Reborn as the Greatest Talent of the Noble Family Chapter 204

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I was reincarnated as the most talented genius of a famous family, episode 204.

136. Beginning of semester (2)

At the school opening ceremony, the day before the start of the semester, I stood on a large podium with all the Academy students watching from different locations.

“Dain Sogress, first-year student in the Department of Autonomous Major!”

Imperial awards.

And to receive an Academy Award.

“Dane Sogress, the above student is an example to the academy and a role model for other students… … .”

First of all, I received the Academy Award because I took first place.

For the first award, 10 tickets were given, which is still overflowing.

Please note that transfer is also possible.

Although it is not officially recognized, everyone knows that it secretly functions as the academy’s currency.

Of course it’s not impressive.

I’m grateful, but it’s really a lot.

At this rate, I can go out for the entire second semester.

“I also award a second award.”

But the second injury was quite impressive.

In the ‘Academy Field Trip’ held in the second semester, students are given the authority to ‘directly’ choose their travel destination.

So I asked.

“Then is it okay to go to Drenik?”

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

The dean seemed to find my joke quite amusing and burst out laughing.

“That’s a very interesting question, Dane Sogress.”

It’s not a joke.

I’ll have to say it again later.

Anyway, as usual, students would go on a school trip to a designated travel destination, such as a warm resort in the south, the coast in the west, or a historical site.

But this semester, I can now choose my own.

For your information, it doesn’t matter when you use this, so it’s okay if you don’t use it this semester.

So, this means that you can use it as much as you like for exploration under the pretense of a school trip.

“Then, from now on, we will proceed with the imperial award ceremony.”

Next, an imperial award ceremony was held.

A type of scholar dispatched from the imperial family to bestow awards and trophies with the emperor’s seal.

“Student Dane Sogress, you have already achieved such great fame at such a young age. “That’s great.”

“I can only appreciate Your Majesty’s kindness.”

“His Majesty the Emperor is also very happy. Thanks to you, he eliminated the threat to the empire and was able to envision its future.”

The former is a secret society, Trillion Church.

In the latter case… … .

It must be the message of ‘reconciliation’ that I delivered.

“His Majesty the Emperor is planning a tour of the south sometime this year. “I think it will be a more enjoyable visit if you let us know in advance.”

That fact has already been told home.

For your information, my father took it more calmly than I expected.

The voice coming from beyond the communication crystal sphere seemed to contain something I was not familiar with… … .

Still, it didn’t seem like he didn’t like it.

“Hmmmm. “It’s a long story.”

The awards ceremony follows.

“Listen! Those who will lead the future of the empire! The person who stands before you and now wears His Majesty’s silver robe has made a great contribution to uncovering, punishing, and putting to rest the subversive group that attempted to threaten the empire… … .”

My achievements are listed in front of others, but I am not as embarrassed as I thought.

Because it’s something I’ve already experienced in my past life.

At that time, medals were awarded with many more people watching with their own eyes than now.

It was the tradition of the Drenik Army to gather all corps-level soldiers and hold a medal award ceremony when a major was selected.

“… … “Therefore, I would like to present you with a plaque with His Majesty’s own personal seal. Dane Sogres, please be polite and accept the grace.”

And, surprisingly, a piece of jewelry was given as a prize along with a plaque.

The luxurious wooden case was delivered open, and inside was a transparent gem the size of a newborn’s fist.

To be precise, a flame was burning inside the transparent gem.

“It is a precious gem called ‘eternal flame.’”

I feel like I’ve heard this before somewhere.

Anyway, the jewel was very beautiful.

It lives up to the description of being precious.

“I can only take it as a bonus.”

Let’s put aside the doubts for now.

Isn’t it important to receive something?

Even in an official setting.

No matter how precious it is, it was given by His Majesty the Emperor, so it must have a use.

“and… … “He’s just finished his first semester, so the imperial family comes to the Academy Awards and gives him a plaque?”

“Life is really unfair.”

“What on earth will the Count of Sogres teach?”

A protective shield for the prince.

A precious jewel to His Majesty the Emperor.

It seems like I’m literally bursting with luck with gifts these days.


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* * *

Even on the first day of semester, we participated in the orientation for each course we were taking.

“Okay then, since today is our first class, let’s end here. Those who want to take the course do so, and those who don’t, prepare for it. more.”

Since it was the first class, most of it ended quickly, but the swordsmanship department lecture was a little different.

“Everyone pay attention.”

The professor in charge of ‘Practical Swordsmanship Research’ is Professor Esteranza, the head of the department.

He opened his mouth with a fairly heavy voice from the beginning.

“As everyone knows, my classes are important. If you do not complete the course even twice, it will be impossible to graduate, so if you feel that your skills are lacking, change or drop the course right away.”

“… … .”

This is a fact that I didn’t know because I was an independent major, but each department has a ‘required’ major, and if you don’t take it, it is impossible to graduate.

the problem is-

“The criteria for an F grade are as follows. If you have not won at least two matches in sparring. In case of arbitrarily manipulating the match by kissing separately before sparring. Lastly, if you disobey me.”

If you do not complete this class even the second time, your path to graduation will be blocked.

Because it was a truly bloody story, some students in the swordsmanship department were shaking and whispering.

“Nonsense… … “Didn’t your seniors just say it to scare you?”

“What is this…?” … .”


“I’ll add this while it’s being said. If there is chatter between my classes and sparring, a warning is given. When warnings accumulate… … know?”

Are all swordsmanship classes like this?

Or is it because I’m the only other undergraduate student right now that they’re doing this for no reason?

I heard that Professor Esteranza isn’t that strict-

“To put it simply, it’s because of Senior Conred.”

Leila, who was sitting next to me, pursed her lips in an almost ventriloquist manner.

“The atmosphere at the school is very bad. “Prestige has been thrown to the ground or something.”

To put it simply, it means maintaining discipline.

After all, he must have been chuckling as he watched the rival Magic Department fall to the ground over Professor Denabo.

On the contrary, this time they were screwed.

Conred Thanks to that guy’s desire for revenge.

For your information, that guy is currently being investigated by the Academy Investigation Office.

My younger sister, who heard this fact, went on a rampage and barely managed to stop him from giving Conred as food to the summoned animal.

“My lectures are serious. And, it is strict. “You won’t have to do anything lightly, so be prepared.”

Anyway, the lecture finally started amidst a series of warnings.

“I will go over the basics of swordsmanship again. From now on, what you must master is the imperial standard swordsmanship. Of course, you’ve memorized the entire textbook, and you know all the basic postures, right?”

No matter how I look at it, I have a feeling it will fill the regular hours.

Well, it doesn’t matter.

As long as it helps, it’s all right.

Of course, the expressions on the other guys’ faces were like death.

“Ha, should I drop it?”

“Do you want to take it in your last year? “Are you going to end up working as a mercenary before you graduate?”

And as soon as he heard the chatter, Professor Esteranza stopped his lecture for a moment and looked in the direction from which the sound was heard.

“6th grade Oster Bayou, Anchored Paon. “They are warnings one by one.”

“… … .”

The two became completely mute.

It’s bloody.

Of course it would be more brutal for me.

It’s not that I wasn’t, but the way the swordsmanship students looked at me wasn’t very nice.

It has been like that before, but should this incident make it even more so?

This is often the case.

If you look at it from the group’s perspective, you are maintaining the wrong perspective rather than realizing and correcting the problems within the group.

That’s right now.

Not only did I completely ruin the event of the Swordsmanship Club, which is the pride of the Department of Swordsmanship, but I also brought down their own idols through that incident.

Of course it’s not my fault.

So my mindset is like this.

So what are you going to do?

“I will resume the lecture. Please listen carefully. “There will also be a written test in the middle.”

The lecture continued after that.

Most of the theories thrown out at rapid fire were things I already knew, but there were also new perspectives, which was quite interesting.

Yes, swordsmanship is always fun.

Even this theory.

I was listening intently to see if Leila was like that or if she was burning with desire.

“more. “The break is 5 minutes.”

“… … .”

And after the first part of the lecture, everyone laid out on their desks as if they had made a promise.

“crazy… … Should I just drop it?”

“under… … Thinking about hearing this every week makes me really dizzy… … .”

“Why is it like that all of a sudden? Why are you making it so hard?”

I can feel the eyes of resentment focused on me.

If my gaze had physical power like an arrow, I would be a hedgehog right now.

“Dain, don’t worry.”

“huh. “I wasn’t using it originally.”

“… … but.”

Still, it’s nice that Layla cares about me.

It’s also like sitting next to me, even though we’ll all be staring at each other.

Anyway, the break time had passed again, and about 30 minutes had passed since the second lecture began.

“Then, this concludes the lecture.”

For a moment, everyone opened their mouths to cheer.

“Now that the theory lecture is over, let’s have a quick sparring session for the remaining time.”

“… … .”

Everyone was in despair.

“Lancel Perion.”

Professor Esteranza immediately pointed to one student. He had a fairly slender physique, but when he was pointed out, he got up from his seat without saying a word.

“Now that you have become the most promising student among the 6th graders, it would be nice to show off your skills. “Would you like to name one person you would like to spar with?”

“Yes, Professor. All right.”

Then Professor Esteranza added:

“It will be a sparring match with pure swordsmanship without any magical power, so feel free to choose.”

As soon as those words were out, Lancel looked in my direction.

And then he pointed me out without hesitation.

“I would like to nominate Dane Sogress, a freshman in the Department of Independent Studies.”

It was originally silent, but even more silence and silence filled the classroom.

“… … good night. Student Dane Sogress, would you accept a sparring match?”

Fighting without magical power means competing purely with swordsmanship, as Professor Esteranza said.

It is not practical, but is often used.

In the Drenik Army, it was also a good way to determine superiority or inferiority among warriors.

In that sense, I like his fighting spirit.

Isn’t it good to have the courage to think that you can win without using magical power?

I looked into the eyes of a guy named Lancel and nodded.

“I accept sparring.”

Those eyes are not eyes of revenge or any impure purpose.

It is a common sense of winning.

You should accept it willingly.

“Two students, please come forward.”

I and Lancel stood face to face in the sparring area in front of the classroom while all the students were watching.

What was provided was a sword for practice.

The rules are Imperial Dalian Standard.


Pull out your sword, show the courtesy of sparring, and spread the distance of five paces.

“I look forward to a good sparring.”

“Me too.”

And after exchanging short words-


The guy kicked the ground first.



The guy’s first attack, aimed at my neck, was blocked.

Kigi geek… … .

The sound of swords intertwining.

I pushed away the sword and at the same time kicked Lancel.


Now it’s my turn.


This time I kicked the ground.


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