Return of the Calamity-Class Death Knight Chapter 111

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The Return of the Destruction Level Death Knight Episode 111

Episode 111: Strange Guest (3)


An absolute person who is called a true superman and is said to be able to take on a nation with just one person.

Every knight aspires to become a master. However, there were fewer knights who reached this level than dust.

Among the hundreds of thousands of knights born across the continent every year, only a handful of geniuses could become masters.

Once you reach mastery, you will be able to go beyond the extremes of swordsmanship and pioneer a new path.

That road was called ‘Gyeongji’.

The Geomseong’s dissuading insight and the assassin’s sword fell into that category.

“How did they recognize that I was the Master when all my energy was completely hidden? “Even the young lady didn’t recognize my identity.”

As I said, Damian could not sense any energy from David.

It was something that could not be helped. No matter how Damian he was, he couldn’t overcome the gap with the current master.

“Just by looking at her, she looks like a daughter from a precious family. “I was suspicious because I didn’t think he would travel alone.”

“What did you say master?”

“No matter how much I looked at your house, I couldn’t feel any magical power, so I took a picture of it, but I had no idea it was real.”

In fact, it was a lie to say that I filmed it.

Although he could not sense energy, Damian had experience and knowledge.

The unique lightness and disciplined movements that only a master can have were seen.

It was a subtle detail that only Damian could notice, so even David wouldn’t have been able to hide it.

“It’s not about saving face. “I can’t believe my true identity was discovered by a distant junior.”

David said, scratching the back of his head.

“Shall I call you senior?”

“I don’t intend to listen to things I don’t mean to hear.”

David sat down next to Geomhu and grumbled.

“Anyway, you have incredible skills. I never thought I would defeat the young lady so quickly. Plus Son Dae-jung. “I’ve never seen a guy like you, not even in the Empire.”

It was obvious. There was no other talent like Damien in this world.

If that were the case, it would have been impossible for Damian to destroy humanity in his past life.

“If I had hurt you, you wouldn’t have left me alone, right?”

“Well, what would I have done?”

David was quietly looking at Damian. Then suddenly, Damian noticed.

The whole world became quiet.

The sound of birds flapping and the cries of insects all became silent. There wasn’t even a sound of the trees shaking.

Only then did Damian realize that David was spreading energy and dominating the area.

I didn’t notice it at all until the space was completely engulfed.

This is why a master is called a true superman.

This is because strange phenomena that are far beyond the human level are caused without notice.

“Even if I did, I wouldn’t have killed him.”

“How can you guarantee that?”

“Because I don’t feel alive.”

If David had harbored even the slightest murderous intent, deadly force would have come flying from all directions and torn Damian’s spirit to pieces.

But the world was quiet. It meant that he didn’t have any ill feelings toward Damian at all.


David clicked his tongue and gathered his strength. The quiet world suddenly became noisy.

“I never thought you would even notice something like that. “It’s not fun because you’re so capable.”

David shrugged his shoulders and said.

“You are the one who challenged me to a duel first. “There’s nothing to say even if you get hurt.”

Even though he was a guard, he didn’t seem to have any intention of protecting Geomhu.

“On the contrary, I must have learned a lot from this incident, so it was a good opportunity.”

David was right about this.

Geomhu has been winning repeatedly throughout his life. In her eyes, this world will seem like a flat land without any difficulties.

However, I experienced a wall after meeting Damian. It was clear that the world Geomhu saw would change greatly in the future.

“My name is Artus Werber. A master who serves your family.”

Artus Werber.

David, as well as Artus Werber, were names I had never heard of in my previous life.

‘That’s strange. There is no way I wouldn’t know if it’s a master under Geomhu’s command.’

There was a possibility that he retired for some reason, or that Damian was already deceased when he was active.

“Why is the Master in charge of guarding?”

Considering the Master’s status, it was too much of a waste to be entrusted with guarding him.

Even if it was the escort of a valuable talent like Geomhu, the same was true.

“Mrs… … No, I received such a great favor from your mother that it would be difficult to repay. “To repay the favor, I volunteered to act as her escort.”

As he said that, Artus Werber looked at Geomhu with very gentle eyes.

“I want you to keep everything about me a secret from you. “She thinks she is traveling under her own power.”

“You must have a hard time adjusting.”

Artus Werber burst out laughing at Damian’s words.

* * *


Geomhu did not come to his senses until the next day. As soon as she opened her eyes she sat up and screamed.

“How did the duel go? “Why am I lying here?”


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Damian and David sat in front of the campfire and drank tea before looking back at her.

“miss! “You’ve come to your senses!”

David threw away the teacup and ran to Geomhu. Geomhu threw David aside.

“Damian Haxen! What on earth was that? How were they able to move so quickly? “How did you get through my self-defense device?”

Geomhu sat in front of Damian and asked him all kinds of questions. Damian sipped his tea with an annoyed look on his face.

“If you try to learn other people’s technology so easily, why use it?”

“That’s true too… … Then how about exchanging them? “I will teach you all the techniques I am learning!”

“Ah, lady! “That’s not possible!”

David shouted urgently. Damian couldn’t help but be scared in a different way.

‘Is this woman planning to make me a public figure in the family?’

The Duke of Gum came from the Lichteauer family, a ducal family of the Empire. Naturally, the skills she was learning also belonged to the Lichte Hour family.

The vision was leaked, so which family would remain silent? There was a high probability that an assassination squad would be sent immediately.

Above all, Damian actually knew most of the techniques of swordsmanship.

This is because he absorbed all of his sword skills while fighting against Sword Master in his past life.

“Not required.”

The swordsman was dejected by Damien’s firm refusal.

“I saw earlier that your walking skills were poor when swinging the sword. “It would be better to focus on lower body training for the time being.”

“uh? really?”

“And because we focus on speed, all attacks are too light. Among the Mana exercises, there is also a method to temporarily increase weight. “Look there.”

David’s eyes widened at Damian’s point.

You would have noticed because it was a masterclass. Damian’s point is correct.

No, it wasn’t at the exact level. Damian was showing the way to the swordsman.

The path taken by the future Geomhu.

Damian even supplemented the information in his own way.

“Uh, but when the family instructors say… … .”

“There must have been many times when you didn’t understand what the instructor was saying. “Wouldn’t it have been better to just wield it the way you want?”

“Yes, that’s right. Uh, how did you know?”

Geomhu was a genius among geniuses. There was no way criminals could teach such a person.

“Forget everything but the basics of your family’s teachings. “I think you will pave the way in the future.”

Damian said in a confident tone. Geomhu nodded his head repeatedly.

Then, his expression suddenly turned fierce.

“Wait. Why am I being taught by you?”

“Isn’t it something to be thankful for?”

“Thank you! You are the one I must defeat! “Stop making strange noises and join us right now!”

Geomhu got up, but fell to the ground again.

“uh? “Huh?”

Geomhu looked down at his body with an expression that he could not understand at all.

Now, Geomhu’s blood vessels were blocked by Myeonri Geum Needle.

It will resolve itself over time, but right now you won’t be able to move your body or use your magic power.

“Hey, this can’t be happening…” … Now, just wait a moment!”

Damian stood up, leaving the examination alone. He organized the blankets and put the dishes into the space.

“Now, wait a minute! “Where are you going!”

“It’s morning, so we have to move again. “There is a long way to go.”

“Where are we going?”

“Holy Church.”

At those words, Geomhu’s expression became urgent.

The Holy Order was located overseas. She was heading to the Apple Kingdom, so their directions were different.

“I guess I’ll have to part ways here.”

“Well, before that, fight me one more time!”

“With that body?”

Damian looked down at Geomhu as if looking down on him. The look on his face made his face turn red.

Then suddenly Geomhu took off the ring on his finger.

It was a ring made entirely of silver without any special decoration. It must have been a long time since it was worn in some places.

“Take it!”

Geomhu threw the ring at Damian. Damien received the ring without even knowing what was happening.

“Ah, lady! That ring… … !”

“David stay quiet.”

David had no choice but to keep his mouth shut due to Geomhu’s sharp shout.

“Damian Haxen, listen carefully. My name is Rachel Lichteauer! He is the heir of the Duke of Liechteau, one of the seven great families of the Empire!”

Damian already knew the name and family name of the Geomhu.

However, even Damian could not help but be surprised by what followed.

“In our family, we have a tradition of giving items that symbolize the family when we receive great favor! And that ring is the ring that proves you are the heir to the family!”

After the examination, if what Rachel Lichteauer said was true, this ring contained enormous value.

“I will return to my family as soon as I finish my business in the Apple Kingdom. “If you bring me that ring, I’ll tell my father and he’ll reward me!”

“I’m going to have a duel with you as well?”

“That’s natural!”

In his previous life, Geomhu wandered around the continent hoping to meet strong people and returned to the empire.

It seemed like he was planning on ending his wanderings early in this life.

“Well, I can’t not go even though I’m going to repay you.”

Damian put the ring in subspace and climbed on the horse.

“Ssi… … Absolutely! please!”


“If you forget, I won’t let you go! “I will chase you forever!”

Damian left the forest while hearing the sword’s cries.

* * *

After that, Damian crossed the border and headed to the Holy Church.

The Holy Church was no different from a nation.

It had a territory comparable to that of any other kingdom, and there were quite a lot of people living within it.

Therefore, even after Damian entered the territory of the Holy Kingdom, he had to travel a long way towards the headquarters.

When a week passed, Damien was able to arrive at his destination.

“We finally arrived.”

Damian looked ahead from the top of the hill. A fortress was built far away.

The scale of the fortress was enormous. It seemed to be about twice as big as the capital of the Apple Kingdom that Damian had visited a while ago.

A huge wall surrounded the fortress, and it looked so high and strong that it almost looked like a cliff. Inside, there were walls built in layers that were even taller.

It was the headquarters of the Holy Order.


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