Regressing with the King’s Power Chapter 40

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Episode 40

Acid Worm is not a monster with high combat power despite its size of 5 meters.

Despite this, he is considered a grade A monster.

This was due to acidic fluid spewing out irregularly from various parts of the body.

A barren environment called the Abyss Swamp.

The body that has adapted to that place is like a virus in its very existence.

Even if it touches the body, it causes considerable damage.

Not only did it cause significant damage if it appeared in buildings or crowded places, but it was also difficult to attack for awakened people who mainly use melee attacks.

That was why Narendra Nehru first summoned the acid worm.

If the opponent is a physical awakened person, you will have to approach the acid worm, and if the opponent is a magical awakened person, you will be tracked back the moment you activate the skill.

But now the two acid worms are dead.

Narendra Nehru could not even tell where his opponent was.



A sudden power outage instantly turned the surroundings into darkness.

“What is this!!”

“Check it now!!”

Is it because they think they have already won?

The demons panicked in an unexpected situation.

It was an action that did not live up to the name.

Only Narendra Nehru started laughing as if he found this situation amusing.

There are only two S-rank players in the auction house.

Ryohei Isaka and Taehyun Kim.

It was obvious who the opponent was.

‘You have an interesting skill.’

Until now, he has gained notoriety as an international terrorist.

Has there ever been a case where a monster you summoned was attacked and you were unable to track it back?

In his opinion, the acid worm was a shield that prevented the opponent’s approach and at the same time a measuring instrument that could determine capabilities.

In that respect, the person named Kim Tae-hyun was enough to stimulate Narendra Nehru’s curiosity.

“He was more interesting than I thought.”

Taehyun is here.

This would mean that Japan’s S-rank player Ryohei Isaka was defeated.

The sinister smile soon turned into mad laughter.

“Show yourself. “O non-believer.”

Narendra Nehru activated the energy.

I felt something moving quickly in the dark, but it was difficult to pinpoint its location.

This also meant that Taehyun’s skill proficiency was high.

“If you don’t reveal it.”

Narendra Nehru extended his hand towards the hostages.

The skill ‘Contract with the Devil’ was activated and the ten hostages that had been marked began to dry up.

It was used as a sacrifice to summon monsters.

“Mo, my body!!”


“Save me!”

It took less than three seconds for the ten sacrificed humans to dry up like mummies.

[Great Worm (S) has been summoned. Magic power consumption begins.]

[Sabel Spider (S) has been summoned. Magic power consumption begins.]

Narendra Nehru showed his rotten teeth as he looked at the two newly summoned monsters.

“I will use everything as a sacrifice.”

He extended his hand toward the hostage once again.

That moment.

Taehyun, using stealth, passed by Narendra Nehru.


A piece of clothing was torn off by the swinging talisman.

This is because he easily avoided it, as if Narendra Nehru was waiting for him.

Coincidentally, a skill used by one of the demons illuminated the darkness.

Taehyun’s hiding was canceled by the subsequent detection skill.

“There you are.”


It was a long-awaited surprise attack.

Taehyun straightened his posture with an embarrassed expression.

Narendra Nehru gave the order.

“ruler. Apostles. It is time to carry out God’s revelation.”

Dozens of demons and two S-class monsters rushed towards Taehyeon.

* * *

[Skill Knight King’s Awe (B) has been activated. The opponent is randomly selected.]

Taehyun, who jumped into the crowd of demons, used the Knight King’s spirit, which can be said to be a wide-range skill.

There is no comparison between the levels of the player test takers and the players.


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Moreover, because it was used in a hurry, only a few demons were suppressed.

“It was barely that much. Your skills. “Try it again.”

Narendra Nehru laughed at Taehyun, who was struggling.

It was to bring out the skill that instantly killed the acid worm.


Taehyun increased his speed and cut down another demon.

There was no need to respond to Narendra Nehru’s provocations.

Just use ‘Stealth’ and ‘Stone Skin’ to cut down the charging demons.

At that time, the magic power that maintained stealth was disturbed.

‘Stealth is being dispelled.’


Taehyun frowned at the body slowly taking shape.

It was not surprising that among these numerous demons, there was one with a dispel skill.

Taehyun, whose form was completely revealed, suddenly leaped forward.

The poisonous sting thrown by the Sabel Spider got stuck in that spot.

‘At least S grade or upper intermediate level.’

The movement that avoided the attack just a moment ago, and the skill proficiency to summon two S-class monsters at once.

He was such a creepy guy that I thought his notoriety was underestimated.

‘There is no chance of winning in a head-on confrontation.’

Following ‘Stealth’, I felt that even ‘Stone Skin’ was being forcibly released.

Without a moment to catch your breath.

Taehyun rolled on the floor, avoiding the flying acid of the Great Worm.


[Skill Knight King’s Awe (B) has been activated. The opponent is randomly selected.]

[Skill Binding Chain (B) has been activated. The opponent is randomly selected.]



The body of the demon chasing Taehyeon stumbled due to the two overlapping skills.

Gravity pressed down as if intensified, and a chain of magical power weaved between them.

It’s a moment when you think you’ve gained a little time.

When the Great Worm opened its mouth, the chains of restraint were sucked in.

It was eaten along with the chained demon.

“crazy. “Insects eat people.”

It wasn’t just bigger than the acid worm.

A characteristic of the Great Worm is that it can eat skills.

Taehyun cursed as he saw with his own eyes the characteristics he had only heard about.

“Hehehe. It is time for God’s punishment.”

A tangled web spewed out from the Sabel Spider’s mouth.

The spider web that had only lightly brushed around Taehyun’s legs stretched out.

[Speed ​​decreases by 20. Movement is restricted.]

[Stamina decreases by 10. Movement is restricted.]

[Magic power decreases by 10. Movement is restricted.]

[Strength decreases by 10. Movement is restricted.]

The moment when Taehyun swings the talisman to remove the spider web.

Before I knew it, Narendra Nehru’s long hand came and grabbed my neck.


“I have captured all of your movements. “It’s not that I don’t use the skill, it’s that I can’t use it.”

Those words hit the nail on the head.

Taehyun struggled to get out of the guy’s hands.

“Tsk tsk.”

Narendra Nehru clicked his tongue when he saw that.

Physical abilities have already declined.

It was impossible to escape his grasp like this.

To make matters worse, even the demons have surrounded Taehyun.

“Oh my. Where is the Phoenix Potion?”

asked Narendra Nehru through gritted teeth.

Eyes filled with madness flashed.

“Get your stinky face off.”

Narendra Nehru chuckled at the meaningless defiance.

The game has already been decided.

Isn’t Taehyun’s life in his own hands?

He seemed relaxed.

“Hehe. Ryohei Isaka. He was like that at first too. “But it won’t take more than five minutes for him to open his mouth.”

An ominous magic surged from Narendra Nehru’s body.

A message appeared before Taehyun’s eyes.

[Skill use has been detected. I made a contract with the devil (S). It resists with mysterious power. Resistance was successful.]


The corners of Taehyun’s mouth rose.

On the other hand, Narendra Nehru, who was denied the skill, looked in disbelief.

Marking failed.

Considering the power he had now, it was something that could not have been done unless he was an S-class advanced player.

‘no way. This guy’s skill is stronger than ‘Contract with the Devil’?’

‘Contract with the Devil’ was a skill considered to be the highest among S-ranks.

A multi-skill awakened person can defend such a skill?

‘can not believe it!!’

Distrust soon turned into anger.

“How dare you become an apostate?”

The time when Narendra Nehru tried to rip off one of Taehyun’s limbs.


A warp gate that had been inactive all along began to shine.

Although it is three times larger than the smaller gates around it.

It was a medium-sized warp gate that I didn’t pay any attention to because it would never be activated.

at the same time.

Shook. Shook. Shush. Shoo shoo shoo.

“Uh, huh?”

“Hey, what is this…” .”

“This… Forced warp?!!”

The demons began to shout as they watched their colleagues disappear one by one.

Force warp.

An application technology of the gate skill that can forcibly move the target according to the caster’s intention.

A gate skill of at least grade A and a warp gate of medium size or higher.

It was a technology that could only be used if you had administrator authority for the gate, and could only be used in a disaster.

Next to the gate where the forced warp function was activated, a man was shaking with a stern expression.

‘It’s nice. Kevin Poland.’

Taehyun, who made eye contact with him, praised him strongly.

Kevin Folland is the head of the warp gate zone at the auction house.

The time it took for him to use the forced warp function was 5 minutes.

Taehyun endured that time brilliantly by attracting the attention of Narendra Nehru and the others.

It felt like some of the pressure that had been holding Taehyun down had disappeared, as if the demon with the dispel skill had been forced to warp.

There was no need to hesitate any longer.

[Skill Knight King’s Awe (B) has been activated. Specifies the target.]

[Skill Binding Chain (B) has been activated. Specifies the target.]

[Skill Stealth (B) has been activated.]

[Skill Stone Skin (B) has been activated.]

Simultaneous use of 4 skills.

Along with the dizziness, a considerable amount of magical power was lost.


Taehyun kicked Narendra Nehru and escaped his grasp.

“What should I do with this?” “I think the atmosphere has changed.”

Taehyun chuckled as he looked at the number of demons that had already decreased to about twenty.

“Tsk… Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk… Hahaha!!!”

Who would have thought there would be resistance like this?

In an unexpected situation, Narendra Nehru burst into laughter.

It was enough to make the gate zone resound.

“My thoughts changed. “I think you would be the best sacrifice to God.”

Unlike Narendra Nehru, whose location has not yet been identified.

The Great Worm and Sabel Spider targeting Taehyun quickly approached.

Because his sense of smell and hearing were extremely developed, he ignored Taehyun’s hiding skills.


“You said earlier that you were curious about my real skills, right?”

Dark red magical energy bloomed from Taehyun’s body.

at the same time.


Something made of dark red magical power.

The huge maw opened.

Crack. Quad deuk.

It was an instant.

The S-class monsters Sabel Spider and Great Worm began to scream.

* * *

Kevin Poland couldn’t believe what was happening right before his eyes.

He is also a grade A awakened person.

That’s why I gave up everything when the Warp Gate Zone was occupied.

My survival instinct took precedence over my responsibility as a manager, so I ran away as hard as I could.

The opponent is a large group of demons mixed with advanced awakened people, as well as the infamous Narendra Nehru.

Anyone would have no choice but to act like that in front of them.

When I heard Taehyun’s plan.

Shouting that it was crazy was in a similar context.

Can you survive against them for 5 minutes alone?

It is clearly an act of suicide.

I certainly thought so.

As a result.

A man named Kim Tae-hyeon fought against them alone, buying time for him to activate the forced warp.

I lasted 5 minutes against dozens of demons and the demons controlled by Narendra Nehru.

‘But this isn’t enough.’

The only ones who could be forced to warp through a medium-sized gate were those with low skill resistance.

In other words, only physical demons that are A grade or lower or have low magic resistance.

Naturally, Narendra Nehru was not included in it.

There are about ten remaining demons.

All of them were named high-class demons.

“Tear that bastard to death!!”


‘haha… That’s it. What is a hero… .’

My body, stiff for life, did not move.

It was the moment when Kevin Poland gave up everything and accepted death.



A terrifying scream rang through the gate zone.

The scream of an S-class monster whose whole body is being torn apart.

At that overwhelming sight, everyone’s eyes turned to one man.

Taehyun was there with red eyes and the expression of a predator.

“All of you. “Don’t you think about dying gracefully?”

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