Return of the Calamity-Class Death Knight Chapter 115

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The Return of the Destruction Level Death Knight Episode 115

Episode 115: Iron Trial (1)

Malta took Damian with him and headed to the workshop within the headquarters.

As expected from the Holy Spirit Church, which is famous for its night scenes, the size of the workshop was very large.

Church members were constantly carrying iron and coal, and the sound of iron striking could be heard from all directions. Flames rose from braziers placed everywhere.

It boasted a size almost comparable to that of a small city. It was indeed a place that supported a large group like the Holy Church.

“Come this way!”

Malta took Damian to a corner of the attack room.

“This is the place for the ordeal of iron!”

Damian looked at Malta with an expression as if asking what he was talking about.

There was nothing here. There was just one thing: a large iron plate spread on the floor.

“Hmph, don’t judge by appearances.”

Malta took the hammer that was hanging from his waist in his hand. It was a hammer used to pound iron.

When Malta lightly hit the iron plate with a hammer, the center of the plate began to spread and slowly open.

Damian looked down at the steel plate. Then a wide and huge cavity appeared.

The cavity was filled with old and rusty weapons.

“The Iron Trial is a test designed by our ancestors who first committed themselves to the Holy Order.”

Malta opened her mouth to explain.

“You’ve probably heard that we dwarves can hear the voice of metal, right?”

Dwarves were not famous for their night hunting skills for nothing.

In addition to natural dexterity, they had many special abilities that other races did not have.

Listening to the voice of iron was one of them.

Of course, that didn’t mean the thoughts were heard directly.

This meant that the purity, nature, and condition of the metal could be known.

“Our ancestors thought that a good knight should have the sense to choose good metal, even if he could not hear the voice of iron like we do.”

If other drivers had heard this, they would have protested that it was nonsense.

But it wasn’t just groundless.

In fact, knights with outstanding talent instinctively recognized good weapons.

I don’t really have any special abilities. All I had to do was find it by feeling.

The interesting thing was that the feeling matched amazingly well.

“That cavity is full of weapons that field leaders made for practice and then discarded. They’re all just scrap pieces… … “There is only one weapon made of rare metal.”

Damian looked down at the cavity. They were all bright red and covered in rust. It seemed impossible to tell by appearance.

“When you go inside, internal organs activate and the door closes. To open the door again, you just need to find a weapon made of rare metal and insert it into the groove over there.”

When I looked at the wall Malta was pointing to, there was a fairly large hole in the wall.

“Then the engine will work again, the door will open, and you will pass the test.”

Damian asked while looking at the junk piled up in the cavity.

“Is there no time limit?”

“does not exist. “It’s unlimited.”

“That’s easy.”

“easy? Hahaha, this is why babies are not allowed.”

Malta said with a very meaningful smile.

“To date, more than thousands of knights have taken on the challenge of the Iron Trial to obtain the Spiritual Holy Sword. But do you know what happened? I was stuck in there all day and eventually gave up on the exam and came out! “I’m begging you to open the door!”

Malta seemed certain that Damian would not pass.

“Well, you’d better be careful. The bottom is full of rusty blades, so even falling is dangerous. In fact, the guy who took a wrong step and got a big hole in the top of his foot… … .”

“There it is.”

Damian suddenly spoke. Malta frowned.

“What are you talking about. What is where… … .”

“Isn’t that it?”

Damian pointed to the dagger lying in the corner.

On the outside, it was covered in red rust like other weapons, and even the blades were sticking out.

But Damien was recognizable. That was the weapon made of rare metal that Malta had mentioned.

“… … uh?”

Malta looked back at Damian. The large pupils were shaking violently as if there had been an earthquake.

“Uh, uh… … ? Uh oh… … ?”

A knight with exceptional talent can recognize superior weapons. That was also true for Damian.

However, even for Damian, it was not easy to find a weapon mixed with rare metal among so many weapons.

So I used a different ability.

Among the master classes Damian fought in in his past life, there was a person called Weapon Master.

Befitting his title, he was a person who used a variety of weapons.

The level that the Weapon Master reached was called ‘Love for all things.’

When one reached the level of all diseases, one could communicate with the disease. Furthermore, the weapon’s capabilities could be further amplified.

It was thanks to ‘love for all things’ that Damian was able to immediately discover a weapon made of rare metal.

“W-what are you talking about? There’s no way it could be found that easily. “Don’t be weird and look into it more closely.”

Malta said, breaking into a cold sweat.

Damian sneered. He confirmed it with all his might, so there was no way he was wrong.

“Then I will bring it.”

“Now, wait! wait for a sec! hey!”

Damian threw himself down the cavity. He dodged the blades and landed in a safe place.


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“shit! This is a scam! “It’s a scam!”

Malta shouted from above. Damian lightly ignored Malta’s yelling.

As soon as Damien fell down, the entire cavity began to move.

The hole where Damian fell was blocked by something, as if the hemisphere was covered.

Black darkness has come. Soon a light source appeared from the ceiling and illuminated the cavity.

-Hey, hey! How about renegotiating now? I’ll give you the best of the main and intermediate holy swords!

Malta’s urgent cries were heard outside.

-If you don’t like the intermediate holy sword, use the upper grade! I’ll give you a high-grade holy sword! So please give up… … .“

Damian ignored Malta’s cries and approached the dagger.

I grabbed the dagger and approached the slot in the wall.

“Is it really okay to put it here?”

The dagger seemed too small for the groove, but Damian thought for a moment and inserted the dagger into the groove.


With the sound of something clicking, the organ began to work.

“With this, the Spiritual Grade Holy Sword is mine.”

Even Damian couldn’t help but covet a treasure the size of a spirit-level holy sword. Damian congratulated himself with a satisfied expression.

It was then.

The wrist holding the dagger became hot. It felt like I had been burned.

Damian looked at his wrist in surprise. Erebos, transformed into a tattoo, was emitting black darkness.

“What is this…?” … .”

Suddenly the entire cavity shook. A harsh sound was heard and the entire wall began to rotate.

“Is this also a trial of iron?”

That was a possibility, but my instincts shook my head.

If it were an iron ordeal, there was no way Erebos would have reacted.

Above all, the voice of Malta coming from outside added confidence to Damian’s thoughts.

-What is this! Well, your organs are working strangely, right? I’ve never heard of a feature like this?

Clearly something strange was going on.

Damian immediately came to his senses. He sharpened his five senses and prepared for any unexpected disaster.

The vibration gradually stopped. Then the wall opposite opened wide.

There was another space inside the wall. Damian headed there.

As we entered, stone walls and floors appeared.

A detailed magic circle was drawn throughout the space. Damian shifted his gaze and looked at the magic circle.

“Why is there a place like this in the basement of the headquarters?”

The magic circle drawn on the wall had the function of sealing and hiding the items inside.

The magic circle was very complex and elaborate, perhaps because it was trying to seal something very important.

Suddenly, Damian’s gaze stopped. There was a body sitting in a corner.

“That… … .”

The body was so old that it had turned into a mummy. The skin and flesh were discolored, and the lips were curled, exposing all teeth.

But the reason Damian was really surprised wasn’t because of Mira.

It was because of a piece of iron embedded in the mummy’s chest.

The piece of iron was quite large. There were blades erected on both sides. It was as if the tip of the great sword had been broken.

Damien muttered blankly after seeing that.

“Erebos… … .”

A piece of the demon sword Erebos was in front of me.

* * *


An unidentified magic sword whose exact origin is unknown.

The Holy Church assigned the highest risk level to the fragments of Erebos and issued an order that if any fragments were found, they must be sealed.

In his past life, Dorgo spared no time and resources to restore Erebos.

Recover all the pieces sealed by the Holy Church and find pieces hidden across the continent.

Despite all the effort, they were only able to restore 70% of it.

“There was a sculpture in a place like this… … .”

And as far as Damien knew, the piece in front of him was one that Dorgo had not found.

I was sure. After Damian captured the headquarters, Dorgo found two pieces. Among them, there was no piece that looked like that.

“What happened? “A piece of Erebos was hidden in the basement of the workshop?”

Considering Malta’s reaction, there was a high probability that the craftsmen on the ground did not know the identity of the sculpture.

“… … “No matter how much I think about it, I don’t know.”

It was a problem that no matter how much I thought about it, there was no answer.

Damian first approached the mummy to take a piece.

Then suddenly a rough wave spread out from the sculpture.

Stone fragments and dust that had fallen on the floor were destroyed as soon as they were hit by the wave.

It was corrosion, one of the powers of Erebos.

If it were an ordinary person, just touching the wave would have killed them.

However, Damian was recognized by Erebos. It was not affected by the corrosion given off by the piece.

Damian got closer to the mummy and reached out to grab the piece that was stuck in the chest.

At that moment, Mira grabbed Damien’s wrist.


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