Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 314

Episode 314: Surplus Humans (1)

<Mission End> – Number of Survivors: 69

※End condition: Survive 108 minutes in an attack by 108 Hellhounds


[Leaved the ‘familiar land’ on the 2nd basement floor]

[Enter the ‘Familiar Land (2)’ on the 3rd floor]

It was still a dull notification sound.

69 survivors from the second basement floor fell to the third basement floor.

“Hey, where are you?”

“It’s the ecliptic.”

“It’s out of the academy!”

The students’ expressions brightened, wondering if they had come out of the tower, even for an instant.

However, soon after learning that the scenery of the ecliptic was also similar to that of the academy, everyone became sullen.

A cold, desolate ruin. In the imperial city, which was more lively and crowded than any other city, everything was broken and cracked.

Broken windows and rusted doors, leaning roofs and half-destroyed pillars.

It was still daytime, and the sun was shining, but the dry, dry cold was still there.

at that time.

“Hey, hey! What is that?”

“Ugh… … It’s huge.”

“It looks bad.”

“Don’t you think I shouldn’t approach you?”

The students, who were walking cautiously through the city, soon found a strange thing.

The central clock tower symbolizing the center of the ecliptic. A building that was once destroyed by Miss Ourobors and lost its shape.

It stood tall right here.

Although broken and cracked here and there, the clock tower still boasts a magnificent scale.

But the surprise was that it wasn’t.

“Something is wrapped around the clock tower.”

“It’s the vine of a plant. No, it could be the root.”

“What is that on top of the tower? It’s huge.”

“… … Does it look like a flower?”

Plants entwined around the clock tower.

It was growing a huge flower on the roof of the tower, with shriveled leaves, roots, and vines hanging down.

‘Dead Flower’.

The students soon saw that the giant flower was completely dead on top of the clock tower.

“hey. This flower is subtly warm.”

“It’s not cold when I’m next to you. We can spend the night here.”

“What’s this? Is it a leaf? No, the air sacs have dried up and shrunk.”

“There’s even a little bit of air in it? I can use it as a pillow because it is soft.”

The students were divided into two groups.

Those who want to rummage through the ruins in search of safety, and those who want to stay near the dead body of this flower to avoid tonight’s bitter cold.

Those who wished to stay around the flowers began to relieve their fatigue by covering withered roots or leaves.

Those who went to the ruins each sought hiding among the collapsed structures, sewers, basements, iron trash cans, and on rooftops.

In most cases, they belonged to the latter.

It’s because the memory of hiding here and there to avoid the hellhounds on the stage just before is still vivid.

But in Bikir’s case, it was the former.

It was warm because the dry leaves were soaking up the warmth of the sun.

If you touch it, it is tough and soft, and it seems that there is a little air inside.

Bikir covered it and lay half-lying. It is from the thought of recovering his physical strength.

… … It was only after that time passed, and towards the end of the day, that Bikir’s judgment turned out to be correct.

“You are too cold.”

“Why are you so cold?”

“I don’t have any tools to stop the cold… … .”

“I’m going to freeze to death like this.”

Cold concrete, glass and iron couldn’t stop the cold.

The students who hid throughout the ruins crawled out shivering and gathered at the ‘withered flower’ of the central clock tower.

“Ah, I think I’m going to live a little now.”

“amazing. It is only warm around this flower.”

“The energy must have been very strong when the flower was still alive.”

“If it retains this much heat even after death, it must have been really strong when it was alive.”

“But why is this kind of creature dying in a place like this?”

“I know. Damn- what are you trying to do here?”

“Doesn’t the fairy come out? There is no mission.”

After some time, the students began to complain about the current situation.

at that time. A second crisis has come.


Now that the cold has subsided, hunger is a problem.

The students left their seats again and searched all over the ruins, but as expected, they found little to no food.

A chocolate bar whose expiration date had passed, puffy canned food, the meat of something that smelled rotten, and a few wilted weeds were all that was edible.

Even that was too little for everyone to eat.

A situation where everyone is frustrated by the food shortage.

… … However, there was someone who was concentrating on cooking alone, out of sight of others.

It was Bikir.

bubbling bubbling… …

Bikir lit a barrel of waste oil and placed a dented saucepan over it.

And he boiled the rainwater that had accumulated in the tent.

“excuse me. Why are you boiling the water?”

Grenouille, who was watching from the side, asked sneakily.

Bikir answered quietly.

“I need to eat.”

“really? Do you have any rice?”

Vickir only nodded at Grenouille’s question as he gulped down his saliva.

Then Bikir stretched out the blade of Baalzebub and brought it to the stem of the dead flower.

… Fu-wook!

As the aura was applied and poked, the stems of the plants began to cut off little by little.

The stem of this extremely tough plant was not easy to cut, even with Bikir’s aura.

Perhaps other students would not even dream of it.

Before long, Bikir held up two pieces of fragments the size of a small fingernail at the tips of his fingers.

Grenouille tilted his head.

“Are you going to eat that? But will it be that little?”

However, Grenouille’s mouth opens wide at what happened before long.

… Fondant!

When a piece of plant stem is placed in boiling water, a surprising change takes place.

bubbling bubbling… …

The stem piece, which was the size of a little fingernail, eventually swelled to an enormous size.

It was about the size and length of an adult man’s forearm.

“It’s dried out, so it looks less bulky. If you eat carelessly, it will grow to an enormous size in your stomach.”

Hearing Vikir’s words, Grenouille swallowed.

The stems were so hard and tough that you couldn’t even cut them off, but even if you succeeded in cutting them out, your stomach wouldn’t be able to handle them if you ate blindly because you were hungry.

“Wow, sure. If I ate too much, my stomach would explode and I would have died.”

Grenouille put a piece of water into the water while watching.

Bikir said nothing.

Grenouille also noticed, so he began to mumble the plant stem while watching Vikir’s notice.

“Yeah, but you.”


“Why are you being nice to me?”

Vikir saved Grenouille’s life from a group of hellhounds on the previous stage as well.

Aren’t you even giving me meals like this now?

Vikir stared blankly at Grenouille.

To be precise, he was looking at the necklace hanging from Grenouille’s chest.

“… … Well, we’re friends.”

Bikir said indifferently and averted his gaze.

The word bondi friend cannot be used to the extent of being in the same class at a similar age.

Bikir knew that, but said roughly nothing.

But for some reason, Grenouille’s eyes were moist.

‘… … friend.’

Grenouille had never made a single friend since entering the Colosseo Academy.

A group of motives all follow him and just look around to see if anything falls.

Seniors are people who approach or need to approach for networking.

Going further, he always longed for attention and recognition from his father, the head of the family, and his proud brothers.

However, since he was the youngest, he was always treated as a child, and no matter how good his achievements were, the older brothers had gone through them once, so there was nothing new about them, and only lonely and dry times were repeated.

Even after entering the academy, that hasn’t changed.

But now. Grenouille was feeling complex and subtle emotions that even he could not understand.

‘I am a friend… … With this guy.’

I felt it even during the college league, but this guy in front of me seemed like a reliable older brother despite being younger.

And when I said that such a Bikir was a friend, I felt that something was recognized.

When Grenouille was blushing with pride that even he himself did not know.

“hey. Aren’t you there, Grenouille?”

someone calls from behind

At the place where Grenouille turned his head, the third-year aristocratic seniors were standing.

“I thought I was killed by the hellhounds earlier, but it wasn’t.”

“I am glad to be alive. Also from the Leviathan family! Strong and reliable.”

“Come here quickly. Oh, it’s nice to have the youngest again.”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t save you earlier. Instead, go out of the tower and have a big drink. haha-“

They were gesturing towards Grenouille as if the previous stage was no big deal.

Grenouille hesitated. Aren’t they a group of people who were friendly before entering the tower?

‘What do we do?’

Bikir and the people who were friendly outside the tower.

Grenouille was conflicted, not knowing which way to go.

“that… … I am… … .”

When Grenouille, after a brief thought, opens his mouth about the choice he just made.

[Hot, ho, ho, ho? ]

A grotesque laugh suddenly came from the air.

At that moment, all the students turned their heads with their eyes wide open.

A grotesque mass of flesh can be seen floating in the air.

It was the appearance of a fairy.

[How are all the 6 9 survivors? Is your little fairy appearing ? ]

As soon as the fairy appeared, the mission was spread.

<Mission> – Survive 1-69 days in ruins!

※ ??? Avoid!

[Is the mission you’re going to do simple this time too? Can I just stay alive ? ]

Then there was a commotion among the students.

“really? Are we really just going to have to survive?”

“But what are 1 to 69? You mean you can only last one day? Or is it that I have to endure 69 days?”

“I know. The time period is unclear?”

“Common sense, how can you survive 69 days in this cold and hungry place? But it seems too easy to hold on for a day… … .”

Right then.

The student who seemed to be the leader jumped up.

This model student, who was usually good at sharp analysis and pointing out in class, found a lacking part in the fairy’s explanation this time too.

“for a moment. There are parts that are unclear. What is the small print under the mission?”

Indeed, everyone’s eyes turned to the direction his fingertips were pointing.

※ ??? Avoid!

questionable message. What are you trying to avoid?

Then, the fairy who was about to disappear hurriedly returned as if she had forgotten something.

[Oh cha cha cha? Did you forget to free it ? ]

forgot? What did you forget?

The schoolboy who pointed out the fairy snorted as if he was pathetic.

“If you’re going to bring this many people in and play with them, do it right, you devil. Should I be so lax?”

[ sorry ? Did you almost make a big mistake ? ]

The fairy apologized to all the students, including the model student, with a bewildered attitude.

And then

… Knock!

After raising his finger, a drop of dark red blood fell into the air.


In front of all the students making puzzled faces, a single drop of blood drips down like tar.

It fell to the roots of the plants that were drying up on the floor and was quickly absorbed.

And immediately, a terrible accident happened.

Kude deudeuk – Pudeudeuk!

Strange noises began to be heard throughout the huge clock tower building.

The vines, which had been withered just before, were moving slowly.

at the same time.


The back of the schoolboy who had struck a blow at the fairy suddenly snapped.

A long, tough vine that had been hanging down the wall of the clock tower suddenly wrapped itself around his waist and grabbed him.

“… … uh?”

He didn’t even feel the pain from the broken back.

It was because I was overwhelmed by the sight of a huge flower opening its mouth on the roof of the tower.

Inside his wide-open mouth, as if smiling, terrifying teeth sprouted up, down, left, and right, densely and without crowds.

… Puffy!

It took less than a second for a human being to turn into an insignificant piece of meat in the mouth of a flower.

Blood trickled out from the cracks in the mumbling mouth.

At the same time, the mission window also changed.

<Mission> – Survive from 1 to 68 days in ruins!

※ Avoid the ‘Daylily of Blood’!

The fairy smiled broadly.

[Now I just need to hold out for 6 8 days at most ? ]

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