Reborn as the Greatest Talent of the Noble Family Chapter 215

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I was reincarnated as an all-time talented genius of a famous family Episode 215

145. Trial (1)

The act of ‘trial’ anywhere is quite cumbersome and time-consuming.

This is because documents are required to be submitted, a trial is considered to determine whether the case is necessary, and the case is held after lengthy discussions.

So, rather than holding a trial, people want to resolve the issue among themselves or have an authoritative arbitrator come in to reach an appropriate conclusion.

This is especially true when it comes to the academy.

This is because most of the work is between students, and many things are directly related to the family’s honor.

But this time was different.

The trial was confirmed more quickly than ever before, and the trial date was announced five days after the incident.

And after a week.

In the Academy’s Jungang-dong, there were a lot of people crowded into the courtroom, which was rarely used.

“I really live and see amazing things. “There is also a trial at the academy.”

“That’s right. “I heard it’s been almost 10 years since this happened.”

“The accuser is Dane Sogress. So, that’s right. A son of the Count of Sogres even submitted a formal complaint, so are you covering it up as crazy?”

As people say, there was a reason why the trial proceeded so quickly.

An incident in which five people brutally assaulted one person for two hours, and then forced him to drink potions to recover and then assaulted him again.

The quality of the case was important, but what was most effective was that the person who submitted the formal complaint was Dane Sogres of the Count of Sogres.

“I heard that the girl who was assaulted was bullied a lot by them from the beginning?”

“If it were me, I would just commit suicide. “I heard the kid who was assaulted is my friend who got burned.”

“Are you sane? “Did you think you wouldn’t get caught?”

“Why, I couldn’t stand it anymore because I was always being bullied and I couldn’t be bothered anymore. Tsutsu.”

Because of this, there was not even public sympathy for the perpetrators.

There wasn’t even room to take into account what he had done in the first place, and I was afraid that if I defended him, I would get glares.

“Big, big. “The bishop is entering.”

At that time, a faculty member’s voice was heard, and a middle-aged priest entered the courtroom.

It was Akkad Payon, the bishop of the Central Church of the Empire, who was dispatched by the Imperial Church to adjudicate this case.

“Why is the Holy Church making decisions?”

“Because it would be difficult for someone inside the academy to make a fair decision.”

It is difficult to expect a fair ruling from academy professors, staff, or even the dean.

Because they are all intertwined with the noble family in some way.

So, on the surface, priests who live by surrendering themselves to divine power, especially high-authority bishop-level figures, stepped forward as adjudicators.

To be exact, designated by the imperial family.

“Everyone, please be quiet.”

The courtroom suddenly becomes quiet.

And then the assailants enter.

Although they were not tied to ropes or anything, they were surrounded on all sides by academy security guards who boasted good skills.

Instigator, Bron Sauer.

And the remaining four, including Elad Derringer.

They were shaking.

‘Wow, there are so many people…’ … ?’

‘Oh, my father will somehow end it with suspension or probation.’

‘If only Dane Sogress wasn’t that bastard… … .’

‘Where is this bastard, Ernest?’

They must have not yet come to their senses, but although they were shaking, they had no doubt in their hearts that they would be released.

But it was strange.

‘Oh, where is your father?’

‘What about the servants? ‘Isn’t the head deacon here?’

‘Why is there no one there?’

All five defendants were unable to find anyone from their own family even after wiping their eyes.

like… … .

It’s like there’s no one to defend you.

“Then, the trial will begin now.”

The trial has finally begun.

Bishop Akkad glanced at the five assailants and asked.

“I will ask the five defendants. Do you admit that five days ago, you approached Ernest Dillon, a first-year student in the Department of Exploration, dragged him to a deserted place, and assaulted him for about two hours, leaving him in critical condition?”

Bronn answered quickly.

“I agree with some things, but I cannot agree with some facts.”

A murmur immediately arose, but it soon subsided as soon as the Bishop of Akkad raised his hand.

“What facts do you agree with, and which facts do you disagree with?”

Bishop Akkad’s voice became a little heavier than before, but Bronn answered without realizing it.

“We and Ernest are old friends, having played together since we were kids. I didn’t drag him away, but Ernest just followed him. I admit to assaulting you, but Ernest provoked us first… … .”

The sight of people telling lies without even applying acupuncture.

“you’re right. “Ernest and we are close friends!”

“It was just a fight between friends and emotions got stronger.”

“The reason I gave him the potion was because Ernest was a bit weak, so I just tapped him a few times and he passed out, so I gave him the potion in a hurry.”

“Then Ernest lost his senses and provoked us again, so we stopped… … .”

On the one hand, the act of agreeing as if waiting seemed very desperate.



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“Such a ridiculous lie… … .”

Because of this, sighs erupt from all directions.

Several professors who came to observe also shook their heads, wondering what that meant.

Even if I admit the crime and condone it, it’s not enough.

Archbishop Akkad asked about that.

“If that’s true, it’s just a very minor case that doesn’t even require a trial. “It happened when friends from my hometown got emotional while playing with each other.”

Bronn answered as if he had been waiting.

“That’s right. Of course, we will do our best for Ernest’s physical and mental recovery… … .”

“Then I will ask.”

At that moment, Bishop Akkad’s voice, which had been gradually changing, passed the starting point and became completely heavy.

“The victim, Ernest, who suffered a minor incident, was unconscious for three days. According to the testimony, they did not follow him, but threatened him from the beginning and dragged him to a deserted place. To others, I pretend to be friendly and put my hand on his shoulder.”

Bishop Akkad held up a piece of paper with Ernest’s testimony written on it.

The paper, filled with tiny letters, was written in earnest detail about what had happened to Ernest.

Even, I was constantly bullied in my hometown since childhood.

“According to the victim’s testimony, Bron Sauer, it is said that you took the lead in torturing Ernest thousands of times since childhood.”

“What do you mean!”

“I just read what is written. Of course, this is not the case now.”

Bishop Akkad then asked.

“In addition, the items found at the scene were thirty and five potions. In general, especially in the swordsmanship department, there is no reason to carry around multiple expensive potions. “This appears to be a clear intention to heal the victim by giving him a potion and then continue the assault.”

“Well, that’s… … .”

Bronn felt restless for a moment and then urgently pointed at Elad.

“Eh, it was because of Elad! Elad happened to be interested in studying potions… … Elad brought it with him!”

“Yes, that’s right!”

But Bishop Akkad was not an easy person.

“I traced the serial numbers of the potions and found that they were all purchased directly in the name of Count Sauer and delivered to the Academy.”

“Ahhh! I forgot! “I just bought it for my friend because he said he was studying!”

“Oh, that’s right! “Bron bought it for me!”

Bishop Akkad’s voice became even heavier.

“Then, would you like to tell me everything you know about potions? Right here and now? Elad Derringer?”

“… … Well, it hasn’t been long since it started… … .”

“Didn’t you say you were studying? “Generally, if you study, you start by purchasing books and learning the theory.”

The Bishop of Akkad drove in a wedge.

“Not the actual potion, which becomes useless if you don’t use it within a month of purchase.”

“… … .”

“Is there a swordsman professor here?”

“… … “Here it is.”

It was Professor Esteranza.

“Professor Esteranza, is that right?”

“you’re right.”

“Then I will ask. Professor Esteranza. “Is there any reason for swordsmanship students to carry dozens of potions at once?”

“No, not normally. But the student I know, Elad Derringer, is a good student. Perhaps they were planning to hand them out one by one to undergraduate students… … .”

“Professor Esteranza, do you think what you say makes sense?”

Professor Esteranza was shocked.

“… … Uh, it’s just a guess.”

“Is it true what I am asking? Not a guess. Anyway, I mean, not in general cases.”

“Okay… … “Yes.”

“I understand.”

Professor Esteranza sat back down with an expression of complete resignation, which unnerved Bronn.

Bishop Akkad then spoke again.

“Can I assume there was another intention behind preparing the potion?”

“… … .”

“You’re not answering.”

Bishop Akkad continued speaking as if it didn’t matter.

“Even while student Ernest was unconscious, no efforts were made to recover from the damage. “If it was a fight between friends as the defendants said, it seems a normal judgment that it should have stopped immediately after fainting.”

“Well, I was so excited… … .”

“Only answer when I ask, defendant.”

“… … .”

Bishop Akkad spoke as the situation turned completely against the five men.

“I will listen to the victim’s testimony here.”

The person who entered amidst the buzz was none other than Ernest.

Ernest entered with a very calm, yet very tired expression on his face and took the oath.

“Do you swear to tell only the truth?”

“I swear to the Academy, my family, and this empire.”

“Then, testify about what happened at that time.”

And everyone was left speechless by Ernest’s next words.

“… … As soon as they forcibly dragged me away, the assault began and assaults were inflicted on all parts of my body… … .”

And people sighed in the next part.

“When I fainted, they gave me a potion to recover from the trauma, then forcibly woke me up, and immediately after, they assaulted me again. “I remember going through that process at least four times.”

Everyone cursed at the terrible testimony.

“This is crazy… … .”

“Those people who will tear you to death!”

“Are you a swordsmanship department that values ​​honor?”

Bronn’s gang fell into a state of panic.

Many people in the courtroom were pointing fingers at themselves and criticizing them.

“Be quiet.”

Bishop Akkad calmed them down, but their gaze remained as if they were looking at waste.

Unable to bear that gaze, the gang lowered their heads as if they had made a promise.

“Go on, Ernest Dillon.”

It was then.

‘If we continue like this, we will definitely be expelled.’

Bronn shouted urgently, intent on biting down.

“Oh, Ernest hurt us! A bow! By shooting a bow! Erand’s shoulder was pierced, and Owen’s leg was badly bruised! “It was clear that they intended to kill us!”

At those words, the courtroom became quiet for a moment.

Bronn thought his words had worked.

Bishop Akkad asked.

“Ernest Dillon, it is written in the testimony, but I will ask again. Is that true? “Answer only yes or no.”

“yes. “It’s true.”

“Then this time, Bron Sauer, ask the defendant. “If you pull out a knife in protest against someone who clearly puts your life in danger for no reason, is that a sin?”

“Well, that’s because we also felt the threat of death… … .”

“Just answer yes or no.”

“… … .”

Bishop Akkad shook his head at Bron, who did not respond.

“In the Empire, we call that ‘legitimate defense.’ Instead of saying ‘sin’. Do you understand, defendant?”


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