Reborn as the Greatest Talent of the Noble Family Chapter 208

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I was reincarnated as a famous genius with the greatest talent ever. Episode 208

139. Is that what genius is?

“It’s a story you only hear in fairy tales.”

I answered, pretending not to know.

Then, Griffin showed eager eyes.

“no. It’s a pretty believable story. “It’s a story from the southern jungle.”

The story is like this.

“You know there’s a dense jungle in the South, right? “They say someone detected a strange wave deep in there, in a place where few people have yet reached.”

“You mean with professional equipment?”

“no. There is a very brave shaman living there, and the shaman says that he can constantly feel waves deep in the jungle.”

It’s a wave.

It’s an interesting story.

“Of course, civilization was not yet fully developed in the southern part of the country, so the touch of magic did not reach much.”

For reference, as you go to the southern part of the continent, instead of fertile granary areas, you see jungle areas where people are difficult to live in and farming is even more difficult.

They say our county castle is in the south, but it’s much further down.

“So it’s just a fact that’s floating around there.”

“How did you get there?”

“Reporters tend to go to places they can easily reach during vacation. As you know, there aren’t many accidents at the academy during vacation.”


It’s a wave that can be detected in the southern jungle.

“So how is that related to the ancient Kingdom of Arcana?”

“That’s it. Nothing has been revealed or known about the Arcana Kingdom. “Only legendary stories are passed down orally.”

The reporter then quietly took out his notebook. Then he flipped through the pages with great care, stopping at a certain point and clearing his throat.

“Big, big. This is a legend that I heard in the southernmost village called Orso, which is passed down orally from generation to generation. “It was hard to remember everything, so I wrote it down.”

This is how the legend began.

A long time ago.

A wizard came to the village.

The villagers gave him food and medicine as he was hungry and sick, and the wizard soon recovered and became healthy.

“So the wizard wanted to give a special gift to the villagers who helped him. “It was magic.”

The gift of magic was very special to the villagers who knew nothing about it.

We can work more effortlessly than before, and we can produce more food than before.

Is that all?

Monsters coming from the jungle can now be exterminated more effectively, and life has become more prosperous.

The size of the village grew even bigger, and before we knew it, it was transformed from a village into a huge estate.

“When the wizard saw how the village was changing, he left behind a few magic stones.”

However, the village he returned to a few years later was not the happy scene he had imagined.

Magic brought misfortune.

The ‘privilege’ of magic given in the midst of peace came from the magic stone left behind by the wizard… … .

It was focused on those who had magic stones.

Those in power demanded a price instead of allowing everyone to enjoy it as before.

The masters naturally formed a class, and the class distinguished the high and low in the village, making some people richer and others poorer.

Years passed, and the village the wizard encountered again was no different from a kingdom ruled by a tyrant.

“So it is said that the angry wizard recovered all the magic power of those who were greedy, collected all the magic stones, and hid them deep in the jungle so that no one could find them.”

Griffin raised his index finger at this point.

“This is where it gets to the point.”

The legend tells of an unusual lesson found in any village or kingdom.

Let’s not be greedy, that’s about it.

There may be a deeper meaning, but that’s not what’s important.

“Look at this.”

“It’s the coat of arms of the Arcana Kingdom.”

Coat of arms of the ancient Kingdom of Arcana.

Two lions.

And one eagle.

“yes. Unlike indecipherable language, pictures remain. “This is a sentence everyone knows.”


And then the next page.

“And this is the sentence that is said to be engraved on the cloak of the wizard who appears in the village legend.”

Two something.

One bird.

“I relied on legends and drew based on the residents’ memories… … “Isn’t it very similar?”

Look at this.

It’s fun.

“Of course, this is not enough. “At our desk, we don’t pay activity fees based on ‘legends’ like this.”

“It looks interesting, but it’s a shame.”

“That’s right.”

Griffin closed his notebook as if he was truly sorry. But the eagerness that was visible in her eyes did not go away.

“Anyway, since it is an ancient Kingdom of Arcana that is certain to have existed, I will definitely investigate this place someday.”

It’s deep in the southern jungle.


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How much does Ernest know about the southern jungle?

“If you’re interested… … Please tell me. Of course, I’m not sure if someone like the master of the Count Sogres would be interested in a place like this.”

I smiled at him, who looked sullen.

“At least I know that the reporter’s passion is great.”

“Go, thank you!”

Of course I’m interested.

There might be a fourth magic concentration there.

“Oh, and if you don’t mind, please sign here… … .”

“Ah yes. “As much as you want.”

Swoosh, swoosh.

I said after making the autograph I had been practicing in a nice way.

“Thank you for the article.”

“Oh, of course. Is there any possibility? “I will write it properly and give it to you.”

It was truly a lively scene.

* * *

It was a sold-out procession.

Special to Dane Sogress.

From the moment it was released and went viral, ‘Academy Daily’, which often had dozens of copies left even into the evening, ran out in an instant.

That too in the morning.

Thanks to this, I was busy running the rotary press for reprinting –

“Do you have any Academy Daily?”

“You have to watch the Dane Sogress special!”

“When is the reprint coming out!”

Fans were literally screaming in front of the newsstand.

Everyone was speechless as they saw this sight for the first time in their lives… … .


I decided to enjoy it now.

All of these things.

“This is the first time I’ve seen a student special on Live.”

Priscilla tilted her head as if asking why she wasn’t there when Leila muttered something absurd.

“Why weren’t you there? Dane’s older sisters also came out once in a while.”

“… … really?”

This is the first time.

There was also a special feature on older sisters?

“why. “They were both very pretty, had distinct characteristics, and were definitely two of the most popular undergraduate students.”

Priscilla shrugged.

“Isn’t it the power of heredity?”

“… … “Do you think my brothers will also appear in the special feature?”

Leila began to think very seriously, and I continued my conversation with Ernest.

“It’s the southern jungle. It’s an incredibly dangerous place. Dane, as you well know, the jungle is an extreme environment in a different way from the north.”

An environment where there is not much to eat.

humid climate.

Poisonous insects and wild animals.

Even the nature of the jungle makes it easy to lose direction.

“But it’ll be fun, right?”

“Okay then. “Exploration is supposed to be difficult and convoluted.”

Ernest seemed very excited.

Honestly, he seems to be just fascinated by the ‘exploration’ itself, no matter what is there.

“Shall we go on vacation again this time?”

“If it’s jungle enough, you should hold on for a long time. “It might be a bit difficult if you go there on the weekend, and you have to consider the travel time as well.”

“good. “Then maybe we’ll go exploring twice this vacation!”


There was one more guy who was excited.

Dragon Lair indicated on Karnas’ map.

And the southern jungle where legends sleep.

You can go anywhere.

As long as you have the will. Isn’t it?

Of course, we still need more information about the dragon’s nest.

Well, since Ernest’s father is there and I’m taking a course in the Department of Exploration, I’ll find it someday.

There is no need to rush anything.

Life at the academy is going quite peacefully.

“Priscilla, those two are talking about something dangerous again.”

“You’ll find out later. “Just give up.”

“Teachers. Can’t we travel instead of explore? “I heard there’s a gourmet territory in the west where the food is incredibly delicious.”

“… … “I don’t know what you guys are talking about.”

For reference, the last words were spoken by Altur, who was secretly sitting in our club room.

“But didn’t you say there was a separate club?”

“I withdrew. No, I was actually kicked out.”

Altur responded sullenly to my words.

“I have proven again that I am nothing else than Denabo… … .”

The guy sighed.

“Thank you, Dane. Do anything. “If you have something to do, just say it.”

“Remember those words.”

Altur is actually quite useful, no, he is almost at the top among academy students.

Because he was the most promising talent in the Faculty of Magic.

If you take it on an expedition later, it will be great for using miscellaneous magic.

“… … And when you go to see senior Arabella later, can I come with you?”


“Well, that’s it… … I’m just curious and I also want to say hello after a long time… … .”

I chuckled at those words.

“Like that.”

Now that Altur has confirmed his entry into Sidrain’s Niruksion Magic Tower, he is no longer a person who will cause harm.

And now there was a different desire in his eyes.

Rather than a desire for power as before… … .

“… … “I also admired Arabella’s talent.”

Should I say it is a desire for talent?

“If I work hard, I will achieve something. At the Niruksion Magic Tower… … “I’ll have to study hard.”

In the midst of this, Altur asked.

“however… … What level are you? “Your magic.”

“You can tell when you see it from the side.”

“no. “The more I look, the more I don’t know.”

Altur looked quite serious.

“I think you could be a magic tower lord… … .”

“I guess it’s not impossible.”

“… … But I really don’t mean to say that.”

“Why did you expect me to be humble?”

But the magic tower owner is not really interested.

Just looking at Seed Lane makes me feel a pain every day.

No matter what happens, if you get to that level, it is natural that there will be a series of painful events… … .

I’m 14 now, and there are still a lot of interesting things to worry about.

“… … “I envy you.”

Altur then suddenly asked.

“But this time, I didn’t attend the magic department lecture.”

“I’m not very interested this semester.”

“is it. I thought I would take one when changing classes. “What are you listening to this time?”

“Many. First of all, there is a linguistics department lecture coming soon.”

“… … Department of Linguistics?”

It was as if he was hearing it for the first time.

“Is that fun?”

“huh. “I thought it would be fun.”

“… … “Is that what a genius is?”

Altur kept tilting his head with an expression of complete incomprehension.


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