Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 310

Episode 310: Hell Hound (4)

[Are you alive? ]

Due to their unique oral structure, the end of their speech is unconditionally high-toned and sounds like a question type.

However, no one had enough time to pay attention to the small details.

<Hell Hound>

Hazard level: B+

Size: 3m

Discovery Location: Red and Black Mountains Part 2 Ridge

-Aka ‘the dog that drives hell’.

It is a being that unconditionally brings a terrible disaster to those it encounters, and if it is bitten once, it can never survive.

The sulfur fire spewing out of the eyes and mouth comes from the embers of the depths of the polar hell, and it does not go out until the life used as firewood is completely burned away.

Hounds of Hell. An ominous demon that oozes sulfur fire from its eyes and mouth.

The number of hellhounds rushing at the 108 students was exactly 108.

[ 1 0 0 Is it okay if I get weaker ? Are there 1 00 of you and 1 00 of these children ? Are you holding up well ? ]

The fairy was twisting her body in an attitude of going crazy with joy.

And, belatedly, an aristocratic schoolgirl who grasped the situation screamed.

“Quaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa What is that!”

The game has begun.


The number ‘108’ appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

All the students who saw the number rapidly decreasing as time went by intuited it.

‘108 people survive among 108 hellhounds for 108 minutes.’

This is the mission of the second basement floor.

“Hee! How can I beat this!”

“You fool! No need to fight! If you persevere, you will win!”

“You can run and hide! Although this is a ruin, it is an academy!”

“This is where we have been living for the past few years! I know where to hide!”

If I could use my full strength, I would form a party and fight, but it would be impossible to face the hellhounds now that they are 100 times weaker.

“Go to the girls’ dormitory! The rooftop there is enough to stop those dogs!”

“no! We have to get into the water tank!”

“There is an underground bunker in the grocery store! The door there is thick!”

“Let’s go to the gym! There are many things that can be used as weapons!”

Each student ran to a place he knew well.

But there was something they overlooked.

Although the terrain here is an academy, it is subtly different.

That everything is in ruins.

“What!? Oh, the roof is collapsed! Ahh! Hellhounds are coming! Jump down!”

“What, the water tank is full of rotten water!? De, you can go in, but you can’t hold your breath for 108 minutes!”

“Quaaaaagh! All the doors to the underground bunker are rusted and corroded!”

“There is no exercise equipment in the gym! shit!”

The big terrain was the same as I knew it, so the small details are different.

The students frantically ran and hid from the swarming Hellhounds.

… … And one of them was Grenouille, the first-year second-in-command of the fever donation club.

“Whoops! Aaaaa-”

Grenouille ran like mad, his face covered in tears, runny nose and saliva.

I hear the sound of the teeth of the hellhounds clashing behind me.

It means it’s so close.

‘T, wrong! It’s hard to even escape with a body that’s 100 times weaker!’

If you don’t hide somewhere right away, you will face a cruel death that even the body can’t be saved.

at that time.

“Hey! Aren’t you Grenouille!”

“hey! Dangerous! come here! right now!”

There was a call for Grenouille from the side.

A slender and pretty female student and a sturdy physique and dignified male student.

They were second-year students of the aristocratic faction, Grenouille’s immediate seniors.

Seeing their faces, Grenouille’s face widened.

Since they are the direct seniors of the aristocratic faction who raised Grenouille with care, he would mention their names without hesitation when choosing his closest personal connections.

“Stop, seniors!”

“Come soon dude! You are really dangerous!”

At the boy’s warning, Grenouille quickly lowered his head.

A hellhound’s sharp claws graze over it.

Grenouille thought he had caught the thread of hope in despair.

‘okay. No matter how difficult the crisis, if everyone joins forces, we can overcome it!’

However, in the very next moment, such modest expectations are shattered.

… chin!

As Grenouille came running, the female student stretched out her long leg and stepped on Grenouille.


Grenouille rolled on the floor without knowing why.

Then, I saw the senior female and male students who were ahead of me laughing awkwardly.

“sorry. I am a bit slow.”

“I thought I would get caught if I didn’t give the bait.”

The two shot forward while Grenouille fell to the ground, drawing the attention of the hellhounds.

“… … Nonsense.”

Grenouille was in despair.

Like the current situation, and the fact that the bond that had been connected from outside the tower was actually nothing.

Then, what was the meaning of the time and connections he had spent at the academy up until now?

‘… … Did I live the wrong way?’

In the distance, Grenouille looked at the students from the commoners who were running, helping the injured, or fighting together.

When they went to school normally, they didn’t even greet each other, saying that they had bad grades and that they were from insignificant backgrounds.

But now they were united by a stronger sense of camaraderie and camaraderie than anyone else.

Grenouille closed his eyes with deep regret.

Engraving in my bones that the cost of making the wrong friend is so great.

yet. The hounds are coming.

I could tell without looking.


I felt a monster hound with terrifying teeth and claws extending its demonic hand toward the nape of my neck.

A hound that exudes such strong momentum that Grenouille immediately gave up his life.

It bit Grenouille’s neck with a strong and violent force.

… Knock!

at the same time.


Grenouille felt his body float in the air.

Then, with my eyes turned 180 degrees, I saw something I could never have imagined.

“Don’t fall down, get up and run.”

Bikir. He grabbed Grenouille by the back of his hand.

* * *

Quite a bit of time has already passed.

Each of the surviving students was hiding in various places in the ruins.

The same was true of the male and female students of the aristocratic faction who had run away at the feet of Grenouille earlier.

They locked the door of the grocery store and hid in the basement storage room.

“You won’t find it here.”

“of course. It is hidden so secretly.”

At the male student’s words, the female student smiled and replied.

They talked about what had happened earlier.

“The son of Grenouille. Are you sorry?”

“What are you sorry about? It’s better than dying.”

“Still, when I call, it’s a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of”

“Maybe it’s because he’s in first grade, he’s a bit naive. I took him with me because he was from the Leviathan family, but hey, what’s the importance of prestige outside the tower when you’re here?”

The boys and girls smiled and nodded.

Right then.

[Grrrrrr… … ]

I could feel the presence of a hellhound from above.

It seems that one of them has broken down the door of the grocery store.

‘Eck! There are no visible baits, so do a search!’

‘Don’t worry. No one knows about this cellar.’

The male and female students crouched, covering each other’s mouths.

Hellhound walked slowly through the store and looked around.

But when there was nothing in sight, it soon turned around and tried to leave the store.

Right then.

[…] … keong!]

Hellhound’s eyes changed.

He ran to the corner of the store at once and started scratching the floor like crazy.

North North North North – Kurreuk!

The claws heated by the sulfur fire tore the hard wooden floor like paper.

And there were a male student and a female student with distorted expressions in it.

“eww. Aaaaaagh! How did know!”

“Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa what’s this! He said he wouldn’t be heard!”

At the same time, they realized

That the hellhound’s nose was wide open like crazy.

‘and! New Beatrice Newell! This is a very limited edition perfume! I couldn’t find it because there weren’t any celebrities who said they were crazy about the ecliptic!’

‘Hey, this is a tobacco shop. High-end cigarettes piled up. Oops, isn’t this a cigarette I couldn’t smoke because it was a waste?’

‘Well, isn’t it to relax for a while before entering the main game?’

And that they sprayed limited-edition perfume and smoked high-end cigarettes before hiding here in the basement.

Hellhounds used their unique sensitive sense of smell to pinpoint the location of students wearing perfume, cigarettes, or cosmetics, and were relentlessly pursuing them.

At least, those who use even a drop of hand cream are not free from the pursuit of this hell dog.


“… … That’s how it ends up.”

“What, what? What did you just say?”


Bikir was watching the work at the grocery store far away, but soon looked away.

Behind her was Grenouille with a frightened expression, and in front of her were numerous hellhounds.

As they ran around, even the other Hellhounds who were chasing the fugitives followed Bikir.

Grenouille despaired as he saw the dead end blocking his way.

“Aww! That’s why I said let’s go to the dormitory! The area where my room was is said to have a lot of hiding places! Ignoring that and coming this way, in the end, you brought all the hellhounds that were spread out everywhere!”

The Hellhounds now besieging Vikir and Grenouille accounted for most of the total number summoned.

Most of the Hellhounds are concentrated here, so the survival rate of other students is quite high.

However, as the person who is driven into this harsh predicament, there is no choice but to cry.

‘I’m crazy! Why don’t you follow this child! I feel weak for no reason because of the help I received earlier… … !’

When Grenouille was regretting his choice inside.

“Don’t worry. Because there is a way.”

Bikir said briefly.

Then Grenouille retorted in an attitude of disbelief.

“There is a way, but what! How could you run away and hide against so many hellhounds!”

“… … behind? Why are you hiding?”


At Bikir’s question, Grenouille puts on a dazed expression.

But Bikir didn’t care at all and answered with a calm expression.

“I will catch them all.”

Hellhound here… … No, all the lumps of experience.

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