Necromancer Academy’s Genius Summoner Chapter 1181

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Episode 1182


After praying, the girl looked at Simon with a calm face, as if she had been waiting.

A ray of light came down like a revelation and illuminated her.

Lisa, the Virgin of the Eucharist.

“Commander of the 7th Corps, Simon Pollentia. “I was watching you.”

She got up from her seat with a slight movement.

“Your power is not only a threat to the Holy Federation, but it is too powerful for one individual to possess. Individuals who wield too much power make terrible decisions and face catastrophe. History proves this.”


She spread her arms.

A large sacred sub-space unfolded, and a sword and shield taller than her height came down from there and boom! It hit the ground with a sound.

Just summoning the weapon caused the surrounding air to tremble once.

“It occurred to me for the first time.”


Lisara is enveloped in light from the sky. Her body, visible only in silhouette, suddenly became gigantic, and she soon transformed into the appearance of a benevolent and holy angel.

The power of Lisara’s ‘Essence of the Holy Body’ is transformation.

She raised her sword and shield, which were now the perfect size, and took a fighting stance.

“To get you out of here, even if it means sacrificing my life. “That might be my fate.”

[…] … .]

Simon calmly carried the Great Sword of Destruction on his shoulder and pondered her words.

‘The atmosphere is different from the usual Lisa.’

She was timid and timid, but had a round and positive personality.

She exudes murderous intent like any other person. Simon looked quietly into her eyes. There was something strange in her eyes.

‘Did someone do it?’

Simon’s eyes scanned the surroundings.

In this place where the Ancient Underling has been removed, you can feel the blessings of Moje spreading.

According to information Simon had, he was told that Moses’ blessing was too powerful to be used on anyone else. however.

‘I can feel Mother’s divinity in Lisara.’


She lowered her posture and strengthened her right leg as if she was going to lunge at any moment. With that alone, the solid ground splits with a crackling sound.

“Be prepared! Simon Pollentia, the head of evil!”


Lisara collapsed on the ground and rushed forward. Fiercely swinging the golden sword in her hand, Simon raised the great sword of destruction upward and struck it away.


It sounds like glass vibrating.

Her balance was momentarily tilted upward, but the transcendent physical power unique to the Eucharistic Virgin supported her disheveled posture. This time she brought her sword down hard, and her Simon raised his greatsword of destruction above her head.


The surroundings vibrate violently. The ground where Simon had been standing on his feet caved in and a cloud of dust rose up.


Simon was amazed inwardly. He was just blocking the attack, but he felt a tingling and tingling electric current flowing through his entire body.

-The power’s performance is intuitive and powerful. Even while fighting, it continues to grow.

Hector’s assessment, whom I had dealt with first, was accurate.

I felt that Lisa was not an opponent I could push against with pure strength. Simon gently tilted his sword, brushing away Lisara’s sword and stepped back.

‘Let’s go, Carl.’

As Simon ran his fingertips over the sword body, the pure white sword body turned into a dingy swamp color. He swung it with all his might into the air.

<Kal Original – Deadly Poison Yacha>


Wow! Wow!

Dozens of viciously venomous dogs rushed at Lisara with their mouths open. Lisara quickly raised the shield in his left hand, and the poisonous dogs rushed there and exploded.


The surroundings turned hazy, as if a ball filled with green paint had exploded. Simon is watching with the Great Sword of Destruction hanging diagonally.


Lisara, with her shield in front of her, rushed at bloody speed and got right in front of Simon. Simon also responded immediately and moved on to the next move.



The swords of the corps commander and the saint clash in succession.

The sound of glass clinking constantly echoes around the area.


The greatest value of a saint of the Eucharist is her superior physical ability.

Lisara shook off Simon’s attack with all her might and thrust forward roughly, stabbing with her sword.

<Sacred Sword – Gwanryu>

Chop clap!

The tip of the sword shook like an afterimage and struck like a spear, but Simon dodged it with minimal movements, such as bending his head and straightening his waist. In between, only the fatal sword strikes were struck down with the Great Sword of Destruction.

Simon watched her attack and opened his mouth.

[What are you so afraid of?]


Lisara looked shocked for a moment, and Simon took a step forward. The tip of Lisara’s sword approached, but Simon did not dodge.



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Lisara’s sword was unable to completely cut Simon, and only passed by with sparks flying past Peer’s bone armor.

Junjin believed in the defensive power of pure armor rather than striking with a sword.

It was a movement that could only come from experience. The bold advance opened a gap in Lisara’s movements, and through that gap, Simon lashed out with his great sword of destruction.


Lisara’s body, hit by the Great Sword of Destruction, flew wide and crashed into the body of the dead Ancient Underling. There was a crackling sound and the surrounding area was covered with dust.

‘What kind of defense power does your body have? … .’

Simon smiled bitterly as he felt the hand holding the great sword tremble.

I swung a person with a sword, but it felt like I was just hitting a block of iron with a sword.


Lisara rose from the dust.

She wiped her cheek with the back of her hand, adjusted her grip on the sword stuck on the floor, and glared at Simon as if she were angry.

“Are you afraid? Do you think I’m afraid of you?”


Simon continued speaking as he placed the Great Sword of Destruction on his shoulder.

[What you are afraid of is yourself.]


At that one word, her pupils shook as if an earthquake had occurred.

Simon sighed inwardly, thinking that this was the correct answer.

‘I’m sorry, but I know you. ‘Lisa.’

Last vacation, Simon disguised his identity and went around Sky Island to help Lethe investigate the ‘senior murder case’.

At that time, the first select student I met named Lisa was chosen by the essence of a saint, but her condition was unstable.

When her emotions got too strong, she turned into a hideous devil-like figure, and the higher-ups of Epnel, who were not pleased with Lisara becoming a saint, decided that she was a ‘devil’ and tried to kill her.

Fortunately, she fully awakened the power of a saint at the last moment, and after transforming into that angelic form, she was recognized by everyone.

But the trauma of the past did not go anywhere. Every time Lisara transformed, the afterimage of her transformation into the ‘devil’s face’ lingered, and she was afraid that she would transform into that form again.

Because of the psychological problems caused by this, she was not included in the first 10 Rune League members.

[Are you afraid of not being able to control yourself?]

When she sensed that she had been spotted by the enemy, she said, ‘Pfft!’ She made a noise, her face blushed, and she tightened her grip on the handle of her sword and lunged.


Once again, their swords clashed. Lisara, who seemed a bit excited, swung her sword wildly, and Simon caught it smoothly.

[He just swings it ignorantly and there is no sharpness at the tip of the sword.]


Simon struck her sword away with a smooth motion.

In terms of strength, she would definitely have the upper hand as she possessed overwhelming physical strength as the essence of a saint, but Simon was pushing her and her arms were raised.

[Because you are implicitly restricting your own movements, your movements are clumsy and your strength is not properly applied to the tip of the sword.]


[Graceful and gentle movements are a luxury. This is real life.]


She opened her mouth and fired an explosive barrage. Simon had a calm demeanor the whole time. Just like her sword dance, he blocks all her attacks and leads her.

[Two more steps from now.]

[Use more lower body strength.]

It looks like a swordsman teacher giving tips to his student.

Lisara’s face was becoming more and more complex with emotions.

[What is that?]

Simon hit her leg once and passed. She stumbled and fell.

[Are you afraid?]


Lisara’s lips trembled. She soon let out a scream-like cry and forced herself to stand up and rush forward.

“What do you know about me!”


She rushed forward and swung her sword.

“What are you saying you know?”


This time, Lisara pushed Simon’s sword away significantly. Simon’s body was empty, and she let out her battle cry and tried to swing her sword through the gap.


In an instant, without even realizing it.

The image of the ‘devil’ appeared in my mind.

I could see him becoming a devil and harming and hurting the villagers. A momentary reflex that escapes the brain. The shoulders automatically shrug and the angle of the arms lowers.



Simon, who dodged her sword, flew up like a butterfly and kicked her body. Her body flew wide, crashing into a tree and extending far into the distance.

Simon’s new form, which landed on the ground, immediately shoots out like a flash of light. As she was being pushed away, rolling over and over, seeing Simon charging at her, she quickly put on her brakes and put up her shield.

Oh my gosh!

Simon’s sword strike, which is incomparable to before, hits the shield. Her shield is reduced to rags by that blow.


Lisa had no choice but to throw away her shield and swing the sword with both hands, and Simon also swung the Great Sword of Destruction, emitting a vast amount of jet black.


The two swords crossed and collided in the air.


Soon, even Lisara’s sword was completely shattered. The cut off tip of the sword spins around in the air and then crashes into the ground with a loud sound.

Lisara, who lost both her weapon and shield, hesitates and steps back.

[The usage of the Eucharistic Essence was wrong from the beginning.]

As she retreats, Simon also strides forward.

[What is the use of a shield that is softer than your skin, and what is the use of a sword that is softer than your fist?]


She rushed forward with a red face. Her clenched fists contained enormous divinity.

“What do you know! “Has the necromancer even tried using my powers?”


A powerful punch was thrown, and Simon ducked to avoid it. His blue hair blew in the wind, sending a chill down his spine.

Much better than before. Simon grinned.

‘Actually, I used it for a while when dealing with Coco Messiah, Lisa.’


Simon shot forward again and began to push her away, swinging his sword. She didn’t give up and threw up both her fists.

[You are a first year student. Don’t be conscious of using the pronunciation you learned only superficially.]

Simon stepped lightly on the steps and returned behind her, raising the Great Sword of Destruction.

[How do you want to fight? What movements do you feel comfortable and free in?]

Simon, who was constantly talking, approached Lisa from behind.


At that moment, the five-pronged divinity swung towards Simon. Simon urgently stopped his charge and retreated. Five huge scars were left on the ground.

Simon grinned.

[That’s right.]

Before we knew it, Lisara’s fingernails on both hands were stretched out, laden with divinity.

The claws of the Holy Virgin are sharper than any famous sword.

Simon raised his palms up.

[Didn’t you say you would risk your life to kill me? Is that really the best?]


When she heard those words, she placed both hands on the floor, spread her legs wide open, and put pressure on her toes. A posture as if a cat was about to pounce.

It’s a 180-degree change from the first time she was hiding behind a thick sword and shield, swinging the sword like a princess.

As the strength in my body disappears, my movements become more refined, and my eyes fill with determination. Soon he kicks the dirt and rushes forward, swinging both hands wildly.



Her claws leave slashes in the air and on the ground. Simon also now had to actively swing the Great Sword of Destruction to block it.

‘What it was like back then.’

Simon recalled the image of Lisara rolling around on the ground and beating up paladins when she took on a devil-like form.


Her body was pushed back significantly and she was free to fly up the tree.

Taa! Taat taat!

Soon, her speed gradually accelerates and her body wanders around the forest, leaving an afterimage. Simon, who had been watching her leisurely, walked forward without looking behind her.


From behind, Lisara rushed forward, clinging to the ground along with dust, swinging her claws. As if predicting this, Simon dodged it and flew up as if tumbling, stepping on the rock in front of him.


Soon, he swung the Great Sword of Destruction towards her back.


She turned her waist and caught the sword with her fingernails, while at the same time extending her legs and kicking Simon’s body.

Simon’s body floated lightly into the air and then came down again. He smiled as he lightly shook his left hand that was guarding his leg.

‘you are… … .’

Huh. Huh.

Lisara gasped once and her eyes fluttered.

Suddenly, my vision becomes brighter and my head feels refreshed.

It feels like everything is back to normal.

‘Who the hell are you?’

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