Reborn as the Greatest Talent of the Noble Family Chapter 218

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I was reincarnated as a famous genius with the greatest talent ever. Episode 218

147. Danter Cup (1)

The application was instantaneous.

And the fact that I applied to the youth department quickly spread.

“Well, then shall we write the article like this? ‘I applied according to my level’?”

“That looks so arrogant.”

“Umm… … “Then it would be appropriate to say ‘look higher.’”

The rumor seemed to spread even faster as he interviewed reporter Griffin, who happened to be there to cover the Danter Cup.

“Oh, and thanks for allowing me to be featured at that time… … I received a lot of compliments at the desk. haha.”

“It was sold out. “Thank you for writing it so well.”

“Oh, but you have to give me permission to write a special like this, because you’re such an outstanding person. ha ha ha.”

Griffin said that thanks to this, he received great praise from the desk and even received money for the next interview.

“But they still haven’t given permission to cover the southern jungle. “Of course, I’ll have to go and see it myself during vacation.”

Seeing your eyes sparkling makes me think that you and Ernest would get along well.

“If it’s vacation… … “I guess I’ll have to think about it too.”

“Are you sure?”

“The reporter spoke very interestingly, so I became interested as well.”

“oh my god… … “Then it’s good for me!”

Griffin smiled and looked very happy.

“It makes me happy to think that I will fall asleep at my desk.”

Griffin then went back to talking about the Danter Cup.

“Hmm, then you can use both a sword and a spear as weapons… … “I might become the youngest participant this time.”

“is that so?”

“yes. Usually, in the youth division, there are many people who are over 16 years old and have difficulty participating in the boys and girls division! “There is no minimum age limit, but most people do not consider competing at age 14.”

Griffin quietly added.

“But seeing that there is already talk of him being a candidate for the championship… … “Maybe it will be the best competition ever?”

I asked with a smile.

“Who are the other potential winners?”

“Uhm. first… … There must be Lady Leyla Termion, who is a friend of Dane. “After all, we are the winners of the boys and girls divisions of the previous competition.”

That is correct.

Leila’s talent is enough to warrant her being mentioned as a candidate for the championship.

“And next… … “There must be Hughley Edelweiss, the successor to Baron Edelweiss.”

Baron Edelweiss.

It’s a place I know.

To be exact, I was with Baron Edelweiss once in my previous life.

He seemed to be around 30 at the time, and I remember him as a warrior of considerable skill.

Maybe then… … I think he brandished the Morning Star.

“Oh, by the way, I am not an academy student. As you know, families located in the north place more importance on education within the family than at the academy.”

The northern part of the empire is a cold place.

Therefore, they have a strong sense of exclusivity and a strong tendency to band together among themselves.

It is also said that they prioritize protecting the north rather than advancing to the center.

So, rather than studying at the academy, I heard that northern families unite to educate their children.

“hmm… … And then there’s Lancel Perion. “You know Dane, right?”

Lancel Perrion.

The guy I had to spar with during orientation for the swordsmanship department class this semester.

“Since Conred is virtually unable to appear, the next talent, Lancel Perion, is also a strong candidate for the championship.”

For your information, Conred was suspended indefinitely for trying to interfere with my and Leila’s course registration.

It’s not an expulsion like the others, but it’s an indefinite suspension, so it’ll be difficult for the suspension to be lifted while I’m here.

By the way, it’s Lancel Perion.

“You have a lot of talented friends.”

“Yes, and there is one more. I graduated from the academy last year… … Uniquely, I entered school at the age of 11 and graduated at the age of 17. “I was admitted early, and it is said that I joined the 1st Imperial Knights immediately after graduation.”

The 1st Imperial Knights.

“The name is Cornwell Achaeus. “I am the winner of the last competition and the last competition twice in a row, and I am aiming for my only third consecutive win.”

This is getting interesting.

“He is also the strongest favorite to win.”

“I guess it’s worth it.”

“So the expectations from the imperial family are probably special. Not only is it rare for a member of the Knights Templar to participate in the youth division, but Marquis Achaeus is putting a lot of effort into his relationship with the imperial family.”

Marquis of Achaeus.

I heard that the Duke of Termion and the Count of Sogres were families that rose rapidly while they were estranged from the imperial family.

“Marquis Achaeus says that’s why he’s putting everything on the line to win this third time in a row. If you do well, you can even aim for the throne.”

I also heard the name of Cornwall Achaeus.

“Conwell Arceus… … He was a somewhat unique figure in the swordsmanship department. “He was the type of person who was much more focused on self-discipline than participating in his undergraduate life, and at first, his seniors didn’t like that, so they tried to scold him, cajole him, and threaten him, but he eventually gave up.”

Griffin clapped his hands.

“It’s because everyone’s skills aren’t up to par.”


“Aren’t you afraid?”

I tilted my head.

“I haven’t seen one yet, so is there any reason to be afraid? Even if you see it… … “I don’t think it will change.”


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My words written down in my notebook.

“I knew you would. In that sense, it is his second consecutive win, he is aiming for an unprecedented third consecutive win, and he is the strongest candidate to win the competition… … “Not from now on.”

Griffin raised the corners of his mouth.

“Because Dane is participating.”

* * *

Danter’s Cup, Danter’s Cup, Danter’s Cup.

The academy was all about the Danter Cup.

“Hey, are you going to see it this time?”

“then! of course!”

“But can I get a ticket? “It’s a preliminary round, but the ticket price is double.”

“Where do you get that? Ah, I did ask my father for a favor.”

It was already a festive mood, and the capital was already crowded with people.

“Those are all people who flocked to the capital to watch the Danter Cup. “You are competing there.”

Out of courtesy, I looked a little surprised at Altur’s words.

Although the world is not made up of only cold weapons such as swords, spears, and morning stars-

Even in the Faculty of Magic, the story of the Danter Cup seems to be the main topic of conversation.

“Professors also mentioned it. “I won’t have to give you any assignments during the Danter Cup period, so I’ll give it a try.”

Thanks to this, Altur had a smiling, happy face.

It’s not that it wasn’t, the Danter Cup was much more popular than I thought.

Even when I was living in the south, I often heard servants and maids talking during the Danter Cup season.

This is something you can clearly feel when you come to the capital.

“You know what, Dane? “During the Danter Cup period, lodging prices increase more than ten times because people flock from all over the country.”

“That’s a rip off.”

“That’s why there are people who secretly bring outsiders into the dormitory and run a lodging business. “If you get caught, it’s over right away.”

I can’t believe there was such a big guy.

“You can assume that there are people wherever they can avoid the rain and wind. The best event venue in the empire. “Except for Jeon Seung-sik.”

Altur then spoke as if he was jealous.

“From that perspective… … Dane, you will now receive the full attention of the entire empire. Not because he is the halo of the Count of Sogres or because he is a genius, but as the strongest candidate to win the biggest competition in this empire.”

“Are you jealous of that?”

“Then, aren’t you jealous? “Wizards like us don’t even have a chance to do that.”

Although Altur gave up his vague and vague dreams of power as before, he did not seem to give up his dream of becoming famous and successful.

“Lancel, Cornwell, Hughley… … And Leila and you. Soon, when betting begins, these five names will be at the top. “With the lowest dividend.”

It would be impossible to make a lot of money by betting on me like you did during the subjugation.

“So, are you getting some practice?”

“so so.”

“You also do something called practice.”

“Actually, I’m forcing it.”

“huh? forcibly? “Someone is forcing you to do something?”

I just laughed at Altur’s questioning smile.

And a few hours later.

“Be prepared. “It’s until midnight today.”

“… … “Why don’t you just pretend to be young and participate in the Danter Cup?”

“If that was possible, I would have done it a long time ago! “This damned empire has a strange technology for measuring age through magical power, so no matter what you do, it’s impossible!”

Today again, I faced Professor Kael’thas, who shouted, practice, practice again.

“Anyway, you must win. Well, we don’t have time. “Quickly pull out your sword first.”

Professor Kaeltas was very excited, as if he was participating in the Danter Cup himself.

“I mean, if there was a competition like that in my day, I would definitely win 10 or 20 times in a row. Do you know?”

“I know. “You’re amazing.”

I agreed but immediately regretted it.

“Hmm. okay. “Since my only student approves of me, I guess I’ll have to teach hard again today.”

Looking at this, it certainly seems like the best event in the empire.

It’s a little better when it comes to me, but I still can’t believe Professor Kael’thas, who is usually so annoying, shows such enthusiasm.

Kang, Kang!

“The response is a little late! lower!”

Thanks to this, I was able to barely break free after sweating and using as many as five practice swords.

Honestly, I’m not tired.

Could it be the influence of an ancient magical power? I can feel my physical strength getting better.

“You can’t lie about your age.”

On the other hand, Professor Kael’thas was holding his back after training for nearly five hours.

Still, he grinned at me and asked if he was in a good mood.

“You’ve grown again.”

“Did you feel that way?”

“The interval between deflecting an incoming sword and counterattacking seems to have been shortened by 0.3 seconds compared to before.”

I can’t help but stick my tongue out at those details. Is this why hexa-level is hexa-level?

“If you are you, you will be able to win. However, there are always variables. “Starting tomorrow, I’ll teach you how to deal with other weapons.”

How could I say no to that enthusiasm? More than anything, I am growing more through this.

Compared to Professor Kael’thas, I am still somewhat lacking in overall swordsmanship skills and experience.

Of course, as a result of having experienced countless battles, he may be superior to Professor Kael’thas in some respects… … .

At least the teachings of a Hexa-class warrior are not at a level that can be easily overlooked just because I had a past life or because I have different powers than others.

“Anyway. “How on earth did you practice your sword skills before entering the academy?”

“It’s a secret.”

“The vision of the Count of Sogres, something like that?”

I burst out laughing at Professor Kael’thas’ words.

“Maybe so.”

“Huh. I’m curious. No matter how talented you are, how can you use the sword like a worn-out mercenary after training? … And yet, there is sophistication. “It’s amazing.”

Professor Kael’thas’ eyes lit up.

“So make sure you win. Do you understand?”

I responded by curling the corners of my mouth.

“hmm. Now go and rest. Rest is also important.”

“I will finish my spear training and take a rest.”

“Spear training? Are you doing it alone?”

“no. Professor Ingrit agreed to take a look.”

“haha. “He receives guidance from both hexa-level and penta-level professors at the academy.”

That’s right.

So, wouldn’t it be better to win?


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