Return of the Calamity-Class Death Knight Chapter 108

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The Return of the Destruction Level Death Knight Episode 108

Episode 108: Celebration (2)

The Duke’s appearance froze the banquet hall as if a winter wind had blown through it.

What puzzled the nobles even more than the appearance of the duke was the situation unfolding before their eyes.

The duke said, looking at the hand holding his shoulder.

“If it’s okay, could you please let go of my hand?”

Viscount Topekan hastily withdrew his hand at the Duke’s words. The Duke patted his shoulder with a cold face.

“It’s a real Gold Pixie Duke… … ?”

“I heard that you don’t attend social gatherings… … .”

“I heard that you are close with Damian Haxen, but I never thought he would come so soon… … .”

The nobles looked at the duke and murmured. Some nobles quickly wondered what the duke’s intentions were for participating.

“The fact that Duke Gold Pixie came here… … .”

“This is an official recognition of our relationship with the Haxen family.”

“The Haksen family’s successor is the Gold Pixie Duke family. “This is a huge deal.”

While the nobles were chatting, Damian approached.

“Oh, Lord Damian! Thank you for sending the invitation. “It’s a little late, but please understand.”

The duke who found Damian said with a bright face.

“I am grateful just for attending.”

“Haha, I’m glad that’s the case. There are so many things I want to talk to you about… … “We’ll figure that out later.”

The duke said, looking at Count Haxen.

“Lord Haxen, if it’s okay with you, could we have a chat?”

“Well, it’s my honor.”

Count Haxen quickly answered.

“Thank you for saying that. And the Duke of Topekan?”

At Duke Gold Pixie’s shout, Viscount Topekan left the place but returned.

“Go, Your Excellency… … “What’s going on?”

“Would you like to go with us?”

At that moment, Viscount Topekan almost screamed without realizing it.

“Well, I have some urgent business…” … .”

“I’m telling you to come with me, aren’t you?”

The duke’s voice lowered. Viscount Topekan had no choice but to follow the Duke, holding back tears.

* * *

Viscount Topekan was absolutely to die for.

“Lord Haxen, you don’t know how surprised I was to hear the news!”

It was because of the Gold Pixie Duke sitting at the same table.

Iron Blood Ball, Golden Demon, Blood-stained Meritist, etc.

All of the nicknames given to the Gold Pixie Duke were extremely cruel.

That’s how much Duke Gold Pixie was a feared person.

He was famous for not only eliminating anyone who interfered with his business by any means possible, but also ruthlessly throwing away even a vassal if he lacked ability.

Anyone who knew anything about the duke was reluctant to get close to him.

With such a monster-like person next to me, I couldn’t help but feel nervous as if I was sitting on a pincushion.

“Compared to Your Excellency, I am nothing.”

“What! Isn’t the Haksen family the only family to receive the title of earldom in the past 10 years? “This is great enough!”

The Viscount Topekan even carelessly touched the duke’s body.

Even though Viscount Topekan had great influence in the West, he was nothing more than a firefly in front of the sun compared to Duke Goldpixie.

Duke Gold Pixie was a person who wielded enormous power not only in the West but also in the entire Apple Kingdom.

Right now, Viscount Topekan was practically sticking his head out halfway.

“Once you become a count, there are a lot more things you have to worry about. He will tell you who to choose to manage the estate on your behalf. How should he monitor them? “There are more than one complicated things.”

“So I’m also very worried. Since I have only managed a small fiefdom so far… … .”

While listening to the conversation between the two, Viscount Topekan was shocked.

The duke, who was always famous for being cool-headed and thorough, was treating Count Haxen in a very friendly manner.

“You must be worried because it’s your first time. Don’t worry. “I will help you.”

“Are you sure?”

“Not really. If you need any knowledge or help, send someone at any time. No, I will dispatch someone as soon as possible.”

They were even actively helping.

It looked completely different from the Gold Pixie Duke that Viscount Topekan knew.

“I wonder if I can receive this favor… … .”

“Don’t be burdened. “Compared to the help Sir Damian gave me, it’s like new blood.”

During the conversation, Duke Gold Pixie glanced at Viscount Topekan and said,

“Lord Topekan, you haven’t said anything since a while ago. “Is there any pain anywhere?”

“Oh, no! “I’m fine!”

Viscount Topekan shouted hastily. The duke burst out laughing as he looked at the viscount.

“Haha, there’s no need to be too nervous. “I’m afraid I might try to eat you.”

Viscount Topekan felt goosebumps rising all over his body.

To the duke it may have been a joke, but to the Viscount Topekan it was not.

“Lord Haxen, while we’re at it, may I give you a piece of advice here?”

“I will listen as much as I want.”

“I really appreciate those words. “Actually, even if it’s advice, it’s nothing special.”


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The Gold Pixie Duke motioned and called the servant who was carrying the alcohol.

Then he picked up three glasses from the tray the servant was holding and offered them to Count Haxen and Viscount Topekan.

“Power is a very sweet and sweet thing. It can be said to be a fragrant liquor that anyone can’t help but get drunk on. But, as you know, drunk people tend to look pathetic.”

Count Haxen nodded at the Duke’s words.

“You’re telling me to always be on guard.”

“yes. But this is it. It’s not just me who is wary. “Power makes other people crazy too.”

The Gold Pixie Duke took a sip of his drink.

“Many people will gather around you in the future. Some of them may have good intentions… … There will only be a very small number. “Most of them will either covet your power or try to take it away.”

Gold Pixie Duke’s face became serious.

“So, everyone who approaches be on guard. What on earth is your intention? What do you want from me? “I wonder if it’s dangerous.”

While saying that, the Gold Pixie Duke drank the rest of his drink.

“Do you know what to do if your intentions are impure?”

“Is it okay if I kick you out?”

“Hahaha, that’s not enough. “I must completely crush you so that you can never look down on me again.”

As he said that, Duke Gold Pixie looked at Viscount Topekan.

Viscount Topekan hiccuped without realizing it.

“What do you think, Topekan?”

“Well, well… … .”

“Answer me. “I’d like to hear it somewhere.”

“one… … I don’t think it would be a bad idea to give it a chance… … .”

The Gold Pixie Duke let out a small, long laugh.

“This is just one time.”

The laughter disappeared from the Gold Pixie Duke’s voice. Viscount Topekan’s face turned pale.

“Let’s go now. “I have something to say to Lord Haxen.”

Viscount Topekan quickly left his seat.

It was a completely subordinate attitude, but he didn’t care at all.

Right now, all I wanted to do was get out of this place as quickly as possible.

* * *

After finishing the conversation with Count Haxen, Duke Goldpixie summoned Damian separately and treated him alone.

“I didn’t know Sir Damian could have such a cunning side.”

Gold Pixie Duke said with a mischievous face.

“You invited me to give strength to the family.”

“Are you by any chance offended?”

“If it had been someone else, I would have done the same, but since it was Sir Damian’s request and not anyone else, I wasn’t offended. Rather, I was happy because it felt like an opportunity to repay the favor in some small way.”

Previously, Damian had exposed the identity of the warlocks who were working secretly in the Gold Pixie family. Thanks to this, Duke Gold Pixie was able to protect his family.

“Anyway, it’s really amazing. “I knew you were going to be big, but I didn’t know it would be this fast.”

Not only did he help the cult to kill a famous warlock, but he also prevented a treason that took place in the royal palace.

The current Damian could truly be called the hero of the Apple kingdom.

“Are you really not planning on joining our family?”

“I have a lot of work to do, so that might be difficult.”

“I’ll get you whatever you need.”


The Gold Pixie Duke smiled bitterly at Damian’s firm answer.

“If that is your will, there is nothing we can do. Then I’ll try to go early. “I have other plans.”

With that said, Duke Gold Pixie left Spring Castle.

* * *

The celebration lasted for a week.

Thanks to the Duke’s visit on the first day, all the guests who arrived later behaved well.

“Lord Haxen! “I am a mortal from Baron Bertlia!”

“I brought you an heirloom to celebrate today! Please accept it!”

No, there was a bit of ambiguity in the word calm.

Every nobleman who came to visit was busy flattering them. He tried to impress Count Haxen somehow.

Considering Damian’s position and relationship with the Gold Pixie family, it was natural.

The information was so fast that it was amazing to see the nobles changing their attitude towards Count Haxen in an instant.

In this way, the Haksen family was able to successfully conclude the celebration of elevation to count.

After seeing off the last guest, each family member expressed their gratitude to Damian.

“It’s finally over! Everyone worked hard!”

“At first, I was worried about whether I could finish it safely… … “I’m so glad.”

“This is all thanks to you, brother! “Thanks to the invitation of His Excellency the Duke, everyone has become quiet!”

All eyes of the family turned to Damien. Damian cleared his throat. It was somehow embarrassing.

“It’s no big deal.”

“It’s no big deal! “If it weren’t for you, the atmosphere would have been a mess!”

“that’s right! Who was it, Viscount Topekan? “That damned person must have behaved very mischievously!”

Damian scratched his cheek with his fingers. “He felt embarrassed hearing his family’s praise.”

“Damian, come closer.”

“What’s going on?”

Damian looked confused and approached his father.

As the distance got closer, his father hugged him tightly. And he spoke quietly.

“Good job. Our son, our wonderful son. Thank you very much.”

At that moment, something burst out of my chest.

In his past life, Damien killed his entire family under Dorgo’s orders.

The moment of death, the family’s screams, resentment, and crying were not forgotten. It was still clear in my ears. I had nightmares every day.

However, my father’s words helped me forget the terrible memories, even if just for a moment.

Damian had to bite his lip to keep his emotions from spilling out.

But it seemed like the emotions of this moment would be remembered for a long time.

* * *

The celebration was over, but the family decided not to return to the mansion.

“I’m thinking of making this my home from now on.”

Now that he had become a count, he needed a suitable home.

Moreover, the territories currently owned by the Count Haxen family were scattered in different places.

The existing territory, the land that Olivia received from the Copperhead Count, and finally, the Gargari Plain.

Among the three territories, Gargari Plain was located in the middle. Therefore, it was better to stay at Spring Castle to manage the territory.

“Do whatever your father wants.”

Damian did not express any particular opinion. This is because he intended to leave all his family affairs to his family.

Moreover, the current family had a dependable Olivia. With her ability, she seemed to be able to manage a territory of this size without difficulty.

Now that the family event was over, it was time to focus on personal matters.

“Now let’s go visit the church.”

In return for punishing Corpse Nol and rescuing the punitive force, Damian was eligible to enter the religious order’s Vigo.

In addition, I planned to offer up the core I obtained while destroying the magic sword and receive a reward.

“As a bonus, I also repair the holy sword.”

With anticipation in mind, Damien prepared to go on a trip.


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