

Truly a great value item. The number of golden candies required is 20.

[ Besides , inventory is zero ? ]

A fairy with a very sad expression.

But Bikir was adamant.

“I don’t think there will be any stock.”

[ yes ? Doesn’t that make sense ? ]

“It’s not just asking. Buy it for more money.”

Bikir puts out all 20 golden candies he just got.

On top of that, I added a few pieces of scrap candy that I received from the commoner students, and everything.

[ Ugh hmm ? ]

The fairy began to show signs of distress.

Bikir added threats in a coy voice.

“Should I write a return order and rob all the hidden pieces on all floors? And later, when the upper manager comes out, I will file a complaint. It looks like the person in charge on the 4th basement floor embezzled the Hidden Piece, so do an inventory check.”

[ Ah ah , do you understand ? sell it ? Can I sell it ? ]

The fairy wept and took over the candy from Bikir to eat mustard.

And soon, the page of the catalog slips through.

The page that I thought was one page was actually two pages cleverly attached.

The fairy tore out a page from the catalog and handed it to Vikir with a dead expression.

<Item Catalog – Hidden Peace>

203. Scales of Forced Equality (Stock: 0) – 20 Golden Candy

※ Seller Review: A hidden piece that can only be obtained on the 3rd basement floor throughout the entire tower.

The ability is quite good, but the cost performance is poor, so few people use it.

It is almost useless in the beginning, and it shows its ability only in the second half, but it would not be an exaggeration to say that no one survives until the second half while possessing this item.


… pop!

The page in Bikir’s hand is transformed into an item with a loud explosion.

-<Weighing Scale of Forced Equality> / Scale / S

The values ​​of other stats change according to the value of the highest stat among one’s own stats.

The values ​​of all stats increase gradually and slowly according to the value of the highest stat, and this change continues until all stat values ​​are the same.

It is a scale with embossed skull-shaped balance weights and scale plates, which looks quite ominous on the outside.

However, looking at the description, it was an item with quite good stats.

For example, if your strength stat is 10 and all other stats are 1, if you have this balance weight, all stats will rise little by little over time along with 10 of your strength stat.

After such a long time passed and all stats reached 10, the scale would disappear.

However, it took too long for the stats to rise, so it was a useless item in the end if you didn’t prepare to survive in this tower for several years.

Knowing this fact, the fairy must have accepted Vikir’s proposal after thinking about it.

at that time.

“hmm? This?”

Bikir was able to find a small note enclosed while putting the item in his arms.

It was originally about the ‘standard’ way to get this item.

<Item Catalog – Hidden Peace>

203. Scales of Forced Equality (Stock: 0) – 20 Golden Candy

※ Item requirements: Challengers who encounter the Daylily of Blood must vote and sacrifice one person per day.

However, the order in which sacrifices are selected is not in order of weakness, but in order of strength.

A privilege given to the last weakling who survived as a result of being sacrificed from strong challengers and being eaten one by one.

Unwillingly, I even learned how to acquire items.

‘Right. It must have been an item that fell like this.’

Before returning, Bikir learned about the existence of this item from the memoirs of heroes from the Tower.

At the time, there was one villain who disturbed the order in the tower, but that villain did not get much attention in the beginning, but it is said that he showed great power in the latter half of the tower.

The heroes of the time investigated how the villain had such great power and were able to find out the existence of this item.

However, no matter how much research they did, they said they couldn’t figure out how to get this item, but Vikir now knows why.

‘The acquisition method was so bizarre that who could have obtained it.’

It was surprising that there was at least one person who obtained this item before returning.


The fairy grumbled and continued.

[ Now you guys are going to go to the 5th basement floor ? Another fairy from the next floor? Is that why there are more heinous top managers ? Are you scared ? Do you know that you have been fortunate enough to meet me so far ? ]

When the fairy opened her mouth, a gate leading to the 5th basement floor appeared in front of everyone.

Since only one person could enter, it seemed that each person would fall into a different place.

[ Can we go in one by one ? ]

The fairy, looking back at all the challengers, gave only Bikir her eyes for a long time.

And it was barely audible.

[ Was it dirty together ? never see you again ? ]

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