Reborn as the Greatest Talent of the Noble Family Chapter 205

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I was reincarnated as a famous genius with the greatest talent ever. Episode 205

136. Beginning of semester (3)

Lancel thought.

This is a chance to prove your skills and face off against that guy named Dane, who always aroused your curiosity.

Isn’t this true for all warriors and anyone who dreams of becoming a knight?

A strong opponent.

And confronting the so-called genius.

Sometimes selfishness gets attached to this and devours everything else –

In Lancel’s case, it was really pure curiosity.

So I thought.

No, I thought so.

‘I might be able to take my swordsmanship to the next level today.’

I definitely thought that way before receiving Dane’s sword.



The force of collision is no joke.

Did you really use magical power?

No, I would have noticed.

You can feel the moment when sword and sword meet, even if only for a moment.

‘What kind of strength… … .’

It’s definitely a head bigger than others.

I definitely don’t have the physique of a 14 year old.

But it was difficult to explain with just that.

‘It means you know how to carry your weight properly.’

Normally, during the growth period, children cannot bear weight reliably. He continues to grow, and so does his physique. This is because the point of balance changes every time.

But Dane seemed to know for sure.

Kang, Kang!

After bumping into it a couple more times, I figured it out.

‘Like… … ‘Isn’t he like his father?’

Baron Perion, the head of Baron Perion, is a seasoned warrior. He was also Lancel’s teacher.

But why does a first-year student who is only 14 years old show the same level of skill as his father?


Lancel barely managed to block the endless sword attacks and realized that he had been pushed to the end of the sparring arena.


So in the end, I rolled over.

Some people say it’s shameful to throw one’s body while sparring, but that wasn’t Lancel.

Just don’t touch your butt.

It’s much better than getting hit by the sword and being defeated.

“… … .”

And Dane watched this with interest.

Of course, since we were sparring right now-


Before Lancel could even get up, he rushed at him and lowered his sword vertically.

“profit… … .”

Although he barely raised his sword to block, Lancel’s awkward posture seemed like it would collapse at any moment.


And Lancel never got up and took his stance again.


Dane kicked Lancel with his foot, and Lancel rolled over.

That was the end.

Because the tip of Dane’s sword was in front of Lancel’s neck.

“… … shit.”

Lancel closed his eyes tightly as if he was angry.

I can’t believe I lost without even being able to land a single proper attack.

It’s a huge difference in skill.

His swordsmanship was no match for his opponent.

“Winner, Dane Sogress!”

There was silence once again in the classroom.

Dane had previously defeated the Vice President of the Academy’s Swordsmanship Club in front of everyone.

Regarding that, some people spread rumors that the Vice President was not in good condition and that Dane did something, but-

This has been proven.

Now, there is no one in the swordsmanship department who can challenge Dane.

‘… … ‘What I feared has happened.’

And Professor Esteranza was now sighing deeply inwardly.

Conred and his followers were the most powerful in the swordsmanship department.

However, due to this incident, they have become people who can no longer be featured in the swordsmanship department.

Of course.

Why is that guy taking this class?


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‘Damn Professor Kael’thas. ‘This is what happens when you play around and teach roughly!’

Professor Erteranza was at a loss.

Professor Kael’thas was so negligent in his teaching that he mistakenly thought that Dane was thirsty and had applied for a lecture in the Department of Swordsmanship.

‘Damn it, the justification I had is gone.’

I was hoping for something.

I hope that guy, Lancel, defeats Dane properly.

However, they ended up losing favorably and only highlighting Dane’s skills.

‘This semester… … Are you being pushed out of the Department of Magic? … .’

While Professor Esteranza was sighing inwardly.

“It was a good sparring.”

Dane withdrew his sword and held out his hand to Lancel.

Lancel felt a strange feeling at those words.

It doesn’t look like it’s just the winner’s margin.

“I didn’t know you could roll over.”

Lancel’s face turned bright red.

But even for a moment.

“… … “I think it’s much better than getting hit and losing.”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

Lancel looked up at Dane with slightly surprised eyes at those words.

If it were any other guy, I would have laughed at him.

In fact, after the war, Dalian was changing towards being noble and dignified.

Should I say that it is becoming a kind of entertainment rather than a messy movement and fight on the battlefield?

But I never thought Dane, who knows best, would agree.

“But the way you fly it is wrong. It was good that we got out in a hurry, but we should have stopped sooner. Then, you would have been able to block my sword more reliably and even counterattack.”

“… … “You really are.”

Lancel was curious.

What does the Count of Sogres teach that makes people like this come out?

“I hope we have a chance to meet again next time.”

Lancel was dazed for a moment by those words, then nodded.

“I’m looking forward to it.”

Dane grinned.

Except for Leila, there wasn’t a single person in the swordsmanship department that caught my eye… … .

“… … “This concludes the lecture.”

Meanwhile, Professor Esteranza ended the lecture and hurriedly left the classroom.

However, none of the swordsmanship students could open their mouths.

Of course, regardless, Dane put his practice sword back in its place and went up to speak to Layla.

“Let’s go train.”

“It’s good.”

Layla also got up and followed Dane as if she had been waiting.

And only after the two people left, did the swordsmanship students finally open their mouths.

“just now… … “Have you seen sparring?”

“Nonsense… … “Then it was true that you won as vice president at that time?”

“Lancel, who is next to the vice president, could hardly resist.”

“crazy… … “What on earth is he so bad at?”

“It would be faster to find something you’re good at.”

And this rumor went around:

“… … “You shouldn’t touch him.”

“Honestly, the people who touched him are crazy.”

“Just don’t touch Sogress… … .”

It was a moment when Dane instilled great fear in the students of the swordsmanship department.

* * *

“Sir Lancel, he’s a pretty talented senior. “I didn’t expect to win so overwhelmingly.”

That’s because it was achieved through pure swordsmanship.

There are probably only a few people in this academy who are more experienced than me.

This is just a plain expression of facts.

Of course, it is nothing compared to old professors, but-

For me, who was born and raised in the battlefield, the experience of even relatively young professors can overwhelm me.

Because every day was a moment of life and death.

Therefore, as long as it is achieved through pure swordsmanship, it is always welcome. I have the confidence to lead whoever my opponent is to an advantage.

“But it was a bit of a shock when Senior Lancel threw his weight around.”

“Why, isn’t it good?”

“My father didn’t say that, but…” … Isn’t sparring like that in general? “You have to be dignified and noble.”

I shook my head at those words.

“From a entertainment perspective, yes. But it’s different when it comes to actual combat.”

“Well, it’s already been over 20 years since the war ended.”

I am not a war advocate.

However, this does not mean that we can forget about the war.

So, I don’t particularly like that kind of sparring style.

That’s why I thought Lancel was a pretty good guy.

“No one will touch you now. “In the Department of Swordsmanship.”

I chuckled at Leila’s words and headed toward the Forest of Bonia.

“Oh, it’s Dane and Layla.”

“Did you say you would come back after taking the same lecture?”

“Mr. Dane! “Are you here?”

And friends who welcome us.

Now, you can find it here or in the club room without a specific appointment or a communication crystal ball.

Everyone seemed to be engrossed in training, probably because they had learned a lot from the vacation.

“huh? Dane, don’t you train?”

“Today is exploration.”

“aha. Okay, I’m going to go train.”

I settled down in a suitable place, took Karnas out of my arms, set him free, and searched around in subspace.

And what I took out were ancient Arcana books.

“I guess I’ll have to keep looking into it.”

The initial analysis has been completed, but there is still homework that has not been solved.

“Karnas, so what does that graffiti mean?”

This is the ‘doodle’ that Karnas drew a while ago.

That doodle that Ernest recognized as a map.


The guy shakes his head as if he’s frustrated.

Of course, there are quite a few things I found in books.

I couldn’t pinpoint the information I wanted, but I was able to find fragments of it.

First of all, the intelligence of dragons is quite, very, quite high.

It depends on what standard of intelligence you use, but at least Karnas understands almost everything I say.

However, it is frustrating because Karnas cannot speak human language.

“Should I teach handwriting?”

Wouldn’t it be easier to explain then?

Meanwhile, Ernest had already come next to me and was looking at the map closely.

But even Ernest has no harvest.

“The scope is too wide to look at continental evangelism alone… … “There are too many maps with adjustable scale.”

I know this points somewhere, but where exactly is it?

Depending on the scale, it may refer to a very narrow range, such as the floor plan of a building or ruins.

“Or the world where Karnas lived?”


Karnas shook his head as if saying no.

There is no choice.

For now, we have no choice but to keep looking.

“What is this word?”

“Oh, that’s like the verb ‘to do.’”

“aha. Then, when combined with this word, it becomes ‘doing field work.’”


In fact, there are quite a few facts that can be inferred just by combining words. Small stories like life in the Arcana Kingdom.

And there was a little but definitely a story on the dragon side.

Unlike now, where we only dismiss it as a legend in a fairy tale, it is accompanied by quite strong speculations and facts.

So we searched for words again and again and wrote them down.

It doesn’t matter if I’m watching it alone, but I have to watch it with Ernest too.

“What are you two doing?”

“Ernest, are you done with practice?”

“Ah, huh. “Decoding Arcana with Dane right now!”

Before I knew it, my friends gathered next to me, and we gathered our collective intelligence and started making guesses.

“Could it be someplace like a ruin?”

“First of all, I don’t know where it is and I don’t know what it does.”

“If you just look at the map, well… … To be honest, I’m not sure because it’s more like a scribble. Ah, ah! “I’m sorry Karnas!”

Of course, it was all just speculation and there was no great harvest.

However, as time passed, there were words that could be ‘inferred’ among words that were not yet interpretable.

-Dragons usually have a habit of ■■■ ■■. The dragon is located in a separate place ■■■ ■■■■ ■■■ ■■■ ■■ ■■, and sometimes foolish people aim for it ■■■ ■■ ■■ ■■.

“This word looks similar to this one… … .”

If I had known this would happen, I would have taken a separate linguistics course.

Since there is a course change period anyway, I will take a few liberal arts orientations and change the one I don’t like to linguistics liberal arts.

Anyway, that’s something to do tomorrow.

After racking my brain and gathering collective intelligence to interpret, my friends came up with a few inferences.

“Dragons usually have a habit of eating their prey?”

“hmm. “Then foolish people aim for the dragon’s prey?”

“hmm… … “I don’t think so.”

Then I suddenly discovered that some words looked similar to the words we were trying to interpret.

So maybe the meaning is similar.

then… … .



“By any chance, do dragons have a habit of collecting valuable items?”


Karnas nods.

Now I feel like something is being resolved.

I thought it would be impossible to interpret something I don’t know, but it turns out that inferences are possible like this.

After thinking for a moment, I looked at the map and asked.

“then… … “Is this like a dragon’s treasure trove?”

Karnas is-


He nodded vigorously as if saying yes.


Then this map… … .

“Dragon’s Nest… … “Is it something like that?”


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