Reborn as the Greatest Talent of the Noble Family Chapter 207

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I was reincarnated as a famous genius with the greatest talent ever. Episode 207

138. Dane Sogress Special

Academy Daily.

It is a sad place, second only to the academy in terms of information speed.

Not only does it cover all kinds of gossip about the Academy, it also conducts bold coverage of interesting events and people.

Just because it is an ‘Imperial’ Academy does not mean that it does not publish articles that are unfavorable to the Empire or that may disparage it.

Although it has faced the threat of closure several times in the past, it has survived to this day and has continued to publish articles.

And now the Academy Daily desk was in quite serious trouble.

“Will this sell? “This special?”

The director of the Academy Daily dumped the manuscript containing the first draft of the article on the desk.

“That will sell. “I assure you.”

A reporter who wrote a draft that answers with confidence.

“Tell me honestly. “You didn’t write this because we had nothing to write about?”

“Well, there was no reason for that. Honestly, isn’t that true, senior? We’ve been introducing our stores every day with new semester specials for over 10 years. “The media should not fall into mannerism.”

“You turned out to be a very patient person, wow. so?”

The reporter’s eyes sparkled.

“That’s why I prepared it. ‘Dane Sogress Special.’”

“… … “Isn’t this almost like an idol?”

“Honestly, isn’t he as popular as a war hero? At least within the academy.”

“That’s right.”

Dane Sogress.

Has there ever been another freshman who caused such trouble in just one semester?

Even the Emperor of the Former Dynasty, who had secretly entered the Autonomous Major College before Dane, did not have such a big impact when his identity was revealed.

“Introducing Dane Sogress… … “What is your height and weight?”

“Height was inferred from photos taken from various angles, and weight… … “I thought it would be roughly like this.”

“That’s not it… … That’s it, hoo. anyway. Favorite thing, tarts. What I don’t like… … “Nothing revealed?”

“I was going to add a swordsmanship department, but I ended up taking it out.”

“Yes, it’s my favorite thing you did today. Yeah, what I’m good at is… … “Why are there so many?”

The director widened his eyes as if it were absurd.

“Spear skills, sword skills, magic, summoning skills… … This is proven, so let’s say it is, but life skills, social life, horseback riding… … “What on earth is this?”

“That’s right, I only wrote down confirmed facts.”

“I’m really going crazy.”

Isn’t this a special feature that aims to lift one person up?

Not some famous theater actor.

Articles like this often appear in the capital. It was like that even during the war. There is always a need for heroes and popular stars.

However, there were no cases where freshmen were the target.

“Do you have permission from the parties involved?”

“I’m going to go get it now.”

“Take that first.”

The director spoke firmly.

Dane Sogress.

Previously popular, he was the son of the Count of Sogres.

I wondered when the Academy Daily had been afraid of such things, but it wanted to at least maintain a minimum level of ethics and rationality.

“You can’t publish an article before that. okay?”

“… … All right.”

Still, the director secretly looked forward to it.

Special to Dane Sogress.

It’s a bit funny and absurd, but whatever.

I think once you place a bet, reprinting is guaranteed.

However, permission from the parties is essential.

“While I’m at it, I’ll add the content of the article, and if I’m going to do it, I’ll focus on the facts. okay?”

“All right.”

“Ugh, this crazy guy.”

Even so, a smile passed across the director’s lips.

“Oh, and senior.”


But the smile that passed by was fleeting.

“What I was talking about then was the ‘Clues to the Ancient Arcana Kingdom’ special feature.”

The director immediately became irritated.

“Hey, should I be honest? That’s completely absurd. I have to say something that makes sense. “What kind of special is this when there hasn’t been a single clue for the past hundreds of years?”

“There is a clue. I heard it. I went to the south this vacation, and people there said they discovered something in the southern jungle. Some of those items are suspected to be items from the ancient Arcana… … .”

The director asked coldly.

“Then do you have any proof of that? Something specific. okay. Let’s look at an example. “Is there something like a relic from the Kingdom of Arcana, or at least an oral legend that can prove it?”

“That’s not yet… … .”

“Look! Please, okay? We don’t have any reporting fees. “Please.”

For your information, Academy Ilbo is always money-strapped.

This is because support from each family is completely prohibited.

From the moment the media receives money, the ‘agenda’ changes or something.


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In fact, if you look at it, the activity fees received from the academy reflect the support of each noble family, but isn’t appearance still important?

“If you really want to go, use your own money and go next vacation. And come back with solid evidence. “As long as I’m sure, I’ll provide proof of all activity expenses and give you the money.”

“… … yes.”

“Please, let’s live. huh? “I have a good journalistic spirit, so let’s write an article that will sell.”

If that’s the case, it would be better to receive support, which is something that, according to tradition, is not acceptable even if you die.

In the end, the reporter had no choice but to swallow his regret and turn around.

But still one passed.

Special to Dane Sogress.

“Then, I will go to student Dane Sogress right now.”

The director waved his hand as if to tell us to leave quickly.

* * *

“It’s called the Griffin Herald. “I am a new reporter for the Academy Daily and a second-year student in the Department of Literature.”

New reporter for Academy Daily.

2nd year in the Department of Literature.

It’s a combination that goes well together.

“The first thing I introduced as a reporter was to get permission from Dane Sogress to cover the story. It’s the ‘Dane Sogress Special!’”

He looked very excited.

“Honestly, I’m very honored. And I’m also very nervous! “Can I ask for your autograph after we finish later?”

“Yes, of course.”

“thank you! In fact, I even prepared a picture frame!”

Now I decided to just enjoy it.

These are the people who come to visit me like this.

I can show as much fan service as I want as long as it doesn’t interfere with my life.

It would be a different story if he had strict intentions, but this guy named Griffin doesn’t seem to have such intentions.

“This is a feature article I wrote.”

“Let me take a look.”

I looked at the draft of the special article that Griffin gave me.

“It’s a draft of a feature article mixed with mostly facts and a little bit of speculation!”

-Good at: Swordsmanship, spearmanship, magic, summoning, and countless others.

-What it can’t do: Nothing confirmed yet (according to a report from a close associate, it lacks naming sense)

-Favorite thing: Tarts, especially strawberry tarts

-Dislikes: Nothing confirmed (I guess a certain student is probably the most influential)

Who on earth is the closest aide?

There are spies among us.

“That’s not true.”


“I have a very good naming sense.”

“aha! As expected, it was an unconfirmed fact. “I almost made a mistake!”

I added, watching with satisfaction as Griffin crossed out the ‘lack of naming sense’ item.

“If possible, let me tell you that your naming sense is very good.”

“Oh, I see. Naming… … Sense… … Very good… … .”

hmm. I am satisfied.

By the way, how do you know that I like strawberry tarts?

“And I wrote it down in chronological order. “There are a few parts that I wrote arbitrarily, but I’ve marked them separately so you can take a look.”

I burst out laughing for a moment.

– Dane Sogress has undergone extremely strict and arduous training since childhood… … .

You wouldn’t know if they were infinitely considerate and meticulous.

Although my father was strict about the training itself, he never made it difficult for people or treated them harshly.

You did it when you were overprotective.

Same goes for my mother.

Of course, I felt that way because I did well.

“To be honest, everyone is very curious about the education policy of the Count of Sogres.”

“is it so?”

“yes. Isn’t that true? Arabella Sogress, the current best inventor, Claire Sogress, who is said to be unrivaled among young summoners, and… … Even Dane Sogress, who needs no explanation!”

I think I’m completely misunderstanding.

“Sometimes it is said that the extremely harsh system worked so successfully that the three members of the count family possessed tremendous skills.”

I asked because it was both funny and curious about the rumor.

“What about this?”

“hmm… … After secretly recruiting experts in each field, they underwent rigorous training from an early age… … ”

If that were the case, everyone wouldn’t have run away from home before going to the academy.

I don’t know, but if you lock up both the older and younger sisters and tell them to do something, they are the type of person who will never do anything.

If it was done voluntarily, it would be the opposite.

“You did your research very diligently.”

“Haha, it’s not just a compilation of rumors.”

There is a lot of passion, but the result is a boring style.

Well, as long as you publish good articles.

“It’s not harsh, and we emphasize autonomous training.”

“Oh, autonomous training?”

“yes. “Father let us do everything we wanted.”

“No way. It’s from a noble family, and one person must be inherited. “Oops, was this a bit of a sensitive question?”

I shook my head.

“My father has never said anything like that in public. “You don’t think it’s an important issue other than who carries on the family line.”

That’s actually true.

No one knows who among the three of us will be the next Earl.

Of course, I am willing to give up that position if my older sister or younger sister says so.

One day, my mother said that.

He came to think that way because his father’s brothers were aiming for the throne and spilling blood.

“I will not report this part. “It could turn into political gossip for no reason.”

The guy named Griffin still had a bit of tact.

I think he plans to somehow get my autograph today.

“Anyway, what is ‘a certain student’ in things you don’t like?”

“Oh, this is…” … ha ha ha. I just wrote it down. “Is there such a person?”

There are not many people who dislike it.

There are just some people who feel sorry for me.

So I suggested.

“Rather than that, how about ‘that thing everyone knows’?”

Griffin’s eyes sparkled.

“Everyone knows that… … “Do you like that?”

This is better than referring to a specific person so that everyone can know them.

It can be misunderstood as an object, and if a specific person criticizes it, it can be denied.

Basically, you have to make a bigger hole for something like this to escape through.

“You know how to make the public curious.”

Let’s just say it was the influence of the magazines I often read in my past life.

It was produced and distributed by Drenik to boost the morale of soldiers and stabilize their minds and bodies, and it seems to have helped quite a bit.

In any case, a significant part of the special article was revised in response to my opinion.

There will probably be quite a stir when this special article is published.

At least there won’t be anyone bothering me from now on.

At least among students.

The Department of Magic has become quiet since Professor Dnabo was captured, so there is no one to mess with, and the Department of Swordsmanship is now over.

“… … And the number of fan letters will also increase.”


“it’s nothing.”

I shuddered as I remembered the fan letters that had started to increase again, and changed the topic.

“Anyway, reporter, did you get all this information on your own?”

“It’s been since the first semester! “It started when you were sworn in as the freshman representative.”

It’s been quite a while.

“You have great passion.”

“haha. There is still a long way to go. The specials I publish are still difficult to get through the desk. Special features such as ‘Jungle Climate Special’ or ‘Why the Demon Swordsman Disappeared’… … .”

However, I don’t seem to be able to keep track of the number of special features.

Because they don’t seem very interesting.

“… … “Something like special features like ‘Secrets of the Ancient Arcana Kingdom’.”

However, this looks a little different.


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