Necromancer Academy’s Genius Summoner Chapter 1182

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Episode 1183

The battle between Simon and Lisara was at its peak.



The two people’s bodies are rapidly launched and bounced off repeatedly, shaking the entire forest. The battle was so intense that you could see the lake water on the ceiling rippling around.

Let’s go!

Simon breaks through with purple sparks of chaos flying. His body is shot out as a single lightning bolt, and the surrounding trees fly up with their entire bodies cut down to the waist.

In front of him, Lisara crosses her arms with her nails raised.

Go go go go go!

Greatswords and claws collide. As if to disperse her power, Lisa rolls her body into a ball and backs away, then kicks her off the ground and charges at Simon, who is caught in a reverse motion.


The ten-pronged nails became long like swords and sparkled with divinity. She swung her arm with force, and Simon also stepped behind her and moved her greatsword appropriately to block her attack.

A sight as if ten small swords and one large sword were clashing.


Lisara, who was swinging her claws, kicks Simon away with an irregular kick.

Simon, who was flying backwards, sprayed jet black in reverse and slowed down, then lightly planted his feet on a nearby tree and leaped again.

<Chaos Spear>



As he flies up, Simon swings his arms. Purple thunderbolts shot out from his body soared into the sky, and they struck Lee Sarah in a difficult trajectory.

Lisara rushed towards Simon but twisted her body to avoid the chaos. Growing her hair long, she grabbed a large rock or tree and threw it into the sky, stopping it from hitting her with her thunderbolts of chaos.

‘It’s pretty good!’

Overcoming fear and becoming completely free.

Lisara stretched her arms out behind her. The size of 8 fingernails decreased and it was great! With a sound, only the nails of the two index fingers stretched out, long and thick like long swords.

She rotated her body and swung it, and Simon also swung his great sword without losing.

Blah blah blah blah!

Mother Nature cannot handle the battle between the corps commander and the saint.

With rocks rising and a storm raging, Lisara stuck her head out and stared at Simon.

“What are you? “I was going to get rid of you, so why are you telling me this!”

Simon laughed.

[Did you say earlier that you were getting rid of me because you were afraid of my power?]


Simon, who noticed that she was stepping on the mud, grabbed hold of the Great Sword of Destruction and pushed her forward. Lisara, whose legs were slipping, struggled and held on with her strength.

[I am against it. If you have power, be careful to use it appropriately.]

“… … yes?”

[The group will one day come to devour the continent. I am in the Federation, but I don’t know what will happen to the Federation.]

Simon’s eyes fell.

[It would be difficult if the federation collapsed first while I was destroying the association.]

Lisara tightened her arms with a puzzled expression.

“that! “This is an appallingly arrogant statement!”


She raised both arms with her strength and struck away Simon’s great sword.

However, as if taking advantage of the force applied by the opponent, Simon’s body slowly rotated and gently pushed the ground with his back foot as the axis. He returned without losing his balance and swung the Great Sword of Destruction once again.

Lisara urgently crossed her arms in a defensive stance.


When the sword struck, something like a purple wave flashed in a circular shape. Sweat broke out on Sara Li’s forehead as she was pushed away with a great shock.

‘Oh, isn’t that arrogance?’

I heard from senior priests that the corps commander was not a big deal without the corps.

But it wasn’t true.

This much power despite being short.

Even without an army, Simon was already at the level of a one-man army.

[Go for it, saint.]


Simon strengthened his stance and applied force to the Great Sword of Destruction.

[If you want to defeat me, show your mettle.]


She let out a strained laugh and then adjusted her posture.

I put my left arm tightly around my waist and grabbed my left arm with my right hand.

‘Okay, this is it.’


She started pulling her left arm as if she was ‘pulling’ it. She responded at first with only her fingernails sparkling, but soon her fingers were entangled in the light, and then her wrists, her octaves, were increasingly entangled in the light.

Instead of her left arm disappearing, a weapon is created in her right hand.

‘It’s amazing. ‘Lisa.’

Simon’s eyes widened as he watched.

The entire body of the Eucharist is a weapon.

The technology that materializes and realizes it.

[Lysara Original – Holy Spear Helenia]



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Before she knew it, her left arm disappeared, and it was held in the shape of a spear in her right hand.

A special secret technique reminiscent of the objectification of a divine beast.

The fluttering cloak fell as if to hide her empty left arm, and she assumed a stance ready to charge.


The spear was ready to pierce the opponent, emitting an eerie divinity.

“I will end it with this one blow.”

Simon was satisfied and laid the great sword of destruction aside.


If this happens, you have to respond.

Simon placed his fingertips on the Great Sword of Destruction and swept it strongly sideways. Sparks crackled on the pure white greatsword, engulfed in chaos.


A technique created with reference to Chaos Reaper during Simon’s Chaos period.

Simon drew a magic circle of chaos on the surface of the great sword and raised it towards the sky.


As a result of the fierce battle with Lisara, the spears of chaos scattered around were pulled out from the ground at once, soared into the air, and all gathered together on Simon’s great sword.

A sight like a lightning rod that gathers the thunderbolts of chaos.

<Simon Original – Chaos Unification>

Meanwhile, Lisara was concentrating, pouring all her divinity into the spear. Her body became blurred, as if her transformation was about to wear off. They literally risked everything on this attack.

In fact, in Simon’s opinion, such behavior is a lack of experience. If she ran away like this, she would destroy herself, but she didn’t want to do that.

My blood boiled.

The Rune League and the alliance are important, but at least at this moment, I wanted to focus on the settlement with her.


There was no signal or anything.

The two people charged at each other at the same time, swinging their weapons with all their might and crossing each other.


A clash of enormous forces turns the ground upside down and shakes the world.

A landslide occurs, destroying the ground, and chaotic lightning strikes the surrounding area.

In a field of overwhelming confusion.

Simon easily swung the great sword of destruction in the air, then carried it on his shoulder and looked back.

“… … .”

Lisara is seen dazed, still with her spear up.

[Are you relieved?]

At Simon’s question, she smiled with her eyes closed.



The female angel’s transformation was lifted and Lisara, who returned to her normal girl form, fell to her knees on the floor.


Her body turned blue, as if it had been painted with blue paint. A teleportation magic circle unfolded below.

‘Still, I’m a little angry… … .’

Absolutely perfect distribution of power.

I could see that the corps commander had used just enough strength to get himself out.

He could have killed himself with that blow, but he had mercy in his hands.

At that time, the teleportation magic circle began to activate and her body became increasingly blurred.


Simon appeared in front of Lisa and squatted down.

The surroundings are still filled with chaos and lightning. Even the observers of the Rune League would not be able to observe this situation.


Simon slowly took off Peer’s helmet, revealed his face, and smiled.


The bare face of the 7th Corps commander.

It was an unfamiliar face that she had only seen in photos, but it felt so familiar that her pupils wavered.

“I had a great time meeting you.”

The moment I heard those words.

I don’t know why, but my heart suddenly started pounding loudly.

“if… … !”


The teleportation magic circle was fully activated, and Lisara disappeared from the lake forest.

<Divine Federation Representative No. 10, Lisara, was eliminated.>

Soon the chaos disappeared, the surrounding nature that had soared settled down, and the noise disappeared. Simon smiled as if he was soaked in the afterglow, then put on Pier’s helmet again and stood up.

“Let’s go next time, Pier.”

[Khahahaha! Very good! I wonder who my next opponent will be!] * * *

Cave of Beginnings.


Finally, on the fourth day, the battle between the corps commander and the saint was decided.

The Dark Alliance spectators who were watching this scene on the Mana screen jumped up, raised their arms in the air, or hugged each other and cheered. It was a passionate reaction, almost as if winning the Rune League had been confirmed.

On the other hand, the expressions on the faces of the residents of the Holy Federation side were dark. He would hold his head and bow his head, or mutter a prayer and reflect on his faith.

“It was an amazing, high-level fight! A showdown between the leader of the corps, Simon Pollentia, and the representative of Saint Lisa! After all, the stars of the future are different!”

The host holding a loudspeaker crystal ball raised his voice.

“The result was a victory for Legion Commander Simon Pollentia!”

Ventress, the head of the Rune League Association, standing next to him, spoke in a grave voice.

“The match between numbers 1 and 10, I saw it as a battle with a slightly predictable outcome.”

“okay! However, I couldn’t hear the voices properly because of the roar of the battle, but there was something… … .”

The host continued speaking cautiously.

“… … “I felt like CEO Simon Pollentia was teaching CEO Lisara.”

Some of the audience murmured, but Ventress poured cold water on them as if to say it was nonsense.

“Is that possible?”

“Yeah, right? haha!”

“The fight between a necromancer and a priest is a fight of will and faith. There is bound to be a fierce psychological battle. Talking in a teaching tone is probably a deception aimed at shaking the other person’s trust. It may have been an attempt to create a gap for Saint Lisa, who lacked experience and had not yet established herself. “She actually got taunted.”

“oh! Oh oh! “Well, after hearing it, it’s definitely true!”

The audience was also nodding their heads and muttering, ‘That’s right.’

Among the Holy Federation spectators, ‘It’s despicable!’ There were people who shouted, and the Dark Alliance said, ‘It’s a strategy!’ He shouted and fought back.

“now! Then let’s move on!”

The host quickly raised his voice before it turned into an argument between the two audiences.

“The fight between the commander and the saint was great, but now another important battle is taking place! Isn’t that right? “Lord Ventress.”


Ventress answered with a heavy voice this time.

“It’s very, very important.”

The moment the screen changed, both audiences cheered simultaneously.

The battle between Chatel and Rebaim, who had something in common, being the number 4 of both sides and being giants, was shown on the screen.

“This is a match between each of the four times that Lord Ventress emphasized as being important! How do you guess who wins or loses! Lord Ventress!”

“I guess… … .”

Ventress’s expression hardened.

“Wouldn’t it be difficult for a mixed-blood to beat a pure-blood?” * * *

A fierce battle in the cave of beginning and the entire continent is paying attention.

The battle between Chatel and Rephaim was also continuing.

“Cough! “Big!”

First time experiencing this situation.

For Chatel, this was all a first.

He covered his mouth, bleeding once, and stared straight ahead. The healing giant, number 4 Rephaim Medel, was approaching this way.


Chatel hit the ground with a strong right hand.

<Domain Control – Adjustment>

Coo coo coo coo!

The ground gathered together and became like the arms of a giant, thrusting its fist towards Rephaim Medel.

Overwhelming mass and weight.

Medel, who was dealing with this, smiled again and cast healing magic on her hands.


The result is.


A giant’s arm that is bigger and stronger enough to crush the Earth’s fist from the front.

Rephaim, who destroyed Chatel’s black magic, stretched out his arm and struck Chatel.


Chatelle flies away and lands on a rock, blood spurting from her nose! It hit loudly and she fell.


How does it work?

If you use healing magic, your body becomes bigger and stronger. How is that possible?


At that time, along with a strong wind, Rephaim appeared behind where Chatel had fallen.

Ultra-fast movement.

There was a huge footprint on the floor, and Rephaim’s body appeared behind Chatel’s back as if it had been teleported.

Chatel immediately tried to counter by wrapping his arms around a rock wall.

Blah blah blah!

This time too, Rephaim’s now huge fingertips were quick to hit Chatel.

Chatelle, who barely raised her arms to catch it, was pushed away and stared at Rebaim. She jumped into the air again and took a stance as if she was throwing her kicks into the air.

At the same time, Chatelle, who saw her putting a ‘heel’ on her right leg, got scared and threw herself.


The giant’s foot came down, leaving footprints on the ground once again.

Chatel, who barely escaped, fell to the dirt and gasped.

“If you feel the difference in power, wouldn’t it be better to just give up?”

Rephaim, who came down from heaven, laughed.

“Even if the blood of the same giant flows through it, is it a harp? No, is it about a quarter? You can’t beat me. Châtelle Maière.”

“… … .”

Chatel quietly stared at Rebaim.

Even at this moment, the cold reason of a necromancer was analyzing her.

White magic to rapidly grow body parts?

Although it is possible to grow slightly larger, there is no way there is a white magic that can make it that large.

She is a pureblood giant. Even when he first met her at her departure ceremony, Chatelle thought she was ‘big’.

Originally, it was huge as it was a pure-blooded giant, but it may have placed a seal on itself that would shrink its body and repeat the process of increasing and decreasing it.

But there is no need to do that. If it’s big, it would be better to keep it big during battle. And why do you need to use heels to get bigger?

“I can hear the head rolling from here. “Have you found out anything?”

Rephaim walked up and down and said.

Chatel stared at her quietly and then said.

“… … you. no way.”


“Size abuse. “Did you get hit?”

Rephaim’s steps stopped in shock.

Rephaim’s expression, which had been relaxed the whole time, became cold and stiff.

“That’s rude. On what basis do you say that? … .”

“When you grow up.”

Chatel’s eyes became serious.

“you. “He makes a painful expression.”

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