Return of the Calamity-Class Death Knight Chapter 114

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The Return of the Destruction Level Death Knight Episode 114

Episode 114: Holy Church (3)

Seonghwang took Damian with him and headed to the throne room.

The throne room had a ceiling made entirely of glass, so the blue sky was visible at a glance.

Thanks to this, bright sunlight illuminated the entire throne room.

The Holy Emperor sat down on the Holy throne in the center, feeling uncomfortable.

Damian had no choice but to stop at that sight.

I remembered coming here in a past life. It was time to capture the fortress by order of Dorgo.

At that time, Damian arrived here with undead soldiers to capture the Holy Emperor.

It’s hard to believe, but Seonghwang didn’t run away and was sitting here waiting for Damian.

The Holy Emperor was dragged to Dorgo by the undead brought by Damian.

The undead did not regard him as an old man. They grabbed me by the hair and dragged me like a dog.

Despite the pain of his skin being chafed on the floor and his bones being broken by rocks, Seonghwang did not become weak. He did the same when he heard all kinds of insults from Dorgo.

-I never would have guessed that the leader of the cult was a hunchback. Doesn’t it look too ugly for God’s closest representative?

-It’s a shame. I can’t believe I, who is flesh and blood, is called ugly by you, who is nothing but bones.

-… … Can’t you understand the situation now? Your life depends on me now.

-I am not afraid of death. Oh, you don’t understand me. So, you are avoiding death even at the risk of being put in such disgrace.

Dorgo was very angry and ordered Damian to kill the Holy Emperor.

-You are suffering.

Seonghwang spoke softly to Damian who came closer.

-You can’t give up. If you do that, your sins will only increase. Please keep this in mind. You are our only hope… … .

Even at the moment when his head flew off, Seonghwang was looking at Damian.

“Damian Haxen, come closer.”

At Seonghwang’s words, Damian came out of his past memories.

Damian walked towards her and stopped at a place covered with red cloth.

“Damian Haxen, your merits are too numerous to mention them all. “We executed Yuran’s executive, Agito, and after that, we killed black magicians and accused people who used black magic several times.”

Seonghwang’s words continued.

“For that alone, the group owes you a great debt, but with the punitive force incident, we have received a favor that is difficult to repay.”

I was talking about something that happened in the corpse play dungeon.

Thanks to Damian, the church was able to significantly reduce the damage from the punitive force.

“Thanks to you, many paladins and soldiers were saved.”

“It was something that had to be done.”

A smile appeared on Seonghwang’s face, as if he liked Damian’s answer.

“In addition to this… … “As far as I know, I heard that another evil being was recently put to death.”

At Seonghwang’s words, Damian took out the core of the magic sword. Seonghwang’s eyes widened slightly when he saw the core.

“This is the core of the magic sword that shook the Apple kingdom.”

“I would like to dedicate this to the church.”

“As I heard, you are a devout person.”

Seonghwang said while making the sign of the cross.

“The contribution of rescuing the punitive force was to be repaid by allowing Vigo to enter, but the core of the magic sword was… … I don’t know how to repay you. “Is there anything else I would like to ask you to do?”

At the Holy Emperor’s words, Damian took out the holy sword from subspace.

“The Holy Sword was destroyed in the battle with the Demon Sword. “If possible, I would like to repair the holy sword.”

The Holy Sword was manufactured by the Holy Church. As such, I thought repairing it would be simple.

But Seonghwang’s reaction was strange. He had a troubled expression on his face.

“Sir Damian, not the upper level holy swords, but the lower level holy swords cannot be repaired once they are destroyed.”

It was my first time hearing this story.

“You can fix the broken part and make it sound, but you cannot reinstill divine power.”

“then… … .”

“That holy sword can no longer be used.”

Damian looked down at the holy sword with a shocked face. He was even more disappointed because he really liked the sword.

Seonghwang thought for a while and then spoke to Damian.

“It is impossible to repair the Holy Sword, but in recognition of your contribution to offering the core of the Demon Sword, I will grant you an Intermediate Holy Sword.”

Intermediate holy sword.

Cheongyeom was more surprised by those words than Damian.

“His Holiness! Until now, there has never been a case where an intermediate holy sword was given to an outsider!”

At most, low-level holy swords only had the effect of protecting the user with divine power. However, it was different from the intermediate level holy sword.

A miracle had been granted.

A miracle refers to a supernatural ability that priests or knights manifest using divine power.

The miracle granted to the intermediate holy sword was not ordinary. It is powerful enough to change the course of battle.

So, even paladins had to achieve many achievements and meet qualifications to receive an intermediate holy sword.

“Considering Sir Damian’s contribution, I think we should give him something like this.”

“but… … .”

“Furthermore, Sir Damian joined the punitive force and helped the church even though it had nothing to do with him. “At this point, we can say that he is already part of the same family.”

At Seonghwang’s words, conflict appeared on Cheongyeom’s face.

“And who knows? “I wonder if Sir Damian will become a real member of our family someday.”

Although they were smiling and talking gently, there was something burning brightly in their eyes.

It was the same look in Agnes’ eyes as she tried to lure Damian into becoming a paladin. He felt cold sweat running down his back.

“I am still not good enough to follow God’s will.”


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“Then, as soon as the shortcomings are met, I will join the main group.”

“There are so many shortcomings… … .”

Since he had no intention of joining the cult, Damien desperately made excuses.

“Then there is nothing we can do.”

He walked away with a disappointed expression on his face. Damian breathed a sigh of relief.

The Holy Emperor called the priest standing next to the door.

“Go and fetch Malta. “Please tell me that I have something to discuss regarding the Holy Sword.”

After listening to the Holy Emperor’s words, the priest went outside.

After a while, someone came into the throne room.

“His Holiness! “You said you called me, so I came to see you!”

Someone rushed over and knelt down in front of the Holy Emperor.

“You have something to discuss about the Holy Sword? Are you planning to finally pass the plan I uploaded for the ‘Great Dark Magic Decisive Battle, Light Star Crushing, Military Extermination Holy Sword’? “I thought His Holiness would recognize the value of my plan!”

Damian looked to the side with a somewhat surprised face.

Height as stocky as a child.

A stocky physique full of muscle.

A bushy beard that completely covers the face.


It was a subrace said to have the greatest dexterity and technology in the world.

“Malta, that’s not why I called you.”

“Yeah? Then why did you call me while I was busy? Of course, I am happy to receive a call from His Holiness, but there are a mountain of more urgent matters piled up… … .”

“I would like to give an intermediate holy sword to Sir Damian here. We need Maltese insight.”

Malta looked back at Damian. And I was shocked. It seemed like he had finally noticed Damien’s presence.

“Your Holiness, my eyes seem crooked. No matter how you look at it, it doesn’t look like he’s a paladin.”

“It’s true that you saw it accurately. “Lord Damian is not a paladin.”

“If it’s not a chant… … “You mean you’re an outsider?”

“That’s right.”

“To an outsider… … Heavy metal… … The holy sword… … staff sergeant… … “You want to do it?”

“That’s right… … .”

Before the Holy Emperor could speak, the dwarf shouted.

-I absolutely cannot allow this!

The entire building shook from the loud shout. Dust fell from the ceiling.

“How did I make those children feel! It would be a waste to give it to the paladins, but to an outsider? An outsider? It’s not possible! never! “Even if it means pouring molten iron into my eyes, I will never do it!”

“Still, when I think of Sir Damian’s contributions… … .”

“No matter what your merits are, you are still an outsider! What kind of item is an intermediate holy sword? If you were to leave such a cute, cute, and lovely child in the hands of such a strange man… … “You never know what might happen!”

Malta shouted loudly. Seonghwang looked at Malta with a tired face.

“Malta, Sir Damian has decided to offer us the core he obtained after defeating the Demon Sword.”

Malta’s body trembled at those words.

“Did you say it was the core of the demon sword? Where are you? We need more information about the magic sword in order to improve the ‘Light Star Crushing Military Destruction Holy Sword for the Great Dark Magic Battle’… … .”

“In return for it, I decided to give Sir Damian an intermediate holy sword.”

Malta looked up at the crowd in bewilderment.

“Sir, Your Holiness! Well, like that… … .”

“If you continue to object, we will exclude you from researching the core of the magic sword.”

At the Emperor’s firm words, Malta looked like it had lost its country.

Malta held his head and began to think. I was so serious about it that I even groaned.

“Then we have no choice but to exclude Malta from nuclear research… … .”

“Please wait a moment! instead! If you prove your qualifications, I’ll give it to you!”

When Malta answered quickly, the Emperor gave him a puzzled look.

“Qualifications… … Prove it?”

“yes! Once Sir Damian passes the iron ordeal, I will no longer object!”

Seonghwang looked at Malta with a disapproving face.

“Malta… … “You shouldn’t be so unreasonable just because you don’t want to hand over the holy sword.”

“Oh, why not! Don’t the original church’s paladins have to pass the iron ordeal to obtain the holy sword!”

“Isn’t the Iron Trial only held by paladins who are given spirit-level holy swords?”

Damian’s eyes lit up when he heard the words “Emperor-grade holy sword.”

Holy swords produced by the church are given one of the following grades: low, medium, high, best, and special.

However, sometimes there were holy swords that were given special ratings.

That special grade was British grade.

In order to make a holy sword, sacred power had to be infused into the metal over a long period of time.

During this process, metal was sometimes altered by divine power.

The altered metal had a completely different structure and properties compared to before. It’s as if it has been reborn as a new metal.

The holy sword made from this deteriorated metal grew in strength and sharpness as the battle continued. Not only that, the amount of divine power radiated increased.

Ultimately, a new miracle that did not exist in this world took place.

In other words, the spirit level holy sword could be said to be a growing holy sword in one word.

It was an item so great that it could not be compared to a mid-level holy sword.

“Let’s do that.”

Damian said. The two people’s eyes turned to Damian.

“Lord Damien? “What do you mean?”

“Haha! Outsider! Well thought out! “To receive a superior weapon, you have to prove your worth!”

Malta said with great joy.

“Instead, you should know this. If you don’t pass the ordeal, I can’t give you the intermediate holy sword… … .”

“Instead, if I pass the iron ordeal, please give me a spirit level holy sword.”

At those words, confusion appeared on Malta’s face. Seonghwang also had a similar expression.

“Lord Damian, no matter what, the Spiritual Grade Holy Sword… … .”

“good night! “Let’s do it!”

Unlike Seonghwang, who hesitated, Malta spoke loudly.

“I don’t know if you can pass the Iron Trial!”

Malta said, smiling confidently. He seemed certain that Damian would not pass the ordeal.

Seonghwang looked at the two people in turn and sighed.

“… … Since both sides have the same opinion, I cannot disagree. If Sir Damian passes the iron ordeal, I will give you a spirit-level holy sword.”

“Did you hear? “Follow me now!”

Malta motioned to Damian.

Damian said hello to Seonghwang and Cheongyeom, then followed Malta.

* * *

As soon as the two people left, Seonghwang’s body began to stumble.


Cheongyeom hurriedly approached and helped Seonghwang.

“What did you see in that guy that made you have such a hard time?”

Since no one was watching, Cheongyeom did not use the honorific expression.

“Brother… … .”

Seonghwang was also calling Cheongyeom in a friendly manner. She said, swallowing dry saliva.

“… … “I saw a pile of corpses.”

Cheongyeom’s face hardened at Seonghwang’s words.

“Bodies were covering the whole world. There were so many that there wasn’t even a place for her to step. “The blood was flowing like a river.”

“… … “You saw that image?”

Svetrana the Great had one special ability. He was able to look into a person’s inner self.

It was an ability that Svetrana gained when she first awakened her divine power.

Through this ability, numerous heretics have been hunted down so far.

“Shouldn’t we be locked up right now?”

Seonghwang shook his head at Cheongyeom’s words.

“There… … “The black knight was crying.”

“Black Knight?”

“Yes, he was a knight so big that he couldn’t be seen as a human, and wearing thick armor.”

Seonghwang recalled the scene he had just seen.

The knight was shedding bloody tears. She let out a scream full of pain.

He ripped his own body and punched himself. As if that wasn’t enough, he cut it to pieces with a dagger.

Very cruel, creepy, and… … It was a sad sight.

“I don’t think Sir Damian is a dangerous man.”

Seonghwang, who said that, looked for a long time in the direction where Damian had disappeared.


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