Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 327

Episode 327: King Muyoung of the Black Sea (2)

“Then, isn’t it that you don’t actually have a belly?”

Hivero asked as if it were absurd.

Then the Chungwang people flinched a little and refuted.

[…] … It exists. It’s because it’s sunk at the bottom of the sea.]

It seems that he decided to go out shamelessly.

“No, what are you doing with the sunken ship, you scarabs! Where are you going to cheat!”

As the hive roared, the scarabs glanced at Vikir.

at that time.

“Stop it.”

Bikir interceded for everyone.

It wasn’t that important now.

“They say everything sinks because there is no buoyancy in the Black Sea?”

[you’re right. Because of this, very few organisms can survive in the Black Sea.]

Hearing the words of the kings, Bikir turned his head and looked at the black horizon.

The bottom of that vast sea would be completely empty.

Occasionally, even if a unique creature lives, the distance between the individual and the individual will be far.

A dark sea full of emptiness. It is a situation where the ship of the Chungwang people is sunk down there.

“Looking at what has sunk, isn’t it a ship that cannot sail on the Black Sea?”

[no. The boat we built also floats on the surface of the Black Sea.]

The Chungwang people spread their black armor and thin wings underneath.

They were light and hard, and were coated with wax on the outside, so they floated well in water.

[The long-standing confrontation between the stag beetles and beetles has resulted in numerous casualties. We gathered the remains of the dead and built a ship, which was light and strong enough to sail on the surface of the Black Sea. After a dispute over ownership, she was sunk, but… … .]

“Why exactly did you sink?”

[That, that… … One day, a group of Chungwangs raided a boat and started sailing… … Stop while crossing the middle of the Black Sea… … ]

The story of the Chungwangin people who followed afterwards was truly unbelievable.

“… … Mmm. Now I guess. What happened in the past?”

He seemed to know why the elders, the kings of Chung, had troubled faces.

Bikir immediately jumped into action.

“I will salvage the sunken ship. Tell me exactly where the ship ran aground.”

* * *

Calm Black Sea.

However, far in the distance, in front of the horizon, a strong wind is raging.

It was like a wall holding back the challengers from leaving the zone.

But Bikir did not cross the sea.

… with a plop!

I just listened deeply to the bottom.


Foam and water bubbles crashing in front of my eyes, and within seconds of diving, my vision was covered with darkness.

But it didn’t really matter.

Bikir had the ability to see through dozens of meters in the dark.

It was an additional ability that he learned while practicing archery and hunting for two years in the sea of ​​red and black mountains.

Kururuk-guruk… …

The lower I went, the more the pressure on my body started to build up.

A heavy space as if trying to crush the body.

It felt like being drowned in cold molten iron.

It has little buoyancy, so it sinks quickly even if it is still.


Oxygen was gradually running low. Oxygen consumption was much faster than normal water, probably because of the high water pressure that suppressed the lungs.

‘Still, it’s not as good as the River Styx. I almost drowned then.’

Bikir searched his arms while thinking about this and that.

Before long, Bikir’s hand grabbed the swollen pouch.

-<Oil paper bag that does not dissolve well in water> / Pouch / D

A pouch that is quite tough and does not dissolve well in water.

It has the power to block moisture, so it’s good to put something in it.

The pockets were full of air.

Bikir sucked it up through a straw and put it back into his bosom.

Possibly because of its lack of buoyancy, it did not float even with air-filled pockets.

Bikir often sank deeper into the ocean floor, sucking in the air he filled in his pockets when he was short of breath.

at that time.

Dekarabia, who was hanging from his chest, spoke up.

[Hey Human.]


[In fact, it was not necessary to hold hands with the Kings of Chungin?]

Dekarabia pointed to the mission status window floating in the corner of Vikir’s field of vision.

<Mission> – Occupy the sap spring!

※ Survive by stealing the sap from the scary ship owners!

A scramble to take away the sap spring against the former owners and guests who arrived in the tower first, that is, the Chungwang people.

In fact, that is the mission of this floor.

But Bikir’s interpretation was different.

‘The meaning of the ship owner will be a little different. Perhaps it means the owner of the ship, the owner of the ship.’

[Hmm. In that case, whether the mission will be completed will depend on confirming the presence or absence of the ship.]

‘okay. I’m sure you can clear this floor in other ways as well. Just like I caught the daylily of blood on the 4th floor.’

As I came down while talking about this and that, I could see the floor before I knew it.

Forest of dead trees. Terrain that originally belonged to another world was left unattended and sunk beneath the waters of the Black Sea.

The sight of skinny trees rising above dead coral reefs was like looking at a forest of skewers.

It was a bleak scene that seemed to symbolize the evil intentions in the devil’s world of imagination.

After descending to a certain depth, Dekarabia on the chest responded.

[human. Hey, look down the hill.]

There was a deep valley below the rising trench, and something was visible beneath it.

It was the ‘snake’ that peeked out through the darkness of the deep sea.

A ship glistening with black luster, sails woven from insect wings still fluttered in the current.

This black sailboat, quietly submerged, looks quite sleek and sturdy.

Bikir waded through the heavy current and approached the player.

The prow began to reveal its overall outline, starting with its huge, pointed tip.

There were quite a few severe wounds here and there, including the deck and ship walls, but only the keel, which could be called the spine of the ship, was intact.

Despite being submerged in the water for a long time, there was almost no seaweed or sphagnum moss.

The only serious problem is the huge hole in the lower part of the wharf and wall.

‘It must have sunk because water came in through that hole.’

It is fortunate that it did not sink due to lack of buoyancy.

It’s a hole, so you can salvage it and fill it up.

Then, Dekarabia asked.

[But how are you going to salvage that huge ship upwards?]

Dekarabia did not seem to understand Vikir’s plans.

[It would be impossible with human strength, right? It would be difficult to mobilize all 20 humans on the island and 5 loyal kings. In the first place, they couldn’t even come down here… … ]

‘hmm. That’s something I’ve been thinking about.’

Bikir swam a little faster.

There was not much air left, so we had to hurry.

‘… … And there’s one more factor that we need to be wary of.’

Before long, Bikir stood in front of a huge sailboat.

A ship sunk at the bottom of the darkness in the void.

Creaking boards and eerie fluttering sails beneath the calm seabed make this ship look like a ghost ship.

‘Now then, let’s start the salvage operation as soon as possible.’

The moment Bikir just rolls up his arms.

Mess-giggigiggik… …

An unpleasant noise came from somewhere.

A mysterious sound came from the other side of the ship.

As Bikir looks up, something emerges from the darkness in front of him.

‘… … !’

Shark scales covering the whole body, a single horn sprouting from the forehead, and teeth protruding from the gaping mouth.

Dogma, who turned into a demon, was here.

The flames that covered the whole body like mane had already been extinguished, but the ferocious appearance was still there.

‘Oh, why did it sink here?’

Bikir clicked his tongue and prepared for battle.

… … together?

Whoops- whoops- whoops-

Something was strange.

Dogma, which appeared through the darkness, was trembling thinly with only the upper body exposed, and showed no movement other than that.

And then

… Took!

Eventually, Dogma’s head, which had been buried in the darkness, fell to the bottom of the sea.

The upper body disappears in the darkness in an instant, leaving only the horns and teeth on the head, which rolls through the trench and out of sight.

‘… … .’

Bikir looked away from Dogma’s head and gazed back into the darkness.

ssssss… …

Looking closely, it seemed that the darkness in which Dogma’s corpse was buried was moving slowly.

There was no specific shape, but the darkness itself was rising up from the bottom.

‘Come to think of it, strangely, only that part is exceptionally dark.’

On the other side, a light shines dimly, but the huge darkness that is now approaching this way is pitch black itself, where nothing can be seen.

And Bikir noticed right away.

The darkness that was now approaching was an absolute fear that could not even be compared to the Hellhound, Cerberus, and degraded version of the daylily that I faced in the previous stage.

‘… … Right. Was this guy living here?’

Danger grade S rank, a real exhaust threat that has not suffered from deterioration.

It was the moment when the ‘core of darkness’ was revealed.

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