Reborn as the Greatest Talent of the Noble Family Chapter 203

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I was reincarnated as a famous genius with the greatest talent ever. Episode 203

136. Beginning of semester (1)

Conred was actually a little better off taking a leave of absence this semester.

I was stripped of my position as president, I was rejected by my professors, I was scolded at home, and I was denied a job in the Imperial Knights.

It was all thanks to the embarrassing experience I suffered at the first semester festival.

Thanks to this, Conred has now become an object of avoidance even within the same department, except for the few remaining followers.

In essence, power sometimes disappears easily.

However, unlike power, people do not change easily.

‘If only it weren’t for that bitch.’

Dane Sogress.

I thought it was ridiculous that he dared to climb into the sword club, so I tried to help him out.

I never thought it would come back like that.

To be honest, Conrad still didn’t know what he did wrong.

I hate this feeling, like the world is ostracizing me.

So I decided.

Now that the rope is gone, let’s get revenge on these bastards.

‘And then I regain my status again.’

This is truly a ridiculous idea.

Conred’s power is dead, but his skills have not gone anywhere. However, he is not trying to compete with his skills, but rather is obsessed with revenge.

In fact, Conred was beside himself after that incident.

Even when I was sleeping, I woke up suddenly, suffered from insomnia, and spent my vacation with bloodshot eyes.

I was training and sleeping, and I was on the verge of becoming a wreck.

So this is how it came.

With his few remaining followers.

“Senior Conred.”

“I told you to call me chairman.”

“but… … .”

“This bastard is real.”

Conred sighed as if he was satisfied and asked again.

“Go in, take a seat, and when course registration starts, if you see those two bastards moving, shoot them right away. okay?”

“really… … Would it be okay?”

“So, you’re not going to do it? “Is this an order from the president?”

“… … .”

The followers were now at a loss.

I received so much from Conred that I became a follower half willingly, half willingly, but now no matter who sees it, I have to shake off my hand.

I couldn’t do that, so I came all the way here.

‘If you get caught, you’ll be in trouble.’

‘After all, the targets are Termion and Sogress…? … .’

“If you finish your work well, I will take responsibility for you two and place you in my family’s knighthood.”

Still, the bait thrown was quite large.

The Marquis of Sion joined the knighthood.

This is an unimaginable mistake.

A reward so sweet that it makes you delirious.

“Of course. President.”

“of course.”

Conred’s eyes burned.

I don’t know about the others, but I will definitely get revenge on those two.

One in return for blocking his future.

The other is in return for jeopardizing oneself by helping other departments while still being a member of the swordsmanship department.

“But is this really going to work? If the faculty and staff catch you, it’s over… … .”

“Everyone can tell it’s a pen, so why worry?”

Conred prepared a tool containing paralyzing poison for today.

It’s a fairly powerful paralyzing poison, enough to freeze you in that position the moment it hits you.

Of course, it doesn’t work through magic, so there’s no way you’ll get caught.

Unless you’re acting unnaturally for no reason.

Since it was purchased with a lot of money, the effect will be certain.

The moment it hits, it will become solid, their course registration will be ruined, and their second semester will be a mess from the start… … .

It was fun just imagining it.

And it seemed like that fantasy would become reality.


Conred saw Leila trying to press the keyboard and gave him a signal.

And that was the moment when the guys waiting took out the pens they had been fiddling with.

‘what are you doing?’

Rather, they stiffened.

‘What are you doing! ‘Shoot quickly!’

Conred signaled a little more boldly.

But the two guys didn’t move.

Dane and Leila, with their pens aimed awkwardly at the two people.


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It was a time when I was trying to figure out what on earth had happened.

“Course registration is temporarily suspended!”

One of the faculty members, who was scanning the auditorium with hawk-sharp eyes, declared an emergency stop.

At that moment, all course registrations taking place at the same time in other places stopped, and a large stop sign appeared on the magic bulletin board.

“What happened suddenly?”

“what? Stop registering for classes?”

Amid the murmurs among the crowd of students, Conred realized something was wrong.

The two guys who had done the work were still frozen in place.

It was as if time had stopped in that space alone.

At that time, Conred made eye contact with Dane.

Dane was smiling.

As if he knew it would be like this.

Of course, Conred still couldn’t figure out exactly what happened and-

Jerk, jerk.

I only realized this when the faculty and security staff who had announced the suspension of the test approached the two guys holding pens with cold expressions.

I got caught.

“Two students, put down your pens right now and stand up.”

A solemn and solemn voice.

However, the two just roll their eyes and don’t seem to have any intention of moving.

No, it would be more accurate to say that it cannot move.

With everyone’s attention focused on him, Conred became restless.

I got caught.

I don’t know what happened, but I was caught.

Now it’s ruined.

“I won’t say it again. wake up.”

Even with the cold voice flowing once again, the two do not know how to move.

So the faculty member approached him harshly and snatched the pen away.

But at that moment-


The two students, who had been frozen, were scared and turned around.

Holding the pen tightly.

“Suppress him.”


It was an instant for the security team members to subdue the two who had received instructions from Conred.

All of a sudden, there was an uproar.

And the faculty member’s expression hardened as he looked at the pen handed to him by the security team member.

“It looks like a special pen. Can you explain?”

“… … .”

“… … .”

Dry saliva gurgles and cold sweat trickles down.

The two students were equally embarrassed.

I obviously tried to take out the pen and turn it around to fire a numbing needle, but my body froze and I couldn’t move any further.

As if the pen had been fired backwards.

But the pen did not fire.

So what on earth does this mean?

“I should have said it clearly. Any belongings other than the mark are prohibited. “It seems clear that he was trying to disturb someone with this pen or gain an advantage in registering for a course.”

“Well, that… … !”

Conred cried out inwardly.

‘Oh, no!’

The moment those guys call his name, everything is over.

But those expectations were cruelly shattered.

“Nose, Conred. Conred Sion ordered it! Threatening us… … !”

“It was all Conred’s plan! Conred told me to shoot him with that pen and ruin my course registration… … “We were threatened!”

The two of them blew away Conred without any reason.

At that moment, everyone’s eyes were focused on Conred, and there were murmurs and whispers.

“That guy still hasn’t come to his senses.”

“Ugh, tsk. “Aren’t you crazy?”

“Senior Conred is really going as far as he can go… … .”

“and… … “It’s really shocking.”

Here, except for one person, Dane Sogress, they are all students of the same swordsmanship department.

Now I can say it out loud.

Conred’s status and image have not been driven to the ground, and have now descended dozens of floors underground.

Conred was dazed by the faster-than-expected loss.

But when whispers and murmurs entered my ears and filled my mind –

“Hey you bastards!”

Conred was so angry that he jumped up, screamed, and immediately rushed at the two guys.

Although his magical power was limited, Conred was the most skilled among the swordsmanship undergraduate students.

It was such an influx that even the security team members were momentarily taken aback.

But that was then.


Conred blushed unsightly.

As if I had made a mistake.

“Suppress it!”

The security team members did not miss the opportunity and restrained Conred by pressing him down, and Conred ended up struggling under the pressure and only pouring out his remaining anger.

“You bastards, you bastards… … .”

“You are the trash! Conred Zion!”

“They did everything for me! “You son of a bitch!”

It’s literally a mess and a mess.

The undergraduate students of the Department of Swordsmanship felt embarrassed while looking at this exciting spectacle.

Still, he was once a senior whom many juniors envied and looked up to, but I never thought he would fall like that.

“Arrest all three and take them to the interrogation room.”

“all right!”

And the three people were dragged side by side with their wrists tied to restraints.

Meanwhile, Conred struggled to resist and suddenly made eye contact with Dane once again.

Dane was smiling again.

however… … .

It didn’t seem like a mockery.

like… … What should I say?

‘know… … ‘Was there?’

I had that feeling.

As if I had been hit again.

I’m not sure, but… … .

At that moment, Conred’s reason was suddenly cut off.


Conred screams even while being dragged away.

Everyone just clicked their tongues at the sight of him going crazy.


Except for one person.

* * *

Course registration was later resumed and completed without any problems.

Fortunately, I was able to take all the lectures as originally planned.

I almost lost it because of Conred and his two subordinates, but I’m glad I noticed it in advance.

“What on earth happened? “Those guys from earlier.”

“What kind of cheating were you trying to do?”

“Pen, you were holding a pen. Were you trying to do something with it?”

And now that course registration is over.

Everyone in the main auditorium is whispering about the commotion that occurred earlier.

“Dane, did you see it earlier?”

Layla approached and asked.

I answered indifferently.

“huh. “He tried to do something to you and me with his pen, so I stopped him.”

“… … Ooh, us? really?”

Leila also had a shocked expression on her face.

That’s because the two captured guys were sitting right behind us.

As if they were aiming for it.

Fortunately, Layla was in the seat ahead of me, so I figured the guy behind her was up to something.

After that it was simple.

Because I created magical power and cast a paralyzing spell without anyone knowing.

“I don’t know what it was, but I guess they were trying to interfere.”

“I’m so glad… … “If it weren’t for you, Dane.”

“it’s okay. “Anyway, we won’t be able to argue again.”

I fell like that, but if I make a fuss one more time, something will happen, whether it’s suspension, expulsion, or dropping out.

If I had stayed, I would have been forgotten at the right time and graduated quietly.

“Maybe it was revenge?”

“I guess so.”

It was such a stupid thing to make me think like this when I almost got hurt.

Leila, on the other hand, got over the shock pretty quickly.

“I need to become stronger so that no one can touch me.”

“Good posture.”

“In that sense, I take first place in the swordsmanship course I take with you.”

“As you wish.”

It’s good to be confident.

This is how we progress.

For reference, Leila recorded 10 losses out of 10 in the sparring with me before leaving for the duke’s residence.

Maybe it’s because he’s still grinding his teeth, but he seems to have a burning desire to win every time he sees me.

Anyway, the course registration was completed like that.

No problem at all.

However, a few days later, an unexpected guest came to visit me.

“This is Enton Sion of the Marquess of Sion.”

Enton Zion.

Looking at the introduction, it seemed like he was a bastard or a descendant of the Zion family.

“In this situation, I visited student Dane Sogress as a representative.”


“Please, forgive us, Master Conred Sion.”

I don’t know what to do.


“… … “Master Conred has been suffering from insomnia recently due to the excessive pressure he has been under as the heir of the family, and has also been quite unstable due to a variety of things happening at the same time.”

I tilted my head as the words continued as if they were making excuses.

“So you’re saying that’s a justifiable reason to ruin a course registration by shooting someone with a poisonous needle?”

“… … Rather, I would like to ask you to take into account… … .”

“It’s an extenuation.”

I was so dumbfounded that I giggled.

Even if the person involved comes and puts their head down and stays for 3 nights and 4 days, it would be completely meaningless.

Come and forgive me for everything?

I suddenly realized that the Marquis of Sion owns a famous printing house in the capital.

I don’t know if it’s a leap, but-

It looks like they’re going to publish an article about this.

“If I forgive you, will that be the end?”

“If there is a reward you want… … .”

I don’t think it’s worth talking about anymore.

“I’m busy, so it would be best if you leave now.”


“I assure you, I hope I never encounter a man named Conred Sion again.”

“… … I guess you don’t know because you’re still young, but I’m trying to put an end to anything that could escalate into a problem between families… … .”

It rattled.

With a single wave of my hand, the heavy drawing room door opened.

“Then it would have been better for you to get out of here and go find my father.”

“… … .”

“But there must have been a reason why that couldn’t be done.”

Of course you can’t.

Nowadays, you can only hear him laughing and fluttering his arms, but 20 years ago, he was a person who was sweeping the battlefield.

“I mean, it’s an apple. It is done by the person involved, not by the agent. “Do you see this as politics now?”

“… … .”

“If you’re trying to cover it up by making it a family issue, I don’t think it’s a good choice.”

“that is… … .”

I have no intention of turning the matter within the Academy into an issue between families.

If that was the plan, they would have used the family’s power to suppress Conred from the beginning.

But it was a series of childish things that were so childish that there was no need for that.

“If you have nothing more to say, please leave.”

“… … but.”

“Or should we at least communicate right here?”

As soon as I took out the communication crystal ball, Enton Sion hurriedly stood up.

“Excuse me, sir.”

And the way he hurriedly closed the door and left was truly worth seeing.

There are so many disappointing people in the world.

There are so many things that can be resolved with a simple, polite apology.

“Isn’t that right, Karnas?”


I chuckled and stroked Karnas’ head.

And then I forgot what had just happened.

School starts in two days.

Second semester.

What kind of accident will happen again?

Well, it doesn’t really matter whether it happens or not.

Because you just have to solve it.

“let’s go.”


Now, let’s get ready for the start of the semester.


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