Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 326

Episode 326: King Muyeong of the Black Sea (1)


-LV: 1 (%)

-Titles: ‘Gung Rat Hunter’, ‘Hell’s Vendor’, ‘Daylily Lumberjack’, ‘Devil Executioner’ (NEW)


↳Strength: 300

↳ Agility: 270 (+10) = 280

↳Health: 300

↳Physical Resistance: 1

↳ Magic Resistance: 0 (+1) = 1

↳Reflexes: 1

Vikir’s status window changed once more.

The title ‘Magic Executioner’ adds a deep karma to Vikir’s soul.

When dealing with demons in the future, Vikir’s body will become even faster and her sword will become a little sharper.

After feeding the young madam, she ate all the remaining agile candies.

Among the three basic stats, it is the hardest to obtain, so you should diligently eat it whenever you have a chance.

‘… … But that’s not the point now.’

No matter how precious the agility stat is, is this enough?

Vikir paid attention to the newly created stat, ‘Magical Resistance’.

This is in line with the ‘physical resistance’ stat, which distorts the laws of reality and creates an abnormal distortion of physical force.

In the case of ‘magic resistance’, it makes you feel the flow of mana that exists in reality a little better, and in the case of mana flowing in the opposite direction, it shows strong resistance.

In other words, the power to reject the aggressive mana flying from the opponent and to suppress the mana flowing back from the body in the original direction.

‘Simply put, it means that it halves the enemy’s magic attacks and suppresses the mana runaway that occurs inside my body.’

It can be said to be the best stat for all those who train mana, especially for mages.

It halves the opponent’s magic attacks. Even so, being able to suppress the runaway mana within one’s body was actually a huge perk.

Usually, when a swordsman or wizard rises to a higher level, the most vigilant thing is mana runaway.

Just as worms that emerge from cocoons and crustaceans that have shed from their shells are at their most vulnerable, those who practice Mana are also at their weakest the moment they transcend their limits.

At this time, if the magic resistance stat is high, it can prevent the mana runaway, which can be said to be the worst of the risk factors.

‘… … Before returning, Camus had completely neglected the magical resistance stat in the tower. And if you trained using that overwhelming resistance, you’ve mastered all the high-risk magics that are certain to run out of mana.’

In high risk, high return, after suppressing all risks with stats, only returns were taken.

Indeed, it was an ignorant method, but it was an act that could not be done without absolute confidence in one’s skills, talents, and future.

“… … good. Now I have collected all six major stats.”

The stats of ‘Physical Resistance’, ‘Magic Resistance’, and ‘Reflexes’ are things that can never be obtained in the early stages, or that are difficult to see until the tower is over beyond the later stages.

These 3 special stats are the most secret hidden pieces of the tower, and the growth-type perk that grows with the owner. Now that Vikir has succeeded in blooming all stats, all you have to do is level up.

All stats naturally increase when you level up, so you don’t have to get strange candy to grow all of the 3 basic stats and 3 special stats.

When Bikir is deep in thought.

“But Lord. It’s a presumptuous word, but… … I have a question for you.”

Hivero spoke from the side.

“When you got 10 level candies earlier, why didn’t you use them to level up? If you’re level 10, wouldn’t you find 10% more power outside the tower? I thought it would be much more beneficial than raising my stats a little right now… … .”

“hmm. It is to make all of the six major stats bloom.”

Vikir explained the stats to the triplets of the Baskerville family.

The triplets began to burn their enthusiasm after learning that there were three special stats in addition to the three basic stats of strength, agility, and stamina.

“We will look for them too! Then, since the lord has gathered all six stats, he must go to the highest level!”

“You’re going to go wild!”

“You’re going to go wild!”

But Bikir shook his head.

“I won’t be leveling up for a while. If you guys also get level candies, sell them to the candy store and turn them into stat candies. And if you go to the second half, don’t use the level candy and collect it in your pocket one by one.”

At that, the triplets of the Baskerville family looked puzzled.

Vikir explained the reward structure inside the tower.

“When you level up, you can regain some of the power outside the tower, so you can grow quickly in the beginning. However, because of the ever-increasing difficulty of the tower missions and the ever-increasing rewards, there are many people who give up in the second half.”

Newbies who have just challenged the tower will go all-in on collecting stat candy and converting it into level candy, but seasoned players don’t do that.

The rule of this tower is that the lower the level, the more advantageous it is in terms of rewards.

When a strong person achieves great achievements, he or she receives a simple reward.

Even if the weak have made small achievements, they are also rewarded plainly.

When the strong make small achievements, they are rarely rewarded.

… … But when the weak made great achievements.

The reward given in this case is far beyond common sense!

That’s why Bikir has so far captured the Gypsy Rat, Hellhound, Cerberus, Daylily of Blood, many loyal kings, and even the demon from before with his level 1 body.

Rewards for missions with modifiers such as ‘rare’, ‘hard’, ‘great’, and ‘awesome’.

However, despite clearing so many missions and receiving rewards, Vikir is still treated as an underdog.

It was because of the system in the tower that regulates level as a measure of strength.

‘I’ve gone too far to play weakness.’

breathless. Until now, the life of Jinta hiding his strength at the Colosseo Academy was a long wait for this day.

“… … anyway. For this reason, there is no need to level up in the beginning.”

At Bikir’s words, the triplets nodded enthusiastically.

To the triplets who gave eyes of blind loyalty, Bikir added a word.

“And one more thing, the reason why leveling up is such a waste… … .”

Upon hearing Bikir’s whisper, the eyes of Hivero, Middlebro, and Lowbro opened wide for a moment, then returned to normal.

“omg? Well, then it’s all fraudulent that the fairies keep encouraging you to eat the level’s candy… … .”

“indeed. Then you shouldn’t eat candy of the absolute level in the beginning.”

“For the time being, I’ll just focus on raising my stats unconditionally.”

There was no reason to level up in a hurry, as you could exchange ‘Candy of stats (Red, Green, Green onion)’ that you did not eat in the first place with ‘Candy of level (Golden)’ at the candy store later.

Bikir asked the triplets to repeat the above.

at that time.

… Kurreuk!

A small incident occurred at the place where Dogma, who became a demon, died.

A single dark red flame was dancing on the surface of the water.

Bikir splashed over and held the flame in his hand.

It was hot enough to boil the water around it, but surprisingly it didn’t feel hot in Bikir’s hands at all.

-<Fire of inferiority complex ‘Fire’> / Flint / A+

A stone that allows you to get hot embers anytime, anywhere.

It burns as firewood with an inner sense of inferiority deep in the heart.

-Hotness +1,000

※ Depending on the degree of inferiority, the temperature may be higher or lower.

“… … is it. Do you use your inferiority complex as firewood? Then I won’t fall into it either.”

Bikir also once had a worse sense of inferiority than anyone else.

A life of humble origins, alienation from family, disfigured appearance, and a previous life full of shame and hatred.

For Bikir, who has such a painful memory, it is practically the same as having infinite power.

… Kurreuk!

Bikir carefully put the fire of inferiority burning in his hands into his arms.

Now, no matter where I am, I thought there would be no such thing as freezing to death or being unable to eat cooked food.

at that time.

[Oh-oh, our savior. Please get us off this island!]

Bikir had to hear the cries of the kings again.

It was annoying, but it is also in line with their purpose.

Bikir also had to get out of this island and go down to a deeper layer, so there was nothing wrong with hanging out with him.

“okay. Did you say you had a stomach?”

The rhinoceros beetle and the stag beetle, he said, are the reason why these two types of people have been in confrontation for such a long time because of one ship.

It looked like they were arguing over which of the two races would own the ship.

They nodded their heads in a sullen tone.

[yes. If it is a ship, there is one.]

“Where are you?”

When Bikir asked, the two loyal elders extended their index fingers and pointed in one place.

[It is moored over there.]

“… … ?”

Bikir tilted his head. It was because there was nothing where the two kings, the elders, pointed their fingers.

just messed up There is only a dark horizon.

“… … no way?”

When Bikir turned his head, the two elders nodded with heavy expressions.

[yes. It is sinking.]

A boat is the only way to escape the island.

That it is now sunk at the bottom of the Black Sea.

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