Necromancer Academy’s Genius Summoner Chapter 1149

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Episode 1150

“ha! ha!”

One of the representatives of the Holy Federation, Number 5, who was in charge of purifying the area, Diana was gasping for breath while riding on the Divine Beast.

The entire swamp area was already in chaos. The monsters in the swamp run wild, everything shakes, and even the head of a huge snake can be seen above the tree.

There must be something wrong. Thinking like that, she quickly rushed to the scene.


There, I witnessed a battle between a pure white dragon and a pitch black snake.

White and black were intertwined and screaming. Trees were uprooted, swamps rose like a tsunami and flooded the surrounding area, covering everything.

“Sister Diana!”

At that moment, a boy holding a sword and shield was running towards her. Diana, who jumped off the sacred tree, spoke urgently.

“Ah, Brother Fabric! What’s going on? Saint Lethe… … !”

“As you can see, you are fighting the Ancient Undead, the rulers of the swamp.”

“We need help!”

When Diana tried to open the sacred subspace, Fabric urgently raised his arm to block it.

“The saint gave instructions that no one should intervene.”


The divine beast and the undead collided head-on, sending out a shock wave. The two people said ‘Pfft!’ He made a noise and took a step back, covering his head with both arms. Fabric, feeling weak, hit his butt on the seat and then fell on one knee again and barely opened his eyes.

‘Saint Lethe!’

It was an overwhelming fight.

Ran was fighting while purifying Morgula, whose body was made of dense poison, by embracing it with her own body radiating divinity.

He even spewed divine breath from his mouth, and used white magic himself to hit Molgula’s body with the sealing blade one after another.


Two long bodies collide and cross each other in the center. And in the middle of it all, a white-haired woman stands calmly.

A natural disaster-like disaster was happening right above her head, but she looked relaxed, as if she had just gone for a walk.


Fabric exclaimed.

Lete Chardena, a star saint, is known to have grown rapidly by absorbing the saint’s essence a year ago. She naturally thought that with the power of a saint, she would have risen to the top position among Epnel students.

But after seeing her battle with my own eyes, I realized that wasn’t the case.

Everything that White Dragon Ran was fighting about right now was a picture created by Lethe. She was constantly changing the blessings hanging on the column. When she fires her breath, the blessing cast is different than when she makes a melee attack. A magic circle continued to spread around Ran’s body.

‘… … It has nothing to do with authority. ‘Fnel is already overwhelmingly the strongest in pure new mathematics alone.’

While the two monsters were fighting overhead, Lethe was holding a hair tie from her pocket in her mouth and combing her long, unwieldy hair together with her hands.

With no divinity to maintain her dignity in battle, the mud got all over her hair, cheeks, and legs, but it did nothing to tarnish her appearance.

Her hair is collected with her hands and the white nape of her neck is revealed. She gathered her hair into a light ponytail and finished it off with her hair tie.

Fabric’s cheeks turned red as he watched.

‘Relax! Awesome! Stronger than anything!’

No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t picture it in my head.

This is a picture of the Holy Federation team that Lethe belongs to being defeated by necromancers in the Rune League.

“Where are you looking?”

At that time, Lethe glared at me with a sullen expression.

Fabric sweatdropped and said, ‘No!’ He answered and then rolled his eyes.

‘… … It would be perfect if you just spoke a little softer.’

It seemed like I was asking for too much.

At that very moment, Morgula, who had been fighting with Lan, rushed behind Lethe, who was glaring at her bluntly, with her mouth wide open.

“Saint Lethe! behind… … !”

Before Fabric could speak, Morgula’s gaping maw slammed! It closed with a loud sound, but even faster than that, Lethe rose into the air.

It was a neat move, as if it had already been expected.

<Lete Original – La Escream>

When she gestured, a spear of light wrapped in blessings shot out and struck the body that was trying to escape into the swamp. Her blood splattered and the snake’s pained cries were heard.

“You’re avoiding Ran and targeting me.”


Lethe lightly landed on the swamp and pulled down her skirt.

“You seem to be getting a little nervous. Ancient Undead.”


A huge snake head dripping blood appeared through the surface of the swamp. There were many parts here and there that had been purified by the battle with Ran and were either empty or turned white.

[If I were to fight that dragon all day until it died, I wouldn’t be able to hurt it as long as you were there. Am I wrong?]

“That’s right. “I have eyes to see.”

Lethe waved her index finger in the air and opened her palm. A magic circle spread out above it, and when the white dragon Ran flew in and passed through the magic circle, its size changed to small.

Ran, who had transformed into a baby dragon, wrapped his arms around Lethe and came closer to her, rubbing his head against her cheek and showing affection. Lethe also smiled as if she was tickled and then looked at her molgula.

“If the battle with Ran is burdensome-”

Lethe gestured, and Ran slipped into her sleeve and disappeared.

“I’ll send you back and I’ll fight for you myself.”

The snake’s eyes narrowed.

[What are your intentions? Saint.]

“This is enough for Ran. “If I use up more energy, I won’t be able to appear on the big stage in perfect condition.”

When Morgula heard those words, a glint of life appeared in her eyes.

[How dare you promise next time against this Morgula!]

Morgula opened his mouth and let out a terrible roar.

Curse of fear.


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It was a different type of curse from Dragon Fear that awakened the target’s fear of natural enemies. Fabric and Diana, who were far away, felt their throats become dry and their legs suddenly lose strength.

“Ah, so I told you to go far away.”

Lethe snapped her fingers twice without looking back. A star-shaped nova came bouncing in the air and touched the bodies of the two people.


The curse used by the Ancient Undead was lifted with a single gesture. The two people nodded and walked away.

[Young saint who only lived a fleeting life, why do you think the Witch of Death has not caught me until now?]

Coo coo coo coo coo!

The swamp is shaking.

[I am Morgula!]

The swirling swamps rose all at once and swirled, turning into a powerful whirlwind. The surrounding trees and rocks were being sucked in and shattered, but Lethe watched calmly.

“Isn’t the reason the Witch of Death couldn’t catch you because you’re Morgula?”

This time she gestured. A white magic circle unfolded, and a gentle breeze, blowing the leaves, swirled quietly.

<Rete Original – La Brise>

It stretched out at high speed and collided with Morgula before his black magic was completed. The two whirlwinds tangled together and fought, then the pitch black in the swamp was purified and they both annihilated themselves.

“I just couldn’t catch it because it hid so well.”


“Now there was no room to hide, so I guess I had no choice but to crawl out. Oh, by the way, don’t even think about running away.”


Lethe lightly stretched out her arms and continued speaking in a drowsy voice.

“At least this is your only chance to fight me.”

That was correct.

It is true that Lethe’s strength was exhausted due to the long purification mission, and that is why Morgula decided to fight this time, even if it was too much to do.

This moment is when the odds of winning are the highest. Purification will continue in the future, and as the swamp shrinks, Morgula’s power weakens. Above all, next time, all of her colleagues will gather together and fiercely protect her.

[I’ll melt it!]

Morgula bent his head and let out a series of deadly poisonous breaths. Lethe blocked the attack with her divine defense magic and raised her arms.

“The name is camp training-”

As if responding to her power, one of the stars in the night sky twinkled.

“I will take out the star I cherished.”


Morgula quickly turned around.

I knew that Lethe was preparing something, but I didn’t know what it was. However, the moment she declared that she would call upon her star, she was able to perceive that a tremendous amount of divinity had been drained from her body.

Morgula, who was preparing to move his body nimbly to avoid an attack from the sky, let out a bitter laugh.

[ha ha ha! Where are you dropping it!]

A small burning star was falling in their direction. However, its speed was slower than that of other stars, and it was falling to a point where it was too far away to hit Morgula.

“It doesn’t matter.”

When Lethe snapped her fingers, the flames surrounding the star disappeared. It was a planet that looked like a huge lump of earth, and there were tree roots protruding from its surface. It fell on Lethe and Molgula, in the middle.


Morgula’s eyes widened. It was different from the other stars that Lethe had summoned so far. This star unfolds before it even falls to the ground, and a huge swath of sediment can be seen being pushed in.


As if the pent-up power bursts out, the planet opens up and Mother Nature unfolds. The surroundings changed in an instant. The ground was made of fine soil, not a swamp, and trees and flowers appeared in abundance.

A sight as if the nature of another planet had been overlaid on the surface of the continent.

Tweet Tweet!

You can hear birds chirping and a stream flowing. Deer-like creatures were seen quenching their thirst.

<Lete Original – Nova Arcana>

[This… … !]

The surrounding natural environment has completely changed.

Morgula felt her body drying out and her strength rapidly weakening. The air and land are full of divinity.

“I kept thinking about ‘that guy’ while looking at him.”


Lethe appeared from behind Morgula and sat down in the flower field, holding her back and speaking.

“I also want to have my own army. Called.”


Lethe’s new skill, Nova Arcana, was a secret technique that combined the holy relic of Mother Nature, ‘Lagrandis’, the ‘Heavenly Golem’ called the Queen of Divine Beasts, and her star power.


As she gestured, the eyes of the golem sitting on a cliff in the distance, covered in moss and vines, flashed.



As a signal, Lethe opened her arms, and countless pigeons and birds began to fly into the sky from the flower garden behind her.

Morgula’s eyes widened.

‘Is each and every one of them divine beasts?’


Lethe waved her arm.

“Be prepared.”

Golden star shapes like Lethe’s pupils were engraved in the eyes of the flying divine beasts. Soon, countless divine beasts living in this garden poured out and clung to Morgula’s body.

‘An army of divine beasts?!’

As they simultaneously created divinity and began purification, Morgula writhed in pain. Each and every one of them was a powerful divine beast with divinity.


Coo thump!


Your body is being purified in real time. Molgula repeatedly slammed her body against the ground, trying to separate her divine beasts, but it did not work. Other powerful divine beasts have not yet moved.

We need to get out of here right now.

Morgula bounced and flew into the sky. This garden was not very large. As I flew up a little, a swamp appeared next to me. You can survive by going into the swamp. Morgula, who had numerous divine beasts attached to his body, increased his speed.


I felt a strange feeling as if I was passing through a barrier, and before I knew it, I was coming out of the opposite side of the garden again.

Lethe waved her index finger and laughed.

“The barrier has already been set. “Are you sure I’m not a fool and will let you escape?”



With its mouth wide open, Morgula accelerated and lunged at Lethe.

“It’s a fight that goes round and round.”

Lethe spun around in place.

“If this was going to happen, why didn’t you attack me with hand-to-hand combat from the beginning?”

Her body finished spinning, her outstretched legs spread, and she flew in with a beam of light wrapped around her.


The impact of a star-shaped blow exploded, and Morgula’s head tilted back after being kicked in the chin. Lethe leapt lightly in front of her and clenched her fists.





The very same sexual struggle that created Lethe’s public image.

After striking a series of blows, Lethe moves forward and opens the snake’s mouth with both hands! Caught.

“If you don’t remove all nine cores at the same time, you’ll keep resurrecting, right?”

Oh my!

She powerfully raised both arms and forced Morgula’s mouth to open, giving the command.



The shrunk Ran came out of her sleeve, shot out like a beam of light, and entered her throat. Every time Ran tore, broke, and tore Molgula’s body from the inside, the snake shook her whole body in agony. and.

Whoa whoa!

Ran’s body, which tore through Morgula’s back, had nine cores attached to it. Mol Gula’s eyes turned red at the sight of her as she rolled her eyes.

[This doesn’t make sense… … !]


His body became pitch black and weak and began to collapse. The struggling snake collapsed, and the nine cores were also touched by the strong nova in the atmosphere and shattered into pieces of sand.


Lethe let out a long breath and gestured. Ran came back and entered her sleeve.

“I’ll call you again soon.”

At Lethe’s words, the giant golem blinked its eyes a couple of times as if it were affirming. Soon, the divine beasts entered nature again and the soil began to clump together.


As if being sucked in by a black hole, all the soil and trees gathered in the center and returned to the original form of the planet. When Lethe touched it, it slowly ascended into the night sky and disappeared at some point.

“ah… … .”

Fabric and Diana, who were watching, were amazed.

What remains is the bottom of the swamp, which has just been completely purified by the reproduction of the ‘Garden’. And there was only Morgula’s body.

Although the body was made of poison, only the flesh disappeared, and the scales and bones remained intact.

‘I can’t believe it was like this!’

Fabric clenched his fists.

‘The power of a saint, divine mathematics, divine mechanics, blessing studies, and holy martial arts! ‘Either way is perfect!’

There was something different about her from other saints who had focused on her power.

Truly the strength of a hexagon.

‘As long as Saint Lethe is here, we have no choice but to win the Rune League!’


Lethe said, flapping one hand.

“Please come here.”

“Go, go! “Saint!”


Fabric and Diana, with their military spirit raised, rushed in in a huff. Lethe asked.

“Is there any space for cargo that is not being used? “Not sacred subspace.”

“Ah, subspace! “I have some left over!”

Fabric, who desperately wanted to help even a little bit, readily offered his ring.

“I brought it from my family! “I said it was made by dwarves in the neutral zone. It would be an honor if you could use it!”

Lethe burst out laughing.

“Do you know that? “There are no dwarves in the neutral zone.”


“They are all swords imported from the Dark Alliance.”

After saying that, Lethe said, ‘Thank you anyway’ and quickly took the subspace ring.

The boy blinked.

“But saint, why do you suddenly need subspace?”

“Oh, why?”

Lethe looked at the by-products of the dead Ancient Undead as if asking something obvious. She was about to respond obediently when she said ‘Ah!’ She belatedly came to her senses and smiled shyly.


The boy’s cheeks turned red. Anyway, Lethe instructed the two people to carry out the remaining purification mission and placed her hands on her hips.

‘Is this enough for a reunion gift?’

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