Reborn as the Greatest Talent of the Noble Family Chapter 212

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I was reincarnated as a famous genius with the greatest talent ever. Episode 212

143. I’m not scared of you guys anymore (1)

The Imperial Academy is often called the jungle of noble children.

Unless someone has overwhelming skills and background like Dane, a competitive hierarchical relationship is naturally formed.

So, I organized the sequence, and sometimes… … .

Puk, puk!

“Was it worth living for so long? huh?”

“The bastard that hangs out behind Dane Sogress.”

“Why does a bastard who didn’t even have any problems bother people like this?”

Sometimes, superiors and subordinates are divided through merciless violence.

However, in this case-

A case in which bad relationships from the past followed up to the Academy.

Ernest was on the verge of fainting now.

“Bron, is this bastard about to pass out?”

“Give me the potion.”


It’s expensive, but it’s not a burden to Bron, the heir to the Count Sauer family.

“Ugh… … .”

When he was force-fed the potion, Ernest’s numerous injuries healed quickly.

Bronn smiled contentedly.

“Performance is good. After all, it’s a Daesinjeon product.”

“But if you repeat it too much, everything inside will be destroyed, right?”

“doesn’t care. I’m going to take good care of this guy. Hey, you get hit along with the bastard who got burned. okay?”

For reference, Bronn is a swordsman.

And he was one of the few students in the swordsmanship department who hated Dane.

Some people thought that the reputation of the swordsmanship department had fallen because of Dane… … .

At the beginning of last semester, when I was trying to bully Ernest, I was caught by Dane and got hit hard.

From then on, Bronn sharpened his blade for revenge.

“But we can’t touch that noble master. So, think of it as getting hit instead.”

“Ugh… … .”

“Anyway, no matter how much you do, we won’t get caught. Do you know what I mean? “You won’t be hurt at all when you break up with us.”

Bronn smiled eerily, showing a bag full of potions.

No matter how strong Dane’s power is, or how high the prestige of the Count of Sogres is, there will be nothing they can do without any evidence and testimony alone.

Of course, it was just a shallow trick by Bron’s gang who didn’t know Dane well.

“Okay then shall we start again?”

At that time, one of Bron’s gang held up Ernest’s bow.

“Hey, what is this? “It’s not some kind of stick.”

“This guy came from subspace.”

“Look where you are.”

Bronn’s gang briefly paid attention to Ernest and looked around at the bow.

“What is this… … “Wow!”


What I thought was a stick accidentally unfolded into a bow shape when I pressed the button.

“Is it a bow?”

“Hey, do you have a bow like this?”

“I don’t think I’ve seen anything like this, even in the family armory.”

The gang was looking around as if they were curious.

Then Bronn grinned.

“I have to have this.” It looks good. “My father would be very happy if I gave it to him.”

At those words, the eyes of Ernest, who was on the verge of fainting, opened brightly.

“Oh, no… … !”

“It won’t work.”


The kick flew, and Ernest’s body rolled. Bronn grinned and closed and unfolded his bow.

“Because he became friends with the Dane bastard, he shamelessly kept these things to himself. Hey, weren’t we friends? “Let’s share some.”

“Okay, if there’s anything good, take it again. Hey, Ernest, what are there so many things in this bastard’s subspace?”

“wow. “Do you have any gold items?”

Ernest fell down, his fists shaking.

‘It shouldn’t collapse like this.’

No matter how much I practiced, I couldn’t help the fear that came back to me.

So, he was taken by Bron’s gang who had already planned and approached him, and he had no choice but to be beaten like this.

However, Dane said directly that he could no longer bear the fact that the bow that Dane’s eldest sister had made fell into the hands of those guys.

‘It can’t be like this.’

You have to have courage.

Dane did that.

If you don’t even try the bare minimum, you’ll just keep living like that.

“Sigh… … .”

Ernest squirmed and barely got up.


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My legs were shaking and my whole body felt like it was melting, but I gritted my teeth.

If we break down here, everything will end up repeating itself.

You won’t die.

And Dane might get his revenge.

But does that end?

Even if these guys are expelled, Ernest will have to live with the burden of never being able to resist bullying.

You are no longer the powerless, vulnerable person you used to be.

I met Dane, met my friends, and learned a lot.

“Uh, uh. Look at that. It happens.”

“Hey. Even after getting hit like that, you still get up? “Potion performance is good.”

That’s wrong. Potions heal trauma, but cannot erase accumulated damage.

The fact that Ernest was able to stand up today is purely thanks to his training and willpower.

If it had been before, I probably would have fainted a few times.

“Give it to me… … . “It’s not yours.”

“Nope? Am I going to have it?”

That was when Bronn giggled.


Something unimaginable happened.

Ernest suddenly ran up to me.


Taking it as is, Bron collapsed.

For a moment, Bronn didn’t realize what had happened.

Weak Ernest.

If you hit him, he would hit you, if you told him to, he would do what he was told, and if he got hit a few times, he would faint or cry.

It was unthinkable for a guy like that to fight back or rebel, so I was so shocked at the moment that I couldn’t react.


Ernest then immediately picked up his bow and rushed at the other gang members who had not yet come to their senses.

“Hey, you bastard!”

Surprisingly, Ernest succeeded in taking away the subspace he had been holding loosely.

‘it’s okay.’

Ernest immediately widened his distance, opened his bow, and walked quickly along the street.

Great development.

The protest, which had previously been a whimper, was held surprisingly easily.

Although the bow was made that way, Ernest’s arm muscles were nothing compared to before.


My legs are shaking and my whole body is weak, but I have to do it.

Ernest quickly made up his mind and took action in protest.

“Hey, hey, you crazy! Stop it!”

“Throw something!”

Everyone was so embarrassed that they could do nothing.

The fact that that weakling Ernest pushed them away and even retrieved the stolen weapon and is now aiming at the protest… … .

Because it was very unrealistic.

‘you can do it.’

If you get it right, and if you give up, at some point you won’t even be able to get angry.

Accepting that it is fate.

But Ernest was angry now.


After Ernest finally stopped breathing-

held a protest

“Dodge, dodge!”

Wedge, puck!



One of the gang members was pierced in the shoulder.

It’s an accurate shot.

This is the result of practicing so far that my fingertips swell, crack, and bleed.

Above all, the sense of holding a protest itself was different.

‘It’s an incredibly good bow.’

A bow made with great care by a craftsman who converted from Drenik and enchanted by Arabella herself.

Less force is required when pulling, and the elasticity is stronger when releasing the string.

It’s a combination of those and Ernest’s efforts.


The arrow even pierced his shoulder. They were only wearing thin school uniforms, and although it was natural because the distance was close, it seemed like it was more of a shock to the gang.

“Wow, crazy. What is that! “Ernest, what is that guy!”

“Is that bastard shooting an arrow at us now? “What!”

Anger came after the unrealistic sight.

They were fidgeting as they looked at the guy who had collapsed after being stabbed in the shoulder.

Now is your chance.

Ernest once again fired his arrow at the protest.

At that time, Bronn came to his senses.

“Go stop that bastard!”

“B-but you’re holding a bow!”

“You idiot! “If it sticks to you, you won’t be able to shoot!”

As Bronn huffed, the other three members of the gang winced at the blue lines.

in between-

Wedge! Pow!


This time, an arrow flew out and tore off one guy’s leg. To be precise, it did graze, but the area where it was grazed was quite wide.

Now there are three left.

‘When on earth did that bastard…’ … .’

It’s something I can’t even imagine.

What a revolt by that weakling.

Something that cannot and should not happen in Bron’s world.

“Go and stick with it!”

The two guys start running after they yell out loud.

Ernest urgently protested. And I quickly let go of the protest.


The arrow missed.


I’ve already lost all my strength, and it’s my first time shooting a bow against a running enemy.

Even though these guys only take Bronn’s orders, they are still undergraduate students in the Department of Swordsmanship.


It was the moment when Ernest protested.


A rock thrown by a guy in a hurry hit Ernest’s hand.



Ernest clenched his hands and tried unsuccessfully to protest.

And finally, the two guys came running and attacked Ernest.

“Kill this bastard!”

“How dare you shoot an arrow at us?”

Unlike before, the angry beating continued, and Ernest was beaten helplessly.

But even in that situation, I crouched down and held on to my bow.

‘It’s a gift that changed me. ‘You have to protect it.’

Puk, puk!


“I don’t know where this topic comes from… … .”

However, as my body, which had already reached its limit, was beaten again, my consciousness was rapidly fading away.

A voice is heard in the midst of all this.


The beating stopped for a moment, and Bronn’s face appeared through the blur of vision.

And I also saw something sparkling.

It was a dagger.


Bronn put the tip of the dagger to Ernest’s jaw.

“I’ll have to give up a knife wound on my face and go back. You know what? If I make a cut and apply this on it, it will be very painful and leave a big scar? “I heard it doesn’t even work with potions.”

“… … .”

Ernest didn’t have the energy to answer.

I regretted that I should have resisted from the beginning.

still… … .

My mind felt strangely at ease.

I wasn’t afraid of them anymore.

“… … “I’m not scared of you guys anymore.”

Ernest gathered all his strength, muttered something, and then passed out.

“This guy fainted?”

“Should we just kill him and bury him?”

“Oh, I’m really pissed. Hey, shouldn’t we leave this bastard and feed them potions first?”

Of course, Bronn raised the dagger to Ernest’s face regardless.

If possible, I wanted to hear her scream, but whatever.

I should do this to relieve my anger.

It was then.

Coo thump!

Suddenly, a huge pressure came down on Bronn’s gang.


“Ugh… … .”


The same goes for the two guys who fell down after being hit by arrows.

I couldn’t come to my senses because something felt as if the gravity was several times stronger and a huge hand was pressing down on me once more.

‘Well, what is it? What is this suddenly… … .’

At that time, a possibility crossed Bronn’s mind.

no way-

“It was you guys, after all.”

It was Dane Sogress.

A person who casts 4-chain gravity magic and pressure magic simultaneously in two areas with one hand and is now walking.


And with his other hand, he even pulled out his sword.

With a very cold expression.

“You guys, I’ll make you want to die.”


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