Reborn as the Greatest Talent of the Noble Family Chapter 217

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I was reincarnated as an all-time talented genius of a famous family Episode 217

146. Dane are you?

“Ah, father! sorry! So just once… … !”

“Shut up! This guy, this guy… … “Even though you ruined your family’s name, you still talk about readmission!”

“evil! evil!”

Count Sauer’s anger was pouring into the Sauer family.

It’s the fault of my son, Bron Sauer, who came back this morning in a carriage.

“It’s not enough to be sober and repent for your sins, so what? Do you want me to give you some strength so I can re-enter the school? Are you human! “And you’re still human!”

“Ah, father! father! If I don’t graduate, my successor… … .”

“f*ck it! Your position as successor has passed! “Because of you alone, the family has suffered some kind of disgrace!”

The ripple effect was enormous.

The so-called successor was expelled from the academy and banned from re-admission in an official trial.

Because he was accused by Dane Sogress.

‘How did this happen?’

Bronn was embarrassed.

Of course, I thought that if I went back and prayed to my father, everything would be resolved.

however… … .

It seems like something bigger than expected has happened.

“Do you think I’ve suffered some kind of disgrace because of you? It looks like I won’t even be able to show my face in the capital from now on! “It’s like rotting and dying in this western territory!”

“Ah, father.”

“Put it away! I don’t want to see that face, so get out of this room right now! “I have to head to the capital now, so I will punish you severely as soon as I return!”

Count Sauer’s Blue Razor.

What on earth happened?


At that time, the door opened and the head butler entered.

“Count, I’m sorry I didn’t even say anything.”

“Deacon, please tell me that’s not what I think.”

“… … sorry. Ownership of the emerald mine… … In the direction of forcibly recovering the money from the imperial family… … .”

“This is crazy… … .”

A whopping 80% of the Sauer family’s income comes from the emerald mines.

I gave up a lot of things I used to enjoy to get this one thing.

But, I’m going to get it back now… … ?

“… … I must go to the capital immediately and have an audience with His Majesty the Emperor. “Please prepare the documents.”

“I will prepare. But, Count, is it possible to have an audience? … .”

An audience with the emperor is not something you can say you want.

It can be a long wait of up to several years.

The imperial family has already made a strong announcement and an investigation has been made, but will they actually accept an audience?

“… … I have to try as hard as I can. shit.”

An unexpected imperial investigation.

There is no justification, and the timing is strange.

‘… … I never thought the imperial family would be watching this incident so carefully.’

The name of Dane Sogress was also known in the West. A great newcomer who gained the emperor’s trust.

Is it because such a student filed a complaint?

But nothing is certain yet.

The important thing is-

“We have to get out of this crisis somehow. Without that mine… … “Our family is finished.”

“… … “I will prepare.”

Before leaving, Count Sauer glared at his son, Bron, the family’s official successor.

“Ah, father… … So how can we even just get the Danter Cup…? … .”

“If you say one more word, I will throw you in the punishment cell.”

“… … .”

I heard that a nobleman I knew not long ago suddenly got angry and collapsed and died.

I felt like I was exactly like that right now.

Danter Cup?

It’s definitely important.

It will be like that for my son.

But not to yourself.


The door closed, and Bronn sat down in a daze.

“Yes, even the Danter Cup… … .”

He sensed that everything from now on, including the Danter Cup and the succession position, was over.

And at the same time.

A similar thing was happening in the remaining four families, including the Derringer family.

Today was a day of desperate despair for the five boys.

* * *

In October, the ‘Danterre Cup’ is held, which brings together boys and girls under the age of 15.

Thanks to this, the entire empire, or more precisely, the capital, is shaken.

The winner will receive the trophy directly from the emperor and receive a large amount of prize money as well as enhance the family’s honor.


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If you are a commoner and not a noble, this is a golden opportunity to catch the attention of nobles and join a major knightly order.

This is because I was given the opportunity to enroll in the Imperial Academy, which was difficult to enroll in because the tuition was very expensive.

“It means -. “What is the Danter Cup?”

“wow. It’s so amazing, more than I thought. So Leila won that competition last year?”

At Ernest’s admiration, Leila nodded with a rather proud expression.

“huh. That’s it. “I was lucky, though.”

Leila tried to pretend not to be like that, but she seemed quite proud of herself.

Well, the Danter Cup is such a famous tournament that even I, in my past life, heard of it once or twice.

I heard that once, an eccentric nobleman from Drenik sent his son to Alteon to participate in the Danter Cup.

They even said that Alteon was completely shaken up by winning the championship.

In any case, it seems certain that the Danter Cup is the dream of the boys and girls of the Empire.

In that sense, it is also proven that Leila is a tremendous talent.

“I’m participating too, Teacher Leila.”

For reference, Dorian also participates.

Although he is a martial arts student and mainly uses his fists, he is also a ‘warrior’.

Of course, they don’t just fight with their bare fists, they wear gauntlets.

“I am selected for the Danter Cup. In fact, the entire Divinity Department was selected for the Danter Cup. “Healing and praying for wounded soldiers.”

Because Priscilla was a member of the Department of Divinity, she was selected for national events.

“I guess I’ll just have to go watch it. hmm. Should I bet some money? “How are you, Ernest?”

“It’s good. I am a bow… … Because it is difficult to participate.”

Leila and Dorian participate.

Priscilla is invited to the event.

Ernest and Altur watch.

and… … .

“What about you, Dane?”

“If it’s Teacher Dane… … Honestly, absolutely… … .”

“If Dane goes out, should I give up on winning? In reality? But you won’t know until you try, right?”

Now they were curious about my participation.

“If Dane leaves, I’ll bet all my money on Dane.”

“The dividends will be very low, so even if you risk everything, you won’t make much, right? “It’s so certain.”

“Dane. “Aren’t you going to hide your identity and go out?”

Instead of answering, I handed out the application form.

Leila accepted my application and chuckled, saying she knew that would happen.

“As expected, you already wrote it down? I pretended not to be like that, but I was really looking forward to it… … Yes?”

Leila’s expression hardened.

“What? why?”

“Are you really going out using an alias?”

“what. “Do you have any other weapons besides swords and spears?”

Leila did not respond to her friends’ curious voices.

No, you won’t be able to answer that.

Because it will be unexpected.

“… … Danter Cup youth division?”

I participate in the youth division.

So, not the existing boys and girls under the age of 15 participating, but the youth group at the upper level.

“Oh, there was a youth club too!”

Ernest slapped his knee.

For reference, there are three competitions in the Danter Cup: boys and girls, youth, and adult.

These are competitions open to ages 15, 19, and 26, respectively, and the most famous of them is the boys and girls division, which Leila won last year.

It is about appreciating young talents who will lead the empire in advance.

It becomes a battleground for each family.

Due to the nature of the boys and girls divisions, dark horses often appear.

Anyway, I will skip the boys and girls division and compete in the youth division.

In some ways, it is a competition that is much more intense and of course higher level than the boys and girls division.

“I didn’t even think about this… … .”

Layla muttered absentmindedly.

Of course, if you are in your right mind at the age of 14, it is right to participate in the under-15 competition.

Because we have to increase the possibility even just a little bit.

“but… … “Because he’s a Dane.”

“you’re right. It’s entirely possible because you’re a Dane teacher. Huh, it’s the youth department… … .”

“Even in the youth division, there is a good chance of winning.”

The last words were Altur’s words.

“Does it look like that?”

“hmm. If it’s you I know. “Because I’m as good at using swords and spears as I am at using magic.”

Why is this guy suddenly Geumchil?

“Honestly, I don’t know as much about swords and spears as I do about magic, but… … But I do know that there is no one your age that can compete with you.”

Everyone agreed with Altur’s words.

“If it’s Dane, he’ll take care of it. When it’s your turn, you should worry about your opponent. “Be gentle.”

“Uhm. I will just calmly participate. Honestly, I’m not sure about the youth department yet, Mr. Dane.”

“Then I guess I’ll have to go bet on the youth division? “Altur, how are you?”

“hmm. The payout will be much higher than participating in the boys and girls division. “Let’s make a lot of money now, Ernest.”

And only Leila seemed to be seriously concerned.

“… … Should I join the youth club too?”

Leila seems to have even considered winning her second consecutive title this time.

Of course, since it was assumed that I would participate, Layla probably thought it wouldn’t be easy.

However, I guess I was a little embarrassed because I decided to participate in the youth team in a completely unexpected way.

“It’s a good method. What’s certain is that you, Leila, are among the most talented among kids your age.”

If I don’t go, there’s a high chance that Layla will win the boys’ and girls’ divisions. If you are aiming to win, it is right to participate as is.

But Layla seems to have a slightly different idea.

“good. Then, I want to join the youth group too.”

Priscilla asked about Leila’s decision.

“Are you okay? “The level itself will be different.”

“So we have to go further. “There is a high chance of winning without Dane anyway, but Dane will get all the attention now.”

I burst out laughing at that.

“Why, I might fail in the preliminaries.”

“joy. Are you kidding me? “If you fail in the preliminaries, who will win?”

“The world is wide.”

“it’s okay. Anyway, I’m going to join the youth club too.”


Leila then tore up the application form she had filled out in advance for participation in the boys and girls division.

“Winning… … “Honestly, I don’t know.”

Leila savored her appetite, threw the torn application form away, and returned.

“Dane then what are you going to do? knife? window?”


“… … “Unlucky.”

I shrugged my shoulders.

“I use it as needed. “By looking at the other person.”

Weapons are originally meant to be used strategically.

If you can use several, there is no need to stick to just one. I looked up the rulebook and found that there was no rule that said you had to use only one weapon.

“Anyway, let’s train hard until we go.”

“Do you not do relative analysis, Mr. Dane?”

I tilted my head in response to Dorian’s question.

“Why do you do that? “You never know who you might meet.”

“Yeah, but… … Still, aren’t there some strong candidates for the youth division? “I think it would be good to know in advance.”

“Why don’t you go and think about it then? “I haven’t even passed the preliminaries yet.”

“… … “If you are a teacher, you will definitely pass.”

At that time, Priscilla spoke as if she was dumbfounded.

“Then the success of this year’s D’Anterre Cup boys and girls division was ruined.”


“The winner of the previous competition went to the youth division… … “The strongest candidate for the championship also competed in the youth division.”

Priscilla’s giggles follow.

“If this continues, people will only flock to the youth group?”


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