Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 305

Episode 305: The Warmongering Age (7)


Even with her eyes closed, Dolores felt an unprecedented sense of uneasiness.

And soon, that anxiety materializes through the ears.

“Oops! town! Whoops!”

A familiar moaning sound. how can i forget this terrible voice.

Dolores opened her eyes involuntarily.

What I saw in front of me was a man with a familiar face, but with an unfamiliar appearance.

‘Humbert Humbert L Quovadis’.

He was struggling at Dolores with a gag on his mouth.

Because they do not have two hands, they cannot release the restraints on their bodies.

With magic stone bombs wrapped around his body, he was no different from other criminals who were enslaved by Sadhi.

Those sad eyes that make me feel bad.

“iced coffee… … .”

Seeing Humbert’s figure, Dolores froze stiffly in place for a moment.

A man who had been feared ever since she became his foster daughter a long time ago, just because she was gifted with divine power.

A person who is hated and feared to the point of facing even in the sack of fear that Dantalian pulled out.

… … but!


Dolores gritted her teeth hard.

You can’t just be afraid forever.

Even when I went to the temple of the Old Testament sect selling indulgences to investigate Belial, I trembled helplessly and managed to escape with the help of the night hound.

It was the same before Dantalian.

‘Now I won’t be his burden anymore!’

Dolores opened her eyes to her adoptive father for the first time.

I had already learned that the presence in front of me was no longer scary, the last time I was with the night hound at the orphanage.

It was time to gather courage to protect the man next to her.

I always wanted to give back a little of what I had always received.

And at that moment, Dolores realized her heart.

Someone who gives you the courage and will to face what you fear so much.

And what do you think about its existence?


She let out an eerie drool and punched Humbert’s face as he approached.


Humbert falls out while flipping the whites.

The trauma and nightmares blocking Dolores were easily shattered.

At the same time, a different white light began to explode from Dolores’ body surrounding Bikir.


Dolores opened her eyes wide.

He was still far away from the hound of night standing behind him.

She still knows nothing about him.

But what? Now, an unprecedented amount of holy power was filling up in Dolores’ heart.

“Are you awakened?”

“Yeah, I guess. It’s a bit hard for me to say this myself, but… … .”

Dolores answers Bikir’s question in a bewildered voice.

Even she herself didn’t know what harmony this was.

at that time.

“Holholhol—yes, that’s natural.”

Suddenly, a strange sound comes from behind.

Where Dolores turned her head, she saw Pope Nabokov I, looking this way with a subtle smile.

“What is love? It’s not like you’re kicking forcibly to close the distance. It naturally permeates and fills up the distant space in between. It’s like dipping a broken gourd into water and filling it with water.”

Vikir tilted her head, but Dolores seemed to realize something.

‘that’s right. There’s something the Pope said then.’

A snippet of conversation I overheard at the well.

‘Inspiration. Anything natural is best.’

‘… … something natural? What is it?’

‘The answer is to leave cracked or perforated floors as they are. If you wrap it up and embrace it with something bigger, you can fill in any number of holes or leaks in the floor. Hall Hall Hall-‘

love. A loving heart that flows naturally to the target.

It transcends class, class, age, race, gender, and all other gaps and distances.

That’s what philanthropy is.

The stage in which all of these things happen naturally, like flowing water, is called the ‘natural body’, which is an essential mind-cultivating process not only for religious people but also for martial artists.

“And that love is something you learn naturally without anyone telling you. All alone – only natural given that they are both young men and women.”

Hearing Nabokov’s leisurely voice, Dolores prepared a divine shield.

There was no time to congratulate myself on the success of Soul Resonance.

… Kwak Kwa Kwak!

A unicorn’s horn that falls like lightning.

The attacks of Amdusias began to continue fiercely.


Dolores frowned, feeling the pain in her wrist.

The power contained in the horns and hooves of Amdusias was so great that even the ‘Steel Saint Dolores’ could not easily block it.

[You’d better step back. Because that guy has the highest level of attack power among all people.]

Only after Dekarabia, which absorbed nearly half of Vikir’s mana, did the scales on the battlefield equalize.


After recovering the shield, Dolores focused all the buffs on Vikir.

‘… … Certainly, the level is different from before.’

Bikir admired the exponential increase in mana and physical abilities.

The level that was at the end of the sword master intermediate level, type 7, went up one notch at once.

It wasn’t my own strength, but I felt like I forcibly broke a wall above.

‘Now, I can perfectly implement 8 meals.’

It reminds me of the voice of Cane Corso that I heard in the grave of the sword in the past.

[Even after stepping into the supreme realm, only those who continue to run without rest with the same mindset as when they first grabbed the sword will gain something.]

Baskerville’s Eighth Eight. A desperate need for survival, a longing for life, and a stage where extreme practical experience must be supported.

A narrow door that only opens when a person who has lost and regained emotions has an attachment to life on the verge of death.

Those who became sword masters usually do not have much to fight for their lives, but this is where stagnation occurs.

Therefore, Cain Corso’s words were the most fundamental and the closest to the correct answer.

In fact, it could be said that the state of eight knowledge is a stage that is difficult to experience unless it is led by a senior who is on the upper level of the highest realm.

Or it really takes a lot of hard work.

And Bikir is now at the crossroads of life and death after a fierce fight.

Also, although he was not a senior, a strong supporter was eagerly sending buffs.

‘The 9th type is said to be an area that cannot be climbed during life, so in reality, the power that can be produced now is the final destination.’

The highest realm among the highest realms. That’s 8 meals.

With the protection of Dolores, Vikir, who rose to the heights of Baskerville, did not miss the moment.

… Flash!

Eight gigantic teeth that interlock, shoot, thrust, slash, gecko, chop, slice, and crush.

The strong aura that extended from the demon sword Baalzebub created eight storms that tore everything in its way.


At Auburn, Amdusias let out a scream for the first time.

Its broken horn makes a loud noise and collides with Bikir’s slash.

whistle. In a tense tug-of-war where neither side has an advantage.


The one who started shaking first was Amdusias.


Cracks at the tip of the horns began to open with a loud noise.

Cracks that started from numerous arrowhead marks on the horn’s exterior eventually split the horn into three pieces.


Amdusias, who was pushed back with a loud explosion, showed a puzzled look for the first time since his descent.

[Nonsense. Uh, how can a mere human… … !?]

Amdusias of the world lost the reins.

At the same time Winston opened his bloodshot eyes, clutching his pounding head.


Kwak Kwang- Wooji Jijik!

Bikir split Amdusias’s horn vertically and fell to the ground as it was.

“… … Kut.”

As soon as you open your mouth, it seems that a few gourds of hot blood will pour out.

A blow that squeezed out all the power.

And Bikir witnessed it in the process.

‘… … 9th level. Was it really there!’

The 8th type is one level higher than the 7th type, which is generally considered a superman beyond the iron man.

In that fleeting moment of reaching that height, Bikir wasted no time looking down and narcissistic.

If you’ve reached a place this high, you’d probably look down at least once, but Bikir didn’t hesitate a second, choosing to raise his head and look up.

… … And I had to find it.

The door of “Type 9” located on a high place.

‘… … !’

A place so high and far that you wouldn’t even think you could reach it.

Still, just knowing if it actually exists and in what direction it’s going is a tremendous benefit.

[You will not be able to reach this stage while you are still alive. It is because the realm of the 9th expression is beyond the threshold of death.]

According to Cane Corso, the end of the living is 8 meals.

From the 9th consciousness, it is to the point of denying all the understanding, empathy, understanding, belief, common sense, probability and causality of ordinary people.

The realm of the Absolute that rules the current swordsman’s tomb.

The level of open eyes shown by a great man who threw away his life like straw for the sake of the sword.

A place where those who have not experienced death cannot enter.

… … but.

‘I can reach it.’

Bikir was trying to carve out a slightly different path from the one Cane Corso had walked.

‘If it’s death, you can experience it without dying. If it’s the hidden ability of that goddamn demon right in front of you!’

Bikir staggered to his feet and looked at Winston and Amdusias as they braced themselves in front of them.

‘… … The problem is time.’

Bikir glanced over the crumbling ruins, rolling her eyes.

A speck of sky visible through the ruins signaled that the sun was about to set.

Bikir needs some more time as he is currently waiting for some kind of ‘event’.

‘I need to call in a heroic person from beyond the ruins… … At the very least, a Don Quixote or any one of the Usher parents would buy us enough time.’

Unfortunately, however, it was not easy to request support because the collapsed collapsed material completely shielded the wide space.

Even Sadi, who could bite criminals, lost her mind after being beaten by Amdusias, so in many ways, she was very unlucky.

And that was a boon for Amdusias, who had just rearranged his posture.

[It’s amazing for a human being. I was honestly surprised, young demon hunter.]

Amdusias looked down at Bikir, eyes wide open.

And Winston sent a pitiful glance at Bikir.

“But you too will end up going through the same words as me. I will deny God, man, and yourself three times.”

devil. And the shadow of the one who abandoned humanity is cast long.

Vikir and Dolores, exhausted from the previous clash, had no choice but to make a final resolution.

… … Right then.

“All right—but you’re saying you’re going to keep denying me three times from before?”

A voice without any tension is heard.

A small shadow cut in front of Vikir and Dolores.

An old woman of small stature.

The old saintess, who was about to collapse at the slightest touch, stopped the huge bust of Amdusias without hesitation.

Pope Nabokov I.

Dolores, who had a shocked look on her face, didn’t even have time to step forward, but she opened her mouth with a warm impression and a comfortable voice.

“Do you feel like talking about your mother?”

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