Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 313

Episode 313: Hell Hound (7)

… Fuck!

Cerberus’s last head exploded.


A slight earthquake occurred as the monster’s gigantic body collapsed on the ruins.

The brimstone and blood that spewed from Cerberus’ ruptured belly skin swept away the smell of perfume and banknotes wafting from the store floor.


[‘Level 1 warrior’ Vikir succeeded in hunting ‘A+ rank monster Cerberus’ for the first time!]

[Rewards for ‘Awesome’ Achievements!]

Loud alarm sounds rain down.

“… … Whoa.”

Bikir sat down with a tired expression.

Catching Cerberus with a body weakened 100 times was certainly difficult.

Then Grenouille, who was next to him, said with a tired expression.

“Do you usually hear that you are persistent?”

“no. never heard of it.”

Vikir turned her head to Grenouille and continued.

“I killed them all before they said that.”

Grenouille felt goosebumps burning up his spine.

Right then.

[Eh? Did you catch this ? ]

A fairy who appeared out of nowhere started making a fuss.

[What la la? Is this your first passerby ? ]

It’s the attitude that he didn’t know that Bikir would really clear the mission.

Maybe that’s why the fairy seemed quite perplexed.

[ What about it ? In the beginning , the rewards you can give are limited ? ]

Then Bikir opened his mouth as if he was patronizing.

“Among the rewards that can be given, are there any artifacts or items? It doesn’t matter if it’s expendable.”

[ Um um um um ? ]

It seems that there is none.

Bikir opened his mouth as if there was nothing special.

“I can’t help it. Well, it wasn’t a mission made for clearing, so he probably didn’t think of a proper reward. It looks like it was made just to make fun of the person trapped in the tower.”

And soon, Bikir opened his mouth very displeased.

“By the way. This tower is built with great precision. A craftsman who can create such a thorough system will be very strict about the results he puts out. Obviously, only masterpieces were carefully selected on each floor.”

[ Um um um um ? ]

“But it’s a bit strange that such an error occurs from the beginning of such a result, right? Could it be that the previous one was an out-of-the-ordinary mission someone had just done for fun? Exercising power over himself, drunk on his own strength… … .”

At that, the fairy put on a very cold expression.

He tried to avoid his gaze by pretending to be calm, but he could see his heart, clearly visible in his split stomach, beating like crazy.

Bikir cut it off.

“There is no need for a reward for this bonus stage. Instead, I will file a claim against the tower manager later. I mean, I’m seriously protesting. I will check it out very properly.”

Then the fairy urgently called out.

[ Is there a reward ? Are you ready? Reward? ]

When he said there was a reward, Bikir grinned.

“Then give it to me. compensation.”

[ But the rewards that can be given in the beginning are limited ? ]

Vikir knew very well that the only reward the fairy could give early on was strange candy.

So Bikir could speak firmly.

“I prefer quantity over quality.”

[ Didn’t he say anything ? ]

“Yes. As long as you don’t feel sorry for the sheep.”

As soon as Vikir nodded, the fairy opened her mouth wide enough to rip blood from both sides of her mouth.

[ Bweeheh ek? ]

Before long, the fairy began to vomit huge amounts of candy from her mouth.

Red, green, and blue candies pour down in heaps.

Grenouille’s eyes widened at the amount of candies, which seemed to be in the hundreds.

“oh my god! Look at these stats! If you eat all of this, you will become stronger in no time!”

But Bikir just shakes his head as he scoops out the candies.

‘… … Is there any?’

The colors of the falling candies are random, but red candies are the most common, followed by blue, then green.

The strength stat is the most common, the stamina stat is often found, and the agility stat is precious.

In fact, most of the candies the fairy vomited were red and blue, and not much green.

Right then.

“… … !”

Bikir’s eyes widened.

Then Bikir quickly reached out and picked up a piece of candy that was stuck at the bottom of the stack.

It had a different color alone among the red, green and blue candies.

‘To get this from here!’

Bikir looked at the candy with a deliberately nonchalant expression while exclaiming joy inside.

-<Strange Candy> / Physical Resistance / Black

A candy that increases the physical resistance stat by 1.

It tastes spicy.

-Physical Resistance +1

A black light that seems to have concentrated a lot of darkness. Even at a glance, it is different from other general stat candy.

Bikir restored the knowledge he had acquired before returning.

‘According to the memoirs of the great heroes, there are six types of stats that can be raised in the tower. Among them, strength, agility, and stamina can be raised from the beginning, but the other three types of stats can only be raised in the later stages of the stage. In the first place, because the drop rate of candy is extremely low, there is a possibility that you may not get it even once while going up to the top entrance.’

6 stats. Among them, 3 major stats excluding strength, agility, and stamina. They are ‘ultra-rare talents’ that even quite a few heroic figures have not been able to fully bloom while leaving the tower.

And one of them has already been obtained.

‘Physical resistance. A stat that reduces the damage itself when hit by an attack.’

Bikir ate the black candy right away without thinking twice.

Bagak- Adudeuk!

As soon as I passed the candy down my throat, I felt a burning sensation on my tongue and throat.


A change has occurred in the status window.


-LV: 1 (%)

-Title: ‘The Rat Hunter’, ‘The Dog Vendor of Hell’ (NEW)


↳Strength: 230

↳ Agility: 219

↳HP: 244

↳Physical resistance: 0 (+1) = 1

↳?: (unlocked)

↳?: (unlocked)

Unlike basic stats, which were above a certain level from the beginning, physical resistance, a special stat, starts from 0.

That would be true, because this stat is an area of ​​innate talent that cannot be raised in reality.

It can only be raised in this tower.

‘Once you’ve successfully unlocked a candy by eating candy, your stats will naturally rise as you level up. If I just leave it alone, it will grow along with the level.’

Being able to bloom and grow this stat from the beginning was an immense fortune.

Furthermore, a new title, ‘hell’s dog dealer’, has also been created.

-Title: ‘Hell’s Vendor’

↳ Inflicts massive additional damage to monsters in dog form.

Ailments such as Taunt, Confusion, Blindness, Bleeding, Burning, Deadly Poison, etc. last slightly longer.

‘Apart from the title privilege, unlocking the physical resistance stat in the early stages is a great opportunity.’

In fact, isn’t the reason why he is trying to get to the bottom of the tower is to complete the 6 major stats?

Leveling up is important, but actually more important than that is the completion of these six stats.

Six types of stats that can be taken out of the tower. However, collecting them all was a feat that none of the great heroes before the return had achieved.

at that time.

A fairy spoke to Vikir, who was sitting still and lost in thought.

[ Over there ? Do you ever need a candy store ? ]

After speaking, the fairy stretched out her finger and showed a status window.

-<Fairy Candy Shop>

Buy and sell candy you don’t use!

-Strange Candy (Golden): can be exchanged for 300 candies of any color

The fairy stuck out her tongue and showed the golden candy sold in the shop here.

-<Strange Candy> / Level / Golden

Candy that raises the level by 1.

It tastes sweet.

– level +1

A golden candy that emits a brilliant glow.

Seeing that, Grenouille casts a longing gaze.

“oh my god. You say level up? You mean you can regain 1% of the power of reality for each of those pills? Then, if you eat 100 eggs, you will be able to regain 100% of your strength! Besides, if you go out of the tower, that much stat will be added to your original strength! It is the best candy!”

For the survivors who have been weakened 100 times, it will be the most desperate candy.

But the price is too high. Although it is a candy of any color, it is a rare item that is difficult to even see in the early stages, as it requires 300 pieces.

… … Of course, this doesn’t apply to Vikir, who caught a bunch of hellhounds in the last stage.


When Bikir showed signs of distress, the fairy invited her even more subtly.

[ Can’t anyone use the candy store ? If you raise the level, the stats naturally go up, so it’s a perfect benefit, right? ]

Literally. If you level up, you can regain some of the power outside the tower, so it’s right to pursue a quick level up in the beginning.

… … Bikir, however, shook his head.

‘Raising the level is still taboo.’

Bikir stared blankly at the number 1 displayed in the level section for a while.

The fledgling new chicks will go all-in on collecting stat candy and converting it into level candy, but not Vikir.

Vikir had no intention of leveling up for a while, no, for a considerable period of time.

‘The lower the level of this tower, the more advantageous it is.’

According to the memoirs of great heroes, there are several rules regarding rewards within this tower.

When a strong person achieves great achievements, he or she receives a simple reward.

Even if the weak have made small achievements, they are also rewarded plainly.

When the strong make small achievements, they are rarely rewarded.

… … but.

When the weak do great things.

The reward given in this case turns out to be far beyond common sense.

Bikir paid attention to the notification sound he had heard earlier.

[‘Level 1 warrior’ Vikir as part of the ‘leveling system’… … ]

[‘Level 1 warrior’ Vikir is the first F-rank monster in the tutorial zone… … ]

[Reward for ‘rare’ achievement… … ]

[‘Level 1 warrior’ Vikir is the first B+ rank monster… … ]

[About the ‘hard’ achievement… … ]

[‘Level 1 warrior’ Vikir is the first B+ rank monster… … On a pack hunt… … ]

[‘Great’ achievement… … ]

[‘Level 1 warrior’ Vikir succeeded in hunting ‘A+ rank monster Cerberus’ for the first time… … ]

[‘Awesome’… … ]

Since it was incorporated as part of the leveling system, Vikir is treated as a ‘weak person’.

Even if their stats are superior to others, they are treated as equals because they have the same start.

‘If a ‘level 1 warrior’ continues to clear difficult missions, better rewards will drop.’

Compared to the other students, Bikir was naturally stronger, and even if he was level 1, he could cover his shortcomings with his stats.

‘So, in the beginning, it is advantageous to maximize rewards by challenging difficult missions while maintaining a low level.’

It could be said that it was a movement quite different from that of ordinary survivors.

Besides, Bikir knows one more reason not to level up.

‘There will surely come a moment in the future when the level you raised in the beginning becomes useless. I don’t know exactly when it will be, but… … At least until then, it would be better to collect the levels as candy.’

There was no reason to raise the level in a hurry because the ‘Stat candy (red, green, green onion)’ collected without eating could be exchanged for ‘level candy (golden)’ at the candy store later.

Vikir made up her mind and stopped trading with the fairies.

[ Ah hing ang black ? Is it easy ? ]

The fairy closed the trading window with a bizarre groan of unknown meaning when Bikir did not fall for the beading.

and that moment.

Cood deed deed… …

A strong earthquake occurred and the ground in this area began to sink deeply.

“What!? 108 minutes must have already passed!”

It was as Grenouille said.


<Mission End> – Number of Survivors: 69

The same status window appeared in front of Vikir and Grenouille.

Probably the same for all 69 people who survived the hellhound attack.

oh oh oh oh!

The black swirl-shaped gate opened and sucked in everyone who fell from below.


[Leaved the ‘familiar land’ on the 2nd basement floor]

[Enter the ‘Familiar Land (2)’ on the 3rd floor]

It seemed that all the survivors on the second basement floor would fall to the same place.

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