Reborn as the Greatest Talent of the Noble Family Chapter 223

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I was reincarnated as a famous genius with the greatest talent ever. Episode 223

151. I have grown up (1)

Leila was calmer than ever. It wasn’t just because the expectations worked. Rather, it was because it was unexpected.

‘I’m not as fast or as strong as I thought.’

Layla has not had many opportunities to directly demonstrate her skills.

To be exact, I haven’t had a chance to show off my sword skills in front of many people since last year’s Danter Cup.

Rather than receiving an objective evaluation of his skills, it was always Dane’s message that he was ‘doing well’ or ‘be confident’.

So Leila vaguely thought that her skills had improved, but had no idea how much she had improved and whether she could beat someone.

But I think I understand now.

“… … “What the hell!”

You can tell just by looking at Cornwell’s frustration and yelling while exchanging sword strikes.

Proof that Leila’s skills, which were looked down upon, are unexpected.

Of course, I didn’t look down on him at all.

However, the strategy of pushing as hard as possible to finish the match early in the final as they were facing Dane did not work.

‘How can this happen?’

Just a year ago, Layla won the boys’ and girls’ divisions, but her skills at that time were far behind Cornwell’s.

It was a matter of age.

Because the period of training is several years longer.

But you’ve grown this much in just one year?


Enough to deflect his own attack and deliver a fierce stab just now?


A collar that is cut off.

This time it wasn’t flesh, but it was enough to make my stomach feel cold.


Leila tried to cheer internally, but held back and stayed calm.

You shouldn’t be equally excited here.

Calmly from beginning to end.

Just like a Dane.

‘It’s amazing, how on earth can you be so calm every time?’

No matter how much she thinks about it, Leila thinks of her friend Dane, who is beyond her understanding and makes her give up.

You must be watching by now.

‘I have grown.’

There used to be two cores, but recently became three.

However, Layla’s triple weight was already on a different track from other triple weights.

Of course, he was not as good as Dane, but he accepted Dane’s practice-based swordsmanship theory and made it his own, albeit to a small extent.

He also learned how to handle magical power properly from the beginning, and learned what calmness is from Dane, at least over his shoulder.

As a result-

The current situation has been created where the triple weight class is not at all behind Cornwall, a quad weight fighter who has won two consecutive championships.

Of course, we have to take into account that Cornwell is overly nervous and currently in a state of excitement… … .

What does it mean in practice?

‘In the end, the last person standing is the winner.’

Cornwell cried out as if he couldn’t bear it any longer, remembering something Dane once said.

Kang, skunk!

“Why, how, are you going to stop it!”

Even, because he was overly excited, a strong force suddenly entered the sword instead of the constant force that had been used until now.

Basics of inspection.

Swinging and thrusting with moderate strength.

Now I’m so nervous and excited that I even forget about it.

“Oh oh!”


“Cornwell! “Push it forward!”

At that moment, Layla, who had received the attack, stumbled and the audience cheered and sighed with concern.

But just one person.

Dainman muttered, accurately analyzing this entire situation.


Leila too.


At that moment, I turned around, muttering the same words as Dane.

Cornwell is unable to overcome his strength and leans forward, and Layla uses that strength against him… … .


I cut it down properly.

Cornwell’s waist.

“… … “Oops.”

At that moment, screams and cheers erupted from all directions at the same time.

“oh my god!”

“What did you just do! Did Achaeus get hit?”

“Termion! Termion! Termion!”


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Something unbelievable happened.

Cornwell, who was the favorite to win and seemed likely to easily get through to the semifinals, was attacked twice.

Not even a single attack was successful.

A series of surprises.

“Cornwell! wake up!”

The Marquis of Achaeus, who couldn’t help but get excited, jumped up and shouted urgently.

It shouldn’t be like this.

If the dream of winning three games in a row disappears, the honor and everything else that was promised will disappear.

“Come to your senses!”

However, there was no way to hear the shouts amidst the cheers of so many spectators.

Cornwell trembled and trembled in that position, then grabbed his waist and turned around urgently.


From then on, Leila’s onslaught began.

The miracle didn’t happen.

Kang, Kang!

A few times I thought I could barely block the sword, but pain ultimately dulls the body and interferes with the senses.

‘I’m being pushed. Nonsense!’

And the moment Leyla, who had been on the defensive the entire time, began to counterattack, Cornwell finally realized what Termion’s swordsmanship was.


Perform both defense and attack perfectly without being biased toward either side –


If a gap is revealed, the enemy can take advantage of it at once.


This time the arm.

It was fortunate that it wasn’t his left arm, but he had already allowed two attacks earlier.

Only then did Cornwell come to his senses.

Now is not the time to look at the finals.

You can only go up by defeating Termion in front of you.

But it was too late.

Kang, Chaeng!

Leila, who had consistently defended calmly and even succeeded in counterattacking, was now victorious, and Cornwell was at a loss.

Instinct cries out.

It’s something that can’t be reversed.

If you had reacted a little more calmly from the beginning and focused only on the opponent in front of you –

‘This kind of thing… … .’


‘… … ‘There wouldn’t have been any.’


Cornwell, stabbed in the shoulder, finally dropped his sword.


It was the moment when the winner of the two semi-final games was decided –

“Wow, winner! Leila Termion!”

It was the moment when Layla defied everyone’s expectations and made it to the finals.


“Termion! Termion! Termion!”

“After all, it is the best family in the empire!”

“Termion! “Once again the glory of the Danter Cup!”

But Cornwell couldn’t just kneel.

“… … “I’m sorry, father.”

Cornwell, unable to bear to look at the audience, lowered his head, and at that moment Priscilla, the Academy’s Divinity Department, and the priests of the Great Temple jumped in.


Quickly pull out the sword and attempt first aid.

Most of the wounds were not deep.

But the wound engraved in my heart was quite deep.

To the extent that the depth cannot be measured.

And although Layla won, she retrieved her sword and walked off the stage without showing much emotion.

Calmly, like a Dane.

“this… … “So this is what happened?”

“That’s right.”

And the Count of Sogres and the Duke of Termion, who were watching the game pretending to be tourists from appropriate seats rather than VIP seats, clicked their tongues.

It’s hard to believe that children who are so close to each other end up together.

“Leyla’s defense has really calmed down a lot.”

“You felt that way too. her. Cornwell launched numerous anomalous attacks… … Where did you learn that? Could it be your son?”

“Maybe so.”

Of course, it was actually more fun.

“Leila won’t lose as long as she comes this far. “You know, right?”

“I know. I know. Leila’s talent is probably the best in the empire.”

Count Sogres then grinned.

“After my son.”

“… … .”

Although he could not refute it, Duke Termion quickly responded leisurely.

“That’s something you’ll find out when you stick with it. “Didn’t you just do that too?”

“That’s true, but… … .”

Count Sogres shrugged his shoulders as he looked at Dane, who was so calm that he could not believe he was participating in the finals.

“Because I have never doubted my son.”

“He’s a trustworthy guy… … .”

“… … Instead, it’s because I don’t know what’s inside.”

I just regret becoming a father, but sometimes I wonder.

How on earth can a 14-year-old do everything so perfectly?

“hmm. “Anyway, the Marquis of Achaeus is disappointed with this.”

“That’s right. “I almost risked her life.”

“Did His Majesty the Emperor promise anything?”

“It can’t be. You’re not the type of person to do that. It would just be an honor. “The Marquis of Achaeus has always been a place where honor has been at a premium.”

When Duke Termion was nodding at the words of Count Sogres.

“Stupid guy… … Why on earth were you so anxious? … .”

The Marquis of Achaeus sighed and muttered with anger, sadness, and regret.

“… … .”

And, the Marchioness next to him, who only looks at her with pity and no other emotions.

Surrounded by cheers chanting for Termion, they left before they knew it.

With a very lonely look.

* * *

Similar time.

The 3rd Prince, Edward, was cheering after hearing the news about the Danter Cup Youth Division.

“I knew it. “I knew those two would meet.”

“Are you that happy, sir?”

“Isn’t that obvious, Sir Ornette? “Two of my friends made it to the finals side by side!”

Since the Danter Cup is hosted by the imperial family, the royal family naturally considers it very important.

Edward even had two ‘friends’ participate and they both made it to the finals, so he couldn’t help but be happy.

“It would have been fun if His Majesty the Prince participated as well.”

“The rules are like that, so what can we do? You know very well, if the royal family participates, who would be crazy enough to try to win?”

“Well, I guess it would be Dane Sogress.”

Edward was immediately convinced by those words.

“hmm. If it were a Dane, he would swing his sword without regard for mercy. No matter who the opponent is. “Because that’s Dane.”

“Isn’t it great in that sense? “Of course I thought I would participate in the boys and girls division, but didn’t I participate in the youth division and make it to the finals so easily?”

Actually, if you think about it, it’s a nonsensical story.

At the age of 14, I had no experience playing in the Danter Cup, and not only did I play in the youth division beyond my age, but I also made it to the final.

But because he’s a Dane.

“It’s possible and understandable because I’m a Dane. Ha, that guy is my ‘friend’.”

Edward smiles proudly.

But Sir Ornette felt that Edward was greater.

As a prince, he can make and acknowledge ‘friends’ like that.

“It would have been better if I had gone to see it in person, but it’s a shame.”

“Iknow, right. “Let’s take care of the documents first.”

Edward came back to reality.

A mountain of documents piled up before my eyes.

Once Banpoon left his time as prince, there were fifty jobs waiting for Edward.

“… … “Can’t I do this?”

“His Majesty the Emperor will be angry.”

“Why on earth are these documents… … .”

“That’s because you have to read the documents to understand how the empire works. “The world on paper, the real world, and the world seen from the imperial court are different things.”

“… … Damn it.”

Edward’s job is to look through the documents, select the necessary items, and sometimes correct incorrect documents.

I wonder if this makes sense, but thanks to this, Edward was faithfully demonstrating his qualities as a prince.

‘If this is Dane’s virtue, is it also Dane’s virtue?’

It all started with Dane fixing his hand.

So, you have to grit your teeth and do it.

How disappointed Dane would be if he gave up here and just left it at that.

“It’s a bit unfortunate that I can’t see you.”

Danter Cup final.

It’s a valuable attraction, but what can you do?

This is what happened.

It was then that Edward tried to concentrate on his papers again.

“My name is Aakman.”

“ah. Stop by.”

Aakman knocked on the door and entered the room where the two people were.

“I’m sorry for interfering with your task.”

“Okay. “What’s going on?”

“His Majesty the Emperor has changed the schedule for watching the 300th Danter Cup.”

“Schedule change?”

When Edward narrowed his eyes, Aakman quickly responded.

“You were originally planning to watch the adult finals, but I heard you just changed your plans to watch the youth finals.”

“… … !”

It’s usually like this.

The adult division may not be popular, but it is the largest division.

So the emperor traditionally watches the finals and personally presents the prize to the winner.

By the way, you went to the youth department?

Needless to say, the reason is… … .

‘Your Majesty the Emperor really… … .’

It’s probably because of Dane and Layla.

Sogres, Termion.

A family that once rebelled against the emperor.

However, at Dane’s suggestion, this is a family with which the emperor is very seriously considering dialogue.

“ha ha ha… … “You got the right justification.”

Children from two families each reached the finals.

What better cause could there be than this?

However, it suddenly occurs to me that that may not be the only justification.

“It might surpass most adult competitions.”

“Does Lord Ornette think so too?”

“That’s right. “It’s a competition between ‘geniuses’.”

Those words filled me with deep regret for not being able to watch the game.


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