My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 98

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EP19 – Two self-respecting geniuses (14)


This freshman concert is an event that all Silum students and teachers are looking forward to. The Freshman Concert itself was the first stage where we could get to know the freshmen’s skills, so we were always looking forward to it.

This time, the expectations are especially high.

And there are two main reasons.

First is the fight between the chief and deputy chief. Of course, it is not that uncommon for Sileum and the chief and deputy chief to not have a good relationship.

Originally, students at Seolwon Arts High School had strong pride and confidence in their talents. However, among them, there are chief and deputy chiefs. Of course, both self-esteem and confidence are strong.

That’s why the chief and deputy are conscious of each other and clash with each other very often. However, there has never been a valedictorian and a valedictorian who fought as openly as these freshmen did.

At best, it was just a fight. As a result, not only students but also teachers became very interested. After all, there is nothing more fun than watching a fight.

And the second. The second seat is Yoon Ha-jun’s younger brother. Yoon Ha-jun’s younger brother, who performed legendary performances at every event and festival.

Ha-jun Yoon’s younger brother is the second-chairman, and he is the senior who won the second-seat position. It is only natural that expectations rise without knowing the end.

In a way, Ha-Jun Yoon is at the center of expectations. Well, the reason for the fight between the chief and deputy chief is also because of Yoon Ha-jun, so it’s not really wrong.

And what is Hajun Yoon, who is at the center of the freshman concert, doing now?


I am yawning profusely. The already drowsy eyes look sleepier than usual. Goyo Han, who was watching it from the side, asked in a worried voice.

“are you okay? “You look very sleepy.”

“I didn’t sleep much last night, so I’m a little tired.”

“Well, did you at least make a song yesterday? Or maybe you’re worried about your brother’s performance?”

In response to Ha-Jun Yoon’s answer, Tae-Young Kim, who was across from Hangoyo, giggled and asked, and Ha-Jun Yoon kept his mouth shut. Then Kim Tae-young said with an embarrassed expression.

“No, is it really true?”

really? Are you really unable to sleep because of worrying about your brother’s performance? Hajun Yoon of the world? Is this the one who chewed on your phone to sleep even when you were on stage? Boy, are you really that stupid? While Kim Tae-young was thinking like that, Yoon Ha-jun furrowed his brows.

Is it because I didn’t sleep well last night? Or is it because it’s summer now and the sun is hot and humid? Or is it because it’s hot?

There may be many reasons, but I feel like I am more sensitive than usual. While Ha-jun Yoon was suppressing his growing frustration as much as possible, Jin-hoo Jeong and Su-yeon Yoon, the true protagonists of the freshman concert, finished rehearsal and were waiting for the other students to finish their rehearsals.


Jeong Jin-hoo lets out a deep sigh and raises his head to look at Yoon Soo-yeon. Still, Su-yeon Yoon was not looking in this direction. For some reason she really doesn’t like it.


At best, it’s a second place topic.

You’re making a relaxed expression.

I plan to destroy that relaxed expression on this stage. I didn’t get to see Suyeon Yoon’s rehearsal, but it doesn’t really matter. Because my performance will definitely be much better.

“I’m looking forward to today’s performance.”

“I know. “I can’t believe I can listen to Jinhu’s song.”

“First place is of course Jinhoo. What song did you prepare?”

Jeong Jin-hoo smiled confidently as he heard the flattering voices of his friends next to him. She then stood up and spoke in a relaxed voice.

“You’ll be surprised when you hear it.”

Yeah, everyone here will be surprised. I’m not just talking about singing skills. Jinhu Jeong brought her own song to this stage.

Originally, it would have been sung at Sileumwa’s concert, but it is the song that Jinhoo Jeong is most confident in and also cherishes the most. She brought that song to her freshman concert.

‘It would be a waste to use it in a place where there are no people in the related industry and no audience.’

There is nothing you can do to explain the topic to a second chair who doesn’t even know the topic. Instead, Jeong Jin-hoo plans to show it clearly as he brought his favorite song.

A song created by a real genius, not a false genius created by the media, like Ha-Jun Yoon. What a true genius is. I plan to let the audience know that.

“Come on, everyone, the performance is about to start, so let’s move to the audience seats.”

At that time, the teacher leading the stage applauded loudly and said. Then the students got up from their seats and started moving from the waiting room to the audience.

That moment when the first year freshmen moved to the audience and tried to sit down in their seats.

I heard the sound of the small theater door opening.

At that sound, the students’ eyes turn towards the door. At the same time, the door opened and second-year students from the Department of Silence began to enter the small performance hall.

The first-year students gulped and swallowed their saliva at the sight. Although they are first-year students who have only been in school for three months at most, they also know a bit about second-year students.

That’s how special and famous the second year students of Sileum Department are.


“Hey, it’s Hangyoyo over there.”

“Isn’t Kim Taeyoung next to you?”

“That’s Kang Seong-hoon behind me, right? “I heard you’re working with an idol this time.”

The fame of those people who are now entering small performance halls is no joke. 2nd year senior Han Go-yo and second-year senior Kang Seong-hoon. In addition, Kim Tae-young, who changed her major from classical music and is currently working as a trainee, and Jin So-hyang, who was not in attendance today but is currently the top idol.

These are the people who made the current 2nd graders called the Golden Riders. It is said that the performances they performed at events and festivals are among the best performed by any real-eum department of all time.

And there is another person who is as famous as them, or maybe even more famous than them. The students’ whispering voices become a little louder when they see a male student coming in next.

“This is Hajun Yoon.”

“You look really skinny for some reason?”

“It’s bigger than the TV.”

He is the cause of the fight between the first-year senior and second-grader, and is a genius at Seolwon Arts High School, who is said to be ‘the best ever.’ He is a producer who signed a contract with the company at the age of just 17, a composer so outstanding that he received a successful student scholarship, and a director who has produced some of the best stages of all time.

Hajun Yoon.

At his appearance, Jeong Jin-hoo gulped and swallowed. When I saw it on TV, it looked very drowsy, but when I saw it in real life, it looked sharp rather than drowsy.

‘That’s Hajun Yoon…’

While fighting with Soo-yeon Yoon, I cursed her, calling her a genius and a bubble created by the media, but when I actually looked at her, I couldn’t open my mouth for some reason.

At that time, Kim Tae-young, who was next to Yoon Ha-jun, grabbed Yoon Ha-jun’s shoulder and started whispering something while looking at him. Are you really talking about me?

If you see him pointing in this direction with his finger, I think that’s right. Hajun Yoon slowly turns his head towards where Jinhoo Jeong is.

Seeing that, Jeong Jin-hoo tensed and looked at Yoon Ha-jun. At the same time, their eyes met. What are you trying to do to me?

However, Hajun Yoon turned his head with an expression of disinterest.

It’s as if he doesn’t even care about Jeong Jin-hoo.

Then he went to his seat and sat down.

Jinhu Jeong blinked his eyes in bewilderment for a moment at that sight.


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What, are you ignoring me now?

You heard my story from your younger brother?

Bewilderment soon turned into anger. If I had sworn at her, she would have thought there was nothing she could do. I never thought they would just ignore me and not curse or anything.

Yeah, that’s how it comes out. Okay, then just keep ignoring it like that. It’s until today that you can act so proud.

I’ll see if you can stay that way even after your brother was defeated so badly by me.

Jeong Jin-hoo sharpens his teeth at Yoon Ha-jun. I don’t know if you know Jeong Jin-hoo’s feelings. Hajun Yoon sat in his seat, yawned loudly, and looked at the schedule for the freshman concert.

Yeah, what is it?


“Why is the performance of the freshmen representatives last?”

Originally, the opening stage of the freshman concert was performed by the freshman representative, that is, the senior student. But this time, for some reason, the stage for the chief and second chairmen are pushed back.

“Oh, that. “It’s because of him.”

In response to Ha-jun Yoon’s question, Tae-young Kim smiled and pointed to Han Go-yo. Hajun Yoon blinks at that sight. The order changed because of the silence?

“Last year at Sileumgwa’s concert, Hangoyo performed as the opening stage, but many of the stages behind it were buried. There was a lot of talk about the freshman concert because of that. So, starting this year, the stage for the senior vice presidents will be set as the ending.”


Well, there was a lot of talk back then.

Even so, I never thought the order would have changed.

“But why is Suyeon the last one? “Then shouldn’t Jeong Jin-hoo be the last?”

“I don’t know that.”

Taeyoung Kim shrugs. In response, Hajun Yoon hummed and made a nasal sound. Well, it’s not a bad thing that Sooyeon is last.

At that time, the brightly lit lights turned off and the first stage owner came up on stage. Now the stage for the freshman concert really begins.

Hajun Yoon adjusted his posture and sat down.

§ § §

“Jae is fine.”

Taeyoung Kim looks at the stage and whispers in my ear. The voice tickling his ears made me feel bad, so I unconsciously pushed Taeyoung Kim’s head back.

“What is it, dude?”

“My breathing feels bad.”

Saying that, I look at the stage again. The student currently singing on stage is a male student from class 8, 1st grade, and as Kim Tae-young said, his skills were considerable.

But isn’t the order of this changed so confusingly? Last year, the performances for classes 7 and 8 were divided into parts 1 and 2, but this year they were just mixed together.

So, classes 7 and 8 were mixed and distributed evenly between parts 1 and 2. If this were to happen, it would be difficult for teachers to evaluate it.

Truly, the karma of silence is deep. While I was thinking that, the male student’s performance came to an end. Hmm. When I was preparing for the stage, I thought 2 minutes was quite a long time, but from the audience’s perspective, I realized it was too short.

I feel regret. After continuing to watch the stage and taking a short lunch break, part 2 begins. Me, Taeyoung, and Goyo watched the stage and talked about various things.

Well, the general consensus is that something about everything is disappointing. If you think about it, they are still in their first year, so it’s only natural.

Still, it must be said that some details are lacking. If it were just a little more refined, it would be a much better stage. It’s unfortunate in many ways.

Still, it is enjoyable to watch because you can feel the freshness of a freshman and there are many fresh attempts that beginner composers can make.

Meanwhile, a female student came up on stage. She is a very cute looking child. Her face looks like I’ve seen it somewhere before. Did you see it on TV?

If so, do you plan on debuting as an idol or something like that later? Just because I am one, doesn’t mean I know the faces of all singers active in Korea.

I only know the names of truly representative singers or singers who have their own weapons. Especially in the case of idols, as so many idols are released every year, it is virtually impossible to memorize them all.

A song starts playing from the speakers. I hum in response to that song. The song prepared by the female student on stage is the hottest song at the moment.

Hwayangyeonhwa’s second title song, 『UH-UH.』 is a very bright and cheerful song. It’s definitely a song that goes well with the image.

Soon the female student starts singing. And at the same time, Taeyoung Kim frowned and muttered.


At those words, I nodded slightly. Well, the singing ability itself is pretty good. Still, there’s no way I can’t sing since I’m a student at Seolwon Arts High School.

However, the ghosting is too severe. I should say that the voice itself is very pretentious, not to mention the short pronunciation on purpose.

I feel rejected because it feels like I’m saying ‘I’m cute~’ too much. However, the only people who reacted that way were Taeyoung Kim and me.

The rest of the students were smiling happily and appreciating the stage cutely. Well, using one’s image is important for idols.

Considering that, the current stage can be said to be a very wise stage. That doesn’t mean I want to work with them though.

I don’t like that kind of pretentious style.

I like natural cuteness like our Suyeon.

After the female student’s performance ends, the performance continues. While watching the stages, check the timetable. Now it’s Jeong Jin-hoo’s turn.

A male student singing comes off the stage. He crossed his legs and rested his chin, checking the appearance. Taeyoung Kim, seeing my pose, checked her timetable and smiled slightly and leaned her body back arrogantly.

And with him, Jeong Jin-hoo came up on stage. On stage, Jeong Jin-hoo looks around with an arrogant expression. Soon, he looks at me intently, as if he has discovered me.

For some reason, it seems like his eyes are really burning.

“He’s looking at you.”

I guess it wasn’t my mistake.

He smiles and says to Taeyoung.

“Why is he like that?”

“I don’t know. Are you keeping your rival in check because he is your older brother? Or maybe I just don’t like you. “The reason you two fought was because you were swearing at me.”

Oh, that’s right. It was like that. It was such a minor thing that I forgot about it. When I think about that time, Taeyoung Kim’s voice becomes sharper, as if she’s still feverish.

At the same time, I saw Han Go-yo clenching her fists. Anyway, they say I’m fine, but why are they making more of a fuss?

Jeong Jin-hoo looked at us, sighed, and grabbed the microphone. Now I’m doing it so I can sing.

Then, shall we take a look at how great Jinhoo Jeong is at this point?

§ § §

Jeong Jin-hoo, standing on stage, looked at Yoon Ha-jun. A relaxed expression. Jeong Jin-hoo gritted his teeth as he looked as if he was saying he would give an evaluation.

Yes, give it a try. A melody flows from the speaker. And Jinhu Jeong took a step forward while holding the microphone.

Hajun Yoon lets out a humming sound as if he is impressed by that sight. This song is a song I know. The song is Jeong Jin-hoo’s debut song, 『Flow』.

I never thought that song would come out now. Does that mean it is a song that was made a long time ago? If so, it may be a bit surprising.

I never thought I could compose a song like that at that age.

He’s definitely not lucky, but he’s talented.

Soon after, Jeong Jin-hoo starts singing. Open her mouth and forcefully. She sings with the purpose of filling a small concert hall. Jeong Jin-hoo’s unique sorrowful yet husky voice.

The audience exclaims in admiration for that voice. On the other hand, Hajun Yoon furrowed his brows. Jeong Jin-hoo’s singing style is similar to Yoon Ha-jun’s in his previous life.

Should I call it a textbook of vocalization? A simple singing style without any special techniques. The basics are very strong. A singing technique that can only be acquired by learning it steadily from a young age, rather than simply relying on talent and going wild.

In addition, Jeong Jin-hoo has things that Yoon Ha-jun lacks. An attractive voice that gets huskier the higher you go, or amazing vocalization.

As a vocalist, his skills are worthy of being called a textbook. However, it is not complete. Since we are still growing, there are some shortcomings.

Among them, the thing that is most lacking is emotional processing. And this emotional processing becomes Jeong Jin-hoo’s weakness not only now but also in the future.

I can sing well, but I have to say that there is nothing left in me. It’s a bit weird to say this. Rather than feeling like I saw a good performance, I felt like I was watching a singing performance show.

That’s why you can’t beat Taeyoung Kim. Additionally, because she sings with more effort than usual, her strengths and weaknesses stand out more.

It’s like when Hangoyo tried to show off her perfect appearance at a festival but ended up falling over. Hajun Yoon let out a sigh of regret.

Sure, you can tell that a lot of effort was put into the song and that she has incredible singing ability, but that’s it. However, only a few students and teachers, such as Ha-jun Yoon, Go-yo Han, and Tae-young Kim, can understand such things in detail.

Other students were expressing admiration for Jeong Jin-hoo, who had a husky voice and could endlessly spit out high notes. Well, there are almost no flaws in singing style or vocals, so it is natural for such a reaction to occur.

-Ah ah ah ah ah.

Kim Tae-young sighs and says as Jeong Jin-hoo continues to sing high notes.

“He deserves the award, but I’m a bit disappointed.”

Ha-jun Yoon chuckles at Tae-young Kim’s words. The only people who can be disappointed after seeing that performance are you and Goyo.

Well, that means he would have become a global star and always stood in the way of Jeong Jin-hoo. Besides, Taeyoung Kim is the type of person who sings emotionally.

You won’t like Jeong Jin-hoo’s songs that have such weak emotions even more. Soon after, Jeong Jin-hoo’s song ended. At the same time, loud applause was heard from the audience.

At that sound, Jeong Jin-hoo, who was on stage, looked satisfied. Okay, this is it. The cheers and applause you hear after singing a song.

There is nothing that thrills and satisfies you as much as this. Feeling that, Jeong Jin-hoo looked at Yoon Ha-jun in the audience.

How about it, you can’t ignore me anymore? With that in mind. However, Hajun Yoon’s expression is not much different from the first time.

He still had a bored expression on his face as if he wasn’t interested. She wasn’t even looking at Zheng Jinhu.

Jeong Jin-hu opened his eyes wide at that sight. Could it be that you are still ignoring me? But that thought didn’t last long.

Because now I have to get off the stage. From now on, it is not Jeong Jin-hoo’s stage, but Yoon Soo-yeon’s stage. At the words of the staff, Jeong Jin-hoo slowly comes down from the stage.

Then I ran into Suyeon Yoon who was coming up on stage. Jinhoo Jeong looks at Suyeon Yoon. However, Yoon Soo-yeon was not looking at Jeong Jin-hoo.

I’m just going up and looking at the stage. Seeing that, Jeong Jin-hoo clenched his fists.

Both my brother and sister ignore me. Yes, I will let you see with my own eyes what a great thing your brother and sister have prepared.

With that in mind, Jeong Jin-hoo headed to the audience.

Sooyeon Yoon stood on stage.

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