Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 306

Episode 306: The Warmongering Age (8)

“Do you feel like talking about your mother?”

Moment. The atmosphere in the hall suddenly became tense.

Nabokov gave a gentle smile to Amdusias, who had a somewhat dazed expression.

“Holholhol-I don’t think even the devil is God’s creation after all. To insult God is to insult Zug’s mother.”

[You’re a girl whose mind is not intact. go away.]

Amdusias snorted as if he was not worth dealing with.

Then he stretched out a large horseshoe forward and struck Nabokov.

“no! Pope!”

Dolores rushed forward, but it was too late.

… … bang! Clumsy!

It means that it is too late to stop Amdusias’ paws from snapping with a terrifying explosion.

“… … ?”

[…] … ?]

Due to such an unexpected result, both Vikir and Amdusias froze on the spot.

Surprisingly, Nabokov, standing there with a gentle smile, broke Amdusias’ foreleg into an L shape with just a light stretch of his hand.

It was a direction that could not be turned.

“… … Hall Hall Hall. okay. I’m talking As you said, we Quo Vadis are the descendants of ‘Those who denied God three times’.”

The first head of the Quo Vadis family and the first pope. 1st Apostle.

He apparently betrayed Prophet Rune and denied God three times before the first rooster crowed.

“… … But there is a story behind it.”

Nabokov spoke with a clear voice and clear pronunciation that had never been seen before.

At the moment of betraying the prophet for the third time, the first cock crow was heard, and the apostle burst into tears.

He returned to his hometown in the remote mountains and worked as a mason with his eyes, ears and mouth closed until the prophet Rune was resurrected.

An apostle who carved out the bedrock at the foot of a mountain and made the shape of a tower.

No matter how much time passed, one day he received a call from the resurrected Rune.

‘Do you love me?’

‘i love you.’

‘Do you love me?’

‘i love you.’

‘Do you love me?’

‘i love you.’

At the question repeated three times, the apostle shed tears of repentance and bowed his head.

Prophet Lune then turned and started down the mountain with a satisfied smile.

The apostle asked, walking behind him barefoot and gasping.

‘Lord, where are you going (Quo Vadis, Domine)?’

Then the prophet Lun replied, ‘I will return to the place where I died in order to be persecuted again’, and the apostle was terribly ashamed of his petty concern for his life.

“From here comes our family name, our surname.”

Pope Nabokov Rune Quo Vadis I. The first saint to be crowned pope. … … To be precise, a monk among saints.

She put her hand into the goggles of her round and puffy skirt.

And soon, Nabokov, who slipped out of his skirt again, held a terrifying mace in his hand that made him goosebumps just by looking at it.


Nabokov swung the mace, whose weight was unknown, as if he were handling a knitting needle.


Amdusias’ front leg, hit by it, bends in a strange direction again.

[Keep it!? This crazy old woman!?]

Amdusias stepped back and at the same time pulled the reins forward.

Then the red-eyed Winston grabbed a knife that had been rolling around and charged.

“Die old man!”

The solid aura unique to the Sword Master radiated black.


“Egugu- I can live because it’s hard to carry around something like this. I’m thirsty for no reason-“

Nabokov evaded Winston’s slash all too easily, or to put it more precisely, by pulling his chin slightly back a few centimeters.

At the same time, her eyes, which were always gentle, flashed as sharp as a blade.

“Being a nun is not a job that makes a living only by divine power, youngster.”

At the same time, Nabokov caught Winston’s blade with the back of his hand, slid it lightly diagonally, and thrust his fist into the empty space.

Puck- Woozik!

The sound of the collarbones forcibly opening the locked door.

At the same time as Winston’s two eyeballs swelled up.


The iron ball, which flew at great speed, struck Winston’s skull.

“Ugh, uh, the old man is dying.”


While Nabokov was making death noises, Winston was making death noises too.

“Cheuk!? gurgling… oops!”

Pieces of blood and intestines squirt out of my lips.

Amdusias hurriedly turned his black mane into flame and spewed it out, but it dried up in an instant as it touched Nabokov’s brilliant white light.

Even Amdusias, the Auburn city of the world, was unable to cheer up in front of Nabokov.

And Bikir, who is looking at all of this, has a slightly dazed expression.

‘I can’t believe it. Was he really like this?’

When I first saw Pope Nabokov, I thought he was just an old man with dementia.

… … But what about it?

The pressure felt from that small old woman right in front of me reminded me of Cain Corso, who was sitting on the throne in the tomb of the sword.

[Ugh… … Uh, how could this happen?]

It seems that Amdusias also did not know that Nabokov’s power would be this great.

by then

“Hahahaha- here it is! Where you feel the most powerful energy! The blood of the Great Horseman is boiling!”

“… … Useless carelessness is prohibited. I’ve already sent a request for support to the imperial family, so the guards will be arriving soon. Until then, we’ll block it.”

Cervantes, head of the Donquixote family, and Roderick, the head of the Usher family, have arrived.

Many other parents, including the head of the Leviathan family and the minor head of the Baskervilles, also made their way through the ruins to the center of this place.

Since then, faculty members and elite students have been showing up one after another.

Among them, there was a transfer student from the House of Morgue who was looking very excited.

“rain… … Yep!”

Kamyu, who was about to call out Bikir’s name inadvertently, shuts her mouth and waves her hand.

And almost at the same time, Camu’s eyebrows twisted as he checked the face of Dolores, who was right next to Vikir.

“… … what? wind? An on-site inspection?”

Vikir didn’t bother to answer.

‘It’s the final chapter now.’

Camu’s incomprehensible low pressure bothered me a little, but the stage progressed to this point anyway.

And now the only thing left is Winston’s choice.

“… … .”

Bikir retreated behind the crowd and quietly waited.

at that time.

“Night Hound! You, too, are urgently arrested for rebellion!”

There was someone pressing Bikir’s back from behind.

Morgue Banshee. He is seen holding Bikir’s wrist back and bending it with a determined expression.

After that, Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca stood guard by the teacher with determined expressions, each holding a weapon.

“Bar, the hound of the night! Arrest! Receive the aura of the great hero, Tudor!”

“Ugh, uhm! Mmm! We need to help the professor! Stay alert!”

“Ahh… … Everyone, your legs are shaking!”

“We should take this opportunity to arrest this vicious criminal as well! Am I not going to become a super famous celebrity like this!?”

A giant demon in front of you and the worst villain in the ecliptic, the hound of night.

In the eyes of the public, both were enemies of mankind, so it was unavoidable.

Right then.

“… … hmm?”

Professor Banshee noticed a strange thing.

It could be seen only by the one holding the wrist close behind the night hound’s back.


A bracelet that was distributed only to Colosseo Academy students.

‘This is the key to pass through the new magic wall. It’s a bracelet type. I make them by hand whenever I have time. The students have already made everything, so you just need to distribute it. If the conditions permit, I’ll make the professors’ ones too.’

This bracelet, which is made of gray shoots and rooted grass seeds, is a specially crafted artifact used by academy students to enter and exit the magic wall at the main gate.

… … Why is this stuffed around the wrist of the night hound now?

“no way?”

The moment Professor Banshee raised his head with an angry expression.

[…] … You guys won’t get what you want. nothing.]

A black air current began to rage fiercely from Amdusias’ body.

At the same time, Bikir had a hunch.

‘come. asked.’

Finally, the demon began its final struggle.

Each of the 10 commoners he had dealt with so far had a unique ability.

In the tenth poem Andromalius turns water into blood.

Dantalian at the time of Gubeon infests disease and abscesses.

The eighth county, Sierre, turns livestock and humans into corpses.

At number seven, Decaravia sucks mana like a hungry locust.

In the sixth hour Belial sucks riches like a sucker of blood.

And Amdusias, the city of Auburn right in front of you, was also about to perform a strange miracle.

<‘Amdusias, the Five Stars’>

Risk level: S+

size : ?

Discovery Location: In the depths of the Gate of Destruction, ‘The Serpent’s Womb’

– aka ‘The Fifth Corpse’.

One of the ten catastrophes that lead to humanity’s natural enemy, incomprehensible, and unkillable.

“The lives of the first born that year will be taken away.”

– 『The Ten Commandments』 10:above –

child hunting.

Against the countless parents gathered here, Amdusias performed the worst transfer.

… Kurrureuk!

Strange sounds came from everywhere.

It’s the sound of seeds germinating. It was the sound of a plant growing at a rapid pace, extending its roots and stems.

… … The problem was that the sounds were coming from the wrists of the Colosseo Academy students.

“What, what!?”

Professor Banshee freaked out and stepped back.

The bracelets on the wrists of all Colosseo Academy students, including Bikir, seemed to vibrate violently, and then all at once began to explode black lights.

The tiny seeds attached to the bracelet soon take root and grow at an astounding speed.


Parents panicked and tried to cut the plants off their children’s wrists, but it was impossible.

This is because it is so tough and the growth rate is fast.


This mysterious black plant devoured all the students of the Colosseo Academy.

Then, we stretched out our stems and roots, entangled ourselves, and began to unite as one.

It is a scene as if looking at a gigantic Yeonliji.

Sa-sa sa sa sa sa sa… …

The trees that were densely planted throughout the academy are drying up and dying at a tremendous rate.

It was as if they were trying to give all the nutrients to this one black tree rooted in the center of the ruined auditorium.

“… … Three, my God.”

Professor Banshee looked at the huge tree growing helplessly.


All the students of the Colosseo Academy were sucked into that huge tree trunk.

“no! son!”

“Aagh! Give me my daughter!”

“Unbelievable! Give me back my disciples, please!”

But no matter how hard parents and professors try.

Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwa Kwam-

Only the sound of the explosion was loud, but the tree did not budge.

“Son! This father goes!”

“Uh-aaaaa! my daughter! I gave up my daughter-!”

Cervantes, the head of the Donquixote family, and Roderick, the head of the Usher family, frantically unleashed a blow with all their might, but the tree showed no reaction.

The worst thing Principal Winston has ever produced.

‘Naraksu (奈落tree)’.

It was the moment when the cursed giant tree, which should not exist in this world, swallowed the entire Colosseo Academy.

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