Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 303

Episode 303: The Warmongering Age (5)

Unlike the unicorn in mythology, a gigantic monster armed with evil and fear.

A yellow, burning sulfur light emanated from his wide-open eyes.

The large single horn on its forehead was broken at the tip.

Ordinarily a horse has a rein and a human holds the handle, but in the case of this bizarre unicorn it was the opposite.

The bizarre appearance of the person holding the handle of the bridle and stuffing it onto the human below.

<‘Amdusias, the Five Stars’>

Risk level: S+

size : ?

Discovery Location: In the depths of the Gate of Destruction, ‘The Serpent’s Womb’

– aka ‘The Fifth Corpse’.

One of the ten catastrophes that lead to humanity’s natural enemy, incomprehensible, and unkillable.

“The lives of the first born that year will be taken away.”

– 『The Ten Commandments』 10:above –

The fifth Demon King Amdusias!

The moment Bikir saw this muscular beast-type demon, he recalled his memories before returning.

‘A nightmare that attacked the academy just before the age of destruction began.’

The central clock tower, which was the symbol of the Colosseo Academy, collapsed due to the sudden arrival of the demon king, and countless young heroes who would have become the cornerstone of the empire died.

When the blade of the cold weapon becomes dull and the heat of the heat weapon cools down.

Finally, the empire had its first awareness of its destruction.

‘… … The death of young students had a tremendous negative impact on the future of the Human Union.’

This catastrophe made even those who left school for some reason, such as Piggy and Sancho, resent it and made them return to the Human Union again.

Bikir looked at Winston in front of him and Amdusias who descended behind him.

‘Now is the time to kill.’

The reason I kept Winston alive so far was because I had a lot of work to do at the academy before killing him.

It’s also because of the kind of ‘dangerous superpower’ he possesses.

at that time.

Amdusias turned his head and began to look this way.

[…] … The smell of demon hunters. Are you the hound of the night?]

Bikir pressed the mask even deeper.

The opponent is a demonic beast type that can be counted among three fingers with a single weapon out of ten people.

There was nothing good about dragging the time.

… Flash!

The solid aura that symbolizes the sword master spread widely in the shape of a crescent moon and cut through space.

Kkaang – Kwa Kwa Kwa Kwam!

Bikir’s slash caught on the tip of Amdusias’s horn, and he missed and split the ceiling in two.

[indeed. My colleagues deserve it.]

Amdusias murmured in a low voice.

Belial or Dantalian, who were specialties in cunning deception and legion tactics, Sierre, who was good at creating and leading a large number of subordinates with black magic, Decaravia, who was only oblivious to defense, and even died too early due to their lazy temperament. Andromalius, who couldn’t build it properly… … However, unlike them, Amdusias is a warlike fighter.

His fighting power as a single entity is stronger than any other demon king he has ever fought.


Amdusias kicked.

Bikir, who was kicked by the speeding hind hooves, had to fly backwards and get stuck between the collapses.

‘Strength, speed. There’s nothing missing.’

Bikir pursed his lips and barely swallowed the rising blood.

‘… … But its danger is not just strength and speed.’

Vikir knows that he is still hiding a formidable ability.

Before returning, the very ‘that’ ability that drove countless figures in the academy to death!

So I had to be extremely careful.

at that time. Amdusias turned and thrust his horn at Bikir.

The momentum to pierce through everything like this.


Whirly Rick-

A huge snake entered from the side and wrapped around Amdusias’ horn and tightened it.

Then he pulled hard sideways to change the trajectory of the charge.

… Kwak!

Amdusias banged his head some distance from Bikir.

Heavy seismic waves shook the entire destroyed auditorium.

Before long, Amdusias’s yellow eyes shone through the scattered debris and dust.

he asked through Winston’s mouth.

[…] … Are you sad?]

Indeed, there stood Sadhi, pulling the whip from the end of Amdusias’s horn.

Then the shape of Amdusias seemed to fade for a moment, and the light returned to Winston’s dazed eyes.

Winston raised his swaying pupils to contain the saddy.

[Sadi. How could this be? I raised you with love. But how can I… … ]

Until now, Winston had helped Saadi avoid being dismissed from his professorship.

And in fact, it was Winston who had consistently supported her so that she could receive an excellent education since she was a baby.

I did not spare any support so that I could grow up walking only in the right education and right life.

… … but.

“You’re fucking.”

Sadie’s answer was cold.

“There is no way that the granddaughter of a war criminal will grow up the right way. Do you really think the system of sitting by association has been abolished? People’s eyes weren’t like that?”

Contempt and contempt, and fearful gazes that have continued since childhood.

And one day, Saadi came to a realization when he happened to read his grandfather’s autobiography hidden deep in the castle of a fallen family.

Principal Winston, who was the only support and reliable supporter, was actually the one who brought down his grandfather, the Marquis de Sade, during the ’47-person unrest’.

Sadie’s eyes changed after that.

The madness she inherited from her grandfather began to shine in her eyes as she steadfastly endured all of this despite suffering from abusive language, discrimination, unfair treatment, and secret violence.

war maniac. A world of powerful people.

Sadie said, gnashing her teeth at Winston.

“All through reading my grandfather’s autobiography, I was able to discover. I empathize with and immerse myself more deeply than any other moment in the world!”

[…] … .]

“Why did the world come where those with power look at those without power! I also learned how to break through that absurdity and contradiction!”

Sadie grinned at Winston.

“And the fact that the devil was actually lurking inside you, who was armed with the pretense of humanity and peace, gives me confidence. Now I will avenge my grandfather.”

Before long, Sadie began to radiate terrifying energy from her entire body.


The whip began to wriggle like a snake with scales.

The sticky aura, like condensed blood, rides on the thorns as a result of the whip and burns the whole area in all directions.

But Winston just stood there with a calm expression on his face.

[…] … Is this human after all?]

Before long, Amdusias’ blurred body regained its perfect shape.

[Surely it is worth denying three times.]

Muttering an incomprehensible word, Amdusias raised her gigantic body to face the aura storm created by Saadi.

The result… … .


It was a landslide victory for Amdusias.

No matter how strong Sadie is and how much experience she has in practice, in the end, she is the best grader.

As long as you haven’t overcome the master’s wall, it’s a long way to go against a Demon King-level demon.


Saadi was tossed like garbage in a pile of decaying debris.

Amdusias aimed his huge horn over her as she vomited blood and pieces of intestines from the corner of her mouth.

[It is pointless in the end. You weak human being-]

But Saadi was not at all frightened.

“Cool! Is that so?”

[The bluff doesn’t work.]

“It’s not a bluff. I will buy time ho ho ho-”

The moment Amdusias tilted her head at Saadi’s words.

… Pooh!

Winston’s back snapped once.

A dark red sword piercing through the heart.

Bikir was holding Winston’s back before he knew it.

“’It’s over’, ‘It’s time to die’, ‘This is your grave’, ‘There is no hope left for you’… … It’s something I’ve heard many times before.”

[…] … .]

“But what about it? I am here now.”

In the blink of an eye, Bikir placed countless stabs in Winston’s body.

Amdusias hurriedly collected Winston’s body and stepped back, but Vikir followed as if he had been waiting.

… … Right then.

Suddenly, Winston’s eyes turned red.

Teouk- Wooddeuk!

Winston, who was merely a host, reached out and grabbed Bikir’s arm.

“Who is the devil?”

For a moment, Bikir startled when he felt that the stench from Winston was gone.

And Winston did not miss that momentary hesitation.

… pop!

He pushed Bikir away and hopped back.

Then he asked, watching Sadhi wriggling over the rubble in the distance.

“Devils and Humans. Which of the two is closer to the devil?”

Humans reject demons.

The reason is that it is an evil being.

However, sometimes humans act beyond the ‘devil’, the idea of ​​evil they created.

“The opposite of justice is not evil. Just another definition… … .”

Winston seemed to point out just that.

… … but.

“I’m not interested in your dog poop philosophy, so don’t try to teach me.”

Bikir is a veteran who has spent countless hours on the battlefield.

He is not a child who is influenced by the enemy’s logic and messes with his work.

“The devil kills.”

Demon Hunter’s first rule. A belief that will never change under any circumstances.

Bikir is to inject it.

… Pooh!

The blade once more lodges itself in Winston, and beyond, in Amdusias.

[is it. I thought he was young, but he was a fairly experienced hunter.]

Amdusias began to gain momentum in earnest.

A huge dark unicorn and night hound were about to clash their horns and teeth.

Right then.

“Oops… … Where is Yeog?”

A somewhat loose voice came from somewhere that did not match the tense atmosphere of the battlefield.

Both Amdusias and Vikir paused for a moment.

An old woman with a stooped waist walking out among the collapsed rubble.

Seeing her face, Bikir felt sorry for himself.

‘Nabokov I? why here… … !?’


An existence that would not appear on this battlefield as it should be.

A face that would have been poisoned and disappeared long before the return.

A variable that even Bikir was not expecting.

She suddenly jumped out of the final battlefield.

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