Reborn as the Greatest Talent of the Noble Family Chapter 216

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I was reincarnated as a famous genius with the greatest talent ever. Episode 216

145. Trial (2)

Naturally, the parties’ families or representatives could not be involved in the trial.

It is different from the previous Academy trials, which were held briefly and were mostly summary trials.

A bishop-level priest has been dispatched from the main shrine and central church, so everything is carried out under strict procedures.

Therefore, even in this unfavorable situation, ‘active’ support from the family could not be expected.

Instead, a joint attorney was present to represent these five… … .

“Agent, are you minimizing the defendants’ actions now? From premeditated assault to simple assault?”

“Well, isn’t it just a fight between friends?”

“But it is true that the assault was premeditated and lasted for about two hours.”

“Yeah, that’s right…” … .”

Unfortunately, even when it was his turn to speak, he was unable to give a proper rebuttal, perhaps because he was under pressure from the authority of the Imperial Church.

Of course, the result would have been the same even if the Imperial Church had not dispatched a bishop.

Because everything was clear, and more than anything, the impact of the victim Ernest’s testimony was too great.

‘How did this happen…? … .’

‘Please, please. father. Help me!’

Bronn’s group cried inwardly, but it seemed that there was no one here to help them.

What on earth happened?

When I briefly visited each family member, all they said was not to worry.

When we entered the trial court, there were a lot of people, and a bishop-level priest from the Imperial Holy Church came in and proceeded with all procedures strictly, and the level of interrogation was enormous.

Is this what it would feel like to be tortured with words?

“I will ask the defendants again. Do you admit that you deliberately took the victim, Ernest Dillon, to a deserted place, assaulted him several times, treated his wounds with potions, then woke him up again and assaulted him repeatedly?”

Hands slowly shaking.

Cold sweat flowing.

This is no joke.

So one of the gang members suddenly pointed the finger at Bron.

“Well, we did as we were told! Bron, this bastard did it all! “I think you’ve been acting arrogant since you’ve been hanging around with Dane Sogress, and I need you to take care of it!”

Then, as if a dry field were on fire, the other three members of the gang also shouted enthusiastically.

“Bron told me to prepare the potion! “They said we need to step on them very well so they can’t fight back again!”

“Hey, you talk too! You did it all! When did we want to listen to you? “If you don’t listen, my father will use his power to destroy our family!”

“that’s right! “We’ve been bullied by this guy ever since we were kids!”

It was an internal dispute.

The kind of infighting that is common among young children, in which people bring up other people’s faults in order to cover up their own faults.

Bronn’s face turned bright red.

“These bastards… … !”

Bishop Akkad did not stop the gang at this point.

Is that why?

“When did I do that!”

“You ordered everything! Bron you son of a bitch! “It’s always about threats or something!”

“Honestly, Ernest, if it weren’t for you, we would have been friends!”

“You’re being damned! Who was the one who bullied me too? You, Elad! “You treated Ernest like a slave!”

As all sorts of revelations were made and the skit unfolded, unexpected words were said.

“Bishop! “Bron, this bastard said he would kill Dane Sogress one day!”

A bomb exploded.

“… … !”

“oh my god… … .”

“What is this…?” … .”

An irreversible bomb.

It became so quiet that even Elad, the person who spoke, closed his mouth in inhalation, but could not take it back.

Words that drive a wedge into their situation in a situation that was already going unfavorably.

Of course, it has nothing to do with this trial.

However, the problem is that he revealed his intention to kill Dane Sogress in a public place in front of a large number of people.

“This crazy guy… … .”

In the end, Bronn jumped up to attack him, and the academy guards quickly subdued him.

“Separate the defendants.”

The security forces separated the gangs and separated them in preparation for an unexpected incident, and people clicked their tongues at this skit.

“It’s over, it’s over.”

“Does that mean I’ll be expelled?”

“Oh my, what’s so disappointing… … “Count Sauer and Count Derringer are families that are popular in the West.”

“Because of that gang, five families have their faces smeared.”

The academy is located in the capital.

And rumors in the capital tend to spread quickly.

Even with so many people watching, this matter will soon become widely known.

Of course, they didn’t know yet.

What is happening in the five families now? So, the situation is so urgent that it is difficult to pay attention to this trial.

“Before I pass judgment, I will ask student Ernest Dillon.”

Meanwhile, Bishop Akkad waited for the commotion to die down and asked.

“Do you forgive them, Ernest Dillon?”


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Ernest was weak-hearted.

No, I was weak.

If it were the old Ernest, he would have broken into a cold sweat and trembled just from making eye contact with Bronn in this situation.

But now it’s different.

“I will not forgive you.”

Ernest spoke clearly and without hesitation.

“No matter what kind of apology I make?”

“No apologies will be accepted. “I have already had several opportunities to apologize.”

The faces of Bron’s gang turned pale at Ernest’s firm resolve.

“Ernest! “I was wrong!”

“I’ll do everything you tell me to do! I was sorry! please please!”

Apologies bursting out late.

Even the gang knows.

If the current situation continues, not only will I be expelled from school, but I will also be severely punished and shamed by my family upon my return.

Also, the family is also disgraced because of them.

Because in an aristocratic society, this kind of disgrace is fatal.

However, Ernest looked at Bron’s gang with a stern expression without saying anything, and then came down from the stage.

“I will ask.”

Eventually, the Bishop of Akkad opened his mouth.

“Bron Sauer and 4 others. Do you admit that five days ago, you deliberately lured your classmate Ernest Dillon and assaulted him for about two hours, and when he fainted during the assault, you treated him with potions, woke him up, and then assaulted him again?”

“I admit it! So, be lenient!”

“I ask for leniency!”

Bishop Akkad continued speaking without wavering even though he appeared close to crying.

“Now that the defendants have admitted it, I will make a ruling.”

The courtroom becomes completely quiet for a moment.

“Bron Sauer and four others had grown up together with the victim, Ernest Dillon, since childhood. However, judging from the testimony, the relationship was closer to a superior-subordinate relationship than a friendship, and it appears that there had been continuous violence since childhood. Therefore, the assault that occurred this time appears to have been a one-sided and planned assault rather than a fight between friends, and Ernest Dillon, who defended himself with a bow, can be seen as having justified his defense.”

Bishop Akkad spoke without stopping.

“Also, it was planned and cruel, and he assaulted the victim non-stop for about two hours, causing her to faint and almost die several times, and it was revealed that giving her potions was not for the purpose of full recovery, but simply ‘to assault the victim further.’ Since we lost, it looks like we should be severely punished.”


A dry sting that passes by.


“I order the expulsion of Bron Sauer and four others, the five defendants.”

“… … !”

“Oh, no!”

Everyone nodded because it was the result they had expected, and only Bronn’s gang denied the reality.

But that wasn’t the end.

“In addition, the instigators Bron Sauer and Elad Derringer will not be able to re-enter the Imperial Academy for the rest of their lives. In addition, future employment at educational institutions within the empire will not be permitted.”

In addition, a shocking ruling was made.

Readmission is not possible.

In this aristocratic society, not graduating from the Imperial Academy… … .

This means that they cannot be incorporated into mainstream society for the rest of their lives.

This is all over.

“If you have an objection to the ruling, make a formal request. more.”

However, even if a formal request is made, no new trial will be held.

Such a request itself is tantamount to rebelling against the authority of the Central Church of the Empire.

The instigators, Bron Sauer and Elad Derringer, were completely entranced.

Like a person whose soul has escaped.

“It’s over, Tsutsu.”

“They say that if you don’t graduate from the academy, you won’t be able to succeed.”

“Well, I don’t know if it’s the imperial family, the Duke of Termion, or the Count of Sogres.”

A voice that clicks its tongue and expresses regret.

But no one truly sympathized.

And, at the very back of the courtroom.

A person who watched this trial among the crowd.

‘The trial is over.’

Dane turned to see the decision he had been waiting for.

But this wasn’t the end.

‘Now is the start.’

Five families who must be in chaos by now.

You will see that Bronn gang when they are expelled and return to their family.

What consequences did their mistake have on their family?

* * *

Even to me, the power of one of the most powerful families in the empire is surprising.

The expulsion process went by quickly, and two days after the trial, Bron’s gang was kicked out of the academy along with Jim, who was in the dormitory.

They were taken in a carriage that seemed to have been sent by the family, but for a carriage that was so fancy, it looked quite lonely and shabby.

“The Department of Swordsmanship… … From now on I won’t be able to touch you again. right?”

I shook my head gravely at the words of Leila, a member of the swordsmanship department.

“I don’t know. “I wonder what kind of guys will come out again.”

So I made sure to do it this time.

Borrowing the family name.

In fact, my family only agreed with what I said.

I did everything else.


However, the reputation of the Count of Sogres, which was built by the family and continues to this day, made all of this possible.

“It’s the power of the family… … “That’s amazing.”

“These are things we have been using without knowing it. “It’s also something I was enjoying.”

Yeah, that’s great.

A formal trial was held for the first time in 10 years, and expeditious expulsion procedures were initiated –

A bishop-level priest was dispatched from the Central Church of the Empire to prevent Bron’s gang’s family from interfering.

“That’s why you have to use it carefully. “Because we are doing something in the name of the family.”

“… … “I didn’t know you would handle it like this, but now I understand how you felt.”

I nodded at those words.

Like before, I could have resolved it on my own without involving the family.

Either tie the five of them together and beat them up, use magic to torment them, or make them obey my words.

But I didn’t feel the need to do that.

Because the sin they committed was too great for that.

“Actually, I thought you were scared, Dane.”

“Did you?”

“huh. But now that I think about it, I think it was worth it. Ernest… … “It must have been incredibly difficult.”

For your information, Ernest recovered well.

I got healthy again, and from yesterday I started training in the forest of Bonia as if nothing had happened.

It has become stronger.

And then I made a promise.

Someday, if I meet Bronn again, I will fight him fair and win.

“Well, those five families… … It seemed like there was an uproar? “My father told me.”

“It probably won’t be too bad.”

It won’t be ruined.

In fact, for the family itself to be completely ruined because of their children, they would have to insult the imperial family or commit serial murder.

However, it will definitely take a pretty big hit.

The imperial family, having discovered your weakness, will firmly grasp it and shake it so that you can’t even make a sound.

All five families reported corruption related to the interest business.

“… … How on earth do you come up with ideas like this? At best I could just send a letter to my family… … .”

Because those are the things I saw and heard in my past life.

There were quite a few exiled nobles on the battlefield.

Should we say that they are people who committed sins during the war and were forcibly brought here to be forgiven for their sins?

“Well, the swordsmanship department is over now. Are you okay?”

“What am I…” … What else is there to do other than being okay? “Of course it was my friend’s business.”

Department of Swordsmanship.

From Conred to Bron’s gang.

Probably for the time being, I won’t be able to say that it is the most prestigious department at the academy.

“I do not care. Why would I be depressed if the reputation of the swordsman department falls? “I just need to practice my sword skills hard.”

I sighed.

In the past, I was full of pride in the Department of Swordsmanship, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

“And now it’s the Danter Cup. “Everyone is so worried about Conred and Bronn that they will quickly forget the incidents, right?”

“D’Anterre Cup? ah.”

Danter Cup.

A type of tournament where boys and girls under the age of 15 from the empire gather to determine the winner.

I remembered that Leila had won the Danter Cup the previous year.

“Dane, of course you’re going to participate, right?”


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