Reborn as the Greatest Talent of the Noble Family Chapter 209

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I was reincarnated as a famous genius with the greatest talent ever. Episode 209

140. Are they the ones who drank?

As with any department, lectures in the Department of Linguistics are extremely boring unless you are a major.

This is because you learn rules, norms, etc. by delving into areas you have never thought about in the language you normally use.

So, some people find it fascinating that their own language, or that of another country, has this structure.

But most people are tired.

“Ah, I’m bored… … .”

“and. It’s really difficult. Who has so many rules? “What is standard language?”

“It’s not me. Wow, I heard it will be more difficult later.”

This included majors, and everyone was shaking their heads.

“It’s difficult, it’s difficult. I heard it will be difficult to find a job later. “If I can’t be an imperial researcher, where on earth should I go?”

“What are we here to see about the future of the Department of Linguistics? “I came to get my academy diploma.”

Sighs full of lament.

I felt the sadness of being in an unpopular department, but on the other hand, I tried to get a diploma by entering an unpopular department with a low entrance exam cutoff.

Because the certificate of graduation from the Imperial Academy has a bigger impact than you might think.

Anyway, there was one stranger who particularly stood out to the students who had such thoughts.

“But what on earth is he? “Why are you coming to our undergraduate class to take classes?”

“They say it’s fun. “Our undergraduate lectures.”

“why? “Aren’t we having fun too?”

“I know. But he’s a bit special. Swordsmanship, spearmanship, magic, summoning… … “If you do just one thing well, you’re in good shape, but if you do all of them well, you can also listen to this.”

“They say you’re even good at this. “Didn’t you hear the professor’s praise earlier?”

Dane Sogress.

A hot new student.

And now, the existence that has left students in the Department of Linguistics dumbfounded.

“How on earth do their families educate them?”

“Well, it’s in the special feature. Special to Dane Sogress. This Academy Daily News. There, a kind father and mother… … .”

“Do you believe that? “I’m sure there will be a huge training program.”

With doubts rising, Dane heard Professor Yeonsin’s praise in the second part of the lecture that began later.

“Yes. Excellent answer, Dane Sogress. So what should I say about this?”

“We talk about the disintegration of language.”

“great. I know it well. This word is originally composed of words with conflicting feelings, meaning ‘sunshine’ and ‘death’, right? When you see something like this… … .”

It didn’t seem like they were showering praise on the professor simply because he was ‘Dane Sogress’.


The most visible front row seat.

Bright eyes that long for learning.

Once something is taught to you, you never forget it and even apply it to understand it.

He is truly a student I like.

Even… … .

“Now, where are the roots of the language used in our empire? And, what do these expressions have in common?”

“It is very similar to the Drenik language.”

“… … “How did you know that?”

I know exactly that it is difficult to understand unless you are a senior in the linguistics department.

“It comes from linguistic characteristics. To be precise, some words are almost the same, and the endings of sentences flow almost similarly in clarification sentences and affirmative sentences.”

“Do you know anything about Draenik?”

“I know a little bit.”


The professor sighed.

Then I asked just in case.

“Then can you explain its characteristics a little more?”

Dane’s flowing explanation follows.

“There are four main characteristics that the imperial language and Draenic language have in common. First, everyday words used in certain areas are similar to each other and their changes are regular. Second… … .”

All explanations are correct.

In addition to memorizing the theory, I even tried to say example words with very accurate pronunciation.

The professor felt it.

‘Is there such a ridiculous genius?’

Drenik is similar to Alteon, so it is not a very difficult language to learn.

However, he is only 14 years old, and he must have been born and raised in Alteon, but to speak Draenic like that… … .

“That’s great. “Very much.”

So much so that the professor gives such a simple yet unbiased compliment.

And it was sad.

The professor also knows about Dane Sogress’s many talents.

So, right now, the talent for the study of language that one is engaged in is only a part of it.

Of course, if the professor is like this, what about the students?

“… … “What on earth is he?”

“No, I didn’t just come to listen because I was interested… … ?”

The Drenik language is something that only older students start learning in the linguistics department.

I never thought you could say it like that.

It was the moment when one more of Dane’s ‘talents’ was added unintentionally.


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* * *

The start of the second semester went smoothly.

It just flowed like water, without any problems.

The lectures were generally interesting.

I really liked the suddenly changed language department class, and the exploration department class was also interesting.

And this second semester, lectures were not simply held in the academy classrooms or sparring halls, but lectures were also held outside the classroom.

“As previously announced, this spearmanship lecture will be held in the form of a two-day, one-night camp training. To submit a certificate for absence from class the next day, please contact the academic affairs office… … .”

This is Professor Ingrit’s ‘Practical Spear Technique’ camp training.

They leave the academy and move to a forest not far outside the capital, where they camp for a day.

The purpose of the lecture is no different.

Camping in the forest, training as a group, and gaining teamwork and experience.

“Okay, everyone, let’s move! We must maintain order and get out of the streets without harming the citizens!”

That’s how the students, including me, left the academy.

“I’m so excited!”

“If you’re camping, you’ll just set up a tent and sleep, right?”

“Let’s make a bonfire! “Like adventurers!”

Everyone looks excited.

Is it because of going on a camping trip or because I was out at the academy?

I think I walked for about half a day after leaving the academy.

“Now, this is where we will camp for two days and one night.”

A fairly large forest appeared.

We will stay here today, listen to lectures, and camp for two days and one night.

“This ‘El Piso Forest’ is considerably larger than I thought. It is dangerous to get lost in the forest, so personal actions are strictly prohibited, and if you discover a monster or meet an unknown person, you must report it immediately.”

“Yes, Professor!”

Of course, it doesn’t seem like a completely safe forest.

In fact, unless you completely destroy the forest, there will always be monsters in the forest.

Anyway, during the day, we formed a group in the forest and conducted formal training, and finally the time for camping that everyone was looking forward to arrived.

“But how do you pitch this tent?”

“I don’t know. “Are you going to plug it in like this?”

“It’s very difficult.”

Perhaps due to lack of experience, everyone has a hard time even looking at the manual.

Actually, it can’t be helped.

The first time you set up a tent, it’s definitely difficult to set up alone, and even with two people it’s a hassle.

If it were a magic department, I would use magic somehow, but this is a spear arts department.

But I can.

“Look over there, over there.”

“As expected, Dane Sogress.”

“Wow, your hands are really fast.”

Not because I used magic, but because I was so used to it.

I’ve pitched it hundreds of times in my past life, and I can set up a basic tent like this with my eyes closed.

“Hey, Dane. If it’s okay, you can take a look at our tent… … ?”

“No matter what I do, it doesn’t seem to work… … .”

There were not just one or two people, but many people.

So I came up with the simplest solution.

“Give it to me.”

He immediately gathered everyone together and gave a demonstration.

“Here, it’s important to start by fixing it firmly first. If it is not fixed, it will keep moving and installation will be difficult. After that… … .”

Thanks to my kind and detailed explanation, everyone starts to follow along even though they are whining.

“Oh oh. do!”

“It’s okay for me too! “This is how you do it!”

I am proud to see people following along so well.

“Thank you, Dane.”

“Ah, Professor.”

And seeing this, Professor Ingrit approached and smiled.

“I should have done it, but student Dane did it for me?”

“you’re welcome.”

“Wow, how well you raised me.”

For your information, Professor Ingrit is my father’s junior.

“By the way, have you been practicing spearmanship lately?”

“Yes, every day.”

“is it so. Because someday I have to surpass myself and my seniors too. “You will be able to do well.”

“Thank you for your words.”

Anyway, after we finished camping, I had to give another lecture on how to make a campfire.

I wonder if they didn’t teach me at home, and I also wonder why they get so excited just by lighting a bonfire.

“now. As I said before, personal actions are strictly prohibited. You must move and stay only within this area. “I’ll go to bed not too late, and after training tomorrow morning, I’ll head back to the academy.”

Anyway, that’s how camping began, and as I was lightly grilling the beef jerky I had prepared in advance and making stew, other guys approached me one by one.

“Hey, Dane. Do you want to eat together? “I brought preserved food.”

“Do you want to share mine? “I have a few things I want to ask.”

I didn’t particularly refuse or avoid it. Maybe it’s the swordsmanship department, but this is the spearmanship department.

“really? “Then how many hours a day do you practice spearmanship?”

“Approximately three hours?”

“And yet you’re so good at it… … ? “Isn’t it so unfair?”

As if I had always been curious about myself, various questions started pouring in. Among them, there were quite a few questions about my father.

“What kind of person is the Count? “If you go back to the family for vacation, can you ask for my autograph?”

“me too!”

“Have you actually seen Dragon Tail? What does it look like? “Have you even touched it?”

While I answered each question one by one, I realized once again that my father admires anyone who holds a spear.

Thump, thud.

Talking about various things while a bonfire is burning isn’t a bad thing.

It would be perfect if there was alcohol here.

“Hey, hey. Drink it a little slower. And then when you get drunk… … .”

“Shh. Are you telling me to be quiet?”

After all, there are guys like that everywhere you go.

These are the guys who bring alcohol without the professor’s knowledge.

Of course, I just had an appetite.

What will happen to my father’s image if I drink here?

Anyway, the camping time passed, and I went into the tent and fell asleep, feeling relaxed for the first time in a long time.

And how much time has passed?

My eyes were opened by a strange feeling.

I have an ambiguous feeling.

I rubbed my eyes and headed out of the tent, just in case.

And just then, I found a person wandering between the tents.

So exactly-

It was Professor Ingrit with a very stern expression.

“Student Dane Sogress?”

Professor Ingrit looked at me and asked with a little surprise.

“I thought you were asleep, did you wake up?”

“ah. yes. Wait a minute. By the way, is something going on?”

“… … .”

Professor Ingrit hesitated for a moment, then sighed as if he had no choice.

“While I was looking around for a moment, two students disappeared. So I’m looking around all the tents now… … .”

this… … .

Are they by any chance the guys who drank earlier?


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