Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 320

Episode 320: Surplus Humans (7)

[ Kekek? Why are you in this rush ? ]

The fairy stumbled and struggled.

Bikir thought, looking down at the fairy’s puzzled face, as if she really didn’t know why.

‘It’s disgusting.’

Fairies are basically tricksters.

Not only do they try to live off the achievements of the participants in the competition for survival in the tower, but they also try to steal their rewards from time to time.

The most commonly seen type is the so-called ‘pinttang’. It means embezzlement.

Nine out of ten cases where clumsy newbie participants clear tough missions and don’t get proper rewards are probably because these guys messed up something in the middle.

It is common to embezzle more than 5 out of 10 under the pretext of commissions, and sometimes they boldly steal away the entire reward.

The main pattern is that right after clearing a difficult mission, it appears in front of the challenger whose judgment is clouded, catches it with an appropriate reward, and then disguises the real reward as scraps, crumbs, by-products, or garbage, excludes it from the reward list, and collects it back. .

According to the regulations, the fairy must reveal and show all the rewards the challenger has obtained, so it cannot be completely hidden.

Therefore, the challenger has to check everything carefully one by one.

The reward that the challenger left behind without being able to choose will naturally belong to the fairy.

‘So if they saw an ultra-rare item like this, they would definitely try to steal it.’

Bikir grabbed the candy sack in the fairy’s hand and snatched it away.

[ Ahhh … … ]

The fairy made a faint sound as if she was in a state of collapse.

It will be.

The pouch Vikir has now obtained is an extremely rare hidden piece that is hard to find even in the tower, and even fairies don’t know how to obtain it.

-<strange candy bag ‘transformation worm’> / Exchange / S

A microscopic worm that lives in the body of a small creature. Although it has the shape of a bag, it is actually the eggshell part of the parasite.

A ‘strange candy’ that does no damage to the host and feeds the host. If you don’t consume more than a certain amount of candy on a regular basis, it will naturally disappear.

As much as the amount of food eaten, the amount of excretion is also vigorous, and in the case of excrement, it is said that it has subtly different properties from the food ingested.

-Candy transformation (special)

※If this monster eats 100 candies of the same type, it excretes 1 candy of a different color.

※The color of the excreted candy is random

‘… … Draw.’

Bikir robbed the sack. Indeed, a small parasite can be seen inside.

Small animals infected with this parasite do not have any health problems, but develop one peculiar ability.

It is the ability to eat candy and wrap candy.

For example, if Bikir feeds the parasite 100 red candies that increase the strength stat, the parasite will vomit one candy of a random color.

It could be a golden candy that increases your level, a silver candy that increases reflexes, a black candy that increases physical resistance, a green candy that increases agility, or a blue candy that increases stamina.

If you go to the second half of the tower, you can get a lot of strange candies. If you use these bugs well, you can turn the most common red candy into the most precious golden candy.

If you’re lucky, that is.

‘… … Before returning, Camus got this.’

Before the return, Kamyu used all the candies obtained by transforming bugs to get white candy that increases the magical resistance stat.

As a result, she had a tremendous magic resistance stat value, and with this opportunity, she ignored all mana runaways and made dangerous breakthroughs several times.

‘But that was also obtained at the end of the journey, on the lowest floor of the tower.’

Even Vikir himself did not know that he would achieve such a tremendous achievement on only the third basement level.

Vikir turned her head and looked back at the young madam perched on her shoulder.

“… … It’s hard to find a reliable small animal, so I’m glad you have it. In my heart, I want to be the host, but it’s impossible because of my body size, so let’s ask.”

[Nuclear Nuclear Nuclear-]

As Bikir stroked it, the young madam rubbed her cheeks in her hands, as if in a good mood.

Before long, the harmless parasite clung to the young madam’s body. He settled down under the chin of the young madam.

The young madam was scratching all over her body as if she was feeling uncomfortable, but soon forgot about it as if it had never happened and became nothing.

Also, as written in the description window, it doesn’t seem to have any effect on the host.

“I’ll give you the stats I get in the future.”

The young madam who will eat the candy of the stats will also grow up.

Eating and excreting are two different things.

Bikir turned his head just in case, but all the candies piled up behind him had already been retrieved.

When the fairy was robbed of the real reward, it seemed that she hurriedly retrieved it to get the rest.

Perhaps that was his entire fortune.

Still, there were still a few candies scattered here and there, perhaps because they were retrieved too hastily.

Bikir was aiming for it on purpose, kicking the candies as hard as he could and walking away.

“I should be thankful for even the crumbs.”

Bikir picked up the candies that were stuck all over the bloody daylily’s body.

It was a great help at this time that the daylily had bizarre teeth sprouting in a jagged mess in its mouth.

When I retrieved the candies stuck between my teeth, the amount was quite large.

15 red candies, 6 green candies, and 11 blue candies.

There was not a single golden candy.

Since it was a valuable item, it seemed that they were the first to collect it economically.

… Fu-wook!

Bikir pierced the body of the daylily with the blade of Baalzebub.

After climbing for a long time through the gaps between the bursting and flabby eyeballs, before long, through the hole in the back of the head of the daylily flower, you can see the outside scenery.

When Bikir came out covered in all sorts of juices (?), exclamations were heard from everywhere.

“oh my god! You were really alive!”

“I caught a man-eating flower! I caught an S-class monster!”

“Even with a body weakened 100 times!”

“Dae, what the hell is that guy doing? … .”

All the students of the Colosseo Academy were shouting with joy.

But no one got close to Bikir.

This is because the hunting dog, which had just finished a bloody struggle, had not yet captured its vicious aura.

just the only one.

“Rain, Bikir! Use this cloth towel! I searched the ruins and found you! Oh, this is perfumed oil, but I use it to wash away filth… … .”

Only Grenouille approached Vikir and took care of this and that.

But Bikir didn’t care much about the gaze.

As soon as Bikir came out of the daylily, the first thing he did was take out two items.

-<Sunflower Seed Shrew’s Tooth Hoe> / Farming Equipment / D

A hoe made from the teeth of a large shrew.

I don’t know anything else, but it’s useful for digging up plant seeds.

-<Oil paper bag that does not dissolve well in water> / Pouch / D

A pouch that is quite tough and does not dissolve well in water.

It has the power to block moisture, so it’s good to put something in it.

Bikir carried a hoe made from a shrew’s tooth and climbed toward the flower at the head of the daylily.

As expected, the central surface of the flower, which I thought was just black, was densely packed with sharp seeds.

The extremely tough and hard seeds were dug out one by one with a hoe.

… Pop! … Pop! … Pop! … Pop! … Pop!

The seeds didn’t come out even with Vikir’s aura and a downward sword attack, but they came out relatively easily in a hoe made of shrew’s teeth.

As soon as Bikir extracted the seeds, he kept them in oil-resistant paper.

Since it is a paper bag that blocks moisture well, the seeds will not absorb moisture and germinate.

Looking at the silent figure, the students felt a chilling thrill.

“Level 1… … Does it make sense to catch an S-class monster with a body weakened 100 times?”

“Then how strong were you before entering the tower?”

“I mean it was more than a sword master… … Is that possible at that age?”

“You know it when you see it yourself.”

“So you’ve been hiding your powers all this time? why?”

“I don’t know. How can we know what the master is thinking?”

Gungye Ilhak (群鷄一鶴). He didn’t care at all about the clucking of countless chickens.

Right then.

The fairy that was thought to have disappeared has reappeared.

The shuddering sounded like he was angry at something.

[Did you clear this mission as well? 6 8 survivors ? Wouldn’t everyone be happy to stay alive for free ? ]

Maybe he was embarrassed and annoyed when he was caught cheating on Bikir.

At the same time, a status window appeared indicating that the mission had been completed.

<Mission> – Survive from 1 to 68 days in ruins!

※ Avoid the ‘Daylily of Blood’!

Since the daylily of the blood tree is dead anyway, it is easy to survive for 68 days by eating the corpse of this huge plant.

Knowing that, it seemed that the fairy had just forcibly ended the mission itself.

[ If I go on like this , will I get in trouble ? A slightly more difficult mission awaits you on the next floor? ]

After speaking, the fairy snapped her fingers in the air.

Then something like a rope suddenly ticked down from the sky.

[ Can you help me get to the next floor quickly ? In addition , should we screen out a little bit of those who do not have the qualifications to survive ? ]

Let’s pull the rope that the fairy came down from the sky.

… Kurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! slam!

As if a toilet lever had been pulled, a strong current rushed down from the other side of the ruins.

“Ugh, aaaaaagh! what’s this!”

“It’s a tidal wave! Everyone run!”

“there! The gate downstairs has opened over there!”

“Uh!? Small! It’s for one person!”

“hurry! hurry! hurry! hurry!”

The students ran frantically to avoid the oncoming tsunami, sweeping away everything in the distance.

Apparently, everyone is going to scatter when they go downstairs.

[ So goodbye ? ]

Hearing the fairy’s voice spinning round and round in their ears, all 68 survivors jumped into the gate.

It was a leap to the 4th basement floor.

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