Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 322

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Episode 322: Underdogma (2)

Colosseo Academy’s 3rd year deputy chair, Student Vice President Dogma.

… … No, Dogma, the leader of the Commoners faction.

He climbed the roots of the Naraksu with a long straw obtained from the random box.

He sucked out the sap from the depths with a straw and poured it into the bottle he had brought with him.

As they descend from the root of Naraksu, loud cheers from other commoner students follow.

Dogma poured the sap from the bottle into a drinking water container made with rainwater.

“It’s watery, but we should all share it. yes?”

All the other students smiled brightly and nodded at Dogma’s words with a grin.

However, the warm atmosphere is that of the common people. It was completely their own.

Superfluous people who do not share even a single bit of warmth even though they are right next to them.

They are those who were aristocrats not too long ago.

Chained up like slaves, they crawl across the floor to pick up cuts, guard the campfire and scavenge the ashes around them.

They were triplets.

Hivero Les Baskervilles. Middle Bro Les Baskervilles. Low Bro Les Baskervilles.

The trident of the Baskervilles was here.

“… … .”

“… … .”

“… … .”

All three show clear signs of being severely beaten.

The shadow of dogma fell in front of the triplets who worked silently.

“hey. Do you guys want to eat this too?”

Dogma shook the bottle containing the water-diluted sap once.

“Then crawl over here like a dog.”

Dogma sits on a rotten log and snaps her fingers.

Hivero was the first to fall to the floor.

And the Koopa Koopa crawls to the feet of Dogma.


Dogma kicked Hive in the face.

“why? Are you offended by being kicked by a commoner you’ve been looking at like a bug?”

“… … .”

“You guys were lucky enough to be born into the Baskervilles. In the meantime, you must have enjoyed a comfortable and comfortable life by eating good things and wearing good things, right? yes?”

“… … .”

“But I am not. Born to parents with no money and no power, I have lived like a tenacious person all my life noticing. Bad luck.”

“… … .”

“But after entering the tower, that luck became clear. What do you drop these things after the guys next to you die?”

After speaking, Dogma put a round marble between her fingers and rolled it.

red. It was a strange candy that raised the strength stat.

“It’s like the luck I didn’t have when I was born came into the tower. I became stronger by eating the candy that my friends around me died. Only in this tower was I born anew. Thanks to that, I realized painfully how important the first start is.”

After that, Dogma, who became a little bit stronger than the students around her, tried frantically not to lose that subtle advantage in the beginning.

Any visible candy was taken away unconditionally. Later, he spearheaded the conflict in exchange for a small share of candy from the commoners who had a crush on the nobles.

As a result of creating and dissolving several groups like that, he has an overwhelming power.

“You nobles and barons always sucked our blood, so we should be prepared for this much.”

Dogma kept kicking Hivero in the head and sides.

“Did you ask me to fetch water every time?”

“… … .”

“Did you ask me to borrow your textbook and gym uniform?”

“… … .”

“Did you copy the assignment every time? He even accused me of plagiarism by submitting it before me. Thanks to that, my freshman year was the worst. No one sat next to me on school trips, and no one showed me my genealogy during exams. Everyone around you just stares. Ah- it was such a desperate and lonely time.”

Dogma is in the 3rd year. Hivero wasn’t even at Colosseo Academy when he was a freshman, but nobody took issue with that. Because that is not the essence.

“Gordon… … I should have met that bastard in this tower. Well, since I’m an idiot who doesn’t have anything other than meeting my parents well, I think I’ve already lost track of hellhounds and daylilies. haha-“

In an instant, Gordon’s voice resonates vividly in Dogma’s head.

‘Wow- Dogma! You draw very well! who drew this? Oh, Dolores? hey! Dolores! look at this! He said he drew you! I guess you like it! Attention all motivators! Our friend Dogma is making a big announcement right now! Well he drew Dolores… … ! Wow, this face is similar, but the body is a bit different from reality. Aren’t certain parts exaggerated? Ahh- It’s a bit of a reflection of my personal taste… … uh? hey what is it why are you angry why are you soochromatic It’s a joke. What about the atmosphere? Why do you make people with bad motives just by playing a joke?’


… Kwajik!

Dogma’s eyes were bloodshot.

He has the ability and the ambition. It was worth the effort.

However, because of the luck that was not born, I always lived in suppression.

But you don’t have to do that in this tower.

No slaves, no commoners, no bastards, no illegitimate children. Everyone is given an equal chance.

The poverty and incompetence of hated parents no longer hold back.

I studied hard for the exam, but I will never be pushed back s*xually by a son from a rich family who stabbed a professor, and I will never be pushed back in a practical evaluation by a son from a shaman family who has a body coated with all sorts of nutrients in health food every time.

It is no longer the case that the achievements made with blood and sweat will be treated as worthless just because they were pushed out of the low-recorded rankings and the arrangement of only a few numbers.

I am rewarded fairly, with all my strength, as much as my efforts.

Leaving a society where a little effort was a punishment, a world where even a little effort can be rewarded.

what a wonderful world this is

‘Rather, the world of demons is much fairer. This is right for me.’

Dogma cheered at the current reality and trembled slightly.


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at that time.


The sound of his stomach caught his attention.

Of course, it wasn’t the sound from Dogma’s stomach.

There was a noise coming from Hivero’s ship. It was only natural that I hadn’t had a sip of water for over three days already.

Dogma said with a grin.

“hey. If you want to eat this, lie down flatter and pray.”

Hivero then slammed his head on the floor without saying anything.


At Dogma’s words, Hivero bowed his head even deeper.

To the point where my forehead was buried under the sand.



Dogma spat on the sap in the bottle.

And I looked back and smiled.

“friends. My friends here are also saying that they are hungry, so everyone is willing to help out little by little.”

“oh? It’s good!”

Then, the commoner group of students gathered.

More than twenty people spit into the bottle.

“I will give you my good. Kaak- tup!”

“Kuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Gweep-”

“It spreads too much. There will be nothing left of this. Haha- tweet!”

“Two! Tweet!”

As dozens of saliva are added to the canned sap from the roots of Naraksu, bubbles bubble up.

“Eat to eat. You scum.”

Dogma put it on the ground and walked away laughing.

“… … .”

“… … .”

“… … .”

Hivero, Middlebro, and Lowbro sat together with a glass bottle in between.

“… … Shit. Should I go this far? you want to eat this? I’d rather die. After I die, I will share my stats with my brothers. Then you can sever at least one of his wrists.”

A boiling sound came out of Loubro’s mouth.

Middle Bro didn’t say anything either, but seemed to agree with his younger brother.


“… … .”

Hivero just silently grabbed the bottle’s spout.


gulp- gulp- gulp-

Hivero drank exactly one-third and put the bottle down.

Middle Bro and Low Bro looked at each other with their eyes wide open, and Hive Bro replied calmly.

“What do you think I hit on the head for?”

A chillingly cold voice.

Hivero was looking at his younger siblings with a bleak gaze.

“When you die, it’s over.”

“… … .”

“A hero risking his life for his pride is an illusion created by his inferiors. The real heroes who left their names in history laughed and endured the present humiliation in order to seize the opportunity.”

Warring States period.

Before the continent was unified into one, there were many great men who left their names in history in the whirlwind of war in which hundreds of countries emerged and perished every day.

Among them, those whose private life was not so honorable were strong and strong.

The one who sold himself to an old indigo rich man to raise funds for the righteous army, the one who crawled under the crotch of mere vagrants to catch the enemy off guard, the one who changed his father three times, and boiled his son to satisfy the monarch’s taste. The one who served, the one who looked for an opportunity to assassinate by eating the feces of the enemy as the personal doctor and taking care of the health condition,

As a result of their willingness to endure humiliation, they became great heroes who left their names in history.

“Revenge is said to be a fruit that is eaten chilled. It’s not too late to do it later.”

Middle Bro and Low Bro nodded at Hivero’s words.

“… … It would have been better if they hadn’t discriminated against or harassed commoners in the first place.”

“What, did we? The other guys did. And we also had very harsh childhoods. I don’t even know how many of my brothers died.”

Middle Bro and Low Bro swallowed all the sap with much more saliva.

I had to eat these things to live.

“… … I think this is better than the haggis I used to eat at home.”

“hmm. I agree with you on that point.”

“me too.”

Right then.

“… … I can’t either.”

An eerie voice came from behind.

Where the triplets turned their heads, they saw the underdog, who had thought they had returned, looking down at them with bloodshot eyes.

“I came just in case, but I didn’t know you could really eat it.”

“… … .”

“You are a dangerous race. Knowing how to endure the present for the sake of the future… … .”

Underdog is also a smart guy. He is from a humble background and is a dog-jong who even served as the vice president of the student council.

So I know even better.

‘There are good things from good origin, even poisonous? It can’t be! Poison is the exclusive property of underdogs like me! Why do you guys even have this! You guys already have it all! At least get fat and be stupid! Only then can I despise you guys and have the upper hand even mentally!’

Several thoughts ran through Dogma’s head.


“… … !”

Dogma’s eyes met Hive’s.

Hivero’s eyes were not on Dogma.

Eyes that look farther and far higher. What is it?

A big business? great destiny? Something sublime that aristocrats were born with, that even the commoner himself could not know existed?

dream level. dimension of measure. strength of guts. The level of looking at the present and drawing the future is different.

Dogma felt it in Hivero’s gaze as he was about to die.

And once again struggled.

‘They’re trash with nothing but innate luck!’

But he himself was well aware of it.

He treated the achievements of aristocrats as mere innate luck and devalued them.

Also, even in the tower, some aristocrats showed personality, generosity, guts, discernment, pride, etc… … As much as the intangible assets inherited, it can’t be helped with stats.

‘From here on, our aristocrats and barons are in charge.’

‘You guys avoid it. Those who are even a little stronger should stand in the forefront.’

‘The weak run away! It’s dog death! I’ll show you what noblesse oblige is!’

‘… … Avoid everyone while I’m praying!’

Hellhound, and some familiar voices heard in Dogma’s ears as he ran away from the bloody daylily, and their backs glanced sideways as he ran away frantically.

“… … no. It can’t be. This world is perfectly fair. I will be compensated for everything.”

Dogma drew a well-forged longsword from her waist.

It had the momentum to cut down the triplets at any moment.

Seeing the murderous tip of the knife, Hivero shrugged as if he couldn’t help it.

“I can’t help it. Two of us have to die and the stats go to one of us.”

“… … No choice but.”

“… … No choice but.”

In the end, the opinions of the triplets came together as one after a long time.

Right then.

“hey! What are you!?”

A piercing cry came through the pile of rotting brush.

It was the sound of the guys who went to scoop the sap.

“Who drank the sap without permission!”

“It was our turn this time!”

“Someone who came from somewhere to eat rolls stole ours and ate them!”

Sap is the island’s only food and resource. Touching it is the biggest taboo.

Even Dogma hurriedly turned and ran away.

and soon.

“… … !”

“… … !”

“… … !”

The triplets of the Baskervilles could only keep their eyes wide open.

familiar face. Although he is his half-brother, the lord decided to follow him for the rest of his life. Whether it’s level, stats, or nabal, humans themselves are strong beings.

“… … What about the rest of the survivors?”

Bikir appeared.

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