Return of Mount Hua Sect Chapter 992

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Episode 991 What kind of wealth and fame am I going to enjoy? (One)


“… … .”


“… … .”

“ha ha ha. Hahaha! Hahahahahahahaha!”

“… … .”

Jo Geol, who was looking at Lim So-byeong, who continued to burst into laughter, quietly opened his mouth.



“Why is he doing that?”

“… … “I hope you like it.”

“Is it like that?”

He still looked at Lim So-byeong with a look of incomprehension.

No, I understand that’s a good thing, but… … .


Isn’t that a bit harsh?

However, Lim So-byeong kept bursting into laughter regardless of whether Jo Geol thought it was strange or not. He was a very sick and weak person, so I didn’t really feel like he was the King of Green Forest, but when I saw him looking up at the sky and bursting into laughter, those thoughts disappeared.

on the other side… … .

“Why is he like that again?”

“… … “What else?”

“He, he.”

Yunjong’s gaze turned to the other side of the Green Forest King. I saw Cheongmyeong looking depressed, something I had never seen before. He looked so depressed that I could almost see dark clouds gathering over his head.

Lim So-byeong burst into laughter at him as he squatted in the corner and scribbled something on the floor with a twig. The way he waved the pledge in his hand as if to show off was like a winner waving a flag at a loser.


Yunjong, who looked alternately at Cheongmyeong digging into the ground and Sobyeong Lim blowing the trumpet of victory, shook his head.

“That’s shit.”

“Iknow, right.”

At that time, Baekcheon smiled and approached Lim So-byeong.


“iced coffee! Baekcheon Seal! thank you! thank you!”

“… … Do you like it that much?”

“I like it!”

Lim So-byeong spread out his fan.

“The harsh years, humiliation, and pain I endured just to get a chance to join the Cheonwoo League!”

“… … .”

“How could you not feel good when you got all that rewarded at once! Now, our Green Forest is also a proud member of the Cheonwoo Alliance.”

“… … Even though we decided to announce it later… … .”

“That’s not important. “The important thing is that now we finally have a shield.”

“What if you say it’s a shield?”

Lim So-byeong smiled meaningfully at Baekcheon’s question.

“Think about it, Baekcheon Dojo. “What would have happened if the green forest had not been close to the volcano in this situation?”

“yes? That’s right… … .”

Baekcheon thought about something for a moment and then nodded. He understood what Lim So-byeong was saying.

“It must have been dangerous.”

“That’s right. That’s right. The current relationship between political factions and Safa factions is the worst of the worst. In addition, Gupailbang has been disgraced by the Sapaeryeon and needs a way to restore its honor. In this situation, if Nokrim had not belonged to the Cheonwoomaeng, he would have been destroyed by the blind Shaolin.”

This is not just a story limited to Shaolin.

There are more than one sect that want to restore their honor right now.

“For other Sapas, it would be okay to just go down to Gangnam and join Sapaeryeon, but for Nokrim, that is impossible. Isn’t Nokrim basically a sect that has to live near the mountains? And most of the mountainous areas in the central plains are concentrated in Gangbuk.”


This means that among the large Sapas that exist in the central region, Nokrim is the only one whose activities are based in Gangbuk. Of course, Green Forest is active in Gangnam, but its power does not reach 30% of the total.

“So, our green forest can choose one of two paths. Either abandon all the bases in Gangbuk that you have cultivated, move to Gangnam, and bow your head to those Sapae-ryeon. Either that, or cut off Gangnam and survive in Gangbuk under the notice of the old faction.”

Baekcheon shook his head.

“It will be difficult to hold on.”

“Yes that’s right. No matter how good Noklim is, is it still as good as that old file room? “If the Old Sect bastards decide to attack, it will take less than a month for the entire mountain’s bandits to dry up.”

“… … .”

“And the other way too. How can you be born as a human being and bow your head to Jang Il-so? To that devil bastard!”

“… … .”

It is well known that Jang Il-so and Lim So-byeong are enemies. If we look at it objectively, it is closer to Lim So-byeong, who was unilaterally beaten, burning out his resentment on his own.


Clap la la la rock!

This time, what was wide open was not a fan, but a pledge with King Hyeonjong’s seal.

“Now we too are proud members of the Cheonwoo Alliance! “No matter how old the faction is, they can’t touch us who are part of the Cheonwoo Alliance!”

“… … .”

Lim So-byeong, who was speaking so openly, momentarily had tears in his eyes. Baekcheon asked in confusion.

“Why, why are you crying?”

“No, Baekcheon Dojo. Suddenly sadness came over me… … .”

“yes? “Are you sad?”


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He said, looking into the distance with wet eyes.

“Those harsh years… … . The devil outside is trying his best to manipulate even one more person, and the idiots inside are asking why we have to act like servants to political faction bastards… … ! Those called elders say bullshit that our predecessors weren’t like this! You don’t deserve to be the Green Forest King! “The green forest has deteriorated!”

“… … “You must have worked hard.”

“No, no! Now all that hard work is over! Put this oath on the faces of those elders! Taaaaagh! I’m so curious to see what kind of facial expression it will make when I push it in, it’s making me crazy! Hahahahaha! Our ancestors are buried, and we will bury them alive as well. Damn old people!”

Baekcheon silently wiped away his cold sweat and took a couple of steps back.

The reaction is so strong that it’s a bit burdensome, but I like it anyway… … .

Meanwhile, Baekcheon looked at Lim Sobyeong again.

‘If you look at it on the other hand… … What a great person.’

That means that Lim So-byeong had a feeling that something like this would happen someday from the time he first met Cheongmyeong. And at that time, he chose Hwasan as a munpa that could serve as the eaves of the green forest.

If Lim So-byeong’s choice had been a little late or wrong, Noklim’s situation would have become incomparably more precarious than it is now.

Although he appears to be a man with many strange aspects, I once again realized that this man had clearly made the best choice as the head of Green Forest.

on the other side… … .

Baekcheon turned his eyes to the other side. Now, the figure of Cheongmyeong, leaning against the tree trunk and looking up blankly at the sky, came into view.

He looked indescribably sad. To some extent, I felt sorry for that devil.

“… … “Cheongmyeong?”

“… … .”

“excuse me… … “Cheongmyeong?”

Only after calling twice did Cheongmyeong’s head helplessly turn towards Baekcheon.

“Sasuk… … .”

“Yes, yes, Cheongmyeong. Are you okay?”

Baekcheon swallowed dry saliva.

“I… … .”


“… … What kind of wealth and fame am I going to enjoy? … .”

“… … .”

Moisture formed in Cheongmyeong’s eyes.

“As I live, the day comes when I have a meal together with Sapa. I’d rather raise maggots. No matter how much I do this to make a living, how can I… … .”

“Ji, calm down.”

“You’re writing too long! No matter how much your conscience pricks you, that’s true. I get that Sapa bastard. Not just one or two, but those teeming bandits… … . oh my. Oh my gosh. What happens to volcanoes? Oh my gosh. The volcano is ruined. The volcano is destroyed… … .”

Baekcheon was so shocked that he broke into a cold sweat.

In the meantime, I’ve seen Cheongmyeong use evil so often that it’s not new to me anymore, nor does it tickle me. But it was my first time seeing him so sad and despairing.

“I have to die, I have to die. I should just bite my tongue and die. If I live to this age just to see what happens… … .”

“You’re still young, you crazy bastard! “You’re talking like a grandfather who has lived his whole life!”

Chaos was brewing.

Jo Geol, who was watching this, asked as if it was something new.

“… … “It seems quite a shock to have a meal together with Sapa.”

“He has a Sapa hater.”

He was already a guy who didn’t even treat Sapa as a human being, but recently, thanks to the appearance of Jang Il-so, that symptom has gotten several times worse.

Still, Lim So-byeong would be enough to be called a moderate faction(?), but with that kind of reaction, it’s hard to imagine how much people like Jang Il-so and the Black Dragon King would hate it.

“Take care of yourself first.”

“Couldn’t we just leave it alone?”

“I thought that bastard was going to say, ‘The justice of the volcano is dead. In this case, I will drive out Jang Mun-in and become Jang Mun-in and reestablish the spirit of Hwasan.’ “I’m afraid they’ll say the same bullshit.”

“… … “First, I’ll put some sweets in the mouth.”

Although it was unlikely, the horrors that would follow were too scary to ignore.

That volcano has a long name.

It is not just a volcano, but a catastrophe spanning the entire central plains. It must be stopped for the sake of peace in the Central Plains and for the peace of the Eight Emperors of the Nine States beyond the Central Plains!

However, most of Hwasan’s disciples were busy looking at the amazing sight with strange smiles on their faces.

As expected, the fact that Nokrim joined the Cheonwoo Alliance did not particularly impress them. This is because after seeing Green Forest for a while, much of my feelings of resistance have subtly disappeared.

So, they were just happy that the guy who was running wild all over the world got a big blow.

‘The day will come when that bastard will be punished too.’

‘Now that Jang Moon-in has full authority, we will feel more at ease.’

‘They say even a rat’s hole has a sunny day!’

At that time, Tang Soso smiled and said.

“That’s why I told you to use your mind kindly, brother. You get into trouble because you have a bad attitude! “Hohohoho!”

“… … “Is it fun?”


“Is it fun?”

“like… … . Ho Ho.”

Tang Xiaoxiao’s face, which had been smiling exaggeratedly like a villain, gradually hardened and turned white. Cheongmyeong, who had been in despair, slowly stood up from his seat.

He opened his mouth quietly.


“… … Yes?”

Baekcheon looked at Cheongmyeong’s complexion with an anxious face.

“I’ve been thinking about it.”

“… … huh.”

“I think there is one reason why this disaster occurred.”


“It’s because we are weak.”

“… … .”

hey? Just two days ago, that… … You jumped across the Yangtze River in one month, destroyed Su-ro Chae, and saved her Namgung?

But are we weak?

Baekcheon’s eyelids began to flutter.

“Cheongmyeong… … . “It is my opinion, but I think that is a misjudgment.”

“No, that’s right.”

Cheongmyeong said with a stern face.

“If you think about it, it’s a simple thing. “If we were a member of the SPA and could just destroy the old school, we wouldn’t have had to hang out with those SPA bastards, right?”

“If one sect can do it all, is that a volcano? “Magic religion.”

“Oh, no!”


Baekcheon was momentarily taken aback by the scream that came from next to him, and then unconsciously covered his mouth.

He understood what mistake he had made.

“… … Demonic religion?”

“… … .”


Sure enough, Cheongmyeong’s eyes began to shine with madness. Everyone who saw those eyes glared at Baekcheon as if he were going to kill him.

‘Hey, Siba. Even if you say it!’

‘I know for sure that that bastard will have a fit when he hears the sound of demonic religion!’

‘I’ll have to tie up the snout or something!’

Baekcheon, who received a look of resentment, slowly turned his head and looked at the distant sky. Cheongmyeong muttered darkly.

“That’s right, demonic religion. okay. The devil must also win. “Then I don’t have time to play around like this.”

Cheongmyeong, whose eyes had completely turned gray, grabbed the black sword.

Baekcheon hurriedly looked around. The plan was to ask Lim So-byeong, who had triggered this whole situation, to stop him.

but… … .

“Hey, where did this gentleman go?”

“The Green Forest King? Didn’t you see that the rabbit started acting up as soon as the sound of magic was heard?”

“… … .”

ah. That’s how life should be lived… … . I learned something else today.


Cheongmyeong, who drew out his black sword, smiled and looked at everyone.


“… … .”

“It’s a fun training time.”

The blood drained from everyone’s faces.

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