Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 319

Episode 319: Surplus Humans (6)


Daylily’s starvation has reached its limit.

It was running amok with its mouth wide open to the point where it looked as if the flower head had been split in half.

The deformities that had sprouted from the jaws, which were pierced as deep as the abyss of hell, were eating even the rebar and asphalt.

Kwak! Pushuk-

The attacks also became more intense and colorful.

The focus on cutting and breaking the vines of stems and roots has now changed.

Tsutsutsutsutsutsu… Paksak

The rock at the tip of the root shriveled and shriveled, and soon turned to sand and crumbled away.

‘Does it suck the moisture from the place it touches? It’s a troublesome ability.’

Of course, it’s not a particularly moist environment, so it’s closer to squeezing water than sucking it up.

It is an inefficient strategy because the amount of power consumed is greater than the amount of water obtained by doing so.


Shiriririk! bang! Pasasac… …

The daylily continued to spread its roots toward Bikir.


No blood oozes from the wounds where the tip of its root grazed.

Because a huge amount of blood is taken away in that short moment.


Perong! push-

Every time the leaves of the daylily hit the floor, toxic gas was ejected with a sound like a huge balloon bursting.

The shriveled, dry leaves that spread widely were torn as if they would burst when subjected to a great impact, and a cloud of poison gas that had been stagnant within them rose in the shape of a skull.

If you come in contact with this gas, blisters will boil on your flesh and eventually melt away.

As such, the daylily was the worst biological weapon armed with various killing functions.

… … however.

“No matter how powerful an attack is, it’s meaningless in the end if it doesn’t hit.”

Bikir retreated back, avoiding all the flying whips, dry air, and clouds of poison gas.

Significantly different movements. It was not a matter of agility or stamina.

Whiing- bang! Pasasak!

The swinging roots are avoided with minimal movement, and the flying fragments are also shed with just a few nods of the head.

You didn’t have to move much, you didn’t have to move fast.

The feeling of time passing slowly.

An area where you can even feel the time until a small point approaching from afar turns into a big dot in front of you!


-LV: 1 (%)

-Title: ‘The Rat Hunter’, ‘The Dog Vendor of Hell’


↳Strength: 260

↳ Agility: 229

↳HP: 269

↳Physical Resistance: 1

↳?: (unlocked)

↳Reflexes: 0 (+1) = 1

Among the ‘three major stats’ excluding the basic stats, the ‘reflex stat’, which is said to be the most difficult to obtain, has blossomed.

This is an area of ​​innate talent that cannot be possessed at all outside the Tower.

Bikir has developed it by birth.

‘With this, I collected 5 of the 6 major stats. This is a feat that has already been accomplished on the 3rd basement level. Outside of luck… … .’

Even those with hero-level potential and luck have already obtained two hidden pieces that were obtained in the deep, deep depths of the tower.

Bikir’s moves were getting more and more powerful.


Baalzebub, loaded with a sticky liquid aura, cut off the withered leaves of the daylily.

‘It’s an air sac.’

The dried and shriveled parts that looked like leaves were actually pockets that should have been filled with gas.

This was similar to the structure of water hyacinth, one of the aquatic plants.

The only difference is that the daylilies of the bloodsuckers contain a lot of toxic gas in their air sacs?


Because it was originally a shrunken air sac, the amount of poison gas ejected was not very large.

The roots and stems, which were swung like whips, were so tough that they couldn’t even hurt without a blade covered with an aura, but because they were so dry, the range of attacks was narrow.

‘I’m glad it’s a degraded edition. If you come across an entity that lives in the blood of the place of origin… … .’

I don’t know, but it must have been a grueling match like when I faced Madame Eight Legs in the past.

Furthermore, the daylily of blood has a habit of growing in groups in colonies, and each individual boasts a level of size and ferocity that can annihilate mankind.

A lake of blood located in the abyss of Polar Hell.

I had no idea how big the unknown darkness would be, where things like daylilies of bloodsuckers live together.

at that time.

[human. Misconceptions later!]

The voice of Dekarabia’s warning came.

Bikir came to his senses and quickly stretched out his left hand.

… jump!

The spider web stretched out by the young madam clung to the top of the collapsed tower.

Bikir rode it and soared high, avoiding the root of the daylily.


Daylily was getting more and more starved, and now she couldn’t even keep her head still.

However, it is also true that Bikir is also unable to deliver any significant damage due to the dry and hardened skin of the daylily.

Right then.


The daylily began to react strangely.

A delicious smell wafting from somewhere.

It smelled of fishy blood and musty flesh.

It doesn’t smell like a hellhound, but it’s soft, greasy, and full of flavor.

Yes, this is the smell of human blood and flesh!

[Gya Gya Gya Gya!]

The daylily began to move hurriedly.

The prey, which has been annoying since earlier, also goes to the place where the smell is giving off.

Before long, the daylily stood in front of a large pit.

The smell was wafting from underneath.

A raw chunk of fresh meat, just butchered, is below this.

Daylily hurriedly stretched out her vine and groped for the bottom of the pit.

… with a plop! sticky-

Something warm and thick wraps around the end of the vine.

The daylily sucked them in quickly, thinking it was right.


[…] … profit?]

Daylily’s head tilted sharply.

The taste is something strange.

I was definitely expecting soft and tasty blood and flesh, and the smell was similar, but when I tasted it, the taste was mild.

Daylily lifted the vine and tried to get what was inside.

It was a large leather sack.

Daylily, expecting a human corpse to be inside, had no choice but to stop.

Obviously, the smell is like human blood and flesh.

The weight is also a little light, but it’s just about that level.


Inside the leather bag was something other than a human corpse.

Chow ah- Patter- Patter-

Human blood and flesh spilled on the floor. and bone fragments.

However, there were no human corpses in it.

What spread on the floor was a considerable amount of blood and saliva, such as saliva, mucus, tears, and urine.

And the hair that was shaved off, the nails of the limbs, the calluses and dead skin removed from the elbows and heels, the grime peeled from the whole body, and a large number of teeth.

“Is it delicious?”

Behind the daylily, Bikir appeared like a ghost.

“If you collect all the by-products of the human body, the amount is quite large.”

Bikir opened his mouth to reveal the raw teeth he had pulled out.

Of course, it was growing rapidly due to the basilisk’s regenerative power.

“Your skin softens when you eat something.”

After speaking, Bikir swung the knife aiming for the daylily to suck the blood from the floor.


this time it gets stuck

The knife was going right through the surface of the tentacles.


The daylily raised its heavy flower head and roared, revealing an eyeball red and bloodshot deep down its throat.

It was blinded by extreme nervousness, thirst and anger.

“Finally, it has been revealed. A vital point.”

Bikir jumped into the mouth of the daylily, which opened to its limit.

At the same time, the aura that had increased due to the increased stats extended to the tip of Baalzebub.

Stabbing is more effective than slashing in order to inflict a fatal wound in a single, precise spot.

And since the demonic sword Baalzebub has the shape of an awl, it was optimized to fulfill this role.

The hit range is narrow but deep. Vikir intended to end the battle with a single mortal wound.

And soon, the daylily chewed and swallowed Bikir.


Right before the upper and lower jaws, which were not supposed to be in a plant, were violently engaged.


Bikir slammed the demon sword, Baalzebub, with all his might into the center of the eyeball deep inside the daylily’s throat.


The sound of a tear in the membrane of the eyeball and a hole in the inner pupil.

The long aura penetrated Daylily’s throat and eyeballs and extended out of the back of her head.

Wood deok! Awesome!

The dietary fibers of plants, which are much stronger than the muscle fibers of animals, try to crush the whole body.

Teeth harder than polymer alloy were trying to squeeze blood out of Vikir’s body somehow.

“If you want blood, gladly.”

At the same time, Bikir’s aura faded and Madame’s venom emanated from her body.

Dark poisonous blood flowed from the inside of the daylily’s throat, through the wounded eyeballs.

[Gig!? That- gi- gi- geek!]

Daylily finally realized that something was wrong.

But it’s already too late.

The awl and aura that penetrated the core of life, and Madame’s poison that spreads through the veins of the whole body through the wounds, have already decided the winner.

… thud!

I wondered if the pressure on my body had weakened, and my vision tilted sharply.

With a slight earthquake, the bloody daylily laid its massive body on the ground.


[‘Level 1 warrior’ Vikir succeeded in hunting the first ‘S-Rank monster Bloody Daylily’!]

[Rewards for ‘impossible’ achievements are given!]

Loud notification sounds in your ears.

A level 1 newbie defeated an S-class monster.

It was an achievement that even the Tower’s system recognized as ‘impossible’.

Only then did the students who had been watching Bikir fight from afar appear one by one.

“Wow, that’s great… … ”

“I never thought this strategy would really work.”

“Damn it, my teeth hurt to death.”

“I have nails… … Sheesh, I’m glad I’m still alive.”

They had to excavate 60 kilograms worth of hair, eyebrows, beards, all sorts of body hair, blood, saliva, dead skin cells, grime, excrement, nails and teeth.

It was to the point that some of the upperclassmen even cut off their own flesh.

“Good job.”

Bikir acknowledged their hard work as well.

It wouldn’t have been easy for each of them to put out 500g worth of body.

As a result, it became a catch with everyone’s combined efforts.

Before long, a fairy in the form of a bizarre mass of flesh appeared in front of Vikir.

He licked his chapped lips and made a fuss.

[oh my god ? oh my god ? A newbie on the 3rd floor underground knocking down a bloody daylily? Am I seeing this scene for the first time too ? ]

The fairy rolled her eyeball protruding from the center of her lips and examined Bikir’s eyes.

[ Do you want to reward me as a way of congratulations ? Are you good ? Can I look forward to it ? Will it really be a huge reward ? ]

Eventually, the fairy closed her eyes, muttered something, and then brought out her hand hidden behind her back.

In his hand was a large sack.


The sprite turned the sack over and spilled its contents onto the floor.

It’s brightly colored candies.

300 red candies.

150 blue candies

75 green candies.

It was a whopping 525 candies.

Also among them were candies of different colors.

-<Strange Candy> / Level / Golden

Candy that raises the level by 1.

It tastes sweet.

– level +1

Brilliant brilliance like never before, and a sweet taste that you can feel through your nose even without putting it in your mouth.

There was a golden candy that could be exchanged for 300 red, blue, and green normal candies.

Even 10 of them!

525 normal candies plus 10 candies from levels. This was a splendid reward to the extent that the eyes of the survivors who had gone through hardships would turn upside down.

In fact, Bikir was also showing a similar reaction.

“… … Unbelievable. You can get this here!”

Joy, joy, and delight so high that even the best old veterans trembled at the end of their voices!

Bikir’s expression, much brighter than when he had obtained the silver candy, clearly showed how great of a sense of achievement he is feeling now.

The fairy also responded to Bikir’s impression and opened her arms wide.

[ ruler ? hurry ? Do you have all these things ? Is it all for you ? ]

After speaking, the sprite slowly backed away, allowing Vikir to devour the candy heap.

It seemed that the candy would disappear as soon as Bikir got hold of it.


… Kwajik!

Bikir strode forward, and then stepped on the candy heap in front of him with his foot.

Patter – Patter – Roll and roll… …

Red candies, green candies, blue candies, and golden candies are scattered in all directions.

Bikir approached the fairy with a confused expression and strongly grabbed the fairy’s body as it tried to run away in a hurry.

[ Ke soil ! ? ]

The fairy tried to run away, but to no avail.

Bikir grabbed the pathetically short finger of his hand and broke it to the side.

“Where are you going? I have to give you a reward.”

What Bikir’s eyes are sharply focused on is the old sack held in the fairy’s hand.

It was a candy bag from which a large amount of candy had just been spilled out.

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