Regressing with the King’s Power Chapter 31

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Episode 31

The time when Taehyun was checking the status window.

Go Tae-wook visited Ji Jin-hee, who was still doing paperwork.

“okay. “Did you communicate with the chairmen?”

“It’s not like they don’t communicate for a day or two, right?”

“haha. I’m glad I have Deputy Chief Go. “I don’t have to deal with those desk bites.”

Ji Jin-hee’s words were sincere.

Thanks to a talented subordinate named Go Tae-wook, he was able to focus solely on the players without worrying about politics.

“It seems like the association president’s troubles are ongoing.”

“Considering that an S-rank dungeon has occurred, this is nothing short of nothing. “Sit down here.”

Ji Jin-hee, who sat Go Tae-wook down on the sofa, personally served him coffee.

“thank you. “It looks like the guild leader Yoo Ah-young has returned.”

“Miss Ayoung is probably quite behind on payment documents.”

Although we have been spending a lot of time together recently, she is also the guild leader of the four major guilds.

It would be more work than Ji Jin-hee, but not less.

“I have clearly warned the chairmen, so they will not be able to make any rash moves. “I made an appointment with the media for tomorrow.”

“Thank you. Now, let’s talk about what happens next.”

What lies ahead.

At those words, Go Tae-wook put down the coffee cup he was drinking.

The world’s first double dungeon.

The urgent fire was extinguished right away, but starting now was important to resolve the numerous problems that arose in the future.

“I’d like to hear your opinion first.”

When Ji Jin-hee passed the player, Ko Tae-wook expressed his thoughts without hesitation.

“If it becomes known that a double dungeon has occurred, the powers will try to dispatch players under the pretext of measuring it.”

USA. china. japan. russia. uk. germany. france. Italy, etc.

The territory of New Korea, which many powers are eagerly targeting.

Ji Jin-hee did not know that this incident would be a good cause for them.

“I guess so. In fact, solving an S-rank dungeon to this extent is unprecedented.”

Gate breaks and dungeon breaks always have casualties.

Even more so when it is known that an S-rank dungeon was solved with only 4 casualties.

It was obvious that the great powers would tear up the new Korea, citing all kinds of treaties.

“If we wait, it will take two days. “Before that, information will leak out to the United States and China.”

“It’s fast too. Anyway, these damn spies are the problem. So, Deputy Chief Go. Now tell me. Can we say that Kim Tae-hyun is a ‘national force’?”

Ko Tae-wook remained silent for a moment in response to Ji Jin-hee’s question.

Go Tae-wook is one of the leading measurement skill users in New Korea.

Depending on his response, Ji Jin-hee’s plan could be implemented or modified.

Since Ko Tae-wook knew the meaning, he could not give an easy answer.

“It’s still difficult to be certain. at least.”

“at least?”

“I can assure you that it is difficult to know the end of your power. In my opinion, there is a high possibility that it will grow to a national power level.”

“under… haha… ha ha ha… .”

Ji Jin-hee laughed heartily at Go Tae-wook’s words.

“It’s at the national power level. These are the most welcoming words I have ever heard since becoming president of the association. Okay, how long do you think it will take?”

“I am already using the power of S rank for B rank. The growth is also fast. Two years at the earliest. It is expected that it will surpass SS grade within 5 years at the latest.”

“Five years… It’s appropriate, yes. “No matter how old I am, I will be able to remain the president of the association until then.”

“What do you plan to do?”

“Taehyun Kim. I will designate that child as a subject of special protection by the association. “At least as long as I’m sitting as president of the association, no one can touch me.”

Ji Jin-hee’s eyes lit up like never before at Tae-hyeon’s presence.

“Are you saying you’re going to hide that from the media?”

Ji Jin-hee shook her head at Go Tae-wook’s words.

“I like attack more than defense. “I heard that the top scorer for this exam hasn’t been decided yet, right?”

Each year, supervisors graded the player exam and selected the top and second place players.

Because selected candidates are given enormous benefits.

The media has always made a fuss about the chief and deputy chiefs.

But this test was different.

Due to the double dungeon incident, the 3rd exam was canceled, and the top and second seats were not determined.

From a public perspective, Taehyun should receive the honor of being the head of school, but… .

“The burden of this incident cannot be placed solely on Taehyun. “I plan to turn the spotlight on the double dungeon to Park Seong-jin.”

Jin Ji-hee was considerate of Tae-hyeon, who was still young.

“Park Seong-jin is a player. “I’m sure other countries will understand that.”

“There. “How about deciding who will be the valedictorian and runner-up through the fourth test?”

Ji Jin-hee brought out the plan she had been thinking about all along.

Ko Tae-wook’s reaction was positive.

“Definitely justification and practicality. “I guess I can kill two birds with one stone.”

“Let’s also contact the media and broadcasting companies. No, I think it would be okay to do a live broadcast at this point. “It’s also good to divert attention.”

It’s been a while since Go Tae-wook saw Ji Jin-hee looking excited.

‘He is a national power player in the 4th test. Thanks to you, it will be fun.’

First live trial of the New Korea Player License.


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In a future that has changed slightly due to Taehyun’s return.

The 4th test has been confirmed.

* * *

two days later.

Taehyun returned home after completing additional tests and was immediately seated at the table.

It was by my aunt and uncle.

“How was the test?”

“Did you catch it?”

“Oh, Mom. “I told you, if Taehyun is as good as hyung, you’ll definitely get the job.”

Taehyun scratched his head while receiving expectant looks from his aunt, uncle, and Jaeyoung.

I am confident that I will pass, but it is not certain that I will pass yet.

‘That’s not why I fell… .’

Taehyun seemed to be at a loss as to what to say.

My aunt and uncle laughed awkwardly.

“This guy worked hard. Still, my aunt is satisfied just by being awakened. “The exam will be held again next year, so don’t be too upset.”

“Yes, Taehyun. It is clear that our ancestors helped us just because we came back with all four limbs intact. “Oh, whatever.”

“Tongue, bro… Did you really fall?”

Taehyun sighed at the reaction that went differently than expected.

Then, he took out the three tickets he had received before leaving the exam room.

Jaeyoung took the ticket from Taehyun’s hand.

“I can’t give you a definite answer yet. “Because this test isn’t over.”

“Player License Final… test? “Brother, what is this?”

When Jaeyoung asked while tilting his head, Taehyun gave a short answer.

“4th exam viewing ticket.”

“Fourth test?”

“The fourth exam? So you’re saying the exam isn’t over yet?”

“honey. Has there ever been something like this? ?”

Taehyun was also the same as the 4th test was not scheduled.

‘Around this time, the world was abuzz with Dungeon Break.’

Until the double dungeon breaks and Park Seong-jin handles the Death Knight Lord.

This is because as many as four undiscovered dungeons caused a chain of breaks.

The association had to go through three years of darkness under criticism from the media and the international community.

“They said there was an incident this time, so the fourth test will be held later. It’s a live broadcast or something. “That’s an admission ticket.”

Taehyun used Jaeyoung as a scapegoat to avoid questions about something he didn’t know much about.

“Jaeyoung, you. “Is the center doing well?”

“Well, of course then.”

“Hmm… Are you sure? “I think you’ve lost more muscle than when you trained with me.”

“ha ha ha. It must be a misunderstanding. Brother, what on earth happened? “I think my body got better while I was taking the test.”

Jaeyoung asked, breaking into a cold sweat as he recalled the training we had done together over the past month.

This is because Taehyun’s body looked noticeably better than before he went for the test.

“Well, a lot happened.”

It was something Jaeyoung couldn’t understand because he didn’t know that it was because of his rapidly rising charm stat.

The four of you are having a great time.

The doorbell rang.

“Oh my, who is it at this hour?”

After a while.

An exclamation burst from her mouth as she checked outside the door.

“Oh my.”

“Who are you?”

Taehyun followed behind his aunt and looked out the door.

“… … !!”


Night Walker, one of the four major guilds of New Korea.

The guild leader Yoo Ah-young was standing there.

* * *

“You’re pretty timid, aren’t you? “When I saw him taking the test, he was a very manly man.”

Yoo Ah-young said while looking at Taehyun sitting next to her.

This is because he declined the offer to go into the house and got into the car instead.

“It’s not something you let into a stranger’s house.”

She didn’t pay attention to Taehyun’s words about drawing a line.

With her eyes fixed on the old house outside the window, she opened her mouth again.

“Hmm… “You live in a pretty frugal place, right?”

“It just means being poor. “I am aware that the investigation has already been completed.”

“Ahahaha. Taehyun Kim. “He’s funnier than I thought.”

“What is your business?”


Taehyun asked her.

“It’s business. “You know who I am, right?”

“Night Walker Guild Leader Yoo Ah-young. Is there anything else you need to know?”

“And yet this reaction… . hmm… Well, okay. Would you like to join our guild? “I’ll give you whatever salary you want.”

It was a natural suggestion, like asking what to have for lunch today.

“I refuse.”

Taehyun’s refusal was also natural, as if he was giving a predetermined answer.

“what? why?!!”

Yoo Ah-young stared into Tae-hyeon’s eyes, responding that she couldn’t understand.

It was to check if there was any push-and-pulling.

“Not really. “Do you have to have a special reason?”

Yoo Ah-young looked disappointed in the answer that still drew a line.


Taehyun had already decided that he would refuse even if he was offered a scout for his future plans.

There is no need to explain the reason to the person in front of you.

“Hmm… It’s a shame to lose a talented person like you… Should I just take it away?”

In an instant, the atmosphere in the car changed.

Like a predator showing off its presence before a hunt.

A fierce energy filled the car.

Taehyun sighed a little at that sight.

“Stay in line. Still, I treat her like this because she is the ‘older sister’ of the class president. “Then, please return safely.”

Taehyun was about to get out of the car after finishing what he had to say.



Yoo Ah-young grabbed Taehyun’s arm.

“now. “What did you say?”

“Ugh… miss… .”

A threat that carries magical power to words.

The driver grabbed Yoo Ah-young’s neck due to her actions.

A feeling of intimidation that would make a B-grade player unable to breathe.

Taehyun, on the other hand, seemed indifferent.

“I told you. She said she dealt with Lim A-young because she was her older sister. Or should I even mention her stolen name?”

“you… Are you talking about this without really knowing the topic? How dare you… in front of me? .”

Yoo Ah-young’s magical power, stimulated by the reverse, began to surge.

A message appeared before Taehyun’s eyes.

[Skill use has been detected. The spirit of the Amazons (S) infiltrates. It resists with mysterious power. Resistance was successful.]

[Skill use has been detected. Defended the Amazoness’s spirit (S). Counterattack with the Knight King’s spirit (B). The counterattack was successful.]

“Tsk… what… !!”

Yoo Ah-young trembled at the sudden intimidating feeling that gripped her entire body.

Withstanding his skills as an S-rank player.

‘Aiming for the counter?’

Her eyes fluttered at the unexpected development.

Taehyun leaned his upper body at the sight and whispered softly.

“Let’s keep the line. “Ayoung’s older sister, Ayoung.”

“… … !!”

Watching Yoo Ah-young’s earlobes turn bright red.

It was Taehyun who was smiling.

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