Reborn as the Greatest Talent of the Noble Family Chapter 220

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I was reincarnated as a famous genius with the greatest talent ever. Episode 220

148. Shortest record

The Danter Cup has opened.

The opening ceremony was truly grand.

About 1,000 participants from the boys’ and girls’, youth, and adult divisions were gathered together and a spectacle was held in which the emperor himself gave a speech.

The fact that the emperor came to this event in person proves how huge and important this event is.

“… … With this, we officially declare the opening of the 300th Danter Cup, and we command all participants to compete fairly and beautifully under the grace of the Empire and God!”

And when the emperor’s speech ended, huge cheers shook the entire capital.

To exaggerate a bit, it was a roar so loud that it could be heard even in the city closest to here.

So finally-

The curtain has risen on the 300th Danter Cup that everyone has been waiting for.


Before the game even started, there was a place where a fierce ‘game’ that was perhaps as intense as the Danter Cup was taking place.

“now. “Three gold coins from Viscount Elpiso’s son!”

“Where can I go with that? I have 5!”

“You idiots! This is a bet on winning! “I’m not betting on being eliminated from the preliminaries!”

“Black one. “Last year, we narrowly missed out on the semifinals, but this year is different!”

It’s a gambling table.

A gambling hall on a gigantic scale that cannot even be compared to the Academy subjugation battle.

Dozens of crown gold coins are exchanged regularly, and there is a separate area for silver coins.


And according to the amount of money invested, a seal that cannot be forged or altered is created on the spot and accumulated.

In the future, dividends will be returned based on the number of this seal.

“We will definitely win this time! “Because he showed potential in the last competition.”

“Uh huh, how dare we discuss possibilities? “I heard somewhere that he couldn’t come out because he broke his leg during the hellish special training!”

“Why don’t you close that mouth? “Where can I get cheated on?”

It was difficult to describe in one word the scene where large sums of money and seals were exchanged, alcohol and cigarettes were consumed, amid shouting and swearing.

The most common conversation in these places is predicting the winner.

“I heard that spectator interest in the boys’ and girls’ divisions this year has decreased? “I heard that the winner of the previous competition and that ridiculous genius boy competed in the youth division?”

“So, that’s right. Thanks to this, the price of youth division tickets has skyrocketed! Shit. “If it weren’t for that, I would have gone to see it a long time ago!”

“Lady Leila Termion and Master Dane Sogress? Huh, this youth division is going to be very competitive, right?”

“What are you talking about! There is a Cornwall Arceus. Don’t you know? An unprecedented 3 consecutive wins! “Everyone is waiting for it!”

“okay. Even if there were two heavens, I couldn’t see another guy winning.”

Actually, the name ‘Conwell Arceus’ was written at the top of the youth division’s gambling board.

Leila Termion.

Dane Sogress.

Even though they are children of two prestigious families, the age difference can never be ignored, and their history of winning two consecutive championships is what puts their names at the top.

“Isn’t Master Countess also a favorite to win? “But they say he’s a genius.”

“What’s a genius? What is the age difference? The youth department is completely different. How strong are the candidates? “Some of them have already joined the Imperial Knights.”

“Hey, I have to prove it here. “Otherwise, what’s the point?”

Therefore, Dane’s genius and Leila’s history of winning the boys’ and girls’ divisions in the previous competition were looked down upon.

No, rather than a thousand generations… … .

This is because the reputation of Cornwall Arceus, which has won two consecutive championships, is too high.

It’s not that he wasn’t, because he had already joined the Imperial Knights and was receiving the attention of the imperial family, his family, and the people of the entire empire.

And one more thing.

“Don’t even talk about someone else winning! “I bet all my money this time!”

“Okay, how much is the dividend? Even if Cornwell wins, it’s only 1.5 times better!”

“Where is it? “I’m going safely.”

There were so many people who had bet all their money on Cornwell that Cornwell had to win, even if it meant heaven.

Gambling is usually divided into whether you bet with certainty and safety or make a risky bet.

“Still, the ranking is quite high. The stomach goes. 2nd place is Hughley Edelweiss, 3rd place is Lancel Perion, 4th place is Dane Sogress, 5th place is Leila Termion… … “But isn’t this the first time I’ve been ranked like that in my first appearance?”

“That’s right. Well, at that level, even if I just get to the finals, I’ll have to eat some. Eh, I don’t know. 100 crown gold coins from Dane Sogress! “Son, I’m going to buy something delicious for dad when he gets home!”

In the midst of this, it wasn’t just the winning bets that were taking place.

“Now, one day before the ‘first eliminated’ betting closes! Hurry up and bet! “If you do it right, you eat right!”

“Check out the newly created ‘Main Line Match’!”

On one side, all kinds of bizarre bets were taking place, albeit on a smaller scale.

From guessing who will be eliminated first, to how many times a certain person will defeat their opponent, etc.

Among them, the one that caught people’s attention the most was ‘the person who passed the preliminaries in the shortest time.’

Naturally, the odds on Cornwall Arceus were overwhelming here, along with the winner bet.

“Eh, there’s nothing to see. There is no use walking here.”

“Come on, let’s go somewhere else.”

However, there were two people who showed particular interest.

The two people seem to have come separately, but as if they had made an appointment, they stood in front of the betting table for ‘who will pass the preliminaries in the fastest time’.

“… … “Three hundred crown gold coins to Dane Sogress.”

“… … 200 crown gold coins to Dane Sogress… … No, 500.”


Sparks flew in the air.

The two instinctively recognized each other and, as before, competitively raised their bets –


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“… … “What is happening?”

The bet was such a huge amount that the scorer sitting at the betting table was dumbfounded.

Dane Sogress’ name was placed on top with a whopping 3,000 gold coins, overtaking Cornwall Arceus, who had been in first place with 1,000 crown gold coins.

“joy. Were you scared? “Shouldn’t you have bet more?”

“Who can say anything? “Thank God we stopped at 1,500.”

“under. “We’ll see.”

These two were Dane’s two older sisters.

Just as they did in the subjugation war, the two people were betting competitively by raising the amount.

There was no doubt that Dane would win, and even when it came to the main bet, Guess the Winner… … .

“Oh, Dane Sogress has just been added twice, two thousand each!”

“This is exciting!”

I bet a whopping 4,000 gold crown coins on Dane.

Over-the-counter game.

It was the moment when the gambling hall heated up.

‘Hehe. Disciple. You must win.’

Another one.

Professor Kael’thas came to bet on Dane.

‘where… … Should I go and earn enough money to pay for the drinks?’

Professor Kael’thas was pulling down his hood and pulling out a heavy pouch from his chest.


‘Do you think it will be different in the youth department? joy. Teacher Dane will definitely win.’

Physical beauty club.

‘Dane. Please participate with the spear.’

Professor Ingrit.

‘You idiots. If you had participated in the subjugation war, you would have realized that you had to bet on Dane.’

‘It’s definitely Dane. Dane, thank you! Thanks to you, my life will unfold!’

Even a few people who know some of Dane’s skills on guitar.

Before I knew it, the stakes on Dane were rising rapidly.

* * *

The Danter Cup match has begun in earnest.

While interest in the boys’ and girls’ divisions has relatively decreased, the division that is receiving the most attention in this competition is by far the youth division.

As usual, people were crowded inside and outside the stadium starting from the preliminaries.

A huge amphitheater called a ‘stadium’.

A simultaneous preliminary round held on about five small stages.

Naturally, it is very tedious and takes a long time for hundreds of participants to compete one-on-one to determine who will advance to the finals.

Therefore, dozens of people compete at the same time on one small stage, and only those who are ‘breathing’ on the small stage when the whistle blows pass the preliminary round.

In other words, when the whistle blows, you must stand with both feet on the small stage and hold your breath to pass.

So from the beginning, there were many eliminated contestants and those who got scared and ran out of the stadium.

“Oooooh! “You coward!”

“Wow! also!”

For reference, the Danter Cup is a competition that allows the use of actual weapons.

So, when they feel the threat of death, they quickly run away or put down their weapons and surrender.

“Number 357, eliminated!”

And all of these processes were watched with eagle eyes by recorders who borrowed the power of magic.

He shouts like that every time he attacks a surrendered opponent, cheats, or openly takes sides.

Thanks to this, the preliminaries, where dozens of people fought at once, were held with great enthusiasm, drawing cheers from the audience.

“Hey, it’s out there!”

“Dain Sogress!”

Dane, who broke everyone’s expectations and competed in the youth division, came on stage with dozens of other people.


And the Marquis of Achaeus, who was in the stands, looked down at the stadium with eyes different from before.

Benefits given to the families of previous competition winners.

“That boy is Dane Sogress.”

The Marquis of Achaeus nodded at the words of the Marchioness, who also recognized him.

“My son’s strongest competitor.”

“Isn’t that Hughley Edelweiss?”

Hughley Edelweiss.

Heir to Baron Edelweiss of the North, and runner-up in the previous competition.

He was also a talented player who almost prevented his son Cornwell from winning the championship.

And now, I was standing on the same small stage as Dane.

“Hurry! Hughley! Hughley!”

“Show your northern pride!”

The Marquis of Achaeus, who was looking at the two people who particularly stood out, answered.

“After that win, Cornwell worked hard and improved his skills. “If we fight now, we will be able to win more comfortably than before, even if it is not overwhelming.”

“That means… … “That boy named Dane is stronger than Hughley Edelweiss.”

“Maybe so.”

Marquis Achaeus looked at Dane with a strange gaze.

He is a head taller than others and has a good physique. Beautiful silver hair and a calm expression that you can’t help but stare at.

That guy-

It could be blocking my son’s path.

‘Let me see.’

What a great guy he is.

Still, I believed it.

No matter how genius the boy is and the greatest talent in the academy’s history, his son will be stronger.

The world of childhood is different from the world as one approaches adulthood.

“Can Cornwall really win?”

“Are you really suspicious? “My son?”

“… … Not really. Cornwall… … I’m being too conceited. “It’s good to try, but at the same time, I’m worried.”

“conceit. Wouldn’t that be a good motivation? “I welcome even that arrogance if Cornwall can win this competition three times in a row.”

At those words, the Marchioness became quiet.

But the Marchioness was remembering.

After winning the title for the second time in a row, my son became so conceited that he did not look back on himself and looked down on the people he met.

As a parent, I should have stopped it, but I couldn’t because I felt like people would become more violent if they said something meaningless or a relationship would fall out.

If you win three games in a row, your family’s reputation will increase even further.

But what about your son?

As the Marchioness was deepening her thoughts, other nobles could be heard talking in the audience below.

“Did you hear that story? “I heard that at such a young age, you have already gained the trust of His Majesty the Emperor.”

“What does that mean?”

“why. I heard you accomplished many things by helping the 3rd Prince. What did they say? Deal with monsters and catch heretics. Even… … “They say he cured an important person’s illness.”

“Huh, does that make sense?”

“Most anecdotes about great people make no sense! And it is true that I have the confidence of His Majesty the Emperor!”

The Marquis of Achaeus’ eyebrows twitched at the expression ‘Emperor His Majesty’s confidence’ that was heard at that time.

Trusted by His Majesty the Emperor.

‘It’s a matter of deciding whether someone will win three times in a row or not… … .’

It was unfair.

The whole situation of feeling jealous of that ‘boy’ named Dane Sogress was funny, but I was jealous.

What on earth is this?

Because of what kind of skill it is.

“Preliminary match 4, start!”


In the meantime, the whistle sounded and the preliminary round began.

The Marquis of Achaeus was finally able to see.




The scene where Dane draws his sword and instantly subdues the three people nearby.

Not one, but three.

In fact, the three of them rushed in at the same time, as if there had been some kind of agreement… … .

Dane dealt with them lightly and then subdued the two men who attacked by cutting their shoulders and thighs, respectively.

The overwhelming inaction that stands out among dozens of people.

Then, before the whistle sounded to signal the end, Dane and Hughley ran into each other.

Hughley grinned as if he had been waiting.

“You are Dan Sogress. “My name is Hughley Edelweiss.”

“nice to meet.”

“It wouldn’t be a bad idea to stick here.”

Hughley was looking forward to it.

Dane Sogress.

How amazing that genius boy is.

I already liked how you wielded the Morning Star today, I never thought we would meet like this.

‘Let’s try a light attack or an exchange.’

However, Dane looked at Hughley with a calm expression and instantly lashed out with his sword.


That was the end.

“Ugh… … .”


Hughley was stabbed in the shoulder by the attack that came without any time to defend himself, and he dropped the Morning Star he was holding.

An attack that could not be blocked despite holding the stance.

“No words… … no… … .”

Hughley muttered absently in a voice full of disbelief and emptiness.

“… … .”

And everything becomes quiet.

What just happened?

A strong candidate for the championship, Hughley Edelweiss.

It was the moment when he was eliminated from the preliminaries –


At the same time, the whistle sounded and the 4th preliminary round ended.

Dane Sogress.

The preliminaries ended in just two minutes due to overwhelming inaction, and it was a moment when a new record was set.


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