Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 312

Episode 312: Hell Hound (6)

[Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. … ]

Cerberus started emitting thick blood.

“It’s been a while since I saw you.”

Vikir couldn’t help but recall the confrontation between the enemy and the Black Mountain long ago.

First monthly evaluation at 8 years old. Childhood fell into the wilds of red and black mountains.

At that time, I caught him with a linking trick using chocolate obtained from beating the triplets of the Baskerville family, a trap in a pit he made after staying up all night for several days, and the poison of a Bloody Mamba he saved from the cradle.

“Can you feel this smell? It belongs to your people.”

Vikir peeked out the hood of the picaresque mask he was wearing around his neck and showed it.

A hood made by sewing Cerberus’ leather.

No matter how many times I tanned, the dog stinging smell did not completely disappear.

Cerberus’s face contorted even more terrifyingly when he smelled the scent of his own people.


Vikir backed away from the teeth and claws of the charging Cerberus.

Kurreuk! Fuck!

Baalzebub, covered with a sticky liquid aura, struck Cerberus’ side.

‘I got a feeling.’

Although it couldn’t penetrate the thick leather, it succeeded in driving the impact into it.

Maybe there was some gold on the bones.


… Fuck!

As soon as Cerberus’ side snapped, he swung his tail and hit Vikir’s body.

Cerberus often comes to mind with three heads, but in fact, its real weapon is its tail.

The sharp spear at the tip of the tail and the venom on the tip can instantly kill a large monster of danger level A or higher with just one sting.

Bikir was also poisoned by being cut at the end of his tail.


The young madam crawled out of her side and was sucking poison from Bikir’s wound.

Tsutsutsutsutsutsu… …

The basilisk’s regenerative ability makes wounds on its flanks heal instantly.

kang! Kaang- Earth! Chanang-

Cerberus’s tail and Vikir’s sword collided fiercely.

A spark that splattered between the friction burned Grenouille’s bangs.

“Ahh! hot! what!? Hee!”

As soon as I opened my eyes, I saw Vikir and Cerberus fighting fiercely.


A long line of blood was drawn on Bikir’s cheek.

Seeing that, Grenouille exclaimed.

“Look at that! How to catch Cerberus! With a body that has weakened 100 times… … !”

But before he even finished talking.

I’m sorry-

Bikir lifted one of Cerberus’ heads with his knee.

The middle head of Cerberus chirps with the lower jaw missing.

“… … Got it?”

Grenouille muttered with a blank expression.

Even the professors at the school fight on equal footing against monsters the size of which is embarrassing? Even with a body weakened 100 times?

‘Le, how can a level 1 fight like that? What the hell is he?’

Just in case, I hit the wall lightly with my fist, and I realized that my strength had definitely been reduced to 1/100.

Grenouille began to tremble, thinking about how strong Vikir’s original combat power must have been before he was imprisoned in the tower.

Meanwhile. Bikir was slowly backing away.

Cerberus, with his miasma up close, was a much more difficult opponent than he thought.

What’s more, the one in front of me right now was airlifted directly from the depths of the boundless world by a fairy, much larger and fiercer than the one I encountered before in the Black Mountain with the enemy.

No matter how you win, this is still only the second basement floor. It was clear that it would only be a war of attrition as it was now.

‘Opportunity is once.’

Bikir leaped once again towards Cerberus.


Cerberus’ front paw flew off.

As a result of several engagements, Vikir’s strength and speed were already familiar, as if he had already figured it out.


‘… … now!’

Just before clashing with Cerberus, Vikir pulled out the bag and pulled out all the strange candies in it.


The sensation of small, hard, round, sticky things felt in the palm of your hand.

Red candy that increases strength, green candy that increases agility, and blue candy that increases stamina.

Bikir took them in one bite and chewed them.


A salty, bitter and astringent taste that reaches the root of the tongue.

‘… … I heard that there are people who can’t eat it because of the taste even after getting it.’

Even Bikir, who had a strong stomach, had the worst taste that made her vomit.

At the same time, the status window began to change.


-LV: 1 (%)

-Title: ‘The Rat Hunter’


↳Strength: 178 (+52) = 230

↳ Agility: 203 (+16) = 219

↳HP: 207 (+37) = 244

↳?: (unlocked)

↳?: (unlocked)

↳?: (unlocked)

Stats rose significantly.

Cerberus was startled by Bikir’s sudden surge of strength and speed, and tried to retreat, but it was too late.


Vikir’s blade pierced one of Cerberus’ heads.

A blade that pierces the eyeball, avoiding the tough hide, and stabs the brain inside.

‘But I won’t die completely with this.’

Monsters of risk level A+ or higher have an astonishing level of vitality.

This is especially the case with bound monsters like Cerberus.

Kkudeudeuk – Pudeuk!

Bikir twisted the blade left and right once it had driven into the crack in his skull.

It was only then that the foreign body sensation felt on the back of the hand was completely relieved.

The inner muscle fibers, nerve bundles, and brain were completely crushed into mush.

[Kaeeng-squeak… … ]

As one of the three heads drooped, the other two began to run wild.

Vikir stepped back and at the same time grabbed Grenouille by the scruff of the neck and raised him up.

‘This guy is still worth using.’

Vikir spoke briefly to Grenouille, who was frightened and surprised.

“This is enough. Let’s fall.”

“uh? uh huh?”

“Bring the bank bag and come.”

Bikir kicked Grenouille in the butt and ran forward.

“Hey, wait! Aaaaaa! What should I do if I piss him off like that and then bounce off of him!”

Grenouille was holding on to the sack containing the ginkgo, as Bikir ordered, while running with a teary face.

Before long, Bikir ran into a ruined store.

Cerberus came in after him, emitting brimstone fire from his whole body.

The momentum to set the entire ruined city on fire.

“Sprinkle the ginkgo.”

At Vikir’s order, Grenouille closed his eyes and threw the sack away.

Patter- Patter- Patter-

Savic ginkgo berries, which gave off a strong smell, were strewn across the store floor.

Unlike the hellhound, however, Cerberus snorted and furrowed his brow, but did not vomit or lie on the floor.

“I guess it’s because he’s a high-level magician, so he has a good stomach.”

The moment Bikir admires it, Cerberus thrusts his teeth and claws into it.

The tip of the spear at the end of the tail was also aiming for Bikir.

Grenouille screamed in fright.

“Ugh, why did the bank tell me to bring it! It doesn’t work!”

Although the stench from the fruit of the Sabic Bank was severe, it seemed to be tolerable to Cerberus.


“Let’s see if I can endure this.”

Vikir held his breath as he swung his sword.

The target isn’t Cerberus, but on top of a dusty ledge.

A swift slash ran through the walls, cupboards and shelves of the store.

kaengchang! Clink-jjaeng-kwachang!

The sound of breaking glass bottles is loud everywhere.

Before long, Grenouille looked down at the fragments of the glass bottle that shattered in front of his eyes and the red, blue, and transparent liquid with a blank expression.

Various liquids were sprayed into the air and at the same time they fell on the floor where the sabic ginkgo berries were rolling around.

Cheolpeok-cheolpudeok-pong pong pong pong… …

The scent that brushed my nose, and the words written on the broken glass bottle.

Grenouille stuttered through it.

“… … Beatrice Newell. body?”

They were all kinds of nostalgia.

at the same time.


Grenouille vomited everything in his stomach along with tears and runny nose.

What is this horrible smell!

‘Nose, nose seems to be rotting! It feels like my brain is melting!’

One day, someone came into the classroom with a bank stepping on it.

As the smell of the bank burnt on the soles of his shoes mixed with the perfume sprayed by others, the room became as if poison gas had been sprayed, and even the picky Professor Morgue Banshee canceled class.

And now, without exaggeration, it smelled exactly 100 times worse than then.

It was a fierce smell that even Grenouille from Leviathan, an extremely poisonous cancer family, had never smelled before.

Perfume should be mild to be fragrant, but when countless concentrated concentrates are mixed together, it is just a stench that causes headaches.

Even the savage ginkgo berries, which are already very smelly.

As a result of the disaster there.

Patter- Patter- Patter-

It started to rain outside.


The prey began to react.

Cerberus is a monster that belongs to the upper ranks among canine monsters.

This series of smells cannot but be much more perceived by the keen sense of smell.

[Guaak! Grrrr! Wow!]

He was shaking his two remaining heads left and right as if he was getting a headache from not being able to vomit what was in his stomach.


“Now, I can’t wait to see what the fairy will give you.”

In front of him stood Bikir, expressionless, with cotton pads stuffed into both nostrils.

With the preparations perfectly completed to catch the prey.

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