Return of the Calamity-Class Death Knight Chapter 112

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The Return of the Destruction Level Death Knight Episode 112

Episode 112: Holy Church (1)

“Looking back, it’s an amazing place.”

The outer wall alone was so high and strong, but inside there were two more massive walls built. It was a three-layer structure that protected the fortress.

The moat surrounding the castle walls also made siege warfare difficult. That’s true, but in reality it was almost like a river.

Even in his previous life, Dorgo had to deploy all of his undead legions to capture the headquarters.

“Let’s go in.”

Damian led the horse and headed to the headquarters. He followed the bridge built over the moat and stood in front of the city gate.

On either side of the gate were two giant statues holding spears.

As Damian got closer, light emanated from the eyes of the two giant statues.

Then he blocked Damian’s path with the spear he was holding in his hand.

The spear blade was so large that it felt like a wall was blocking the way.

Surprisingly, these two giant statues were not ordinary structures but a type of golem.

‘It’s been a while since I saw you.’

These two colossal statues were golems that were said to be a gift from Achilles.

It was created through a lifetime of research by a saint named Achilles and was one of the war weapons possessed by the church.

It has tremendous combat power and can even mass-produce, so in its past life, one Colossus statue achieved combat results equivalent to tens of thousands of undead.

-Stop. This group does not welcome visits from strangers.

A voice came from the Colossus. Damian spoke to the Colossus statue.

“This is Damian Haxen. “I came to receive the compensation promised by the church.”

-Wait a moment. I’ll find someone who can verify your identity.

For a while, the giant statues said nothing. Then, suddenly, the windows blocking Damian’s path were removed.

The high castle gate opened slightly, and someone walked through the gap.

Although she is cut short like a man, she is still beautiful enough to attract attention.

It was Agnes, a disciple of Cheongyeom, one of the five great saints of the church.


Agnes came running. His face, which was always expressionless, was filled with joy.

“What took you so long? “I’ve been waiting for Damien to come.”

“I have a lot of work to do.”

“Oh, I heard. I heard you hunted down the warlocks who infiltrated the Apple royal family? In the process, he also fought a demonic sword.”

Anger began to flash in Agnes’ eyes.

“They really are like cockroaches. They spread germs everywhere. I’m glad Damian punished you. God will be pleased too.”

Agnes made the sign of the cross.

“Please come this way. “I will guide you.”

Damian followed Agnes into the main altar.

* * *

As the two people walked together, gazes poured in from all directions.

“Who is that man?”

“Seeing as I can’t feel any divine power, I guess you’re an outsider?”

“what? “How did an outsider enter the headquarters?”

Most people had looks filled with wariness.

This is because outsiders were basically prohibited from entering the headquarters of the Holy Order.

“How can an outsider be with Sir Agnes…” … .”

“I have never seen Sir Agnes’ expression so relaxed.”

“Damn, that’s an eyesore.”

Damian watched the headquarters while listening to the babbling words of the paladins.

A road made of marble. The buildings are old and give off an old-fashioned atmosphere.

It was all a familiar sight. This is because I had visited the headquarters once in my past life.

Of course, I didn’t visit for a good reason. He came under orders from Dorgo to capture the headquarters.

Dorgo was unable to capture the headquarters even after deploying all of the undead troops. As each day passed, the damage only increased.

In the end, Dorgo had no choice but to hastily summon Damian, who was deployed far away.

Damian returned as ordered by Dorgo and captured the headquarters in one day.

That day, the cries of the church members who were being massacred by the undead army seemed to still be vividly heard.


Agnes, who was walking ahead, asked with a puzzled look.

“You don’t look good. “Are you tired?”

“nothing… … no.”

Damian forced a smile and said. Agnes looked at Damien with a very worried expression.

“In order to enter Vigo, you must first meet His Holiness and receive permission.”

There was only one person in this world called His Holiness.

There was only Seonghwang, the leader of the Holy Church.

“His Holiness is currently away due to consecration. If it is okay with you, could you please spare some time for our teacher?”

Agnes’ teacher.

He was referring to Blue Flame Brigandine, one of the five great saints of the church.

“Our teacher said he wanted to say thank you to Damian… … .”

Among the master classes I fought during my Death Knight days, Cheongyeom was a particularly powerful one.

As he was an impressive and strong enemy, I couldn’t help but be curious.

What kind of person is Cheongyeom, whom we meet as an ally rather than an enemy?


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“Let’s take a look.”

Damien followed Agnes with curiosity.

* * *

The place where Damian arrived, following Agnes, was the northern area of ​​the main unit.

“All the buildings here are used by members of the sect.”

For some reason, I felt like the energy I felt from the paladins walking around was not normal.

“You’re Lord Agnes, right?”

“Who is next to me? Who dares to be with Sir Agnes?”

“You look like an outsider? No way, Lord Agnes… … “Oh, I guess not.”

These were the sect’s paladins who reacted similarly, as if they had hit the outside world.

Here too, they were wary of Damian.

“This is the building our sect uses.”

Agnes eventually arrived in front of a building, opened the fence, and guided Damian into the garden.

There, an old man was watering a flower bed.

His back was bent, and his limbs were thin and thin. There were layers of wrinkles on his face.

It was like looking at an old tree that was so old that it seemed ready to break at any moment.

“Master, I have brought you Sir Damian.”

Agnes bowed her head towards the old man. The old man slowly turned his head.

Damian was caught up in a strange feeling. Perhaps because he was an old man, he looked exactly the same as Damian remembered.

This old man was none other than Blue Flame Brigandine, one of the five great saints of the church.

“Oh, Agnes. “You must have had a hard time listening to this old man’s request.”

The old man smiled kindly and approached the two people.

No matter how I looked at him, he looked like a grandfather you would often see in the neighborhood. He didn’t look like a big man like the Five Saints.

“You must be Damian Haxen.”

“That’s right. “It’s an honor to meet you.”

Cheongyeom offered to shake hands. Damian held Cheongyeom’s hand.

‘It’s solid.’

Cheongyeom’s palms were full of calluses. She only squeezed it slightly, but it felt like she was being held in shackles.

“Seeing it in person like this… … You have a really handsome face. “Our Agnes must be beside herself.”

“S-Master! Don’t say anything strange! Sir Damian, you misunderstand!”

“What a misunderstanding. Rumors are already spreading. Agnes… … .”

“S-Stop! Please stop it!”

Agnes shouted hurriedly. Cheongyeom clicked his tongue.

“You even yelled at this old master because of a man. “What can I do with this miserable situation?”


“Okay, so go and get me something to eat.”

Agnes flinched at those words.

“Master… … “You sure don’t plan on doing that, do you?”

“Don’t worry. Lord Damian is the benefactor of our sect. “I can’t believe I’m being rough.”

Cheongyeom said firmly. Agnes gave him a suspicious look, then left in a murmur.

“Please sit this way.”

When Agnes disappeared, Cheong-Yeom sat down at the wooden table on one side of the garden.

There was even a wooden table, perhaps to be used when welcoming guests.

As Damian sat down across from him, Cheongyeom opened his mouth.

“The reason I asked to see Sir Damian was to say thank you. “Thanks to you, the disciples returned safely.”

Cheongyeom lowered his head and said.

Five great saints.

For someone like a king within the church, he was showing off the top of his head very easily.

“The disciples… … I am truly special. “It is no exaggeration to say that those children are my everything.”

Cheongyeom said with a sad face.

“There is no need to thank me. “Anyone in that situation would have saved you two.”

“You are so humble. “He really is a great person, just like I heard from Agnes.”

Cheongyeom nodded as if he was moved. Then she presented the silver plaque to Damian.

The hexagonal silver plate had a complicated seal stamped on it.

“It’s a silver plaque with my seal. If you need my help, go to any church and hand out the silver plate. “Then you will contact me right away.”

The Five Great Saints were a powerhouse far above the Master Class.

When choosing the strongest people in humanity, they were always mentioned along with the Imperial Sword.

Such a strong man was telling Damien that he would help him at any time.

“I will keep it precious.”

Damian took away the silver plaque.

Damian’s belief was to always prepare for the worst. I had no idea that this silver plaque might be used for something important someday.

Suddenly, Damian felt Cheongyam staring at him.

“Anyway, you are such an amazing person. “This is my first time seeing someone this difficult to estimate.”

Cheongyeom looked at Damian’s face with interest.

“I’m not bragging, but I’m confident that my eyes on people are accurate. But you… … “I can’t see anything.”

It was truly a master class.

Damian was hiding his abilities. He disguised himself to make others see him as middle class.

Cheongyeom also couldn’t recognize Damian’s true skills. But I didn’t fall for the trick either.

“Excuse me for meeting you for the first time, but could you do me a favor?”

“What is?”

“I have a nasty hobby. “When I see young people with outstanding talent, I want to check it out for myself.”

An ominous feeling appeared in Damian’s mind.

At that moment, Cheongyeom kicked Damian’s head.

It was a surprisingly quick and powerful kick, considering it was done from a sitting position.

Damian reacted immediately and blocked the attack by crossing his forearms.

It was thrown backwards due to the impact. Damian was pushed back, destroying the flower bed.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m sorry. But I’m really curious about your skills.”

Cheongyeom smiled, showing his teeth. It was like seeing a wild beast.

‘That temperament doesn’t go anywhere.’

Cheong Yan was the most ferocious of the five great saints.

To put it mildly, it was an object of fear and fear even among warlocks.

“It’s already come to this, so what can I do? “You have to taste it properly.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Cheongyam rushed towards him.


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