Reborn as the Greatest Talent of the Noble Family Chapter 224

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I was reincarnated as a famous genius with the greatest talent ever. Episode 224

151. I have grown up (2)

Dane’s friends were able to gather together and watch the game thanks to the tickets to the finals that Dane received as a gift from Edward.

It felt strange.

Dane and Layla, two people make it to the finals.

Isn’t this why you have no idea who to root for?

“I will still choose Teacher Dane. Thanks to Teacher Dane, I advanced to the second round of the finals.”

In the meantime, Dorian firmly pledged to support Dane unconditionally.

Of course, I thought I would be eliminated from the preliminaries, but I ended up going beyond just one game to the finals.

Of course, he suffered the humiliation of losing to Lancel Perion in 1 second in the second game of the finals, but that still counts.

Thanks to this, I am praised as a hero in the martial arts department.

“Priscilla doesn’t mind anyone, so I think she’s asking people to please send her home… … “What about Altur?”

“I don’t care who anyone is. “It would be better if we supported Dane, but we are all friends.”

Before we knew it, Altur had quietly blended into the group.

“Then I should do the same. Actually, what does it matter who you support?”

It was the same with Ernest.

Of course, Dane will win.

I’m sorry that the opponent is Leila, but it’s unthinkable that Dane would lose.

But for these three, the important thing was no longer winning.

The fact that the two made it to the finals itself is more important.

“But, teachers. “I think we’ll be very busy this time after the Danter Cup.”


“Everyone is going crazy now, saying they want to join our ‘Romance’ club.”

It seems that even Dorian, who has unlimited respect for Dane, finds that long name difficult.

“I heard you talked to Dane and Layla before. “Let’s take a club member selection test in the second semester or next year.”

Altur tilted his head at Ernest’s words.

“Selection test?”

“Oh, yes. This must be your first time hearing about Altur. Our club received a lot of applications last year as well. I want to join. “I think that’s why Dane talked about taking the selection test every year.”

Ernest then tilted his head.

“wait. “Did Altur join our club?”

“… … .”

If you look closely, Altur was a guest member. It’s not official, but it’s a case where I just happened to join.

So I started to feel a little anxious.

‘Surely me too?’

I wonder if I should take an official club entrance exam.

But it seemed like it would really be like that if you had Dan’s personality.

Since I haven’t officially joined, I have a feeling they’ll ask me to take the test together… … .

“But what is there? “It looks like something is going on.”

At that time, Ernest pointed toward the VIP section.

It was truly a commotion.

People can be seen freaking out, to the point where they wonder if an accident has occurred.

“Move quickly!”

“What’s happening!”

With the attention of people waiting to see when the game would start –

“Woah, Your Majesty the Emperor is entering!”

The host’s embarrassed voice was amplified by magical power and resounded throughout the stadium.

A stadium filled with silence, as if a promise had been made for a moment.

Then, everyone started the game and urgently stood up.

‘Why on earth?’

‘Why should anyone go watch the adult game?’

Everyone had similar feelings.

I can’t understand why His Majesty the Great Emperor came here.

However, you should not try to understand the imperial family.

You just have to accept it.


Emperor, Demanis d’Anterre.

He raised his hand, as if his dignity was oozing even when he was still.

Only then did the audience raise their heads and take their seats.

But the silence still remained.

Meanwhile, the emperor spoke very plainly.

“I expect a great game. Please do your best to show a match worthy of the finals.”

When I raised my hand again to indicate that I had finished speaking, applause erupted from all directions.

And the applause was endless, and it finally subsided when the emperor sat down.

Finally, the audience began to breathe.

“Whew. Why on earth… … .”

“If you make a mistake, even if it’s just swearing, you will be dragged out right away.”

“Why on earth did His Majesty the Emperor come to the youth club and not the adult club?”

There was a lot of talk about this and that, but of course no one knew the reason.


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It was none other than the emperor’s whim.

‘It’s a battle between Sogress and Termion… … .’

The emperor smoothed his beard as if he was interested.

Sogres and Termion.

Isn’t this a battle between the descendants of a few families?

They are both called geniuses and are the same age. The families are even close to each other.

In addition, since it was the final match-up list that no one expected even before the start of the competition, the emperor also took great interest in it.

of course-

‘This is going to be fun.’

There was also anticipation of the impact such a sudden visit would have on the two families.

The emperor has not yet extended his hand of reconciliation.

In any case, both families must extend their hands. Because there is such a thing as the imperial family’s respect and justification.

That’s why the emperor came to lay the plate.

As Dane said, for the empire to become ‘one’.

‘I wonder how you can give such an answer.’

The emperor thought of Dane, who had an audience with him at that time and answered calmly and calmly without any sign of surprise or embarrassment.

A hearty laugh that comes out of nowhere.

Who would have thought that one 14-year-old boy could touch his heart so much.

A unified empire.

It’s not that I haven’t imagined it, but in reality, it’s difficult.

This is an achievement that no emperor has ever achieved.

There is really no end to the history of the antagonism between the imperial family and the nobility.

But maybe it might be different now.

Thanks to a boy named Dane Sogress.

“We aim to win the youth division following the boys and girls division! A genius swordsman from the prestigious swordsmanship of Duke Termion! The hero of the surprise who overturned expectations and continued his victorious streak all the way to the finals! The greatest talent born from the best family in the empire! Leila Termion!”

And finally, the introduction of the contestants began and huge cheers rose up from the audience.


“Leila! Leila! Leila!”

“Win! Leila! Let’s make sure we win!”

“To the honor of the Swordsmanship Department!”

There were more people cheering for Leila than I expected.

In particular, this time, it is visible that the swordsmanship department is trying to use this to restore its lost reputation.

Some spectators who had nothing to do with the Department of Swordsmanship were shouting for the Department of Swordsmanship.

‘As expected, it’s different.’

And Leila now walked on stage, greeted the audience and took her seat.

A completely different tension arises than before.

I wasn’t this nervous when I ‘sparred’ with Dane.

The very situation of having to face each other with real swords and decide the winner is making Leila very nervous.

‘Let’s stay calm. you can do it.’

The opponent is Dane.

So, I don’t think I will win.

If Dane had heard, he would have told him to face anyone with the intention of beating him, but what can he do if his opponent is Dane?

I have been watching that ridiculous performance up close and the most.

Even if it is not magic or summoning, the possibility of defeating Dane approaches 0.


‘As far as I can.’

I will try it.

“I’m trying to win my first competition! A genius new student at the Academy of the Southern Counts of Sogres! If it’s swordsmanship, it’s swordsmanship, if it’s spears, it’s spears, if it’s summoning, it’s summoning, and if it’s magic, it’s magic! Dane Sogress, a man of many talents!”

At that moment, Dane introduced me.


“Dane! Dane! Dane! Dane!”

“The honor of the Count of Sogres!”

“A genius boy makes the empire shine!”

As a shout that was clearly louder than her own erupted, Layla swallowed dry saliva.

And Dane finally enters… … .

He was holding a spear, not a sword.

“Oh my god, my son Dane got the spear in the final…” … .”

Thanks to this, there was a man in the audience who was so moved that he couldn’t speak…

“also… … It’s a window… … .”

Likewise, there was a professor who was happy that the student he taught and sparred with had picked up a spear.

On the other hand.

“… … “This guy just swung his sword all the way to the finals, and now he’s using his spear?”

There was also an old professor who felt a strange sense of defeat at the fact that he was now using a spear instead of a sword.

“Didn’t Dane Sogress fight with a sword until now?”

“Of course you can use a spear well too! “You say he’s a genius?”

“Rather, it’s probably something Count Sogres taught.”

“Now that I see what you’re using, isn’t it like a hidden secret or something?”

The audience cheered as if they were happy.

Rather, most people like it.

Sword-to-sword battles are good, but the fact that a genius boy chose a spear instead of the sword he had been using so well was itself entertaining.

and… … .

“What on earth is that boy…?” … .”

Although they were feeling a terrible sense of defeat, the Marquis of Achaeus and his family still came to watch the game.

Everyone is at a loss for words.


It’s almost impossible at that age to reach that level just by training with that sword, but now you’re going to use the spear?

But the funny thing is, I don’t feel conceited at all.

I think he brought it out because he was really confident.

If it’s Dane Sogress… … it could be.

‘… … ‘What level is this boy?’

And the Marchioness, who had asked Dane for such a favor, looked at him blankly.

A reaction not much different from the Marquis of Achaeus.

Same goes for Cornwall.

The expression on his face when he realized that the world he knew was not everything.

“… … .”

And Leila was dumbfounded.

It’s already hard, but I always deal with Danes holding swords, but this time I have to deal with Danes holding spears.

“you… … behave shamefully.”

When Layla couldn’t stand it anymore, Dane shrugged his shoulders.

“Of course.”

“What is natural?”

“It’s a way to increase your chances of winning. “I’ve never sparred with you while holding a spear, right?”

“… … Really, ugh”

Still, I couldn’t refute it because it was true.

Even Leila herself would have done the same.

If this is a real fight, it is right to choose the best method to more clearly defeat your opponent.

‘Yes, this is better.’

If Dane had dealt with him casually, he would have been angry.

Because the other person’s attitude is not sincere.

It was none other than Dane who told me to fight with the determination to win the moment I picked up the real sword.


Dane turned the spear around once and took a stance.

Finally, it was about to begin.

The moment when two people collide in ‘real combat’ for the first time.


Leila also pulled out her sword.

And, being polite to each other, they looked at Dane in silence.

‘window… … I’ve learned it a few times, but this is my first time dealing with someone like this. If I had known this would happen, I would have asked Dane to fight him with a spear.’

Now that I think about it, what should I do?

Let’s empty our minds.

‘I go first.’


And as soon as the finals started, Layla jumped towards Dane without hesitation.

A quick and fierce rush that was hard to imagine as Leila before.


Dane then held out his spear and deflected Leila’s first move and struck it down at the same time.


When Layla barely managed to twist her body to avoid it, the audience gasped. Of course she thought she would block it, but instead she avoided it.

But there was something else surprising.

Dane’s spear, which had been slamming into the ground, suddenly changed direction sharply –


The lower part of the spear blade hit Leila’s shoulder, which had just moved to the side.


A surprise move for Leila, who thought she had dodged it.

“I knew it.”

After rolling around on the floor, Layla stood up frowning.

After all, he is a Dane.

And it’s different.

When you pick up a spear, everything is different, including the atmosphere and the way you attack.

‘It’s not easy either.’

But, I think it’s still worth a try.

‘I think I need to revise my goal.’

The audience will be expecting a great match.

But Leila knows.

Even making a single successful attack is difficult.

‘then… … .’


Layla shook off her sword and straightened her stance.

‘Anyway, I’ll succeed at least once.’

If done well, that one hit can lead to a fatal blow.

Dane did that.

No matter how overwhelming an enemy is, you can finish it off by stabbing its heart and neck.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you’re going to kill your friend.

However, since he is a Dane, it is a blow that can be delivered.

And Dane is the opponent on whom he must risk his all.


And at this moment, Dane was slightly curling the corner of his mouth.

As if he had sensed Leila’s state of mind.


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