Reborn as the Greatest Talent of the Noble Family Chapter 315

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Episode 315

202. Rationalization completed

After taking care of the mini golem, we first collected the golem’s core.

[Wow, it’s contaminated. If Decanius had seen this, he would have been very angry.]

“It is contaminated with demonic energy. “Can you purify it?”

[of course. This is possible if you have divine power. However, since divine power fundamentally rejects magical power, very careful work is required.]

Anyway, purification is possible.

“Once the core has been collected, let’s move quickly. “It’s already been a while.”

I faced a golem and a demon. He then discovered a mini golem and even harvested the golem’s core.

A considerable amount of time has passed in the process.

“Then what about these ruins?”

“First of all, the golem’s fragments look no different from rocks. There are almost no other traces… … “Even if someone comes, they won’t know exactly what happened inside.”

The facts inside would not be very interesting if someone knew.

In that sense, I looked at Benatio, and he nodded slightly as if he understood what I meant.


I think this is enough.

Anyway, we picked up Benatio and started walking out of the ruins.

[The condition of one additionally confirmed creature is not very good.]

I managed to figure this out again.

I first looked at the mini golem hanging dangling from my waist.

Although it is a bit cumbersome, it somehow looks like an accessory.

“Do you even know that?”

[You can check the status of living things within a 3 meter radius.]

Now that I think about it, I suddenly become curious.

“But how do you function? “Did you put a magic stone inside?”

Whether people or animals, energy is needed to move.

In that sense, I am curious about the power source of this mini golem, which looks no different from a stone.

[I use a rechargeable power source. To be precise, I receive a continuous supply of magical energy through the magic circle engraved on my body, and this magical energy is captured within my body and delivered to my supply source.]

This is an interesting story.

The power source is rechargeable.

This mini-golem alone is already enough to make wizards of this era startled.

Because magic stones are disposable.

Many wizards have made efforts to create rechargeable magic stones, that is, recyclable magic stones… … .

[I can also provide knowledge related to my fuselage, so please let me know if necessary.]

This makes the story more interesting.

The results I gained from this expedition were beyond my imagination.

Even the amazing story told there.

[If you have the appropriate magical power, you meet the qualifications.]

I stopped at those words.


[That’s right. The reason I reacted in the first place is because your magical power is that strong and strong.]

This is an interesting story.

“So does this mean I am a descendant of Arcana?”

I remembered the story the demon guy told me.

It’s not a particularly important fact, but I think it’s worth checking.

[That cannot be confirmed. Also, the magical power is different from that of the Arcana wizards I know.]

That’s right.

Then the story returns to the beginning, but I am rather happy.

Because it means I don’t have to be tied down to anything.


Now we have tallied up what we have gained from this expedition.

First of all, the essence of the demon race.

“Oh, don’t even push that in.”

“It will be destroyed right away.”

Judging by their reaction, I can’t give this to them.

There is one left for me, one for my eldest sister, and one for Professor Cross, but I can’t see anyone taking it.

“Even if we purify the golem’s core, we have no use for it, right?”

“Then it got burned too.”

The same goes for the golem’s core.

The last mini golem I got was… … .

[User, please do not treat me like something that needs to be distributed.]

When I gently lifted it up, I saw that reaction, so I had no choice but to shrug my shoulders.

In the end, I’m the only one who gained something from this expedition… … .

[If you are looking for something to take here, there is a warehouse inside.]

After listening to the mini golem’s words, I don’t think there is any need to feel sorry.


When magical energy is injected, the lock is released and the wall on one side of the cave opens.

What was revealed inside… … .


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“What is all this?”

“Nonsense… … .”

These are ‘all kinds of’ items.

[Decanius thought that the discoverer of this place might be a poor wizard like himself in the past.]

On one side are various jewels.

On the other side are magic reagents.

And a gold coin in the corner.

It’s not a very big space, but it’s full of all kinds of things inside.

[This warehouse is Decanius’ legacy and can be said to be his last.]

The mini golem had a voice that seemed somehow lost in sentimentality.

Could it be that Decanius himself went inside?

No matter how much you think about it, it’s amazing that even though it’s not a living thing, it has emotions.

Although it is a bit funny to understand the magic and technology of the Arcana era from a modern perspective.

“I think it’s allowed here, so everyone take as much as they need.”

Anyway, the warehouse was completely empty.

All of a sudden.

Anyone who sees it will think you came to plunder.

Well, there’s no reason to leave it here anyway.

but… … .

I feel sorry for someone.

“Wait, there’s still one left, right? “A man named Count Arkent.”

Leila reminded me of someone I had forgotten.

Count Arkent.

A person who wanted to become a wizard by making a deal with these demons.

So, first of all, the person who has the right to excavate these ruins.

“Does that person know that this happened after all the digging, teachers?”

“What if I found out? “He was a person who tried to become a wizard by making a deal with demons.”

Yes, all those demons are dead.

According to the guy named Graco, they were the last of the demons who had to remain here, unable to return to the demon world at the time.

However, considering the demons that woke up after sleeping in the Khabarosk Mountains, there are probably still some demons out there.

And even Drenik.

Of course, Count Arkent is not something we should worry about.

This person has absolutely nothing to do with us.

If you think about it, from Count Arkent’s point of view, we are the ones to kill.

When you come to a place where the excavation is completed, you just eat the kernels and fall asleep.

However, if there is clear evidence, the story is a little different.

“Dane, what are those documents you took earlier?”

“contract. A contract with the seal of the Count Arkent.”

“Here’s the excavation contract?”

“No, trade agreement.”

I grinned at Leila.

This is the item I found in the arms of a guy named Graco.

Contract documents.

Count Arkent seems to have a personality that values ​​‘documents’ to a pathological degree.

Otherwise, there would be no way that such trivial details would have been written down in the document.

I think it’s because I looked into various things because I wanted to become a wizard and got scammed a lot here and there.

Well, the reason is probably good.

“What, then did Count Arkent know about the power of demons?”

That’s what it says in the document.

You have to become a wizard in a somewhat ‘evil’ way.

Rather than simply making a contract that would turn him into a wizard in one way or another, he wrote down all the methods and even made a pact with magic.

“I knew it. “I wanted to do it even though I knew it.”

“What on earth does being a wizard mean to this person? … .”

Next to Layla, who clicked her tongue, the person who opened his mouth was Altur.

“Depending on the person, it could be a lifelong dream.”

I asked as if he seemed to understand.

“Do you think so?”

“okay. Because magic is a privilege. “A privilege that can only be given to those who are born with talent.”

Those words suddenly remind me of my past life.

Family is something.

Ordinary life.

The things I looked at in my past life were a kind of ‘privilege’.

A past where he had to spend all his years on the battlefield and face death because he was not born with it.

It’s understandable to long for what you don’t have.

However, there are times when what happens in the process of longing cannot be understood depending on the situation.

Count Arkent is like that.

“Even if it means sacrificing a person’s life?”

“… … “That’s a different story.”

Altur took the document from my hand and burst into empty laughter as if he was not praying.

“This has gone beyond what is forgivable.”

“Looking at the documents, it looks like the offering has already been prepared.”

Yes, they say they will force you to become a wizard, but there is no way normal methods will be used.

What you need to become a wizard.

That was a large amount of blood flowing from a freshly dead body.

“He’s a damn bastard.”

Count Arkent had crossed the line in the end.

“Anyway, this isn’t our problem to solve.”

But there must be someone more qualified than me.

Sometimes justification is also important.

To be precise, there is someone else who is qualified to get involved in this matter.

“Now let’s go back.”

A short but bold expedition.

I completed my original goal of ‘exploration’ and received an unexpected reward.

and… … .

“Their mood is unusual.”

There are other harvests too.

Just like Leila’s whisper, I sighed as I looked at Priscilla and Dorian, who were moving together without any hesitation.

“Now it’s up to you two to figure it out.”

I created the opportunity, so the rest will take care of itself.

The expedition is over, it’s time to go back. * * *

Benatio thought as he exited the ruins.

How far will you report?

He is a counterintelligence unit.

And, members of the counterintelligence unit have an obligation to ‘accurately’ report everything that happens during their mission.

‘If you report all these things… … What will happen?’

Let’s say Dane Sogress’s inaction.

The problem is technology that did not exist until now and a history that is only known to them.

And even the existence of ‘demons’.

In fact, it seemed like the existence of demons could be revealed.

That is just an existing threat, and there is a plausible reason why there may be demons who were previously unable to escape the demon world.

But everything about dragons, arcana techniques, and everything else… … .

‘There will be tremendous confusion. Perhaps Dane Sogress’s life at the Academy, and the Count of Sogres… … .’

Is that why?

A question suddenly arose.

Why did Dane Sogress show this to himself?

Let’s say that’s the case with my friends here.

But I don’t have any reason to do so.


It was a time of doubt and conflict.

“Are you feeling okay? Junior.”

Dane approached and asked.

It seemed like there was a need to use the word ‘junior’ for Benatio.

I came to my senses.

It was the same when he hid his identity when fighting with Leila earlier, and it’s the same this time as well.

He even saved his life.

He’s that kind of person… … .

‘No matter how much of a counterintelligence unit I am, I know people’s grace.’

“It’s okay, thank you. Seniors.”

“Thank goodness.”


The word “fortunate” feels warm.

Even Dane’s back looks oddly wide.

“Your swordsmanship skills are considerable. “If you have time, come to the forest of Bonia later.”

Forest of Bonia.

A place I’ve been to several times to keep an eye on Dane Sogress.

“If this is your first time, head east a short distance from the back gate of the academy.”

Look at this person pretending not to notice.

Venatio nodded happily.

“I understand, senior.”

I was already worried because there was no way to get closer, but this time I finally got closer.

‘Because you shouldn’t report anything unless it’s accurate information. I’ll report back when the information becomes clearer.’

Benatio has also completed rationalization.

It seemed that Dane’s secret would never leak out.

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