Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 315

Episode 315: Surplus Humans (2)

“oh. Are you finally awake?”

Bikir stretched and said.

A huge flower blooming on top of the clock tower. As if laughing, it opens its mouth and chews on humans.

Knock-knock-knock… …

Bone fragments and flesh mingled with the bloody red water that flowed down.

As the blood soaked in, the vines around them, which had been dry like a mummy, appeared to have slightly wrinkled.

All the students were frightened by the terrifying appearance and retreated.

The fairy laughed and said.

[Does this plant eat a person once a day? It ‘s still small , so one person a day would be enough ? Do you eat well both living and dead ? ]

Hazard Class S. ‘Daylily of Blood’.

Despite being an immature individual, it is a powerful demonic beast that must eat one person a day.

This guy is so dangerous that it’s embarrassing to even compare him to the hellhounds we met on the previous stage.

The students who instinctively realized this were looking at the man-eating flower on top of the clock tower with a stunned expression.

“Nonsense! To hold out for 69 days in a place where such monsters lurk?”

“Oh, no. It’s 68 days now!”

“shit! Either that or that!”

“calm down! It is not important that the day has decreased, it is important why it has decreased!”

“Maybe we can cut it even further here!”

One person died just before, and the number of days to endure decreased.

But even so, 68 days was by no means a short time.

With limited food and water, and only one person a day to fall prey to this monster.

Everyone is looking at them with fear and nervousness.

In the meantime, daylily stretched out her long tongue, pulled out the pieces of meat caught between her teeth, and fell asleep again.

[Did you see it? Is it okay if I don’t attack first ? ]

However, the fairy’s words that followed made the students’ faces harden once again, who had sighed in relief as soon as the daylily went back to sleep.

[ What , will my work wake up again ? ]

The nightmare has only just begun.

Now, students have to fight cold, hunger, and bloody daylilies for 68 days here.

Some students gritted their teeth and tried to attack the stem of the daylily, but in the first place, there was no way they could get a single scratch on the body of a dangerous S-class monster.

Moreover, especially for students who are 100 times weaker than their strength outside the tower.

“Wrong. Mana doesn’t gather properly either.”

“Kyaahhhh! I don’t want to be in the same room with a monster like that! I hate it!”

“But the ruins are too cold. Even if you don’t like it, if you don’t stick close to that monster… … .”

“Keugh! I’d rather freeze to death in a concrete sewer!”

“Do you think that plant can’t find you alone? Didn’t you see the roots and vines stretching out earlier?”

“Ah, what are you going to do? I’m hungry, I’m thirsty… … How to spend 68 days here… … .”

Students were frustrated. I was so confused and scared that I didn’t know what to do.

at that time. The fairy said as if patronizing.

[ Aren’t you too discouraged ? Can I give you a special gift ? ]

at the same time. Strange things appeared before the eyes of all the surviving students.

… Puff puff puff!

A box fell into each student’s arms with a loud sound of firecrackers.

It was a black cube the size of a human head, and a ‘?’ A red sign was written on it.

[ Did you prepare a special gift in case you don’t have a weapon ? Random what is in it ? ]

According to the fairy, there are ‘items’ inside, and tools called artifacts or oparts outside the tower.

What’s inside is random, if you’re lucky, you’ll pick up a strong and useful item, and if you’re unlucky, trash will come out.

“Good! I’m on the strong side when it comes to gacha draws like this. I will show you my luck!”

One student opened the box first.

The box had a structure in which you could open the lid and insert your hand into it to take out what was inside.

The contents could not be removed by overturning the box or breaking it.

“Let’s see. What did you hear?”

The student put his hand into the box.

That moment.

… Wow!

An unpleasant sound was heard.


When I take my arm out of the box, I see that the hand has been cut off near the wrist and is gone.


The black box naturally disappeared as the student grabbed his bloody arm and collapsed.

[ Sometimes ~ Rarely ‘ Kwang ‘ also comes out ? Something like mimic ? Is this me ? ]

The fairy’s words once again turned the faces of the students who had a little bit of hope into the random box.

Now the students are divided into two groups.

Students who open the random box that fell in front of their eyes and students who do not open it.

Most of them didn’t open the box because they had just seen cases where their wrists were blown off while opening the box.

However, there were quite a few students who opened the box nonetheless.

“What if I don’t open it? You can’t just sit back and starve to death.”

“I need to get something before I die of hunger.”

“Damn it. I’m prepared for at least one wrist, this is it!”

“Weapon, come out! please! Even if it’s worth protecting my body… … .”

Soon after, the results of laying the random box were revealed with the loud sound of firecrackers.

The most common was, of course, ‘strange candy’.

Lots of candies falling in the order of red, blue, and green.

After that, someone had a fan full of feathers that only nobles could use, someone had an iron sword with a ghastly edge, someone had a small harmonica, someone had a mace so heavy that they couldn’t even lift it, someone salt and pepper, someone jerky. and drinking water, and some farming tools… … .

The items that fell in the random box were really unpredictable.

And besides the group that opened the random box, some smart student groups started to analyze the current situation.

“At first, the number of days we had to endure here was 69 days, then it was reduced to 68 days, right?”

“You mean it hasn’t been counted since 24 hours have passed?”

“It seems that the time we have to endure here is up to us.”

“What does it have to do with the fact that there were 69 survivors when we first came here?”

“Couldn’t it be that as the number of people decreases, the number of days we have to endure decreases?”

“If it’s the devil’s head, such a plan is possible.”

The number of survivors who first came here was 69. The number of days we have to endure here is 69 days.

However, after a student was eaten alive by a daylily, the number of survivors increased to 68.

At the same time, the number of days he had to endure here was reduced to 68 days.

In the end, the students came up with a scary reasoning result.

The number of days that must be endured here is equal to the number of survivors.

… … What if the number of survivors decreases and the number of days to survive decreases?

“With time, there will be guys who can’t stand the cold and hunger and die. Perhaps there will be more deaths due to violent accidents caused by food disputes and grudges before then.”

“It’s not too bad. Because it will reduce the number of days you have to endure.”

“Still, when I searched the ruins well, there was not a lot of food. The problem is that most of them are damaged or rotten.”

“If it’s necessary, why don’t you eat this fat guy first? gigg-”

“what? What a joke. No fun!”

“… … Is it like a joke?”

“… … .”

The time a person can survive without eating is between 3 and 7 days at most.

It is said that if you can drink a little water, you can survive up to 20 days.

So, to endure 68 days without food in these cold and desolate ruins is unreasonable from the start.

Furthermore, if the daylily wakes up at this time tomorrow, that is also a problem.

“If you eat only one person, you will fall asleep again. Then why don’t we all just run away and let the slowest ones get eaten?”

“That seems most fair. In short, it is called natural selection.”

“Yeah right. If you’re slow, you’ll die.”

“Is that daylily really that strong? Can’t we just fight together?”

When students are exchanging opinions with each other.

The fairy added as if she had forgotten again.

[ right ? Does a daylily get irritable the more it moves? 6 Eight people can be eaten at once ? Wouldn’t it be best to keep it from moving too much ? ]

After speaking, the fairy pointed to the inside of the window of the building next to it.

The place where everyone’s eyes were directed was full of bone fragments piled up.

All big, thick bones.

It was the corpses of hellhounds scattered all over the surrounding terrain.

The fairy giggled and opened a hologram window.

It was a scene where the Hellhounds from the previous stage were fighting against the Bloody Daylilies.

Almost a hundred hellhounds, each baring their teeth and claws, charged at the bloody daylily.

… … And the results were devastating.

– Crack!

100 hellhounds could not last even 10 seconds against the bloody daylilies.

For 3 seconds between 10 and 8 seconds, half of the 50 were hit by a whip-like stem and their upper and lower bodies were separated.

For 4 seconds, from 7 seconds to 4 seconds, 40, a little less than half the number, were hit by the roots protruding from the floor, turning into blood clots and sticking to the floor.

From 3 seconds until the count reached zero, the 5 surviving Hellhounds were melted into handfuls of blood by the venomous breath spewing from the center tassel of the flower above the clock tower.

After that, Daylily eats the corpses of hellhounds for a while and then moves to another place as if she gets tired of them.


“… … .”

Silence fell among the students.

Even the hellhounds who bullied the students so much in the previous stage are like this.

If the saying that the more the daylily moves, the more vicious it moves is true, then in the worst case, it could kill all 68 people at once.

In the end, it means that there is no choice but to make human sacrifices one person a day.

Ruins with a horrifying silence. The 68 students who survived started fighting for their eyes.

cold and hunger. And the danger of being chosen as a sacrifice to the monster.


“That man-eating flower. If I threw the body away, would you eat and fall asleep?”

“I will. Because I said earlier that they eat both living and dead things.”

“Then it’s not just one person being eaten a day and all dying.”

“I guess so. If everyone is going to die in the end, then all you have to do is tell them to die.”

“… … ok, if that’s the case You mean they eat corpses anyway? It will make things easier.”

“I am of the same opinion. Rather, it might be easier than the previous stage.”

Even some who cast dangerous glances at other students.

The atmosphere in the ruins was getting more and more out of control.

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