Return of the Calamity-Class Death Knight Chapter 113

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The Return of the Destruction Level Death Knight Episode 113

Episode 113: Holy Church (2)

Cheongyeom thrust out his toes like a spear. It wasn’t a speed that could be avoided. Damian knocked his toe off with his forearm.

I didn’t block it, I just parried it, but my forearm hurt. It felt like I hit a piece of metal.

‘As expected of a master.’

Once you become a master, just your bare body is enough to be called a monster. This is not an exaggeration, the Master’s body was so hard that it could not be cut with a blade.

There was no time to continue lost in thought. This was because Cheongyeom was launching an onslaught.

Cheongyeom’s kicks rained down one after another. Damian’s eyes were busy.

‘There is no unnecessary movement. It’s extremely simple, but fast and destructive.’

He was indeed a man of the Five Great Saints. After returning, I met many knights, but this was the first time I saw such a simple and efficient attack.

But Damian was not an easy opponent either. He identified all of Blue Flame’s attacks and then used his hands and forearms to block them all.

Dull sounds were heard one after another.

Cheongyeom’s expression became strange as he saw Damian making frequent blocks.

“Huh, I heard you were a prosecutor. “Where did you learn the art of boxing?”

“I learned a little bit to use it in an emergency.”

“It seems a little out of level. “He’s much better than the paladins of our sect.”

Cheongyeom showed a satisfied expression as to what was so satisfying.

“That’s interesting. “I think we can go a little harder.”

Damian quietly looked at the blue flame. Because he realized one strange thing.

Cheongyeom’s main weapon was his two fists. Although kicks were occasionally used, fists were used much more often when actually dealing with enemies.

However, in the workshop just now, Cheongyeom only used his legs. And that’s just the right leg.

“I heard that you mainly use martial arts.”

Cheongyeom burst out laughing at Damian’s question.

“If you use your fists, it won’t end soon. “It’s just out of consideration on my part to only use my legs.”

Damian laughed at those words.

It was the first time since I returned that I had been ‘considered’ by the other person.

In other cases, the ‘consideration’ received from the enemy was no different from being ignored.

I couldn’t just sit back and be ignored. Damian lifted the sword of a thousand miles attached to his waist and put it into space.

“What are you doing now?”

Cheongyeom tilted his head. I didn’t understand why the prosecutor put his sword away.

“How can you take up arms against an old man? “I will continue to deal with you with my bare hands.”

Cheongyeom’s face went blank for a moment at those words. Soon she started laughing out loud.

“Because you are old? Are you really saying that you will take care of this blue flame?”

“I’m sorry if you felt bad. But I have always been taught by my father to respect the elderly… … .”

Cheongyeom burst into laughter once more.

“Do whatever you want. However, even if I get beaten up, I don’t know.”

This time too, the person who moved first was Cheongyeom. He thrust out his right foot as he lunged forward.

Damian dodged the attack by turning his body. Cheongyeom immediately recovered his outstretched foot. And he swung his right foot like a whip at Damien.

Every attack was much sharper and more threatening than before. Every time I blocked an attack, the impact accumulated on my forearm became even greater.

‘As expected, the master’s wall is high.’

Even though I was only using one foot, I couldn’t see any gaps. Even now, Cheongyan wasn’t really fighting.

I was just lightly touching Damian to check his level.

‘To break through this, I also have to rise to the level of a master.’

Masters are people who have gone beyond the extremes of technology and pioneered new paths.

I could see many things while standing on that road. Things that lower classes can’t even dream of.

Therefore, the current Damian could not beat Master Class.

Even if the skills and realms of numerous masters were contained in one’s mind, it was the same.

‘If I continue like this, I will lose.’

In fact, since it was a sparring match with the Master, it was natural that Damian would lose.

But my pride was hurt to lose like this.

‘I need to make them at least use their hands.’

Damian’s senses reached their peak. I used all my senses to read Cheongyeom’s movements.

At that time, Cheongyeom stretched his right foot high into the sky.

“If you block, you might break your arm!”

Blue Flame’s heel struck Damian’s head.

Damian pulled back. The heel of his blue flame barely grazed the tip of his nose.

My heel hit the ground. My heel dug deep into the ground as if I had hit it with a sledgehammer.

With the recoil, Cheongyeom jumped into the air and twisted his waist in the air.

At the same time, he struck Damien’s right shin once more.

* * *

“Let me see if I can take this too!”

Cheongyeom shouted with an excited face.

The technique that Cheongyeom is currently deploying could be said to be his secret weapon.

Although the movement was large, it caught the opponent off guard and was fast because it was a downward strike.

Most of them failed to see through this attack and were defeated. Cheongyeom thought that Damian Haxen would be no different.

However, just as Cheongyeom’s leg was about to press Damian’s collarbone, Damian launched himself into the air.

At the same time, I turned around. Her shoulders rotated once, sending away the blue flame attack.



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As if Cheongyeom had not expected this, a look of confusion appeared on his face.

Damian’s body, which had been floating in the air, fell to the ground. He fell flat on the ground.

Damian’s body hit the ground first, and by a narrow margin, Cheongyeom landed late.

Damian, who didn’t miss that moment, swung his leg low and kicked Cheongyeom’s leg.

No matter how blue the flame was, it was impossible to block an attack in the air. As my legs kicked, my body leaned to one side.

If things continued like this, my face would hit the floor.

As a saint of the Five Great Saints, he couldn’t show such indecency. Blue Flame Eunha placed his hands on the ground countless times and took a stance.

Cheongyeom stood up and looked at Damian with an expression of disbelief.

“What did you just do? “It’s as if they read my own attacks.”

“The attack was only successful due to luck.”

Damien said, brushing the dirt off his clothes. Despite Damian’s explanation, the question that appeared on Cheongyeom’s face still remained.

“… … “It’s fun.”

But that was only for a moment. Soon, a fierce smile appeared on Cheongyeom’s face.

“This is my first time meeting someone this interesting. “Not even among the five great saints.”

Cheongyeom clenched both fists. That alone changed the atmosphere.

There was no more empty old man. All that remained was a wild beast that seemed ready to bite its enemy at any moment.

“You didn’t use your hands, did you?”

“Have you had that in mind? “I apologize for making light of you.”

Cheongyeom seemed like it didn’t matter.

“So let’s do it right from now on.”

Right now, Cheongyeom’s only interest was fighting Damian.

‘This is difficult. ‘I have awakened the wild nature of the blue flame.’

Just now, the attack was successful because Cheongyeom was watching over him.

This alone was a great thing. The Master was a monster that transcended humanity. No matter how careless he was, he couldn’t catch the middle class through the gap.

Just as a dog’s teeth cannot kill a sleeping lion.

But Cheongyeom, who revealed his true nature, was different. What little gaps remained were completely closed.

‘But you can’t avoid it.’

Damian also took his stance and prepared for the Blue Flame attack that would soon follow.

“That’s great. “What a great friend.”

Cheongyeom was amazed, his eyes shining.

It was then. Suddenly, light erupted from the ground.

The next moment, my whole body suddenly became heavy. It felt like her invisible hands were pressing down on my body.

Damian looked down at the ground with a surprised face. It was a miracle he had seen in the past.


Gwangmyeong, one of the Five Great Saints, had the divine power to ‘strengthen’ anything.

It was possible to enhance physical abilities such as strength and agility, as well as the cutting power of weapons and even gravity.

“light! “What is this?”

As expected, Cheongyeom glared somewhere and shouted.

Damian also looked in the direction where Cheongmyeong was looking.

A frighteningly beautiful woman was looking this way.

The bright blonde hair reminded me of spring. The smile on his lips had the power to captivate people’s minds. Her voluptuous body could not be completely covered even by wide cloth clothes.

Gwangmyeong (狂明).

One of the Five Great Saints and the leader of the ‘Blinding Pain’ sect.

She intervened in the fight between the two.

“Old man Cheongyeom, don’t be too excited.”

“Are you telling me to calm down even though something like this happened to me?”

“I was just following Your Holiness’ orders.”

As Gwangmyeong stepped aside, an old woman appeared, holding a cane.

Her waist was bent like a hunchback, and her back was bulging. One leg was limping because of discomfort.

It was a body that looked very uncomfortable. But the moment I saw Seonghwang’s face, I could no longer see that part.

Seonghwang’s eyes were deep and serene, as if they contained the night sky.

Even Damian lost everything for a moment and was lost in his eyes.

“Cheongyeom, I asked Gwangmyeong for a favor. “Please stop these two people.”

Seonghwang opened his mouth. It was a very clear tone. Thanks to that, Damian was able to come to his senses.

Qingyan immediately knelt down on the ground. Damian also acted the same way as Cheongyeom.

“Cheongyeom… … .”

Seonghwang looked down at Cheongyam with a tired face.

“What should I do if I punch a guest at our headquarters?” … .”

“His Holiness! “With Sir Damian’s consent, we proceeded!”

Damian looked at Cheongyam with a puzzled expression. Then her blue flame gave her a anxious expression.

“Lord Damian, are you sure?”

“Is that possible? “They attacked me out of nowhere.”

Damian wasn’t one to let go, though. He quickly informed Seonghwang.

Then Seonghwang’s eyebrows rose to the fullest. Cheongyeom was sweating profusely.

“I will never let today’s incident pass by. “You better be prepared.”

Hearing Seonghwang’s words, Cheongyeom looked as if the sky was literally falling.

“Sir, Your Holiness… … !”

Cheongyeom called to Seonghwang with an earnest face. But Seonghwang just turned his head and looked away.

“Sir Damien will come with me. “Because we have to discuss compensation.”

“All right.”

Damian answered quickly.

“Cheongyeom, please come too. “When discussing compensation, we need your opinion.”

“All right… … .”

Cheongyeom answered with a shocked look on his face.

Seonghwang looked back at Damian. Unlike when he was dealing with Cheongyeom, he had a benevolent expression on his face.

“Then, Sir Damian, shall we go?”


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