Reborn as the Greatest Talent of the Noble Family Chapter 221

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I was reincarnated as the most talented genius of a famous family Episode 221

149. It’s the opposite.

Hughley Edelweiss’s elimination caused an uproar.

Needless to say, the people who had bet money on Hughley Edelweiss, and the northern families, including Baron Edelweiss, could not help but feel absurd.

One of the winning candidates was eliminated from the preliminaries.

To the same winning candidate, with just one sword.

“Isn’t Hughley Edelweiss the runner-up in the previous competition? “I heard her skills have improved tremendously!”

“You never know. “Maybe I was satisfied with second place and practiced sloppily and ended up getting hurt?”

“Uh huh. “How dare you undermine the pride of the North like that!”

In the North, they did not want to make the fact that Hughley was eliminated a ‘no big deal’, so they worked hard to promote Dane.

“I heard that guy named Dane Sogress is truly amazing!”

“Your skills are great. “You defeated Hughley Edelweiss in an instant, right?”

“Of course, Hughley is incredibly strong, but that means the Counts of Sogres are also incredibly strong!”

On the other hand, other winning candidates, including Cornwall, were busy mocking the North and disparaging the Danes.

“How much do you have to neglect your training to be defeated by a mere 14-year-old with one sword?”

“That’s right. “No matter how talented the boy Dane Sogress was, Hughley was too weak!”

“Where is the pride of the North? “Shame on the North!”

In any case, it was clear that Dane’s passing through the preliminaries in the fastest time and eliminating Hughley Edelweiss was incredibly shocking.

Even in gambling halls, there was an unusual discussion about this, saying that all the money on holiday should be transferred to Dane.

In the midst of this… … .

“Madam, look over there! ha ha ha. “How long has it been since this?”

On the streets of the capital, one of the empire’s leading noble couples was walking along the streets with happy expressions.

“Iknow, right. It’s good. “To see something so bustling after just looking at the leisurely southern scenery.”

“Don’t you remember the old days? “When we sneak out and go on dates.”

“Hmm. I don’t remember. “Who did you go with?”

“Well, that can’t be possible! Obviously together… … .”

“I’m just kidding, I’m kidding.”

It was the Countess of Sogres.

As the two talked about various things, the place they headed to was Duke Termion’s residence.

In fact, the attendants who had been waiting before they even arrived came out and welcomed the two people.

“Huh, is this someone? “Lord Asmar.”

“Count Sogres. long time no see.”

Sir Asmar, who served as the couple’s attendant, smiled brightly and nodded.

“Both now and then, whenever you come here, you two come in this intimate manner.”

“Why would the two of us need an escort? haha.”

One is a legendary lance knight of the Hexa class, the best in the empire.

The other is a legendary assassin (formerly).

Even if it were just the two of them, they could easily subdue hundreds of soldiers and easily escape without a single wound.

“And it’s comfortable when you come here. “I’m coming to see my close brother, so what’s the use of an escort? There’s no need to have a bunch of attendants around.”

The Countess of Sogres thus entered the Duke of Termion’s residence.

And then I faced Duke Termion, who had been waiting at the entrance.



The two were so surprised that they forgot to say hello.

Right next to Duke Termion is not Leila… … .

“Oh my god, Duchess.”

“oh. “It’s Delward, right?”

This is because Duchess Termion, who had risen from her hospital bed, and Delward Termion, who had left home, were standing there.

I already heard the news.

But seeing it in person like this, I couldn’t be happier.

“How long has it been since this?”

“How have you been, Count and Countess?”

After an emotional time has passed.

The four of them moved to the living room and talked for the first time in a long time.

“Thanks to Dane. If it weren’t for that kid, her wife would have been… by now. … .”

“Really, when you talk about compensation, do you know what I said? I want to eat strawberry tart. How. “Isn’t it too pure?”

The smiles never left the countess’s face as they received endless praise for their son and wife from the beginning.

“You don’t know how lucky I am to have a child like Dane, Aken. As well as being with Leila and curing her wife’s illness… … “Because I made Delward come back too.”

“haha. That’s what all of us Danes have done. “It’s the result of everyone’s efforts together.”

“Huh. You don’t have to be so humble just because it’s your son? “What a great friend.”

A happy atmosphere.

Hearing compliments about my son is, as always, a happy and good thing.

The son even helped his older brother, who was closest to him, and even cured his older brother’s wife’s illness.

‘I wonder who raised it, really.’

On the other hand, it was also fascinating.

How can a child so young be able to do something that even adults can’t do?

Even though he was my son, it was still surprising.

“I already prepared a lot of presents for that reason, so be sure to bring them when you go next time. “No matter how much I tell Dane, he says he doesn’t need anything.”


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“haha. “I will definitely deliver it.”

“Oh, and. Of course you heard the news… … My son. Do you think you will win? “I heard that he passed the preliminaries in the shortest time, and even knocked out Hughley Edelweiss, who was considered the favorite to win, in the preliminaries.”

When the story of the Cup of Danter came up, the Count of Sogres grinned.

“We are finally bringing the Danter Cup to our family. “Goodbye to the past where I was constantly pushed aside by my older brother and was never able to win a trophy.”

“Huh. Did you keep it there? I am indeed. So, I quietly insisted on going to the boys and girls division, so he followed me to the youth division I was participating in, and did the same to the adult division… … .”

Now I see that father and son are the same.

The Count of Sogres applied to a higher level even though it was not necessary, with the sole intention of defeating the Duke of Termion.

“But Dane is different.”

“Do you think so too?”

Duke Termion grinned.

“yes. “I feel sorry for your daughter.”

“… … “My daughter happened to follow him to the youth club.”

“But you didn’t advance to the finals?”

“The problem starts after that. “I just hope you never meet your son.”

Duke Termion sighed and added.

“Maybe your son will win.”

The count and wife grinned as if they had been waiting.

Dane wins.

It was obvious

As if the sun rises in the east.

* * *

A total of four matches will be played in the finals.

1st and 2nd matches of the finals.

And the semifinals and finals.

And I already passed the first game.

The opponent was the heir of Baron Delves, and he provoked me a lot, so I defeated him in one go.

“victor! Dane Sogress!”

And the second match that followed wasn’t as good as the first, but-

“f*ck, damn it. “What the hell are you!”

Before I could swing my sword three times, my opponent surrendered.

After exchanging sword strikes a couple of times, their faces turned pale and they declared surrender.

I didn’t even do it that hard.

They say they’ll give up something, but I’m fine.

Anyway, a few hours after finishing the first and second games of the finals.

Finally, the semi-final draw was made.

A total of 4 semifinalists.

“Lancel Perion, forward.”

The lottery method is simple.

Draw balls numbered 1 to 4 and arrange them in order.

And numbers 1 and 2 face each other, and numbers 3 and 4 face each other.

“It’s number 1.”

“Lancel Perion, number one. Dane Sogress. from now on.”

Then I picked number 2.

in other words.

The other two no longer need to draw the ball.

“The semifinal bracket has been confirmed with this. Lancel Perion and Dane Sogress, who were selected first and second respectively, will be selected.”

I made eye contact with Lancel for a moment.

The guy’s expression didn’t look intimidated or afraid just because he had lost to me before.

“Thank you, Dane Sogress.”

“I’m looking forward to a good game.”

And the remaining 3 and 4.

“Leila Termion, and Cornwell Arceus are added.”

Leila, who reached the semifinals, and Cornwell, who is said to be the strongest candidate to win the competition, will compete.

Then I almost burst out laughing when I saw Leila’s expression.

The way you look at me is no joke.

Should I say that it shows the will to win and advance to the finals?

By the way, Leila too, talent is talent.

I thought I would be scared, but I easily passed the preliminaries and won the first and second matches of the finals.

Although I struggled a bit in the second game, I guess training with me paid off in the end and I overcame it.

Without a single wound.

However, it seems that they have no intention of being satisfied here.

Leila left the place where the fortune telling was held as soon as the lottery ceremony was over.

It felt like I was going for training, but I hope I don’t exert too much force.

“Dane Sogress.”

I was about to leave, but there was a voice calling me out.

It was Cornwall.

The guy seemed to be a head taller than me.

“See you in the finals. “I wanted to be close to you.”

I responded calmly to those words.

“If you win Leila first.”

Layla is by no means weak.

I don’t know if Cornwell is stronger, but at least he’s not an opponent to beat lightly.

But Cornwell chuckled when Leila’s name came up.

“I know that the Lady of Termion has great talent, but she is not my match. “I was lucky and made it to the semifinals.”

“Do you really think so?”

I responded with the same grin.

The girl seemed a little embarrassed, but soon acted as if nothing had happened.

“… … Anyway, I will definitely meet you in the finals. and… … “The trophy is mine, and I declare it right here and now.”

It’s good to be confident.

“… … I must win. So that… … .”

“Why are you mumbling like that?”

“Oh, it’s nothing. See you in the finals.”

Cornwell hurriedly left the place.

Well, everyone has a reason to win.

But that’s no reason why I should lose.

And, although it’s a bit sudden, there’s one more reason to win.

On the way back to the accommodation.

Look towards this direction.

It seemed like he was trying hard to hide his presence, but it meant nothing in front of me.

First, I pretended not to notice, and then I was sure that it was following me.

Where did they send it?


The Marquess of Achaeus who is desperate to win the tournament for the third time in a row?

Or the North, outraged that their pride was eliminated from the preliminaries?

Or, Lancel Perion?

The moment I entered the alley, I hid in the shadows, and a while later, the moment someone followed me into the alley and hid, I reappeared.

Behind your back.


“… … .”

The other person looked resigned and stopped.

By the way, did they send a female assassin?

I couldn’t try wearing the robe and the hood, but he has a short build.

However, it was immediately apparent that he was not an assassin.

The smell of perfume passes by the tip of your nose.

“You’d better turn around slowly.”

At my words, she calmly turned around.

“Take off your hood.”

And when I took off the hood, I was a little surprised.

“… … Rest assured. “That’s not my intention.”

“Marquis Achaeus… … ?”

It was the Marchioness of Achaeus.

Tracking and surveillance are too sloppy to be considered an assassin.

So I was relieved, but I had no idea that her true identity was the Marchioness.

However, this does not mean that this situation is appropriate.

With the semifinals and finals remaining, the family of my potential opponent came to visit.

“You were after me. “Continuing from before.”

“… … yes. “I’m sorry if I offended you.”

“Honestly, yes.”

I put the dagger back.

“Dane Sogress. I don’t have time… … “I’ll tell you straight.”

“If you are thinking of asking me to lose, I will stop here. “I haven’t seen the Marchioness today.”

It was then.

“no. “It’s the opposite.”

The Marchioness looked at me with very serious eyes.

“When we meet my son, Cornwell, in the final… … Please win thoroughly.”

You want to win thoroughly?

“So that the child can never be conceited again.”

It was a strange request.


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