Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 304

Episode 304: The Warmongering Age (6)

As the Prophet Rune stood up to the persecution and walked to the place of execution, his disciples wept and clung to him.

Then the Prophet Loon said: ‘You will all forsake me, as it is written: ‘I will strike the shepherd, and the sheep will be scattered’.

At this time, a young apostle who would later become the pope stepped forward and said, ‘Even if everyone abandons the Prophet, I alone will never abandon the Prophet’.

Prophet Rune said, ‘Listen to me. Before the first rooster crows this morning, you will deny me three times.’

Soon after, the prophet Lun was brutally executed, and the giggling gangsters approached and asked the young apostle. ‘Are you the one who used to go with that criminal too?’

Then the young apostle denied it, saying, ‘I don’t know what you mean.’

Afterwards, a waitress who passed by said, ‘This is a person who always begged sinners for instruction and volunteered to be an errand boy!’ let’s say

The young apostle said, ‘I don’t know the man. ‘I can swear,’ he denied.

A little later, numerous executioners came and threatened the young apostle. ‘I can tell just by listening to your words. Aren’t you one of the sinners too!’.

Then, the young apostle swore that if he lied, he would be punished by heaven, and said, ‘I don’t know’.

Just then, the first cock crowed.

– 『Gospel of the Runes』 26:69-75-

* * *


Bikir clicked his tongue once.

Then, holding the hand of Pope Nabokov I, he quickly fell back.

Then Nabokov covered his mouth with his hand and blushed.

“Ugh old man~ I’m a nun~ I can’t do it!”

“… … .”

Bikir sighed lightly.

I couldn’t have hoped for help from the pope, as my judgment was now clouded by dementia.

In the first place, she wasn’t destined to get caught up in this situation.

‘I’ll have to evacuate to a safe place somehow.’

at that time.

Seeing the face of Pope Nabokov I, Winston’s expression changed strangely.

Surprisingly, he seemed to retain some degree of sanity even now as a demon.

“Is it the Pope? I don’t know if she knows. A demon or a human, which one is closer to the devil.”

“… … .”

When Bikir was silent, Winston spoke again.

“Quo Vadis, a religious chant, is a descendant of ‘Those who denied God three times’. Also, isn’t it the family that enshrines the lost prophet in the hands of the humans who tried so hard to protect it?”

It must mean the prophet Rune, who disappeared after being persecuted a long time ago.

Winston grinned.

“I also had a time when I valued humanity more than anyone else. At that time, I also deeply sympathized with the doctrine of Quo Vadis.”

At the same time, the unicorn Amdusias tugged at the reins around Winston’s neck, his dark mane flying.

In the process of demonic erosion of the human spirit, the fragments of memories that have been cut off create countless sparks.

Vikir witnessed some of the fragments with her own eyes.

… … in fragments of memory. The little boy was crying.

Parents who built a decent wealth by selling beans.

However, a famine struck and the parents, unable to watch the neighbors starve, opened a charity sharing event by unpacking all the beans in the warehouse and making a large tofu.

By the commandment that it is the teaching of God.

And the crowd, like a swarm of flies, did not abide by the rule of one per person.

Cutting in line, lying, stealing, threatening, violence… … Moreover, later, he took the tofu with a club.

After being robbed so much, in the end, tofu was not enough, so a huge number of mobs who arrived late rose to their feet and clamored, ‘Why don’t you give it to me?’

However, it wasn’t that those who received the tofu came forward to give it to them instead.

‘When did I get the tofu?’, ‘Oh, who gave you the tofu? There was such a person, I was very grateful.” It was fortunate that there were no complaints such as ‘Is this the only one?

And my parents died when they were crushed by a fence that could not withstand the weight of the sudden crowd.

‘What is God?’

… … At that time, for the first time, the boy thought deeply about what is called ‘God’s teaching’.

And I heard a voice coming from within.

[Deny God. deny the human Deny yourself.]

A voice recommending three denials. It came with the sound of a chicken crowing at dawn.

So the boy grew up and became a young man.

The young man who distrusted humans built a wall with the world in his heart.

The first to break down that wall was a beautiful girl he met at school.

Being with her, the young man felt that the frozen wound deep in his heart was healed.

The humanity and faith that had been forgotten were also revived.

The parents’ idea that humans are basically good and the loved one’s idea coincided.

The young man also naturally came to think so.

In such a situation, as a middle-aged man, he unexpectedly suffered a major accident.

A serious wound obtained during the suppression of the rebels. In order to heal the aftereffects of it, he went to recuperation after a long time.

To the estate of the hometown where my parents died.

While crossing the sea on a boat with her now partner, a strong wind and a storm threatened to capsize the boat.

The ship was so heavy that it continued to sink even though everything inside was thrown into the sea.

In response, the sailors tried to throw some of the living people into the sea.

They looked at him and at her.

When he was conflicting about what to do, she quickly shouted first.

‘Throw this man, not me! I can’t even resist because it hurts!’

And he was thrown into the sea by the sailors. His health had deteriorated over the past few decades, and he could not resist.

As he sank beneath the black water, he thought.

‘What is a human being?’

What makes a human give up being human? No, are humans human in the first place? How much of a gap is there between the defining human being and the actual human being?

And when it landed at the bottom of the sea. He could hear once again the voice he had heard in his childhood.

[Deny God. deny the human Deny yourself.]

A voice recommending three denials. It came with a second denial.

I didn’t hear the first chicken crow, but it was a time that wouldn’t be strange if I heard it.

Then when he opened his eyes, he was lying in the sand. while recovering well from his injuries.

If you think about it, when he was a boy, he was also put on a fence with his parents, but it was the moment when the question of how he was able to survive was resolved.

He returned to the academy, where he spent half his life, leading his body back to normal.

A lot has changed. body, mind, and environment.

He adapted to reality with a calm mind. His belief in God and his love for humans were all left in doubt, but he had to live on.

… … and. Finally he saw a hole in his heart.

A delinquent who has been supported and embraced since childhood.

A descendant of a Class 1 war criminal who was said to have been born crookedly.

He believed he could rehabilitate this child.

It was done according to the teachings of God, according to the parents’ belief that human beings are good, and according to the pride I feel when I see my child grow up.

And time passed, and right now, his heart was pierced by the hand of a grown child, he thought.

‘What am I?’

A lantern flashes in front of your eyes. Memories of the past flow quickly as if riding on the back of a unicorn.

What have I been doing so far? Was it to no avail after all?

Who am I and where am I going?

He also felt a deep sense of self-doubt.

[Deny God. deny the human Deny yourself.]

A voice recommending three denials. The moment you hear it for the third time. He closed his eyes.

The dichotomy between demons and humans was no longer important to him.



[Humans blame the devil for the ugliest parts of themselves. It is a truly shameless race.]

Amdusias pulled the reins and moved Winston.

Winston, too, lifted up his devilishly contorted face, as if he had decided to no longer be bound by the notion of being human.

But Bikir was still unconcerned.

“I am not interested in the value judgment between good and evil between demons and humans.”

[…] … .]

“Whether human nature is bad or good, I am human. And most of the things I want to protect are in your camp. That’s all.”

There is no good or evil in war.

It’s just a tangled whirlpool of big and small interests.

An old soldier who had been on the battlefield for decades knew this very well.

At those words, Amdusias raised the corners of his mouth.

[So is he. There was a long futile argument. Stop dying.]

Again, a huge horse hoof flew at Bikir.

The moment Bikir is about to pull out Dekarabia.

… Kwak!

There was a white barrier blocking Amdusias’ hooves.

A ray of altruism shines brightly in the midst of complex interests.

A white shield that functions purely for the sake of others.


There was only one person who could call the night hound by that name.

Dolores. She appeared with her spirited expression and blocked Amdusias’ attack.

Kwak! Woo support!

The surrounding terrain twists violently once more.

Then a clamor came from behind Bikir.

“Oops, what’s so thumping! The old man is deaf!”

“omg!? Pope! Why in such a place… … ?”

Dolores was stunned to see Nabokov behind Vikir and raised her holy shield even larger.


[no use.]

After Amdusias lifted the horn, it still pierced Dolores’ divine shield.

A power on a different level from that of Dantalian or Belial. It far surpassed Dolores’ divine power.

‘… … Keugh! Again.’

Dolores was pushed back and gritted her teeth.

No matter how much he renewed his mind and never neglected his training, in the end it was the same when faced with a mighty evil.

There is a limit to human time, and the scope of being strong is also clear.

Powerful enemies will continue to pop up on the thorny pilgrimage route that the hound of night walks, and at the current level, it is fortunate that he does not catch his ankle, let alone become a shield in front of him.

Dolores was frustrated with herself for feeling powerless at every critical moment.

Right then.

flutter –

A black cloak of blood covers her vision.

“… … !”

The hound of the night was approaching Dolores and blindfolded her.

“… … don’t.”

At that moment, my heart was beating so loudly that I couldn’t hear his voice properly.


Dolores asked in a trembling voice, and the Night Hound spoke again in a low voice.

“Don’t look.”

A sharp voice, as if on alert.

Dolores had a hunch.

That there was something in front of my eyes that I shouldn’t have seen.

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