Reborn as the Greatest Talent of the Noble Family Chapter 211

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I was reincarnated as an all-time talented genius of a famous family Episode 211

142. Isn’t that them?

Surprisingly, there was no particular commotion at the campsite.

It seemed like everyone was tired and fast asleep. Professor Ingrit returned after seeing Elta and Huggard enter their respective tents.

“Whew. “I feel exhausted.”

“Thank you for your hard work. professor.”

“It’s all thanks to student Dane. If not… … “It’s scary to even imagine.”

Professor Ingrit, whom I observed last semester and this semester, is a person who cares very much about his students.

Although he may be a bit partial to me, it is clear that he fundamentally loves the students he teaches.

So, rather than getting angry, you probably checked to see if there were any injuries first.

“Student Dane is really unharmed.”

“sure. “I’m fine.”

“It’s because I don’t believe it. How can he kill seven banewolves alone and remain unscathed? … .”

Professor Ingrit’s eyes sparkled.

“Are you really not serious about pursuing a career in spearmanship?”

I shook my head after a while to at least show that I was worried.

“I’m sorry, but I want to learn more things. “Not yet.”

“okay… … . I was imagining what it would be like to put all that effort into just one spear. Then, there really are two generations in a row of the best lancers in the history of the empire from the same family.”

The best lancer in history.

Of course it’s my father.

And if I really focus on spearmanship, maybe that will happen.

However, as I thought about and concluded before, I do not want to neglect any of the talents I have now.

If possible, I would like to do more in the future.

Well, if I had to pick one of them that I like the most… … .

“Anyway, I heard you’re really good at swordsmanship. Who taught you swordsmanship?”

It’s swordsmanship.

“I practice separately, and when I come to the academy, I learn from Professor Kael’thas Redpil.”

“Is it talent or something? “If the Dane student later grows up and becomes famous, future generations may wonder if he sold his soul to the devil.”

I burst out laughing at Professor Ingrit’s joke.

sold my soul to the devil

That’s an interesting guess.

I already killed a demon, that is, a demon, not long ago.

My eldest sister is probably cooking the essence I extracted from it by now, so I’ll have to go check it out sometime soon.

“Anyway, thank you. Dane, I guess I’ll have to contact my senior later.”

“you’re welcome.”

Professor Ingrit smiled kindly and suddenly spoke.

“really. If you want to spar, let me know anytime. Any Dane student is welcome. I saw the fight earlier, um… … “To be honest, it kind of burned me out.”

I was a little surprised by those words.

Professor Ingrit is a penta-level warrior.

It’s quite satisfying to know that someone like that was on fire after seeing my pure spear skills.

I realized that I hadn’t been neglecting my training.

Of course, the foundation of my spearmanship is based on my father’s teachings, my past life experience, and the principles of swordsmanship, so naturally I am growing faster than others.

Nevertheless, it is not easy for Professor Ingrit to show such favor.

“I’ll greet you soon.”

“great. I need to take this seriously too. After the war, honestly, there weren’t many spearmen who could fight as whistleblowers. When you become a professor, people tell you to maintain your dignity and things like that… … .”

Professor Ingrit’s eyes sparkled.

“If you’re a Dane student, your overall skills are… … “Honestly, I can’t believe it even as I say it now, but I think it’s at least as good as Quad-level knights.”

That’s a good evaluation.

“thank you.”

Of course, it will be more than that.

What if magic and summoning are mixed?

And if you add my magical power.

“I’m looking forward to it, Dalian.”

This means that Professor Ingrit is also itching.

Of course, it didn’t seem like he was experiencing any aftereffects of the war.

That’s because it’s a problem that goes beyond the level of a physical itch.

A sparring match with a penta-class lancer.

I’m also sparring with Professor Kael’tas, a former Hexa-level knight.

Maybe I’m the only one at the academy who spars with both the Hexa-level and Penta-level players?

* * *

The next day dawned, and the camp class ended as if nothing had happened.

“It’s so unfortunate. “I think it would be nice to stay one more night!”

“But I want to go back quickly and take a shower.”

“Wow, the wolves howled a lot last night. “What on earth was it?”

Professor Ingrit seemed to have chosen to call them out separately and talk to them rather than embarrass them in front of all the students.

And it seemed like he would definitely make an issue of this when he went back.

“… … Thank you. Dane Sogress.”

“If it weren’t for you, my son and the eldest son of the Norland family… … “Maybe he’s dead.”


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A few days later, Viscount Norland and Baron Bellatier came to the Academy and expressed their gratitude to me.

Hold something in each hand.

“It’s not something I did hoping for compensation, and I don’t want to receive compensation for something I take for granted. I will just accept your heart. “I’m glad your sons are safe.”

“but… … “If this happens, we don’t feel at peace.”

In the end, the two nobles, or rather the two fathers, left after giving me various things in my hands.

When I opened it later, I found a very rare dessert set and Armasan tea leaves, which are said to be quite difficult to find.

I understand that feeling.

My father also said that he was ‘summoned’ to the academy several times.

Anyway, since I got something delicious, I went to visit my eldest sister’s lab.

“oh my god. Where did you get this dessert set? “You can only get this at very famous bakeries in the West.”

When I roughly explained the whole story, my eldest sister’s expression became strange.

“… … yes. “There are often cases where fathers come to the academy because their children have had accidents.”

Is it because it reminds me of old times?

For reference, the authority of the Imperial Academy is quite strong.

That is why the heads of a family can be told to come and go. Of course, it is not simply a question of authority.

“Still, you did a good job. good job. “Seven banewolves.”

“He seemed like a worthy opponent.”

“Are you sure you’re the only undergraduate student who says that?”

My eldest sister smiled and stroked my head and gestured as if she had just remembered something.

“really. Isn’t that the essence of the demon that I entrusted to you last time? That’s a rough conclusion. “Let’s go inside.”

When I went inside, I found that the essence of the demon was contained in an analyzer equipped with my special magic stone.

“It took a lot of time to analyze because it was a completely new structure, but it’s almost done now.”


My eldest sister handed me a thick analysis sheet.

“Do you want to take a look?”

I took the analysis sheet and looked at it carefully. Although it was thick, it didn’t take long to look through it.

“That’s amazing. “The magical power of demons is structured like this.”

“huh. The coherence is much stronger than that of this continent’s magic, and the volatility is also considerable. Perhaps Dane’s ability to create weapons with the black magic power you saw comes from that characteristic. perhaps… … “It may be a characteristic that only these demons have.”

The eldest sister’s eyes lit up.

“So I thought about it, and I think I can make good things with this.”

“For example?”

“It’s about taking advantage of volatility. With this structure… … I think you can probably make it in a variety of ways. “Except weapons, of course.”

I agree with the last statement.

Making a weapon imbued with the power of a demon is a slightly different problem.

“It cannot be distributed externally, it is just a prototype for reference.”

“Good idea.”

“I heard that thanks to our youngest, she has a taste for inventing things these days?”

I burst out laughing at my eldest sister’s words.

“By the way, sister. “What about the Ernest bow I mentioned last time?”

“Oh, right. It was finished, but I forgot. Should I call Ernest now too?”

After a while.

Just as the lecture was over, Ernest came to the lab, and his eldest sister came from inside carrying a bow.


Ernest’s eyes sparkled.

The dark blue bow looked quite cool.

“First of all, we emphasized portability by folding it and made it as light and elastic as possible, but the bow was made not by me but by a craftsman I know.”

Indeed, it seemed like a pretty good bow.

Even though it is made foldable, the seams look solid and the elasticity is considerable.

“It wouldn’t be that difficult to hang the bowstring, but if you tighten it like this, you can adjust the tension.”

“It’s a really great bow… … ?”

Anyway, at this level of technology, no matter how I look at it, it doesn’t seem like it belongs to this empire.

“Do you know an artisan from Drenik?”

“huh? You recognize it right away, right? that’s right. “A craftsman who switched to this side during the war.”

I knew it.

For reference, the weapon systems of Alteon and Drenik are quite different.

Of course, not all Alteons wield magical weapons, and not all Dreniks use weapons incorporating mechanical engineering.

It’s just a difference in characteristics, and it’s the same for ordinary soldiers or knights without money to just wield an ordinary long spear and long sword.

“That’s amazing.”

I was purely amazed.

It is a weapon perfectly suited to Ernest.

Under the theme of rear support, portability is emphasized through folding, so there is no hindrance to movement.

And it is light and has appropriate tension. When adjusted to maximum, it is not as good as a longbow, but it is quite good.

There it was again.

“I also cast a spell. “First of all, we made it a little lighter and also added magic to prevent contamination.”

“Thank you, sister… … .”

“What is gratitude? I heard you are always very active? Please continue to help our maknae a lot in the future.”

At those words, Ernest looked at me with slightly surprised eyes.


“Uh, um. “I can’t get used to someone calling you ‘youngest’ in such a friendly, childish way.”

My eldest sister burst out laughing at those words.

“Will it be the same even if Dane becomes a gray-haired grandfather later?”

That’s right.

To my father, mother, and older sisters, I will always be the ‘youngest child’.

“Oh, and arrows too. First of all, there are only 50 arrows in total because they are special arrows, but if you collect and manage them as you use them, you will use them for a while. “If it’s not enough, say more.”

“thank you!”

Ernest continued to express his gratitude, while constantly looking around at the bow to see if he could not control his excitement.

“Dane, I think I can help more now.”

“Helping. “We are together.”

I grinned and tapped Ernest on the shoulder.

“Instead of doing this, I have to go to practice right away! Dane, do you want to come with me?”

“I’ll be back a little later. “Go first.”


So Ernest left the lab, and my eldest sister smiled at me.

“I’m glad you’re happy. If you need any other weapons, please let me know.”

“huh. “Thank you, sister.”

“Thank you. hmm. And is there an invention using the magic stone I mentioned last time? “I think the plan will come out soon.”

“good. “Let’s talk together then.”

I still have something to talk about with Seedrain regarding the magic stone.

I thought it would be a good idea to talk about it together.

“Then I’ll go.”

“huh. “I’ll enjoy the dessert.”

Oh, by the way, I will have to give the tea leaves to my little sister tomorrow.

So I left the lab and headed to Bonia Forest, where my friends would be by now.

“Is Dane here?”

“Are you a little late today?”

As expected, everyone is concentrating on training.

Leila was practicing swordsmanship, Dorian was practicing martial arts, Altur was practicing magic, and Priscilla seemed to be praying.

But I can’t see one person.

“What about Ernest? “Didn’t you come?”

“huh? “Weren’t we together?”

“I said I would go first.”

Where did he get lost in the middle?

Then Dorian spoke.

“Mr. Ernest, I thought you were going somewhere with your friends earlier.”


“Yes, students from the same department… … No, for that matter, they were quite large and were wearing swords.”

Ernest’s friend.

And guys with swords.

this… … .

Ernest Isn’t it the Bron gang that has been harassing you for a long time?

“Where is it?”

“yes? I was heading to the west side of the central square… … .”

“I’ll go right away. Priscilla. follow me.”

Bron’s gang.

Children from a western noble family who had been harassing Ernest since he entered the academy.

I think I’ve been tormented since I was very young, but I didn’t pay much attention to it back then.

“What’s going on, Dane?”

“Ernest might be in trouble now.”

“… … “Are they the guys who bullied him that Ernest mentioned?”

You also told Priscilla.

This is why I’m taking Priscilla.

In urgent cases, first aid must be provided on site.

“In the end, they are targeting Ernest again.”


Those guys were probably in a hurry after being attacked by me.

To make Ernest, who was played with like a toy, back to the way he was before.

Maybe he’s trying to get revenge on me.

But why?

Something… … I’m not too worried about Ernest.

“Let’s go first.”

Still, you never know.

“Dane, I’m coming with you.”

At that time, Leila followed along.

I nodded and sped up.


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