Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 325

Episode 325: Underdogma (5)

‘Damn the world.’

1st grade dogma. He was on his way out of the professor’s office with a grade of D on an assignment he had just worked on three nights before.

It didn’t work that someone else plagiarized his assignment first.

Rather, despite being a victim of plagiarism, Dogma received the lowest score and failed.

‘Is this because commoners were born just to live under the feet of nobles? Ruin this world.’

On a deserted trail, several stray dogs run away from human footsteps.

Dogma cursed at the sky in the pouring rain.

Suddenly, the rain stopped.

When I turned my head, I saw a white umbrella wrapped around my head.

A schoolgirl with dog food in her hand was holding an umbrella over Dogma.

Dolores. It was the words on the name tag written on her chest.

‘It’s not like that.’

Dolores opened her mouth with a smile that felt somehow sad.

‘Everyone is the protagonist of their own life. And the main character is bound to live with worries, anguish, guilt, and burden. This is the same for everyone in the world, regardless of whether they are nobles or commoners.’

Then Dogma put on a blank expression.

Could it be? Is it really so?

… … no. I have already been fooled by such lies. No more fooling around now.

‘You can say that because you have everything. Pretty, good-looking, young, well-studyed, rich, good background. I’m sure he’ll graduate with excellent grades and go back to his family and earn a big spot! And just like that, you’ll meet a handsome, tall, good-looking, good-natured, wealthy man from a good background and live happily for the rest of your life!’

Dogma’s cry resounding in the shower was like a scream.

Sharp hatred that shoots like an arrow without a target.

But Dolores only laughed bitterly.

‘… … It’s not.’

with a short answer.

Seeing Dolores’ smile, Dogma couldn’t help but look dazed again.

Why? Since then, whenever I see her make that expression, her heart skips a beat.

‘Don’t laugh like that.’

For three years like that, Dogma worked hard to death.

Always hovering around Dolores, he tried to stand in a similar position and at the same eye level.

second grade. Student Council Vice President.

Having risen from a commoner, a unique position.

… … However, a thousand fires of unknown origin were boiling in his heart, never to be extinguished.

Why? why?

After pondering for a while, Dogma was able to easily understand the reason.

The reason is… …

* * *

[ What was it ? ]

Dogma’s mouth opened and a grotesquely distorted voice leaked out.

The pronunciation that came out of the mouth, which was no longer a human oral structure, was similar to that of a grotesque flesh fairy.

[ Why was I getting angry ? ]

Dogma, who had turned into a monster, seemed to have lost a lot of intelligence, which he was proud of.

“… … Hmm. The size has become quite burdensome?”

Bikir raised his head with his chin on his chin.

Dogma’s body has changed quite bizarrely.

Its two limbs were longer than its legs, and a whip-like tail grew from its hip.

The whole body was covered with the scales of a large shark, a large single horn on the forehead, and a feast of teeth protruding from the lipless mouth below.

Above all, the highlight was the huge flame mane burning Dogma’s entire body.

<Devil’s ‘inferiority like deterioration’>

Hazard Class: A+

Size: 8m

Discovery Location: Naraksu 4th floor, ‘Island of the Black Sea’

-Aka ‘inferiority like deterioration’, or ‘underdogma’

The crooked shape of a student who has been disadvantaged a lot in school.

It attacks an unspecified number of people with a hatred strong enough to burn the whole world.

There seems to be no possibility of becoming human again.

‘If it had been published in the encyclopedia, it would have been described in this way.’

The information on monsterized humans is so fragmented and individual differences are so severe that it is not included in the monster encyclopedia, but Vikir was able to infer information of her own.

[That-aaaa… … Gigigeek!]

On the other hand, Dogma, who became a demon, stood on the sandbank spewing out a terrifying life force.

slam! Push Yi-Ik-

A large wave hit Dogma’s body and instantly evaporated into black steam.

“It’s bothering me.”

Bikir squeezed his temples.

Although I defeated Daylily of Blood in the previous stage, it was a degraded version, and Cerberus, who was defeated in the previous stage, was helped by ginkgo berries and perfume.

“… … We don’t have enough manpower to use.”

The students of the commoners faction were too low in level and stats to help, and the kings of the army were afraid of fire, so they retreated from a distance and shivered.

[Hahahaha- Chungwang people are basically afraid of insects and fire. Moreover, it is more vulnerable to fire because of the wax component coated on the surface of the exoskeleton.]

“This is useless information.”

Bikir held the Decarabia in one hand and the Baalzebub in the other.

“Well, it’s enough to extinguish the fire with water.”

Fortunately, isn’t this the beach?

at that time.

Hurry up-

I heard something moving beside me.

Hive, Middle, Low. The three of them were running behind, away from Vikir’s side.

[what? Are you running away? Lord, Lord, but I have no faith. This is why humans… … ]

“Probably not running away.”

[what? Then what… … ]

The moment when Dekarabia tried to express his doubts.

I can hear Hive shouting from behind.

“You useless children! Quickly take out all the candy you have!”

The three brothers of the Baskerville family who regained their energy after drinking the blood well.

However, they themselves knew that their weakened bodies would not be of much use to Vikir.

A person who is good at grasping the subject is a great help in solving problems regardless of the level of power.

Hivero, Middlebro, and Lowbro created an atmosphere of fear and ripped off all the extra strange candies possessed by commoner students.

Chungwangs also willingly offered candy.

“Lord! I got candy! hurry!”

Hivero, Middlebro, and Lowbro put the candy they had obtained at the mouth of the sandbank and quickly retreated.

[Those guys are useful?]

“So I got it.”

Bikir nodded towards the triplets.

Then, you can see the guys’ faces brighten up.

Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwam!

The fire of inferiority from Dogma began to burn the entire sand bar.

The grains of sand melt to a sticky consistency and emit a twinkling light.

“It’s quite strong for a Main that appeared in the beginning. I hope we never see each other again in the future.”

This is how much a human who is only dogma has become a monster, but what if a human with hero-level power and potential becomes a monster?

Just imagining it was terrifying.


Bikir emitted an aura and severed Dogma’s ankle.


If you feel that your body is on fire, you immediately go into the shallow sea and soak your body before coming out.

The water of the Black Sea was cold and heavy enough to cool Dogma’s hot inferiority complex.

… Kwak!

Waves bursting with explosions, and a huge amount of steam.

Bikir ran across the sandbank to avoid it.

Before long, Bikir, who grabbed the candy the triplets had thrown in the sand, swallowed it all.

The status window immediately changed.


-LV: 1 (%)

-Titles: ‘Dungeon Rat Hunter’, ‘Hell’s Vendor’, ‘Daylily Lumberjack’ (NEW)


↳Strength: 260 (+40) = 300

↳ Agility: 229 (+31) = 260

↳HP: 269 (+31) = 300

↳Physical Resistance: 1

↳?: (unlocked)

↳Reflexes: 1

First of all, he set his strength and stamina to 300, and raised his agility stat as much as he could.

‘I’m going to collect the rest of the candies and use them to get the ‘three major stats’.’

The few remaining candies were stocked up once.

It was a great harvest even if his strength and stamina went up to 300.

… wiggle!

Much stronger strength than before was carried on the blade of Baalzebub.

Although it is not as good as raising the level, the strength has become stronger thanks to the considerably increased stats.

This was enough to inflict a fatal wound.


Baskerville 4 meals. It’s child’s play compared to Type 8, but Bikir’s Type 4 is different.

Even the Master of Type 9, Kane Corso, recognized Vikir’s Type 4.

Its proficiency was unparalleled.

Pupper puck!

Four teeth ferociously cut Dogma’s throat.


Dogma coughed up a huge amount of blood.

The bubbling blood was sinking to the bottom as soon as it fell on the surface of the Black Sea.


Enraged, Dogma relentlessly pursued Vikir.

Bikir calmly entered the sea and lured such a dogma.

Jjoeok- go! Denggung! snip! … with a plop!

Dogma, who had both his wrists and ankles cut off by Bikir, who was spinning around his body, was drowned in the Black Sea.

“Chill out there.”

Bikir cut off what was left of Dogma’s limbs so that he could not escape.


Dogma struggled with tremendous force, but with only his head, torso and tail remaining, he could not stand up.

Also, the depth of the water was just enough for Dogma’s body to be completely submerged, so Dogma had to stay submerged in the water for less than half a span from the tip of his nose.

“They say that the water in the Black Sea has no buoyancy.”

Bikir swam up to the sandy beach.

Seeing the seawater bubbling in the distance, Dogma seems to be struggling.

But the water is so deep that Dogma can’t even raise his head.

Once you fall into it, you must sink unconditionally. Black water.

Bikir stood on the beach watching Dogma closely.

… … After all, how much time had passed?

Bubbling and bubbling – Push Yi Yi Ik –

The water stopped boiling.

The steam that had been spewing out like an explosion also disappeared.

Sleep calmed again.

It was a phenomenon that announced that what was struggling inside was dead.

“… … Did you drown?”

When Bikir muttered in a low voice.


I heard the sound announcing that the mission had been completed.


[‘Level 1 warrior’ Vikir succeeded in hunting ‘A+ Rank Mine ‘Inferiority Like Deterioration” for the first time!]

[Rewards for ‘Awesome’ Achievements!]

<Mission End> – Let’s kill the devil!

– Mine (1/1)

※ … … ??? … … How did you really get this?

Before long, the fairy appeared with a hard complexion.

He pulled up the cooled body of Dogma, which had sunk beneath the black water, and hung out his tongue.

The fairy flew to Vikir and soon gave her a reward for catching the demon.

[Are you doing it all by yourself? ]

It was 10 candies of the level.

A strange candy glowing golden fell into Bikir’s hand.

[ So what about this ? ]

“wait for a sec.”

Vikir called and stopped the fairy who was about to disappear.

“Can I use the candy store?”

[yes ? why ? ]

“I want to sell level candy. As candy for normal stats.”

The fairy tilted her head.

Ordinary challengers collect 300 candies of normal stats and buy 1 candy of the level.

But in Bikir’s case, it was the opposite.

Bikir that exchanges 10 candies of the highest level obtained for 3000 normal candies.

In the case of fairies, it was rather a surplus trade, so there was no reason to refuse.

Before long, Bikir had over 3,000 regular candies in his possession.

Most of the candy was red power candy because it was traded with random probability.

Including those received from commoner students and loyalists, the number is a little over 3,100.

‘It’s gacha time now.’

Vikir continued to feed the cub madam on his shoulder with stat candy.

[Yum yum yum yum-nuclear nuclear nuclear-]

The young madam ate the candy excitedly to see if it suited her taste.

In no time, the young madam ate all 3,000 candies and excreted 30 candies.

Seeing the color of the candies coming out of the young madam’s butt, Bikir couldn’t help but be disappointed.

Most of them also drop red power candy, blue health candy, and occasionally green dexterity candy.

But, of course, raising the strength stat by 100 is better than raising the agility stat by 1, so Vikir’s gacha continued to cause huge damage.

Before long, Bikir used up all 3,000 candies.

The harvest is about 10 candies of agility.

The rest were candy of strength and candy of stamina that was nothing short of a joke.

There are only 90 candies left, so I can’t turn the gacha any more.

“No luck this time. No, is this normal?”

Bikir decided to give up cleanly. He knew his expectations were too high in the first place, so he didn’t have to be too disappointed with the results.

… … Right then.

“Lord. I still have 12 candies left.”

Hive brought a bloody candy from somewhere and held it out.

“What is this?”

“These are the students on his side that Dogma killed earlier when he turned into a monster. I retrieved what was sunk at the bottom of a pool of sap.”

Bikir nodded. He didn’t think of it, but with this, he’ll be able to run the gacha one more time.

‘It’s hard to come out with strength or stamina this time. It would be great if any of the 3 major stats came out, but… … If not, at least a candy of agility should come out.’

Bikir again fed 100 candies to the young madam.



The young madam’s tail began to flinch.


… Talk!

A piece of candy fell into Bikir’s palm.

It was a candy with a pure white color that I had never seen before.

-<Strange Candy> / Magic Resistance / White

A candy that increases the magic resistance stat by 1.

It tastes sour.

-Magic Resistance +1

Before long, Bikir’s mouth, looking at the candy’s explanation window, drew a line, albeit slightly.

“You’re lucky.”

It was good, but just not good enough.

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