Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 323

Episode 323: Underdogma (3)

… Pacan!

Bikir tore off the chains from Hivero, Middlebro, and Lowbro’s necks with his bare hands.

In the meantime, the students of the commoners who were pushed their chests look like they are absurd.

Dogma, the leader of the commoners faction, asked.

“… … What are you doing?”

But Vikir did not answer. but.

“If you despise those with power, why do you copy their actions?”


“In fact, you didn’t despise it, but did you yearn for it?”

Then Dogma’s brow furrowed.

Even when he was stabbed to the point, his eyes were fixed on the chain in Bikir’s hand.

‘Tearing off that thick chain with bare hands. It seems that the strength stat is quite high. How many? 4? 5? no… … Judging from how unconcerned he is, it must be around 10.’

If the strength stat was about 10, it would be possible to somehow subdue even in the line of dogma.

There are even more than 20 commoner students on this side!

“Don’t mess around. If you don’t want to hold my hand, I have no choice but to cut it off.”

Dogma’s words changed the atmosphere of the commoner students.

Unlike the aristocratic or barbarian students, who were only trying to use each other, the commoner students are quite quick to get along and have good unity.

Just like the grass roots of weeds are intricately entangled with each other.

“… … Hmm.”

Bikir’s state of mind seeing it was subtle.

‘With all one’s own strength, one receives fair compensation as much as one’s efforts. You can acquire things you were not born with. The Land of Reversal, the Land of Opportunity, the New World!’

Bikir let out a small sigh.

‘… … What are you guys thinking like this?’

That’s not entirely wrong. At least ‘on the surface’.

In fact, before returning, Vikir had seen many renegade humans who said they liked the world the demons created.

Surprisingly, many of those who were born with the great talent and potential of the great heroes were attached to the demon army at the time of the destruction.

… … However, in the end, among the humans who joined the devil, there was not a single one who could speak well.

The New World, which was tricked into saying that it is a land of opportunity and a land of reversals, is literally hell.

Most of their bodies became monsters and lost their intelligence.

Even those who barely managed to maintain their memories and reason when they were human had to spend nearly aeons of time in loneliness, solitude, and pain.

‘The devil is a creature as a single individual with no homogeneity or sense of kinship among individuals. Humans can never understand the culture and way of thinking of this creature, which exists only as an individual in front of God.’

Demons are basically solitary beings. No parents, no children, no friends. If there is, it is clear that the understanding is right and they are just imitating.

In other words, since the devil is a being who considers only himself as a single species from the time he was born, he does not form an intimate relationship with any other person.


As a tribal and social animal, humans do not understand and are not understood by the devil.

And a human who has become a monster with human memory, reason, and way of thinking is solitude and loneliness for the rest of his life, does not belong anywhere, has no purpose or hope, and has no choice but to die from being exhausted in life.

‘… … I’ve seen a lot of demonized or demonized human heroes end their lives regretting their choices in their later years.’

The time to enjoy the joy of holding in your hands what you have not had is short.

After that, only futility, anguish, regret and longing remain as long as eternity.

So Bikir has no choice but to look at the dogma caught in the myopic hegemony of opportunity and reversal with a complicated gaze.

Before long, Dogma and the commoner students under his command surrounded Bikir.

All of them were armed with low-level weapons that they would have picked up in a random box.

“Hey, are you getting out of the way? i know you You are also a commoner. Join us.”

“No matter how great you are, you can’t beat us all.”

“How many stats do you have? If I kill him, I will eat the candy that will drop.”

“It’s bullshit – the one who killed it eats it.”

When they are very calmly confident of victory.

“Raised hands.”

Bikir said briefly.

All eyes turned to Vikir’s half-raised palm.

“I am the third generation reader.”

“… … ?”

“There are single mothers and single fathers to take care of.”

“… … ?”

“You have an old lover or are getting married soon. Or you are already newlyweds.”

“… … ?”

Everyone’s eyes were puzzled by Bikir’s continued words.

Finally, Bikir said a short word.

“If you want to be me, drop out on one side.”

Then, ridicule erupted from the crowd of commoners.

Dogma giggled and opened his mouth.

“Where have you seen too many fantasy novels? Do you think you are cool now?”

“… … .”

“Are you high level? Are your stats great? Or are there any rare items? Just looking at the cancer, it seems like a bluff… … What are you trusting and having guts?”

At that time, one of the commoner students who was wearing special glasses opened his mouth.

“That guy is level 1! Show it all in these ‘level peep glasses’! I can’t see the stats… … .”

Then Dogma burst out laughing.

“… … .”

Bikir silently raised his fist, but no one cared.

“Ohh? You want to use your fist?”

“Ah, Musher! hehehehe-”

“Hey, land kid. My strength stat is over 5? Wouldn’t it just break your fist for no reason?”

“Quit it. I know you were quite famous outside the tower, but not here.”

Right then.

… Kwak!

A loud explosion erupted.

It did not come from the ground, but from the roots of the Narak tree.

“What, what!?”

All the students raised their heads in unison.

There was an amazing sight.

Sap, the only food on this island. A mist of dust was rising from the knothole from which it rose.

And what appeared through the dust was a gigantic monster whose entire body was coated with a black exoskeleton.

“… … oh. Is that the ship owner that Dekarabia was talking about?”

Bikir plunged his head into the sap and stared at the monster, sucking everything in.

Overall, it had a human appearance covered with the skin of a rhinoceros beetle.

King Chungin (蟲王人). A legendary race that was said to have existed in the distant past.

However, I heard that it is no longer extinct because of its unique diet and aggression.

I never thought I’d be able to see such ancient pseudo-humans here.

On the other hand, there was a commotion among the commoner students.

“I-that guy is over level 10! I don’t know the stats… … .”

“If you’re over level 10, that means you’ve collected a ton of stats. oh my god!”

“Ah!? That guy is eating all of our sap!”

“That, more than that… … You’re glaring at us, right?”

Before long, the leader, Dogma, drew his sword.

“Let’s protect our fountain! Follow me! I’m in the vanguard!”

he was quite impatient. It was all thanks to that sap gland that he could reign like a king on this small island.

Before long, Dogma grabbed a sword and attacked Chungwangin.


A sharp slash.


… Daang!

The sword that touched Chungwangin’s back armor broke too easily.


A line of blood stood on the king’s forehead.


A heavy black fist flew in and pinned Dogma to the ground.

“What!? What, what kind of power!”

“omg! No knife stuck! Your skin is so hard!”

“Sah, save me! I die!”

All of the students from the commoners group who rushed after him were knocked down by Chung Wang-in.

An out-of-the-ordinary monster. Chung Wang-in, who suddenly appeared from a small root, mercilessly beat all twenty students.

As if to imprint who the true owner of this sap Ongdalsaem is.

Right then.

“Get out of the way. Let’s talk.”

There was one man who stepped forward of all.

It was Bikir.

Dogma, who saw it, gritted his teeth and shouted.

“You madman! What are you talking about with a monster like that! It would be nonsense.”

“… … I know the common language.”

Hearing Bikir’s answer, Dogma put on a dazed expression.

“A common language? Is there such a thing?”

“That guy… … Were you good at foreign languages?”

“No, there’s no way I could have a conversation with a pseudohuman in the first place… … .”

When all the students are sending eyes of disbelief.


Bikir stood in front of King Chungin.

“Ask me something.”

[…] … .]

But King Chungin has no answer.

He just stretched out his huge arms and tried to blow Bikir away.

‘Look! It’s just a dog’s death!’

Dogma bit her lip. You’ll soon see Bikir’s limbs disintegrate right in front of your eyes.

… … however.

“I can’t even talk. You will need a translator.”

Bikir murmured briefly, then took out an excellent ‘translator’ from his pocket and held it up.

It was a fist.


Just one short punch.

The results it produced were quite shocking.

Come on, let’s go!

The black armor that lightly deflected the attacks of the commoner students is crumbling like a cookie soaked in water.

Chung Wang-in opened his eyes as if tearing, but he couldn’t scream or scream.

It was because he was thrown upside down on the floor, spitting out everything in his stomach with his mouth.

“Are you willing to talk now?”

[…] … yes.]

Chungwang-in answers in a very quiet voice.

“Did you know how to speak?”

“… … That’s it.”

“No, you killed that monster with one punch?”

All of the commoner class students have a blank look on their faces.

Looking back, I remembered what Bikir had said earlier.

‘If you want to be me, leave it to one side.’

What would have happened if I had ignored it and jumped at it?


An unseasonable frost falls on everyone’s spine.

Right then.

“You fools! What are you frozen! You just ate that!”

Dogma instigated other students.

“Hey bastard, you caught what we were wasting our energy on! Otherwise, it is inexplicable!”

The students nodded their heads one by one at those words.

“No, that’s right. It’s the same level 1!”

“Even if I ate a lot of strange candy, the difference wouldn’t be that big.”

“You coward! Are you stealing the last hit in a mean way!?”

“Ooh, we’re not too late yet! Let’s catch it quickly!”

Eventually, all the commoner students moved without saying who came first.

After falling to the floor, King Chungin was crouched on the floor, trembling and being beaten by countless kicks.

Dogma said as she passed in front of Bikir.

“Hey. Perhaps this guy was the boss monster guarding the sap gland. Aren’t you dissatisfied with the situation? Because you stole from us too.”

Then the answer came from Bikir’s side.

“You shameless bastard! You guys are the ones who are trying to steal the makta!”

“That’s it!”

“That’s it!”

They were Hive, Middle, and Low. They stood by Bikir’s side, glaring at Dogma.


“… … I have no complaints.”

Bikir stopped the triplets and gave a short answer.

And he turned his gaze upward.

“… … ?”

Then Dogma also looked up where Bikir was looking.


His complexion soon turns pale.

And it was the same for other commoners students who assaulted Chungwangin according to Dogma’s order.

Bung bung bung bung-

Loud flapping of wings.

It was the sound of countless army of loyal kings descending from the roots of Naraksu.

“… … Bo, it wasn’t a boss mob, was it a miscellaneous mob?”

The blood drained from Dogma’s face like an ebb.

The students of the commoner group began to tremble without even thinking that they would dare to resist.

… … and.

“Raised hands.”

Bikir’s voice was heard again.

“I am the third generation reader.”

“… … .”

“There are single mothers and single fathers to take care of.”

“… … .”

“You have an old lover or are getting married soon. Or you are already newlyweds.”

“… … .”

“If it is not. ‘Humanly’, there is a reason why you shouldn’t be killed by a dog right here.”

“… … .”

“Outside to one side.”

No one laughed this time.

All the students of the commoners group noticed and began to slip away.

“… … Are you gone now?”

Eventually, everyone left to one side, and Bikir cut short.

“Then let’s begin.”

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